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Fixit Epoxy Floor Screed

Industrial Floorings
Th r ee - c o m p o n e n t he a v y d u t y che m ic a l & a b r a s i o n
r e s i s ta n t E P OX Y F l o o r i n g

Dr. Fixit Epoxy Floor Screed is a three part epoxy based high strength floor topping that forms a chemical &
abrasion resistant flooring with a non-slip finish for personnel and vehicular traffic. Ideally suited for application
in all kinds of industries subjected to heavy wear and tear, mechanical and chemical use. It can be laid in varying
thickness of 3 - 5 mm and over coated with epoxy coatings for hygienic conditions.

801 Dr. Fixit Epoxy Floor Screed

Areas of Application
}}Power plants
}}Workshops & warehouses
}}Petrochemical refineries
}}Food processing unit
}}Dairies & cold storage rooms
}}Abattoirs, beverages & soft drink bottling plants
}}Industrial floor joints & coving
}}Hygienic & clean environment areas
}}Internal loading and unloading bays and ramps
}}Chemical & Engineering Industries
}}Paint shops & Battery rooms

Features & Benefits

}}Toughness High compressive strength resists heavy-duty movements of heavily loaded trolleys.
}}Impact resistance High impact strength prevents denting and point loading.
}}Abrasion resistance High abrasion resistance make suitable for movements of heavily loaded vehicular traffic.
}}Chemical resistance Resistant to wide range of industrial chemicals, prevents erosion of concrete floors.
}}Water resistance Resistant to all types of water, soap & detergent solutions.
}}Thermal shock resistance Resistant to thermal shock, enables floor to be hygienically steam cleaned without
}}Anti skid property - Provides safe, textured slip-resistant surface for pedestrian and vehicular traffic even
when wet.
}}Workability Suitable to build up thickness up to 1.5 5 mm in one application.
}}Durability It is highly durable when applied over internal floors unless otherwise damaged by mechanical
means & highly aggressive chemicals.
}}Over coatability over coating of epoxy / polyurethane based coatings are possible.

}}Coving - Can be used in preparation of perimeter edge coving up to a height of 225mm.

Joint Design
}}Expansion & moving joints are to be brought over through subsequent flooring system & sealed with properly
selected sealants.
}}All other stable joints (dummy joints, etc.) are to be filled up prior to lay the screed as per the designed thickness.
}}Joints should be cleaned and prepared as per the instruction of technical team.

Industrial Floorings

Method of Application

1 S u r face P r epa r atio n

}}Dr. Fixit Epoxy Floor Screed SL is designed for application at a thickness of 1.5 mm 5 mm.
}}Substrates should be dry and free from rising dampness. In case of damp rising floors a suitable damp-proof
801 Dr. Fixit Epoxy Floor Screed

membrane should be installed during construction.

}}Substrates should not have a relative humidity greater than 80% at the time of installation.

}}Apply one coat of Dr. Fixit Pidipoxy EP primer with a brush or roller over prepared surface. Allow the primer to
reach tacky condition (3 - 4 hours)
}}Mix resin base with hardener using a static blade rotary drum mixer for 2 - 3 minutes. Then start addition of
aggregates component slowly slowly & mix for another 3 minutes to produce uniform & homogeneous plaster
consistency material.
4 A P P L I C AT I O N
Dr. Fixit Epoxy Floor Screed should be installed by specialist applicators that must follow the product
application procedure as per the technical data sheet.
}}Overlay mixed Dr. Fixit Epoxy Floor Screed over the primed surface when it is in tacky condition.
}}It is ideal to work in lanes of 2 to 3 ft. width for effective leveling & toweling.
}}Spread it uniformly to the desired thickness.

}}Use a wooden float to compact the material fully. Smooth & level the compacted material by using steel trowel.
}}Use proper templates to maintain the desired compacted thickness at all areas.
}}Dr. Fixit Epoxy Floor Screed should be over-coated with either coating or topping to prevent it from dust
}}It is recommended that Dr. Fixit Epoxy Floor Screed be cured for 7 days @ 35C or 12 days @ 20C prior to being
subject to in service conditions or any final coat on top.
6 C L E A N I N G
}}Clean tools and equipment with solvent like toluene / xylene / thinner immediately after use.
}}Hardened material can be removed only mechanically.

Precautions & Limitations

}}Ensure that proper vapour barrier is placed below concrete substrate.
}}Surface moisture content of the concrete substrate should be less than 5%.
}}Substrate temperature should be 5C above the measured due point.
}}In case of acid cleaning, neutralize the substrate with plenty of water (litmus paper test) & then check the
moisture level when it is dry.
}}It is essential & suggested that clean the spillage of chemicals over the coating surface immediately to increase
the life of the coating.
}}Material should be mixed and laid within pot life at 30OC
}}Part mixing of material is not recommended
Industrial Floorings
No dilution of product is recommended

Full use of the system can be done after 7 days


All tools and tackles should be cleaned before the pot life period of Dr. Fixit Epoxy Floor Screed using Xylene or

suitable solvent
Expansion joints in the existing substrate to be continued through the Dr. Fixit Epoxy Floor Screed.

801 Dr. Fixit Epoxy Floor Screed

Ensure good ventilation and do not smoke or expose Dr. Fixit Epoxy Floor Screed to naked flame

In case of accidental contacts it should be removed before it harden with a resin removable cream followed by

washing with soap & water. Do not use solvent. Should eye contamination occur, wash with plenty of clean water
and seek medical advise immediately.

Technical Information


Appearance of the mix Cohesive Mortar consistency

Colour Brown
Mixing ratio, Base : Hardener: Filler 1.775: 0.607 : 14.618
parts by weight per 17 kg pack
Mixed Density Specific gravity 2 2.2
@30C, gms/ml
Pot life of mix @30C, minutes 30
Setting time @ 30C, hrs 6-7
Foot trafficable time @30C, hrs 24
Full cure time @ 30C, days 7
Over Coating Time @ 30C, hrs 6-7
Compressive strength- 7 days, N/sq BS: 6319, part-2 80
Flexural Strength, 7 days, BS: 6319, part-3 27
N/sq mm
Tensile strength, 7 days, BS: 6319, part-7 14
N/sq mm
Abrasion resistance. ASTM : C 501 - 84 0.5
mgm/ cycle
Bond strength, N/sq mm ASTM : C 881 2.5 (In general Bond will always
exceed the tensile strength of
Chemical resistance, dil acids Excellent
& alkalies

2.75 m2 per 17 kg pack at 3 mm
1.6 m2 per 17 kg pack at 5 mm
Industrial Floorings

17 kg

Shelf Life & Storage

Shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacturing. Store in a cool & dry place in unopened condition.
801 Dr. Fixit Epoxy Floor Screed

Health & Safety Precautions

}}During use, avoid inhalation of dust and contact with skin and eyes. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves,
eye protection and respiratory protective equipment.
}}SKIN CONTACT: Wash skin with soap & water. Remove contaminated cloths. Seek medical attention if irritation
}}EYE CONTACT: Immediately splash eyes with plenty of water. Consult Physician if irritation persists.
}}INHALATION: Move the subject to fresh air. If breathing is difficult or not breathing, give artificial respiration.
Obtain medical attention.
}}INGESTION: Do not induce vomiting. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Call a Physician.
}}NOTE TO PHYSICIAN: There is no specific antidote. Treatment should be given symptomatically on the clinical
}}FIRE EXTINGUISHING MEDIA: Both materials are combustible. Use Foam, Dry Chemical Powder, or CO to
extinguish the fire.

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