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Vol. 28 No. 4 July 2010

Britain Marks Armed Forces Day THE HEADLINES

Everyone in Britain will feel the strain,
he said, from shoppers paying higher
sales tax, wealthy people hit for higher
capital gains taxes, banks targeted by
Bloody Sunday a new levy and even the Queen- who
Killings Ruled Unjust accepted a freeze in her support from
By Peter Morrison and David Stringer Here some key points of Chancellor
THE BRITISH soldiers who killed 13 George Osborne’s Budget:
Catholic demonstrators in Northern Ire- TAX
land during “Bloody Sunday” nearly four VAT: Rate will rise from 17.5 percent
decades ago committed “unjustified and to 20 percent from January 4, 2011.
unjustifiable” killings of unarmed and Personal income tax allowance: To be
innocent victims and then lied about it, a increased by £1,000 in April to £7,475
fact-finding investigation concluded June – worth £170 a year to basic rate taxpay-
15 after a 12-year hunt for the truth. ers. It is expected that 880,000 of the
More than 1,000 Londonderry resi- lowest-paid will be taken out of income
dents applauded, hugged and cried out- tax altogether.
side city hall as the long-awaited verdict Council tax: Could be frozen for one
was announced live on a huge television year from April 2011 in England, but ex-
screen. They had campaigned for 38 tra funds will only be offered to councils
years for the victims – originally branded Continued on page 4
as Irish Republican Army bombers and
gunmen – to have their good names re- Former PM Thatcher
stored and the guilt of the soldiers proved
beyond doubt. Visits Downing Street
More than 600 British soldiers returning from Afghanistan marched through the southern English “Unjustified and unjustifiable. Those SOME 20 years after she left No 10
town of Winchester on June 23, in the largest ever homecoming parade staged in Britain. are the words we’ve been waiting to hear Downing Street, a frail-looking Margaret
since January the 30th of 1972,” Tony Thatcher was back to visit with her Con-
SERVING TROOPS marched with they can come home and come back to Helmand province. Doherty, the son of one Bloody Sunday servative successor, David Cameron.
veterans and cadets through the massive public support. It is exactly like Armed Forces Day was created last year Thatcher, 84, clung to the railing out-
amid criticism that the country didn’t do Continued on page 4
sun-soaked streets of Winchester being a rock star.” side the famous black door as she walked
and Cardiff last month, as Britain cityThousands of people were in the Welsh enough to honor its military.
for the event. A flypast and church The Queen sent a message of support Budget: Sharpest up to the doorstep to pose for pictures.
Cuts In Decades
marked its second annual Armed service followed the parade, and hundreds to mark the day, which she said celebrated She waved to photographers, but made
no comment.
Forces Day. of smaller celebrations took place across “servicemen and women past and present, TREASURY chief George Osborne Thatcher’s visit last month, which
Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the the country. and the cadet forces.” unveiled last month the toughest cuts lasted about 45 minutes, came as the Con-
Duchess of Cornwall, reviewed the parade On June 23 over 600 returning troops “The men and women of our Armed to public spending in decades, a raft of servative government said it was prepar-
in Cardiff, the focus of a national ceremony from the 11 Light Brigade marched Forces have always been admirable exam- tax rises and a new levy on banks in an ing what are likely to be the deepest cuts
to honor Britain’s military. through the streets of Winchester after a six ples of professionalism and courage,’’ her emergency budget aimed at restoring the to public spending since Thatcher was in
“When men and women walk through month deployment in Afghanistan. message said. “Then as now, they perform country’s ravaged public finances. office. Britain’s budget deficit is forecast
the streets in uniform like this it makes It was a deadly month in Afghanistan their duties in often the most difficult and In his first budget, Osborne told law- to reach 10.4 percent of gross domestic
them feel 10 feet tall,’’ said Captain for the British military, which announced dangerous of circumstances, both at home makers his austerity package – which will product this year, and the government
Jimmy Carroll of the Queen’s Dragoon the deaths of eight soldiers. Since the be- and overseas.” see welfare payments and spending pro- is under considerable pressure to slash
Guards, who served in Afghanistan last ginning of operations in Afghanistan, 307 At Wimbledon, 14 members of the grams slashed – was necessary to quickly expenditure.
year. “The guys out in Afghanistan know British troops have been killed. There are armed forces were invited to watch the reduce crippling national debts racked up Thatcher has been in poor health since
that people are out marching today and about 10,000 British troops in Afghanistan, tennis tournament from the Royal Box, during the global financial crisis. a series of strokes in 2002.
that the crowds are out. They know that mainly focused in the volatile southern and were given a standing ovation by the

