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® College of DuPage Dear Teacher/Educator: Rebecca 8 au. pena fn a student at College of DuPage in the School Procedures (EDUCA T101) Cass is required to complete 20 hours of field experience in a classroom setting under the supervision of a certified teacher. This experience allows the student to make valuable connections between what we study in class and the realities of classrooms in their communities. The focus of the field experience is to gain insights into how to meet the needs of diverse student populations and the complexities of today’s teaching. The student is expected to offer you assistance, under your supervision at all times, in your efforts to meet the educational needs of your students, such as: Assisting with designing and producing learning centers ¢ Tutoring students in reading, math, ete. © Conducting small group reading comprehension discussions ‘© Observing you while you design lessons to meet the varied needs of your students In accepting this student, you would be accepting the following responsibilities: ‘© Meeting with the student to discuss their learning plan and providing feedback on theit participation in your classroom Introducing formally the student to your class as a class assistant Providing opportunities for the student to fulfill their learning objectives through meaningful interaction with your students (under your supervision) Providing supervision and modeling teaching strategies © Evaluating the students with the forms provided at the completion of their 20 hours One of the most beneficial and memorable learning experiences students can have is through immediate involvement with their community. Your time and effort in making such an opportunity possible is sxeatly appreciated. Our goal is to make this a mutually beneficial experience. If you have any questions, please call me at (630) 942-3014 or email me browns Respectfully, Shannon Brown Assistant Professor, Education College of DuPage (630) 942-3014 Acceptance Letter for Field Experience ‘Teacher Information laccept Rebecca B. n for this project, and I can provide adequate supervision and opportunities for participation while s/he is at my school. Teacher’sName: Roly ~Tuee Grade Level Taught: (9 ~* "7 Discipli My igle Phone Number(s): _(p30-4S%- ASSO School: —Trdian “Trail Hs School Address: __gQa W Kennedy Orive Addison “TL eoOgol Email: choeKker@ asd tora Teacher's Signature: LQ COD Student Information EDUCA class time: Planned Days to work at School: What will you be doing?