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BC 1231. 1991 Mr. W. Horton.


A covenant is a solemn agreement between two
parties in which there is total commitment
by each party; and in which there is shedding
of blood. It is sacred and abiding.

Making the Christian life work is not our responsibility. It is

our responsibility to respond to the ability of God.
The Blood Covenant is our contact with God and the basis on
which all of our prayers are answered, You do not get any
prayers answered outside of the covenant.

Lev. 17:10-14. The life of the flesh is in the blood. When

blood is used to seal a covenant, it is representative of life
being given for another.

This was an ancient rite (ceremony), long before Abraham.

It is the highest respected agreement known to man. You
cannot break a blood covenant relationship without
repercussions. A man's own relatives would hunt him down
and kill him if he broke it.

Natural historical background:

Many varieties of blood covenants but all exchange blood in
some way. Drs. Stanley and Livingstone cut the covenant
with over 50 African tribes. Sometimes Dr. Frank Pocock
stood in place for one of them. A warrior stood in for Chief
Itsi. So you can use a substitute. Many years later, after
Pocock was dead, and Stanley went back to Africa The Chief
still honored the covenant that had been cut with Pocock
because Stanley was part of that first group. He "belonged"
to the man who had been his substitute. Both teams were
covered by their substitutes. In Africa and the far East they
still honor the blood covenant today.

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Reasons for cutting a Blood Covenant:
(1) For love, friendship, weddings. - becoming one.
(2) For trade or business deals.
(3) For protection and safety, - stronger ones to protect
the weaker.

Types of Blood Covenant:

(1) Co-mingling of the blood, usually by cutting wrists and
rubbing them together to mix bloods, is symbolic of the life
of each flowing into the other. A blood brother is closer than
a family relationship.

(2) Drinking blood. Usually by inserting quills into the veins

and sucking out the blood. This is forbidden in Scripture. It
can lead to cannibalism.

(3) Other ways: Seared with a hot iron, licking a hot iron.
Drinking dangerous potions, eating broken glass.

When Jesus died He spilled the blood of God on our behalf.

The blood line comes from the male line.

Salvation through the blood of Jesus can rectify chemical

balances in the human body. The has been proven by blood
tests done on people the day after salvation and comparing
them with their medical records of blood tests done the day
before they became saved.
You can see the blood covenant in every promise of the

Word usage (language study) shows a close tie between

bondage and blood. Bond slaves were those who wanted to
be bond slaves. We are bond slaves to God, bound to Him.

ALAQUA (Arabic word) meaning:

= friend/friendship,
= blood covenant partner. This is the same as "greater
love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for
his friend. You are My friends if ye do whatsoever I

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command you."
= attachment, affection, adherent, love.
= to feed. My God shall supply all your needs.
= a leech, blood-sucker. We live off the blood of Jesus.
Spilling blood is not representative of death but of life.

ATHARA means: = to bind, tie, contract, to make a covenant.

2 Chron.20:7 "...Abraham, Thy friend forever..." Abraham
was a blood covenant brother to God. We are adopted into
Abraham and God's family through Jesus.
Matt.28:18, "All power is given to Me in heaven and earth."
He got back His former glory in heaven so He didn't need
what He had on earth. He gave this power and authority to
us. He whipped the devil in his own back yard with this
power. There are no secrets between blood covenant
partners. If God calls you He doesn't need someone else to
give you the details. We are no longer servants because the
servant does not know what his master does. Now we are
under Jn.15:15.

NAGAD (pronounced naw gad) = vow of self - denunciation.

When you make a blood covenant you deny yourself. You
give yourself over. 1 Cor.19:6."Ye are not your own. Ye are
bought with a price."
v.24. "You are bought with a price therefore glorify God in
your mortal bodies and in you spirit which are god's."

Why did God institute the covenant?

Heb.9:22. Without the shedding of blood there is no
remission of sins.
After the covenant was made , Abraham knew that:
(1) God had him and would never let him go. "The gifts
and calling of God are without repentance."Rom.11:29.
(2) God would never fail him. Abraham had a hold on God
and God would never fail him. We cannot avoid the blood
covenant responsibilities. God said "Put Me in
remembrance" Isaiah 43:26. We are to remind God of our
covenant when we claim our rights.
You can't go by what you see, only by what you know in God.