Bulger Killer Charged With Fake Cop Not Prince Harry Takes The
Child Porn Offenses Happy With Mound For The Mets
PROSECUTORS said that a man con-
victed of murdering a toddler in 1993,
Prosecution lawyer Gavin Millar read
the charges out for the record at London’s
England Fans
when he himself was just 10 years old, Central Criminal Court. He said Venables RESIDENTS of Worksop were taking
has been charged with child pornography is accused of downloading onto his com- down their England flags and removing
offenses. puter 57 indecent photographs of minors their football shirts on the orders of a
Jon Venables, 27, has been charged with between February 2009 and February this . . . bogus policeman.
downloading and distributing indecent year, and of distributing seven indecent im- The “officer” operating in and around
photographs of children. Venables was in- ages of children over the Internet between Worksop, told people to remove their
dicted earlier, but the charges could only be February 1 and 23 this year. England shirts and take down their
reported last month after a judge ordered Venables and another 10-year-old, Rob- flags.
some reporting restrictions lifted. ert Thompson, lured two-year-old James A probe was launched after the
Bulger away from a shopping center in Guardian revealed that a woman in the

BRING NEW Liverpool in 1993 and beat him to death

by an isolated railway line.
town had been asked to take down her
England flags by what she thought was

a genuine police officer.
The crime shocked Britain because of It emerged that someone is posing
the ages of the victim and his baby-faced as a Police Community Support Of-

killers, and was seared into the national ficer (PCSO) and was in Clumber Park
memory through closed-circuit video lasking people to remove their England
footage of the two older boys leading the shirts.
Advertise in the next toddler away to his death.
Venables and Thompson were released
Chief Superintendent Dave Wakelin
said: “I am aware of last week’s public-
issue of the Union Jack! from juvenile detention in 2001, when they
were 18, and given new identities, which
ity regarding the story that one of my
staff members advised a local Worksop
the press is barred from revealing – a rare resident to remove her flag from her

Call: and highly controversial move.

The case continues to arouse strong
feelings. While some applauded the deci-
balcony as it was upsetting foreign
“We are now absolutely certain that
1-800-262-7305 sion to release the young killers and hailed
their apparently successful rehabilitation,
these were not bona-fide members of
Notts Police, and this, linked to reports

for Rates and

others, including Bulger’s parents, argued that over the weekend similar incidents
they should never have been freed. occurred with people in Clumber Park
Venables was taken back into custody being told remove their England shirts,

Information in February for violating his parole condi-

tions. Officials then would not give details
of his alleged offense, saying it could
leads me to believe that there is someone
in our local community intending to
cause unease.”
or email: PRINCE HARRY warms up for before throwing out the ceremonial
£1 = $1.50
prejudice any future trial.
first pitch before a baseball game between the New York Mets and Venables is due to attend a court hearing at
the Minnesota Twins Saturday, June 26, 2010 in New York.
July 23, when he will appear by video link
from prison. uro = $1.22 time
– See more on the Prince’s recent visit to New York on page 3
Page 2 July 2010

in the past month . . .

