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General English

Each of the following questions(1-5) consist of one capitalized word followed by 4 words. Choose the
option which is most similar in meaning to the capitalized word.


a) Generosity b) Perversity c) Flaunting d) Hatred


a) Sublime b) Mysterious c) Strange d) Happy


a) Categorical b) Detailed c) Clear d) Ambiguous


a) Reckless b) Law abiding c) Economical d) Unpredictable


a) Reciprocal b) Agreed c) Common d) Conjugal

Each of the following questions(6-10) consist of one capitalized word followed by 4 words. Choose the
option which is most opposite in meaning to the capitalized word.


a) Utilise b) Support c) Neglect d) Alert


a) Censure b) Approve c) Recommend d) Praise


a) Eager b) Anxious c) Refuse d) Avoiding


a) Convenient b) Risky c) Wrong d) Safe


a) Pompous b) Luxury c) Poverty d) Punitive

Each sentence below(Q 11-15) has three underlined separate parts a, b, c. Select the underlined part of
each sentence where there is an error. If there is no error in the given sentence, select option (d)
11) Have you gone through either of the three chapters in this book? No error

(a) (b) (c) (d)

12) Many a star are twinkling in the sky. No error

(a) (b) (c) (d)

13) The speaker was not only slow but also inaudible as well. No error
(a) (b) (c) (d)
14) Let us congratulate him for his success in the examination. No error
(a) (b) (c) (d)
15) We worked very hard throughout the season. No error
(a) (b) (c) (d)

There are two passages given below. After each passage, there are a few questions based on the passage
before it. Read the passage first and then answer the questions based on it. You are required to answer
the questions based on the contents of the passage and the opinion of the author only.

It was a very cold evening and so very few people were on the street. I did not go out myself although it
was my habit not to keep indoors after sunset. So I closed all the doors and windows and took the book
which was lying open on the table and tried to read it. The cold was getting so severe that I started
shivering and so I wrapped myself with another blanket. But I could not continue reading the book
because I was nearly rendered incapable of turning the pages.

16) The authors habit was to:

a) read in the evening b) play in the evening c) go out in the evening d) sleep in the evening.
17) If it was not cold, the author would have liked to:
a) work b) sit and look into the street c) read d) take a stroll

18) There were not many people on the street because, it was:
a) very cold b) snowing c) raining d) very dark

People start smoking for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they get into this habit because they think that
it makes them look sophisticated. People may get hooked to this habit. Then smoking becomes a part of
their lifestyle. They become addicted to the nicotine in the cigarettes. However, there is a definite link
between smoking cigarettes and lung cancer, heart disease and chronic bronchitis. Passive smoking is
also harmful. Non smokers are cautioned not to stay around smokers. The inhalation of smoke by non-
smokers is very dangerous. Wives of smokers are more at risk of lung cancer than wives of non-

19) Smoking primarily causes:
a) ageing b) lung cancer c) nicotine addiction d) infectious diseases

20) Passive smoking refers to:

a) people who smoke occasionally b) wives of smokers who inhale smoke

c) non smokers who inhale smoke d) people who like to inhale smoke

21) Of the following, which one has no link to smoking:

a) lung cancer b) appendicitis c) heart disease d) chronic bronchitis


Each of the following has a sentence followed by four words. Select the option that fills in the blank in
each sentence with the most appropriate word(s).

22) We have not yet fully realized the ____________ consequences of war
a) happy b) pleasing c) grim d) exciting

23) Happiness consists in being ___________ what we have.

a) contented to b) contented with c) contended of d) contended in

24) After her rich uncles death, she ________________ all his money
a) caught b) inherited c) gave d) succeeded

25) The car we were travelling in ______________ a mile from home.

a) broke off b) broke into c) broke down d) broke up



26) Clotting of blood is helped by

a) Vitamin A b) Vitamin K c) Vitamin D d) Vitamin C

27) The element available in thermometer is

a) Platinum b) Gold c) Silver d) Mercury

28) What is the approximate time taken for light from Sun to reach Earth?
a) 8 minutes b) 8 seconds c) 8 hours d) 2 seconds

29) Which of the following does not contribute to greenhouse effect?
a) Methane b) Ozone c) Carbon Dioxide d) Oxygen