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We cannot avoid the Blood Covenant. It is woven into every
story and every hope in the Bible. It tells us what God has
already done, taken care of. It is our way to approach God. It
negates audacity on our part in our approach. Without it,
faith becomes presumption. We don't have blind faith. We
have enlightened faith. The Holy Spirit sees in all directions
and He will help you and warn you. Faith is man's response
to what God planned and took the iniative on. Rom.1:16
"...not ashamed of the Gospel..."

A covenant is a solemn agreement between two
parties in which there is total commitment
by each party; and in which there is shedding
of blood. It is sacred and abiding.

It was sealed by the shedding and the co-mingling of blood.

It can be the blood of the two people making the covenant of
by there representatives, their business partners if it is for
trade, or by a substitute. Always there was a permanent
mark or scar. There were associated blessings and curses.
We don't have the curses because Christ bore them for us.
We get the blessings.
Cutting the covenant is the basis of all primitive religions.
They were all familiar with covenant rites. It is in all
sacrificial systems of all ages and nations. The Old
Testament covenant is a type (a picture) of God's plan of
redemption for mankind.
In Blood Covenant it is a union between two parties. God
pledges Himself to us in over 32,000 promises in the Bible.
He calls us into union with Himself, thus giving Himself to us.
God (who is divine) was unionized with man (who is not), by
the shedding of blood of God's Son, the perfect sinless man.
Everything begins with Jesus and ends with Jesus. Heb.12:2
He is the author and the finisher of our faith.
Phil.3;21, 2;13 Christ is still at work on our behalf.
DIATHEKE (Greek) = an unequal covenant where one gives
and the other takes. 2 Peter 1:3,4. God has given us all

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things through and in Jesus. God will get it to you if He can
get it through you. Means that if you are a giver He will get
more to you so He can bless others through you.
In the person of Jesus, God has taken on Himself our
penalty for sin, and has wiped out all of our guilt and given
Himself to us in covenant. You can enjoy the covenant
without fully understanding it. We are as rich and as free as
we know ourselves to be, through the covenant. God has
given Himself to us and for us. Belief in words empowers
them (both our words and satan's words.)

The covenant opened the door for God to deal with man on
legal terms. Mankind was an eternal criminal.

The creation and fall of man Gen.1:1 and on. is by the same
Spirit as in Acts 2:4. Both the Hebrew and Greek describe the
same Spirit. Therefore we have the Spirit, the creative force
of the universe in us. Gen 1 "and God said and it was so"
occurs frequently. v 28 blessing means to confer prosperity
and happiness upon someone.
Gen.1;29 God makes provision for His people.
Instructions are given to Adam to oversee and to keep his
sphere of influence. Rules are so that you can reach your full
potential. Adam was told to tend, keep, protect, guard the
garden, that is to "dress" it. Adam was not told what form
the evil would take but he was told to guard against it.
Is.14;12 tells how satan fell from his heavenly position.
Ezek.28;12 lamentations against the King of Tyrus describe
this. Perfect in beauty,in Eden, the garden of God,precious
stones his covering when created perfect. He sinned and was
cast out. See v 16. he "covered" the mountain of God. God
warned Adam to guard against impending danger.
Gen.2:18 God provided Adam with a companion.

The devil entered Adam's sphere of influence. 1 Jn.2:15-17.

The lust of the flesh, the pride of life are not of the Father.
These are satan's standard tactics. We are told to love not
the world. These things pass away.
The woman chose to do it. The devil didn't force her to do it.

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We have power and authority over him. We should be
speaking and rejoicing in what God has done for us and has
given us. With sin comes change. Gen 3:7 their eyes were
opened and they had shame. They hid from God. They were
afraid. Fear robs you of victory and joy.
2 Tim.1;7 God hath not given us a spirit of fear but of power
and love and of a sound mind.
Gen.3:11,12. One sin will always bring down another.
Eve was deceived but Adam was not. 2 Cor.11:3. 1

Gen.3:14-21. God pronounces judgement on all three. Satan

is to be bruised by the Seed of the woman, and to eat dust.
Woman is to have travail in childbirth and to be in subjection.
Adam is to work the cursed ground in sorrow and toil.
God killed an animal to make them covering clothes. This is
a type of Christ killed to make a covering robe of
righteousness for our sins.
Adam committed high treason. That is, he handed over the
power and authority entrusted to him to satan by obeying
him and disobeying God. He gave his allegiance to satan.
Man is separated from his creator by sin. Gen#:22,23.

Suggested reading: "The Real Story About Cain And Abel".

