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Literatura dziecica angielska

Lesson plan

Colin West, Pardon? said the giraffe

Age level - children of 6-7 years old, low level pupils. Small groups

To revise animals vocabulary and prepositions up/down.

To revise numbers 1-6.

To play a board game.

To act out the story.

Linguistic objectives


Listening: for general understanding and for specific information

Speaking: participating in storytelling, naming the animals, acting out the


Writing: labeling

Vocabulary: giraffe, frog, lion, hippo, elephant, up, down, pardon?


Using the structure: Whats like up there?, Whats like down there?

Using language to play games: Its your turn, throw the dice, move your
counter, hop on the lion, etc.

Cross-curricular links

Drama: acting out the story

Math (conceptual reinforcement): size (passive language), number 1-6.

Biology: wild animals.

Citizenship: respecting the game rules, knowing how to loose, working in


Book - Colin West, Pardon? said the giraffe

Colored flashcards representing animals from the book.

Board game prepared by the teacher


Counters for every pupil

Cards with animals (6 frogs and 6 giraffes) and a special board to play
animal version of noughts and crosses for 2 students.

Labels with the names of the animals


Introducing the story

- Show the cover of the book. Present flashcards with animals and
name them.
- Read the book, showing children the illustrations.
- Let the pupils put the flashcards with animals on the board and label
the names of animals.

Playing special version of noughts and crosses game Connect 3

You need the grid 3x3 and small cards with frogs (5 cards) and giraffes (5
cards). The cards need to be pile upside down. Players take turns to pick a
card and place it on the grid and they must try to get 3 frogs or 3 giraffes
in a row in any direction.

Frogs and giraffes game

The teacher retells the story using the pictures of the animals. The pupils
play the game. They are divided in 2 groups. One group frogs, another
group giraffes. Teacher plays the tambourine. When he stops, the frogs
crouch and then every giraffe needs to find a frog. The frogs ask giraffes
(teacher helps) - Whats like up there? The frogs respond: Pardon? Then
the giraffes ask the frogs Whats like down there?

The board game Hop on the giraffe

Pupils play the game. When their counter step on an animal, they can hop
on another animal if they say the name of the animal. When the counter
stops on the red field they have to wait on turn.
Acting out the story.

Pupils act out the story using animals figures.