30) The boiling point of water is

a) 100(degree) F b) 100(degree) K c) 100(degree) C d) 0(degree) C

31) Which of the following can survive even a nuclear attack?

a) Humans b) cat c) dog d) cockroach

32) Which of the following is called power house of a cell?

a) Cytoplasm b) Nucleus c) Mitochondria d) Lysosomes

33) Which state has the largest coast line in India

a) Tamil Nadu b) Andhra Pradesh c) Gujarat d) Kerala

34) Of the following states, which state does not have border with Bangladesh?
a) Meghalaya b) Tripura c) Mizoram d) Manipur

35) Which state has the largest resources of copper ore in India?
a) Andhra Pradesh b) Rajasthan c) Madhya Pradesh d) Jharkhand

36) Where was Indias first oil refinery set up?

a) Digboi b) Bombay c) Barauni d) Vishakhapatnam

37) The highest mountain peak in India is

a) Everest b) Doddabetta c) Kanchenjunga d) Nandadevi

38) Which of the following rivers does not flow from east to west?
a) Narmada b) Tapti c) Brahmaputra d) Godavari

39) Which of the following is not a coal field?

a) Jharia b) Singrauli c) Raniganj d) Khetri

40) Who won the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke award for the year 2012 recently?
a) Rishi Kapoor b) Sunil Dutt c) Pran d) Soumitra Chatterji

41) Of which of the following, not even a single case was registered in India in 2012?
a) AIDS b) Polio c) Hepatitis B d) Dengue

42) Hugo Chavez, who died recently, was President of _________________

a) Venezuela b) Columbia c) Cuba d) Chile

43) Who among the following, has resigned as a Pope?

a) Pope John Paul II b) Pope Benedict XVI c) Pope Francis d) Pope Pius XII

44) From which country is the Indias aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya purchased?
a) Russia b) USA c) UK d) France

45) Which is the next number in the sequence 2, 6, 12, 36, 72,_____
a) 144 b) 216 c) 180 d) 360

46) Moon:Satellite:: Earth: __________

a) Planet b) Star c) Sun d) Solar system

47) If 1st January of 1980 is a Tuesday, then 1st January 1984 will be
a) Saturday b) Thursday c) Friday d) Sunday

48) If JOEJB means INDIA, then BSNZ means


49) The sum of four consecutive even numbers is 60. What is the sum of their squares?
a) 1000 b) 1080 c) 920 d) 720

50) Which one of the following grouping is represented by the Venn diagram below:

a) Musicians, Indians, Scientists b) Indians, Asians, Actors

c) Medicines, Aspirin, Table d) Fruits, Oranges, Apples

Part B Technical paper

51) Representation of 12(decimal) in twos complement notation is

a) 0100 b) 0101 c) 0011 d) 1100

52) In which file of DOS is the path defined


53) What is the file system used in DOS?

a) UFS b) NFS c) FAT d) NTFS

54) In DOS, the notation cd .. denotes change to

a) Present directory b) parent directory c) Home directory d) child directory

55) What is the error code in HTTP for Requested Resource not found

a) 402 b) 220 c) 404 d) 403

56) Java source code is compiled into

a) Byte code b) .exe file c) .obj file d) source code

57) Javascript statements are executed by

a) Compiler b) JVM c) Server d) Browser

58) The === operator will

a)Check the value b) check the value and type of value

c) equate both sides d) result in error as it does not exist

59) Which of the following is incorrect with reference to php?

a) Variables should start with $

b) Variables names are case sensitive

c) No command is there to define a variables data type

d) Variables can start with a number

60) Which of the following method is not related to threading?

a) Wait() b) Notify c) Clear d) NotifyAll()

61) What is % operator used for in Java?

a) Text formatting b) Remainder/Modulo operator

c) To give integer value of a division d) As a division operator

62) Which of the following regarding Java naming convention is correct?