Gen.4:7 God offered Cain a chance to repent of his anger
and warned him of what would happen if he didn't accept
this spiritual correction. Cain murdered his brother then
denied it. Abel's blood was "alive" Heb.9:22 The life is in the
blood. Shed blood cries out to God from the ground.
The sons of Seth became the Godly line. God intervened to
preserve this line to bring the seed which would destroy
satan. Gen.6:1,2. sons of the Godly line went with the
daughters of Cain. 2 Cor.6:16.
God finds a man! Noah found grace in the eyes of God.
God discusses his plans with His covenant people.
v.22 Noah did as he was commanded. The covenant
practices are kept in Noah. God always gives you what is
needed to offer back to Him. In the case of Abraham and

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Noah, the animals were there when needed.
God established capital punishment, not man ( i.e. the
death sentence.)Gen.9:5.
Is. 26:43."Put Me in remembrance..." When we pray we can
remind God of the covenant which gives us the right to ask
of Him.
Gen.9:20-29. Shem Ham Japheth. Nimrod a mighty hunter,
founder of Babel. Gen 11:6 They wanted to make a name for
themselves. The people were all in unity, they all spoke the
same thing. God said, "Now nothing is restrained from
He confused their language. Gen.11:25. Noah lived 119
years afterwards. Abram was a descendent.
God looks for a man He can talk to . Abram was called out of
an idol-worshipping nation to walk with God at 75 years of
age. He was promised:
To be a blessing.
To have a great name.
These people at Babel wanted tp make a name for

Josh. 24:2,3. Terah (father of Abraham) made idols. They

lived across the Euphrates and served other Gods. Abram
separated himself unto God. He was not a poor man. He was
well educated.Gen.12:3. There wasn't room for both
Abraham and Lot and all of their goods to dwell together.
Abraham let Lot choose where he wanted to go. Gen.13:14
Lot left then the promised were rehearsed. "Walk the length
and breadth of the land for I will give it to thee."
Gal.3. We are the seed of Abraham. Gen.13;17 He settled
on the plain of Mamre and built an alter unto the Lord.
Gen.14 A battle of the local kings and Lot was captured.
Abraham rescued him and brought back all of the goods and
people. v18 King Melchizedek brought forth bread and wine.
He was a priest of the Most High God. Abraham paid tithes to
him. He would not take anything from the King because his
source of supply was God according to the covenant.

Steps of the covenant:

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1. Exchange coats. Symbolizes giving of self.(God said I
am your reward.)
2. Give you weapons belt and sword. Symbolizes that you
will defend each other. (God said I am your shield
and strength.)
3. Exchange names or part thereof. It shows that you each
have a legal right to each others name. God
became the God of Abraham. Abram became
God gives us authority to use the name of Jesus.
They could sign with each other's name so that
people would know that they were in covenant.
4. Cutting and co-mingling of blood. They become one. We
are one in Christ
5. Blessings and curses. The terms of the covenant are
agreed. (We have all of the blessings of Abraham,
Deut 28.)
6. Sacrifice Blood spilt. A scar to be made.
7. Memorial set up. Could be a tree planted and sprinkled
with blood. We have the blood sprinkled cross. Or
a stone is set up and engraved. We have the Bible
inscribed with the terms of our covenant.
8. A communion meal is taken together.

Sometimes they swapped sheep so that there would be a

memorial flock.
The seal of circumcision is replaced for us with the seal of
the Holy Spirit. Eph.1;1-14.
The curses were sickness, poverty and spiritual death.

Some of their memorials were: The ark of the covenant

holding (a) the graven words of God's law. We have the
Bible. (b) manna. We have daily sustenance.
(c) Aaron's rod. We have the resurrection, - new life

God promises a son and Abraham chose to believe God. The

dust of the earth and the stars of heaven described those
who were to come.Gen.15:7, 17:1-9. Circumcision was the

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seal of the covenant. It was to be done on the 8th. day
hereafter because on the 8th. day the bloods coagulating
capacity is the highest. It represents cutting away of fleshly
It was as important spiritually as it was physically.

Gen.18:16 God came by to tell him of His plans. He didn't

send anyone else. He had a plan for Sodom and Gomorrah.
God will talk to you about the plans He has to affect your life.
19:1 Two strangers were persuaded to stay at Lot's house.
Lot was saved because he was in covenant with God through
his uncle Abraham.

Gen 23:1 Sarah died at 127.

Isaac and Rebecca had twins, Jacob and Esau.
Ishmael lived 137 years.