Tom Jones Returns To Green seems outrageous.” shire restaurant to be awarded a Michelin “My wife Anne is not pleased about me go-
Grass Of Home At 70
SIR TOM Jones celebrated his 70th birth-
West Yorkshire Police were unapologetic
that they had towed the car.
“It was to protect the vehicle from car
TODAY’S star, and while the food is regarded as excep-
tional, the discipline in the kitchen apparently
borders on near violence. Police were called
ing as a cow but I just want to do something

day, June 7, and last month his hometown
principality was all geared up to join in the thieves,” they said, and it was police policy to the eatery after a chef alleged he had been Horse Wins Annual Equine-
merriment and revelry. School children across for patrolling officers on the beat to look for assaulted by the kitchen-supervisor. Human Race Again
Wales practiced versions of the Welsh war- measures that could prevent crimes being He said his trousers had been set on fire
committed. BY LARRY GARDNER with a blow torch and he had also been hit FOUR LEGS have triumphed over two once
bler’s big hit It’s not Unusual, and local televi- again, with a horse galloping to victory in
sion stations fitted in tributes to the Pontypridd Morris complained that if it had been with a rolling pin; and, while making a nettle
stolen or objects removed, it would have She speculates that these men did not all die risotto, the stinging vegetables had been Britain’s annual Man v Horse race.
vocalist who started out as Tommy Scott and in York, and this cemetery may have had a Forty-four horse-and-rider teams took
the Senators. Still married to his high-school been his responsibility and his own fault and purposely brushed across his neck caus-
he would have been prepared to accept that. particular religious significance that only ing much pain and discomfort. He says he on 253 runners and 115 relay teams in the
sweetheart, Melinda, after they were wed at gladiators were interred there. 22-mile race last month in and around the
aged 16; Jones the Voice had a home in Los He is taking legal advice in an attempt to get witnessed another chef held upside down
his money back. Kurt Hunter-Mann of the York Archaeo- and dunked face first in to a vat of broccoli town of Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales.
Angeles for years, but recently moved lock, logical Trust has met some skepticism about The fastest horse, Sly Dai, finished in two
stock and barrel back to Wales. His gregari- and stilton soup, that was later served to
Ferret Legging Could Have the presumed gladiator graveyard and com- customers. Police took away an unnamed hours, seven minutes and four seconds.
ous and upbeat television shows that ran for Bite Taken Out Of It mented, “The research is continuing and we The fastest human, DHL truck driver Haggai
three years starting in 1969, have never 28-year-man who was later released, saying
been reshown because of legal and litigation FRANK BARTLETT’S ferret legging contest in must therefore keep an open mind.” further inquires were needed. Chetkwang, crossed the line in 2:17:27.
Whittingham, Staffordshire, has come under Palaces Cost-Cutting Leaves The Star Inn is owned by Andrew and The race has been held since 1980, and
problems. But those of us who remember the individual human runners have won only
uninhibited and raucous performances never attack from various animal right groups. Fer- Jacquie Pern, who though separated,
ret legging is basically putting a ferret or two Princesses Without Guards continue to run the one star Michelin rated twice, in 2004 and 2007.
doubted a new star was in the ascendance. He Organizers say future races will cover 44
was awarded a knighthood in 2006. down your trousers, and enduring the threat of THE DAUGHTERS of Prince Andrew, The restaurant. Mr Pern was loathe to expand on
a nasty nip in very private place. The winner is Duke of York, are to lose their 24-hours police the kitchen antics, but said he was dealing miles, testing the theory that longer courses
A couple of months ago, Tom’s unem- give humans a better chance because horses
ployment 1961-64 records from the dole the one who can stand the creatures wriggling protection. Princess Beatrice 21, and Princess with the matter.
around in the darkness within the confines Eugenie,20, have been receiving round-the “We are taking the allegations very seri- tire more quickly.
office were put up for auction at Mullocks
in Shropshire, after being rescued from a of their underwear for the longest amount of clock bodyguards while attending universi- ously,” he said.