a) The file name should exactly match the class name

b) Java is case insensitive

c) Class name should start with upper/lower case letter

d) Method names should start with upper/lower case letter

63) The pattern sent on HDLC to denote start and end of data frame is

a) 0x 7E b) 0x7C c) 0x00 d) 0x 7F

64) The FTP server listens for incoming connections on port _______

a) 80 b) 23 c) 21 d) 8080

65) Ethernet is associated with IEEE _________ protocol

a) 802.3 b) 802.4 c) 802.5 d) 802.11

66) The maximum number of 10Base T Ethernet cable segments that are allowed between two points in
the network are

a) 2 b) 5 c) 10 d) No limit

67) Which of the following IP address is not a part of a private network address pool?

a) 10.x.x.x b) 192.x.x.x c) 172.x.x.x d) 200.x.x.x

68) The maximum value of TTL field in a IP datagram is

a) 3 b) 63 c) 255 d) 1023

69) Which of the following is NOT a property of TCP?

a) It ensures packets arrive in order b) It is connectionless

c) It provides flow control d) It uses 3 way handshake before start of data


70) In Unix, which file is used to map service names to server names?

a) /etc/hosts b) /etc/protocols c) /etc/inetd.conf d) /etc/services

71) Which of the following is true about Address Resolution Protocol(ARP)

a) It is send across networks

b) It is used to find out the Layer 2 address, given a layer 3 address

c) It is used to find out a Layer 3 address, given a Layer 2 address

d) It is used to find own layer 3 address

72) Which of the following is NOT a valid DNS record?

a) Mail Exchange Record b) Date stamp Record c) Address Record d) Pointer record

73) In which region(s) of operation, can a transistor be used as a switching element?

a)Active region b) Active, Cut off and Saturation regions

c) Active and Saturation region d) Cutoff and saturation region

74) Which of the following is a Universal gate?

a) NAND b) AND c) OR d) NOT

75) Which of the following has the lowest power dissipation?

a) CMOS b) TTL c) ECL d) RTL

76) Race around condition happens in the J-K flip flop when

a) both inputs are 1 b) both inputs are 0 c) the inputs are 0 and 1 d) output is 0

77) The flip flop used as a delay flip flop is

a) JK flip flop b) RS flip flop c) D flip flop d) T flip flop

78) Which of the following Boolean algebra rules is correct

a) A.A = 1 b) A+A B = A+B c) A+ A B = A+B d) A(A+B) = B

79) To realize a full adder using half adders, the minimum number of half adders required is

a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

80) In a A/D converter, the analog input is given to

a) ground of OPAMP b) virtual ground of OPAMP

c) inverting terminal of OPAMP d) non inverting terminal of OPAMP

81) The correct sequence of the following PCM coding steps is:

1) Encoding 2) Quantising 3) Sampling 4) Low pass filtering

a) 3,1,2,4 b) 4,3,2,1 c) 1, 2, 3, 4 d) 4, 2, 3,1

82) The Low Pass filter cutoff in a telephone exchange analog subscriber line card is set at

a) 5KHz b) 8KHz c) 4KHz d) 16KHz

83) In PCM, quantization noise depends on

a) sampling rate b) number of quantization levels

c) signal power d) bandwidth of the signal

84) In a Optical fiber, the propagation of signal happens due to:

a) Total internal reflection b) refraction c) dispersion d) Attenuation

85) Which of the following windows is not used in optical fiber communication?

a) 850nm b) 1310nm c) 1400nm d) 1550nm

For Questions 86-88, the maximum deviation in a FM system is 75KHz with the modulating signal
being 10KHz sinusoid.

86) The bandwidth of the above system is

a) 75KHz b) 150KHz c) 170KHz d) 190 KHz

87) If the modulating frequency is doubled to 20KHz sinusoid, the new bandwidth of the above system

a) 95KHz b) 190KHz c) 170KHz d) 210 KHz

88) If the modulating signal amplitude is doubled, the new bandwidth of the above system will be

a) 320 KHz b) 190 KHz c) 210 KHz d) 100 KHz

89) Longest hop radio communication is possible due to _____________ of the Ionosphere

a) F1 region b) D region c) F2 region d) E region

90) The relation between Maximum Usable Frequency(MUF), the critical frequency(fc) and angle of
incidence is

a) MUF = fc cos b) MUF = fc sec c) MUF = fc sin d) MUF * fc = cos

91) Which of the following bands experiences maximum rain attenuation?

a) S Band b) C Band c) L Band d) Ku band

92) Which of the following operations can result in an empty stack?

