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Team 3 :

Aditya Arga
Fara Ulul Hanif
Febrina Fitri N
Lailatul Fitria

The Abolition of The National Final Exam.

National final exam is a standardized evaluation system nationally.The evaluation

conducted by the independent institution regularly, thorough, transparent, and systematic to
assess the achievement of national education standards and the process of monitoring the
evaluation should be done on an ongoing basis.

Positive impact by holding the final exam are:

1. The national examination could be enhancing the quality of students in the learning process
to become qualified human resources.
2. National Examinations can also be an indicator for students' own up to where the students
have serious learning to face their future.
3. Students are also taught to not cheat, because supervision is super tight.

Negative impact by holding the final exam are:

1. The final exam can not be an indicator of students' abilities significantly.
2. Part of the final exam policy, could cripple motivation of students, because many cases
where students are lazy to study but can pass the exam because of the luck factor.
3. The national final exams can have a negative effect for the psychic students, because the
value of a final exam that determines whether or not the student pass.
4. National Exam just testing out the subjects that must be mastered average students like
math and English, then what art lessons?
5. The standard value on the national exam was rapidly rising, so that students will be more
depressed by it.

National final examination has become a very scary thing for the students. Not just
students and parents who are experiencing stress, but the teachers are also experiencing the
same pressures. The value of the final exam will have an impact on the reputation of the
school. As for the case in which to improve the reputation of the school, the teacher raise the
value of students who do not meet the standards. The worst case is the presence of students
who do not pass a national exam that experience severe stress, shame, hopelessness so
desperate to commit suicide. Therefore, the policy of abolition the national final exam we
think is right, because the results of the national final examination can not determine the
quality of students.