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Argumentative Rubric: Name______________________________________________________________________________ Score____________ / 100

Scoring Advanced 100% Meets Expectations 85 % Approaches Expectations 72% Does Not Meet Expectations 60%
Elements 4 3 2 1
Develops a strong controlling Establishes a controlling idea/thesis Establishes a controlling
idea/thesis consistently throughout with a clear purpose which is idea/thesis with a general Does not establish a controlling
the response. maintained throughout the purpose. idea/thesis.
Organization response.
Maintains a strongly developed focus Attempts to address prompt, Does not address prompt or is
and addresses all aspects of the Maintains focus and addresses all but with a weak focus. primarily SUMMARY.
prompt. parts of the prompt. Partial evidence of an No clear evidence of an introduction,
______ / 40
Innovative introduction, strong Evidence of an introduction, introduction, controlling controlling idea/thesis, coherent body
controlling idea/thesis, insightful controlling idea/thesis, coherent idea/thesis, coherent body paragraphs, or a conclusion.
body paragraphs, and a perceptive body paragraphs, and conclusion. paragraphs, and conclusion.

Support/ Presents direct quotations and/or Attempts to present direct Does not present direct quotations or
Ideas Insightfully presents direct quotations paraphrase relevant to claim quotations and/or paraphrase paraphrase relevant to claim with
and/or paraphrase relevant to claim, counterclaim, and reply with relevant to claim with effective effective selection of sources and
counterclaim, and reply with effective selection of sources and selection of sources and details details from text(s).
effective selection of sources and details from text(s). from text(s). Counter claim is not addressed.
______ / 30
details from text(s). Relevant original ideas are present. Counter claim is not Lacks original ideas.
Original ideas drive the argument. adequately addressed as well
as the reply
Development Insightfully explains how details Explains how details appropriately Attempts to explain how Does not explain how details support
/Analysis strongly support the focus and and sufficiently support the focus details support the focus and the focus and controlling idea/thesis or
controlling idea/thesis. and controlling idea/thesis. controlling idea/thesis. is simply retelling.
______ / 20 Warrant (the so what?) Warrant (the so what?) Warrant (the so what?) Warrant (the so what?) is missing
insightfully develops and justifies adequately explains and justifies the attempts to explain and justify or inadequate.
thesis. thesis. the thesis.

Demonstrates and maintains a well- Demonstrates a command of Demonstrates an uneven Demonstrates an uneven command of
developed command of standard standard English conventions with command of standard English standard English conventions.
Conventions, English conventions and cohesion, few errors. conventions. Uses language, tone, and academic
Style, and with few errors. Includes language, tone, and Uses language, tone, and voice with inaccurate, inappropriate,
MLA Format Includes language, tone, and academic voice appropriate to the academic voice with some or uneven features.
academic voice consistently audience, purpose and specific inaccurate, inappropriate, or Lacks sentence variety.
appropriate to the audience, requirements of the prompt. uneven features. Sources are used without citations.
_____ / 10 purpose, and specific requirements of Sentence variety enhances flow. Limited sentence variety.
the prompt. Cites sources using MLA format Inconsistently cites sources
Sophisticated sentence variety with only minor errors. using MLA format
enhances flow.
Consistently cites sources using
MLA format.