a) PUSH b) POP c) TOP d) EMPTY

93) Which of the following is incorrect regarding a Queue?

a) Queue is FIFO b) Insertions go at the end of the list

c) Deletions go at the front of the list c) Queue is LIFO

94) The Heap sort algorithm for n elements has a complexity of the order

a) O(n) b) O(n2) c) O(n log n) d) O(log n)

95) Binary search in an array of n elements has a complexity of

a) O(n) b) O(n2) c) O(n log n) d) O(log n)

96) Which of the following is required before doing binary search?

a) The array should be a sorted one

b) The array should consist of only +ve numbers

c) The array should not consist of zero

d) The array should consist of only ones and zeroes

97) Of the following, the most efficient algorithm to sort elements is __________

a) Simple sort b) Insertion sort c) Bubble sort d) Heap sort

98) Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding malloc() call

a) It is used for dynamic memory allocation

b) It allocates the requisite block after searching the free list for a usable memory block

c) If the available memory size is not available, it returns that size which is possible

d) It returns a pointer to the memory block

99) Which of the following functions allocates memory and initializes it also?

a) free() b) malloc() c) realloc() d) calloc()

100) Thevenin equivalent voltage is

a) Equal to source voltage b) equal to load voltage

b) c) the open voltage d) voltage at any point in the circuit

101) To get maximum power transferred to a load, the load impedance should be equal to

a) Source impedance b) complex conjugate of source impedance

c) source resistance only d) source reactance only

102) Nortons theorem gives

a) an equivalent current source in parallel with an equivalent impedance

b) an equivalent current source in series with an equivalent impedance

c) an equivalent voltage source in parallel with an equivalent impedance

d) an equivalent voltage source in series with an equivalent impedance

103) A sine wave is applied across an RL circuit. If the frequency of the voltage is increased, the

a) Increases b) decreases c) remains the same d) momentarily goes to zero

104) In a series RLC circuit, for a critically damped operation, damping factor =

a) 0 b) infinity c) 1 d) 0.5

105) Which of the following is a Low Pass Filter

a) b) c) d)

106) In a series RLC circuit at resonance, the current is determined by

a) Resistance only b) Inductance only c) Capacitance only d) All R, L, C

107) If for a network, Z11 = Z22, then the network is

a) Reciprocal b) symmetric c) Loss less d) Active

108) The Inductance L is related to the number of turns(N) as

a) L N b) L N1/2 c) L N3 d) L N2

109) For a linear transformer of two coupled inductors of L1 and L2, the mutual inductance M

a) <= (L1L2) b) =(L1 /L2) c) = L1 /L2 d) = L1L2

110) An ideal voltage source has

a) Terminal voltage in proportion to load b) terminal voltage in proportion to current c) zero
internal resistance d) open circuit voltage equal to full load voltage

111) Hystersis loss varies with frequency(f) as

a) f b) f c) f2 d) f2.6

112) Tap changing facility is normally provided in

a) Current transformers b) Distribution transformers

c) Step Up transformers d) high voltage transformers

113) In an induction motor, with the increase in input voltage, which of the following increases?
a) Power factor b) slip c) Torque d) All of the above

114) For a 6 pole three phase Induction motor operating at 50Hz, the synchronous speed is

a) 1200 rpm b) 600 rpm c) 500 rpm d) 1000 rpm

115) The purpose of a commutator in a DC generator is to

a) increase o/p voltage b) reduce sparking

c) smoothen o/p d) convert induced AC into DC

116) For a stepper motor, the number of rotor and stator teeth are 40 and 10 respectively. The step
angle is

a) 54 b) 27 c) 12 d) 10

117) For a delta connection, which of the following is true?

a) Eph = Eline b) Eph = 3xEline c) Eph =0.5x Eline d) Eph = Eline/3

118) Which of the following is NOT used as a refrigerant?

a) Ammonia b) R22 c) Neon d) Freon

119) A power system whose input and output are DC is called

a) Rectifier b) Chopper c) Inverter d) Transformer

120) Which of the following is used for high voltage(>3KV) control applications?

a) Power diode b) BJT Transistor c) MOSFET d) SCR

121) Which of the following is an integrating instrument?

