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Inferential Statistics with Algebra

Course Guidelines
Ms. Chado

Course Content:
This course will cover the following topics: types of statistics, data collection, sampling methods,
experimental design, measure of central tendency, measures of variability, empirical rule,
correlation coefficient, least square regression line, probability, random variables, normal-
sampling distribution, confidence intervals, types of error, and algebra reviews.

Required Materials:
TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator
Students are responsible for bringing their proper materials for class each day. To receive full
credit for participation, students must bring their calculator to class every day. If you must leave
class to get your calculator from your locker, you will receive half credit for participation that
day. Unexcused absences and tardiness will impact your participation grade.

Homework 20%
Quizzes 20%
Participation 5%
Exams 40%
Final Exam 15%
A 90 100%
B 80 89%
C 70 79%
D 60 69%
F <60%

Refer to the posted calendar in the classroom for due dates and test dates. If you miss a
homework assignment, quiz, or exam it is your responsibility to make it up. For an excused
absence, you have two days to make up the exam or quiz and it must be taken care of during
homeroom or after school the next day. If you wait 3 days after the date of the excused absence,
no makeup work will be accepted. No makeup work will be accepted for unexcused absences
except in cases of extenuating circumstances. Your participation grade relies on you bringing
proper materials to class as well as showing up on time. If you are tardy, that will affect your
grade. The first tardy is a warning, the second tardy will result in half participation credit for the
day, the third tardy will result in 0 participation points for the day. Every tardy after 3 will result
in a meeting with me, either during access period, lunch, or after school, and no participation
points will be awarded that day.
Exams will be at the end of each unit or chapter and they will be cumulative. There will be 2
quizzes for each unit. No test corrections will be allowed so be prepared on test day. No notes are
allowed on quizzes or exams but I will provide you with an equation sheet if necessary.
Calculators are required for the exams and quizzes and I will have no extras so it is your
responsibility to bring your calculator on test days. Quizzes will consist of 5 multiple choice
questions and exams will be a combination of multiple choice and short response.

Homework is due as you walk in the door to class. Homework will be due every Friday except
for test weeks, there will be no homework that week. If you will be gone on Friday, make sure
you email me your homework the night before or give it to a friend to turn in. No late
homework will be accepted even in cases of excused absences, except for extenuating
circumstances. If your homework is not handed in to me in the first 10 minutes of class, I will
not accept it and you will receive a grade of 0. Be sure to have your homework completed before
coming to class to avoid receiving a 0.

Extra Help:
Keeping up with the assigned work is crucial to your success. I will leave comments on your
homework and I expect that you will review those comments to see what you can do better for
the next assignment. Get help as early as possible. If you are struggling with a unit, come see me
as soon as you can. I am more willing to help you if you come to me early compared to coming
to me the day of the test or homework due date. I am available every day during access and after
school by appointment.

I do not accept cell phone use in my classroom. The first offense for having your cell phone in
class is a warning. Second offense results in me confiscating it for the class period, third offense
results in my confiscating it for the entirety of the day and the fourth offense results in having it
sent to the office where you can pick it up after class.

Free Pass:
At the beginning of the year, each student will be awarded 3 Free Passes. These passes are good
for redeeming lost points throughout the semester. If you turn in a free pass for a homework
assignment, you will receive full credit on that assignment. If it is handed in for a tardy, you will
not lose participation points that day. If it is handed in for not coming to class with the proper
materials, your participation grade will not be affected. If you have free passes left at the end of
the semester, you can receive 5 points extra credit for each one turned in. Free passes cannot be
used on quizzes or exams.

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