garbage skip. They were withdrawn however, time. The current ferret legging world record ties classes in London and Newcastle. The Parish Members To Take
was set over twenty years ago, where a male Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Paul Jack The Jig-Saw Man Vicars Point
after they did not reach the reserve price. The
personal cards revealed that Tom “had little participant tolerate a very active ferret scuttling Stephenson, has long been concerned over Finishes Giant Puzzle
around the inside of his pants for five hours. the rising costs protecting Britain’s minor Roy- COMPULSORY Archery is on the ‘hymn list’
enthusiasm for work which might dirty his fin- JACK HARRIS is a dissectologist, which for for the congregation of one Wiltshire vicar.
ger nails, and would not do shift work because No word on if he was bitten. Frank Bartlett als, and said the half-million pounds annually the uninitiated, means he loves doing jig-
calls it a light-hearted test of endurance and giving the princesses such protection was By reviving an ancient law The Reverend
he was a part-time singer in a band.” His saws. Eight years ago, the Shepton Mallett Mary Edwards, of Collingbourne Ducis,
employment record showed he did jobs as a a great way to raise money for charity, but unacceptable. The Police spend £50m a year resident was given a five foot square, 5,000
ferret lovers are up in arms. protecting the 22 members of the Royal fam- near Marlborough is inviting all the village
factory worker, glove maker and labourer. His piece jig-saw of the painting of James Tis- members to a celebration.
unemployment career ceased permanently in The National Ferret School wants the ily, including some who are a little less Royal sot’s The Return of the Prodigal Son, by his
RSPCA to investigate, claiming the animals than others. The Met has liasoned with Home family because of his boast he could do them Edwards said: “It’s an unrepealed law
July of 1964. 100 million hit records later, all from some time in the middle ages and I can
this is behind him, as a distinctive welcome suffer unnecessary stress and discomfort in Office officials and MI5 counter-terrorists so quickly. It has dominated the dining room
such situations. officers in their attempt to bring costs down, table since then, but finally, last month the call all the men – but I’ve extended it to all
from the valleys echoed “Happy Birthday people – in the parish to archery practice.
Tom Jones.” Spokesman James McKay, called it a and it has been agreed that other minor Roy- 86-year-old retiree finished his quest only
stupid event, and says it’ll put ferret welfare als will have their security details cut too. Sir to find one of the pieces was missing. He “We are celebrating the building of a new
back twenty years. He says it infringes on Paul did reiterate however, that security would searched the house for the lost piece but loo in the church. After all these years we
Sir Winston’s Speeches And the 2006 Animal Welfare Act. continue to be provided for high profile events. have at long last brought running water to
never found it and came to the conclusion
Letters Auctioned At Christie’s Frank Bartlett remains upbeat however. The Princesses’ mother, The Duchess of York that maybe the dog ate it. A call to the manu- the church.”
AT AN auction of Winston Churchill memora- The ferrets used have been handled regularly (Fergie) has recently been in the news at- facturer didn’t help either, as this particular Residents were rewarded for complying
bilia at Christie’s in London, a comprehensive and are tame and friendly, and will probably tempting to sell access to her ex-husband in a puzzle was long out of production. with the law with a bar, a barbecue and live
collection of speeches and letters fetched find a comfy place inside the men’s baggy News of the World, expose, but the incident is Queen Victoria was one of Britain’s fa- music. Church warden Mike Cox said: “It
£577,063. pants and fall asleep. Apparently, the com- not thought to have any relevance to the Met’s mous dissectologist, who had the pictures seems she’s still entitled to do that. I’ve
Private letters from friends and political petitors have been involved with ferrets for cost cutting measures. A former head of the removed from the box because she said been checking on the web and most archery
comrades that demonstrated the desperate years, and do not appear concerned about Royal protection squad, Dai Davies, explained the images only made the jig-saws easier experts and clergy seem to agree she is.