a) Voltmeter b) Ammeter c) Wattmeter d) Watthour meter

122) A moving coil permanent magnet instrument can be used as a ___________ by using a low
resistance shunt.

a) Ammeter b) Voltmeter c) Galvanometer d) flux meter

123) Which of the following is used for measuring the insulation resistance?

a) Tangent Galvanometer b) Meggar c) Current transformer d) Voltmeter

124) In an Anderson bridge, the unknown inductance is measured in terms of:

a)Known Inductance and resistance b) Known capacitance and resistance

c) Known Resistance d) Known inductance

125) The resolution of the Digital to Analog converter(DAC) of n digital inputs is

a) 2n b) 2/n c) 2n d) 2n

126) A single channel digital storage oscilloscope uses a 12 bit, 108 samples/s ADC. For a 10 kHz
sine wave input, what is the number of samples taken per cycle of input?

a) 108 b) 1012 c) 102 d) 104

127) A n-type semi conductor

a)Is intrinsic b) has trivalent impurity atoms added

c) has pentavalent impurity atoms added d) requires no doping

128) Forward voltage across a conducting silicon diode is

a) 0.3V b) -0.3V c) 0.5V d) 0.7V

129) Normal operating region for a Zener diode is

a)Forward bias region b) reverse bias region

c) reverse break down region d) zero crossing region

130) Each diode in a center tapped Full Wave rectifier is in __________ region and conducts for
____________ of the input cycle

a) Forward, 180 b) reverse, 90 c) forward, 90 d) reverse, 180

131) In the active region of a BJT, the base-emitter junction is ________biased and the collector base
junction is ______________ .

a) Forward, forward b) forward, reverse c) reverse, forward d) reverse, reverse

132) dc =

a) IB/IC b) IE/IC c) IC/IB d) IC/IE

133) Which of the following configuration has lowest output impedance?

a) Darlington b) Emitter follower c) Voltage follower d) Fixed bias

134) Which of the following parameters has the units of ohms?

a) hie b) hoe c) hre d) hfe

135) A relation is said to be in BCNF when

(a) it has overlapping composite keys

(b) it has no composite keys

(c) it has no multi valued dependencies

(d) it has no overlapping composite keys which have related attributes

136) The language used to by application programs to request data from the data bases is

a) DML b) DDL c) query language d) Any of the above

137) An audit trail is used to

a) Make back up copies b) record history of operations on a file

c) can be used to restore lost data d) list the contents of the file

138) Principle of Locality is used to justify

a) DMA b) Interrupt c) Cache memory d) Polling

139) A class is

a) A group of objects b) template for objects of a particular type

c) a class of objects d)a classification of object

140) Inheritance in object-oriented system is used to

a) create new classes from existing classes b) add new operations to existing operations

c) add new attributes to existing attributes d) add new states to existing states

141) By encapsulation in object-oriented modelling we mean

a) encapsulating data and programs b) hiding attributes of an object from users

c) hiding operations on object from users d) hiding implementation details of methods from
users of objects

142) In 8086 microprocessor the following has the highest priority among all type interrupts.

a) NMI b) DIV 0 c) TYPE 255 d) OVER FLOW

143) In 8086 the overflow flag is set when

a) The sum is more than 16 bits

b) Signed numbers go out of their range after an arithmetic operation

c) Carry and sign flags are set

d) during subtraction

144) 8088 microprocessor differs with 8086 microprocessor in

a) Data width on the output b) Address capability

c) Support of coprocessor d) Support of MAX / MIN mode

145) In ADC 0808 if _______ pin high enables output.

a) EOC b) I/P0-I/P7 c) SOC d) OE

146) The 8279 normally provides a maximum of _____ seven segment display interface with CPU.
a) 8 b) 16 c) 32 d) 18

147) In 8086 microprocessor one of the following instructions is executed before an arithmetic

a) AAM b) AAD c) DAS d) DAA

148) In FM broadcasting, what is the frequency deviation used ?

a) 75KHz b) 20KHz c) 4KHz d) 48KHz

149) The gain of a parabolic antenna is proportional to its diameter D by

a) D b) D2 c) 1/D2 d) 1/D
150) Antenna gain for a dipole is

a) 1.5dBi b) 1 dBi c) 1.76dBi d) 2 dBi