God confirmed the covenant with Jacob. Jacob tested God

and found Him to be faithful.
"To Prove": To demonstrate the accuracy of something.
Jacob called on the covenant God when in fear of his brother

Malachi 3:6.10.13. Two ways to cut yourself off from God's

(a) Robbing God of your tithes and offerings.
(b) Your words are stout against God.

Those who trust and obey God speak often to one another. A
Book of Remembrance is kept before Him, for them that fear
Him. They shall be mine in that day when I make up My
Malachi 4:1 The day is coming when the proud and wicked
will be burnt like stubble. Those who fear His name will see
the Son of righteousness arise with healing in His wings.
v.3. The wicked shall be like ashes under the souls of our

Gen 35:23-26. Jacob's sons:

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Reuben, Simeon Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulen were all
from Leah.
Joseph and Benjamin were from Rachel
Dan and Naphthali were from Bilhar, Rachel's maid.
Gad and Asher were from Zilphar, Leah's maid.

Ex ch. 1 - 4 Has a synopsis in Acts 7:1-8,17. Shows that

God's word stands. They were in Egypt for 450 years.
Is.55:10,11. God's word does not return to Him void. It
accomplishes His purpose.
In the midst of slavery Israel grew stronger than their

Ex.3 Moses and the burning bush. In order to stay under the
protection of a covenant-making God you have to abide by
His spiritual laws. Sin always brings judgement.

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1 Sam.18; The covenant between David and Jonathon.
Amos 3:3. 2 Sam.4 David and Mephibosheth.
Honoring the covenant with the next generation.
Mephibosheth was afraid because he didn't know that he
was in covenant with the King because of his father. David
sent to Lodebah looking for him to bless him. He benefited
from a blood covenant made long before he was born.

Eph.1:3-10 Our covenant was sealed before the foundation

of the world by our adoption as children by Jesus Christ unto
Himself. Jesus entered into covenant with the Father for the
whole human race. As Mephibosheth was in Jonathon at the
time of Jonathon's covenant with David, so we were
potentially in Christ at Calvary. It is through the Calvary
covenant that we inherit the covenant rights. That is, - we
are joint heirs with Christ.
As a Christian I do not go to hell because Jesus has been
there for me as my representative. He holds the keys since
He conquered that territory.

Ps.81. Israel's hold upon God for provision and safety

because He is their God by covenant. 36,000 promises in the
Bible are our through covenant.
Rom.12;1 We present our bodies a living sacrifice, and He
does the same.

Jehosophat reminded God that he was in Abraham's line and

therefore in covenant . He needed help against his enemy.
God answered "The battle is not yours but God's".

Our forgiven sins are forgotten by God. They are not counted
against us. If this is so, then we can't call to His
remembrance things that are forgiven. What we are to call to
His remembrance is are covenant status in Christ through
which we are entitled to the promises of Abraham. We are
sealed into the covenant by the Holy Spirit. Begin to use
what is yours by right. Jer. 31:31-34.
"Its not against you any more. I look into the book of
remembrance and its not there."

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Mephibosheth was treated as though he were Jonathon.
When we are in covenant with God through Christ we are
treated the same way as Christ is. Most Christians have a
distorted picture of God therefore are reluctant to hand their
lives over to Him. Lodeba was invaded by love from David
because of Jonathon. It was David's idea to go and look for
Mephibosheth, just as it was God's idea to search for us.

When we "believe into" the blood covenant it comes into

effect and all is ours. He has all there is of me to have. Its
more than just signing a decision card. Its a call to come and
die to self; to die for Him; and to die to all the rights of
independent living. We are sealed into the Body, into the
Kingdom, and into the covenant by the Holy Spirit.

We are led from within by The Spirit. Israel was not a

changed people and were not led from within. They didn't
honor the law of God in their hearts. We are enabled from
within by the inward law of love.

Eph.1:10-14. We were pre-planned for. That means that He

made provision that every need you have today was already
provided for.
When we believe the truth we begin to see:
God as He is - loving and merciful.
Ourselves as we were - unbelieving and corrupt, now
Jesus - in His completed work at Calvary, and as our
mediator between God and man.
Devil - as a defeated liar.

When you believe the truth you disbelieve the lie of satan. To
believe is to commit your whole life to the truth.

It takes two to make a covenant. The cut is sealed in such a

way as to be seen permanently. Our seal of the Holy Spirit of
Promise should be seen externally by the manifestation of
the inward Christ.

