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Daniel Putra Setyadi


Chapter 1 Questions

1. Most of the succeed Top-Level Managers manage to have the sharp instinct, multitasking
ability and this surprisingly creative trait that some people dont have. For this some people,
even if they work hard enough and study hard enough to become like the famous Top-Level
Manager yet they still dont have the instinct, the ability, and the creativity like these famous
Top-Level Manager. My question is, is success the product of those traits ? And if we dont
have the traits, can we be as good as those fabulous Top-Level Managers ? Because unlike
them (Top-Level Manager), average people have average limits and this can be count as
problems for these people.

2. For few people that has maybe a good skill and when these people are working, they are hated
by some other people because those people cant be as good as these few people. Maybe some of
the co-workers and their superior worker also hold up the progress for these few people so these
few people cant use their skill fully. What do you suggest on this condition and if you answer it
by search for a job in the other company or the other suitable position, we cant just always do
that, explain the next step.

3. Good leader isnt always a good conceptual, they just know how to work it, give example to
the inferior and then motivate the inferior to work their best on doing the job, but they cant
always analyze and diagnose problems and stuff. And vice versa, a good conceptual isnt always
a good leader. Which is better, the good leader or a good conceptual man ? (sorry for the bad

4. The reward system and the punishment system play a major role on worker. If they got the
target, theyll be rewarded and if they cant reach the target, they got punishment. If we see it
closer, what is the cause of the worker reaching the target ? Are they motivated because the
reward or are they fear the punishment they will get if they cant reach the target ?

5. Some people bellow middle class arent as educated as the middle, upper-middle, and top
classes people, yet technology always developing and theres no sign of stop. These people
(bellow middle class) people arent always learn the technology fast enough to cope up with the
target, I think this will decrease the effectiveness of the workforce, especially low wages labor
and it will decrease the company process. Can we still rely on technology to increase our
company or is it better if we stay conservative if this kind of issue holding the company ?