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Answer all questions. Show all relevant working.

1. The position vectors of three points A, B and C relative to an origin O, are 2 + 3 ,

4 + 9 and 8 + 5 respectively.

(i) Show that triangle ABC is isosceles. [4]

(ii) Calculate the scalar product

and hence find angle BAC. [4]

2. A geometric progression has first term a and common ration r. The second term is 80
and the fifth term is 1250. Calculate

(i) the value of a and of r. [4]

(ii) the sum of the first seven terms. [2]

3. (i) Determine the value of k such that the lines + 3 = 6 and + 2 = 12 are
perpendicular to each other. [3]

(ii) A circle of radius 5 cm has as its centre the point of intersection of the two
perpendicular lines in (i). Determine the equation for this circle. [4]

4. Solve the equations

(i) 21 = 10 [4]

(ii) 2 lg = lg(3 + 4) [4]

5. The equation 2 2 + 3 = 0 has roots and and the equation 2 4 + = 0

has roots and . Find the value of k and of p. [5]

6. In a certain country there are two daily newspapers, the Standard and the Beacon. It is
estimated that 40% of the households subscribe to the Standard and 45% subscribe to
the Beacon. 80% of those households who subscribe to the Standard also subscribe to
the Beacon.

If a household is selected at random, what is the probability that the household

subscribes to

(a) both newspapers [3]

(b) only one newspaper [2]

(c) neither newspaper [2]

7. Three work shifts A, B and C produce 50%, 30% and 20% of the total production of
shirts at factory, The percentage of defective shirts produced by the shifts is 3%, 4% and
5% respectively.

(a) Show this date on a tree diagram showing the probability on all branches. [3]

(b) If a shirt is chosen at random, what is the probability that it is defective? [3]

(c) Find the probability that the shirt was produced by work shift A given that it was
found to be defective. [3]