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We are exclusively His by His seal. It is against the law for
anyone to mess with us. We are in the world but not of it.
Seal: a mark of distinction signifying:-
(1) Finished transaction. We ought to act like we are not
up for sale any more.
(2) Ownership, - who we belong to.
(3) Security - sealed into the Kingdom.
(4) Approval. He purchased us because we, in Christ,
measured up to His standard. It is a mark of
God has keeping power. He can keep us. Paul said,"For I
know in whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is
able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against
that day."
1 Jn.5:10 The witness within of the Holy Spirit that we are the
children of God.
Don't act like the dead do. You can't act like the world and be
in Christ without real problems.

We are bond slaves in Christ. Ex. ch1 to 11 dealt with the

Egyptian bondage.
Ex.12 deals with a way out of the mess that they had gotten
themselves into.
The Covenant Meal.
- The lamb selected and inspected. At least 25700 lamb
would have been needed for that huge number of people (2-
3 million)
- Throat cut and blood caught in basin.
- Branch of hyssop used to strike the lintels and sideposts of
the door. Basin on step below, on threshold.
- Firstborn died if no blood.(meant that they had refuses the
salvation plan.) Either firstborn or lamb died. Sin had to be
paid for Ex.12:11.
- The flesh was roasted and eaten with bitter herbs and
unleavened bread.
- They were to eat it all and burn leftovers.
- They were to eat in haste, dressed for the journey.
They had the lamb in them, the blood over them, and the

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Glory Cloud over them to protect them.

Read Psalm. 105.

As the Passover lamb was scrutinized for three days to

ensure no imperfections, so Christ was scrutinized three
years. During the bringing of the thousands of lambs into
the temple through the sheep gate for scrutiny by the
priests, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. As the lambs
were being screened, Jesus was being inspected by Pilate
who could find no fault in Him. Pilate pronounced Him
innocent, perfect. No sin or blemish was found in Him, so he
was suitable for sacrifice according to the requirements of
the sin offering. That sealed His death. All that was required
by law for the sacrifice to take place had been done.
Jesus was adding "substance" to the Passover "shadow".

The High Priest had a pocket-purse containing three wafers

in three pockets. They stand for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
The choose the middle one for Isaac but usually don't know
why (according to Doc Horton). To us they stand for Father
,Don and Holy Spirit. The middle one, representing the
covenant sacrifice of Isaac also represents the Son/ It is
broken. Luke 22:19.
They also set 4 wine cups. Three are filled with wine for
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The fourth is left upside down for
the Messiah.. Doc Horton says that in Luke 22:20 Jesus
turned up the fourth cup and said "This cup is the New
Testament in My blood...."

At about 9 am. when the lambs were slaughtered Jesus said

"It is finished."

Ex.12. They left Egypt with the lamb in them, the blood over
them and the Glory cloud protecting them. They had a
common bond. One lamb did for the whole family. The Lamb
within makes us one. It would not have been enough to slay
the lamb to save just the firstborn. It was for all. THE Lamb
of God was for all the world. Killing the lamb wasn't enough.

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They had to apply the blood to their own place, on their own
behalf. It wasn't forced on them. They applied it by and in

By His blood all the world is saved but it does no good unless
each individual accepts and applies the blood personally.
Gal.4:21 to 5:6 Comparisons of Old and New Covenant.

- Elementary & preparatory. - More advanced & fulfilled.

- Promised life but could not - Gives life, more

give it because they could abundantly.
not keep 10 commandments.

- Was bondage. - Gives freedom.

- Had a law (10). - Of grace of God.

_ Have to keep law to - Get blessings anyway as

get blessings. unable to keep law.

- Was breakable because of - Everlasting in spite of

laws. failures.

- In man's keeping. - In man's keeping.

- Was by obedience. - Not by obedience but by

disobedience = curses. faith, believing &
- Demanded righteousness. - Gives righteousness.

When God chose Abraham he was an idol worshipper. God

chose us in our unrighteousness and gives us His
righteousness in Christ.
It was not the children of law that went into Egypt but the
children of promise. They couldn't get into the law until they
came out of Egypt.

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Mark 11:23-26. How To Succeed With God And With Fellow
Verses 23 & 24 won't work without 25 & 26.

* always walk in love.

* Always walk in forgiveness, be ready to forgive.
* Love according to the integrity of the Word. Walk in the
* Always be generous in every area of your life. Be a blessing
to others. (money, self, tome, talents.)

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