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Chemical filter cartridge A2B2E2K2 P3

The CLIMAX 725 A2B2E2K2P3 chemical filter is designed to provide excellent protection
against a range of gases and vapors from chemical agents, combining this protection with a
particle filter that provides the highest possible level of protection (class 3) against
aerosols of both liquid and solid particles.
Its standard thread enables it to be attached to any mask with a standard thread according
to EN 148/1.

Description and features

The 725 A2B2E2K2P3 filter is manufactured using high-resistance materials that have no
harmful effects on users health and hygiene. It is made up of two main parts that join
together to make the combination filter.

Gas filter:

The bottom part filters gases and vapors from chemical compounds. The casing of this filter
is made out of a plastic and is bell-shaped in order to enable better airflow. An EN 148/1
standard thread is part of the casing. The multifunctional filling made of activated carbon is
inside and protects against A-, B-, E- and K-type gases.

Particle filter:

The particle filter is fitted over the gas filter. It has a tapered casing with a hole at the top
for air intake and contains the filtering medium inside. This is made of a fabric with
numerous folds that allows inhaled air through due to its high level of air permeability,
while retaining solid and liquid particles with maximum filtering effectiveness.

EC Certification
Standards: UNE - EN 141: 2001
UNE - EN 143: 2001
Directive 59/686/CEE
Control body number: 0159
Certificate number: 21425599

The 725 A2B2E2K2P3 combination filter provides excellent protection against a number of
gases and chemical compound vapors such as organic vapors and gases that have a boiling
temperature over 65C, certain inorganic vapors and gases (halogens, acidic gases, etc.),
sulphur dioxide, ammonia and derivatives thereof. In addition, it offers the greatest
possible filtering effectiveness according to the EN-143 standard classification, against
both solid and liquid particles, making it perfectly suited to protecting against fine dust,
mist, suspended fibers, solid aerosols and liquid aerosols.

Technical features of the filter

Weight of the filter : 400 5 g

Continuous inhaled flow resistance:
At 30 l/min: 1.51 mbar
At 95 l/min: 6.00 mbar
Protective capacity of the filter at a 5000 ppm and 30 l/min against:
C6H12 52 min
Cl2 45 min
H2S 90 min
HCN 55 min
SO2 26 min
NH3 75 min
Filtering effectiveness against a:
NaCl aerosol 0.0058 %
Paraffin mist 0.0038 %
Full face mask 731R

Newly designed, panoramic view full mask according to European Standard EN 136. One
size fits all faces.
Design to provide de maximum respiratory protection, using the full face mask with dust,
gas and combined filters with threaded connector conforming to the European Standadrd
EN 148/1.

Main Components

Natural rubber facepiece with adjustable fasteners for the attachment of the
harness. It allows the maximum confort and it adapts perfectly to any gesture
gestureand movement of the usres.
Panoramic visor, made of polycarbonate treated with and antiscratch and chemical
proof coating. Its completely distorsion free and allows for very extensive vision.
Visor frame which ensures the sealing between the visor and the rubber face piece.
Inner halfmask, made of thermoplastic rubber, is equipped with two non returns
Multipurpose connector comprise the next components:
Threaded connector complete with inhalation valve and sealing rubber to fit
any filter
manufactured according to EN-148/1.
Exhalation valve conveniently
positioned to ensure perfect
discharge of the condensed
air and is protected by a removable
plastic cover.
Five strap elastic harness made of
natural rubber with five anchoring
with adjustment clamp and quick.
Neck strap for suspending the mask
when not being used.