and uncertain situation during the early days any random nipping or biting. that the extortionate cost on police resources to complete. “Though a lot of the laws were repealed,
of the war, showed Churchill as positive and had been under discussion for sometime now, that particular one still stands so she’s
undefeated. A series of such letters went Gladiators Burial Ground and Sir Paul Stevenson had finally forged an MBE Milkman Very ‘Mooved’ entitled to call the men of the village, and
for £34,850. agreement between the different organizations presumably the women and children too, to
Uncovered At York and authorities involved. Meeting Queen archery practice.”
A collection of Churchill’s free trade
speeches went for £39,650, while an un- FOUNDATIONS for a new housing develop- A MILKMAN from Leicester received an MBE
ment in York, revealed a Roman Cemetery Chris Brown Refused Entry from the Queen last month . . wearing a
smoked Havana cigar still in its box fetched
dating back to 200 AD that has had local cow-themed suit. The Last Of The Last Of The
£2,125. The collection originally belonged to
archaeologists frothing at the mouth for some
Into Britain Tony Fowler, 51, won his MBE for helping Summer Wine To Air
US publishing magnate Steve Forbes, who
says his reason for selling the memorabilia twenty years. Now after much excavation, SINGER Chris Brown whose community police catch a string of criminals by keeping BRITAIN’S longest running comedy series,
which revealed a collection of 80 tall males service hit the headlines in February over a lookout for suspicious behaviour on his Last of the Summer Wine, will come to an
is mainly because his immediate family have his assault of then girlfriend Rihanna, was
no interest in the collection. Forbes plans two with horrendous injuries, experts think it’s a milk run. end after the broadcast of the final series this
more similar auctions in New York later this graveyard specifically catering for gladiators. unable to attend his scheduled gigs in Glas- He has helped foil burglaries, youths joy summer. For 37 years the characters of a
year, and in London next summer. Dozens of the skeletons are headless, and gow, London, Birmingham and Manchester, riding, drug deals and has even blocked in small Yorkshire village that had plenty of time
according to historians, when gladiators were last month. car thieves with his milk float on his round on their hands has been compulsive and clas-
severely injured their heads were sliced off as He was denied a visa to enter Britain, in Melton Mowbray. sic viewing for millions of Britons. Only actor
Police Tow Car To Protect It an act of mercy rather than let them suffer. citing his conviction of a serious criminal Buckingham Palace did have advance Peter Sallis who plays Norman Clegg is left
From Being Stolen The bodies were buried with respect and offence. Promoters SJM said the postpone- warning that Mr Fowler wanted to dress up of the original cast. Compo’s (Bill Owen) en-
MARCUS MORRIS’S job interview in the dignity, which included pottery, food and other ment of the shows was through “unforeseen like a Fresian cow for the event. Aides had thusiasm and unwelcome attraction for Nora
Leeds city centre, went a lot easier than the religious offerings for the next life. One of the circumstances,” and suggested people hold done their best to dissuade him – but Fowler Batty (Kathy Staff) and Foggy Dewhurst’s
circumstances he encountered when he tried skeletons has a carnivorous bite mark on its on to their tickets for a possible re-arranged merely toned down his outfit slightly, reports (Brian Hewitt) illusion that he was Britain’s
to drive home. His car was not at the spot shoulder that could have been made by a big scheduling. Sony Music acknowledged the Daily Mail. most deadly spy during the war, and then there
he had parked it, and thinking it was stolen cat like a lion or tiger while fatal head wounds Brown’s tour had been cancelled too. He agreed not to use face paint and to was the eccentricities of the community’s
he called the police. are predominate amongst the bodies. Questions were directed at the Home wear plain trousers instead of ones with white richest resident played by Dame Thora Hird.
He was then informed that a patrolling con- Jenny Hall the curator for Roman Ar- Office regarding the decision and they issued hoops stitched on the bottom. And luckily, his Other characters emboldened those Yorkshire
stable had discovered the car with the back chaeology at the Museum of London, says a statement concluding, ”Each application to dog had already chewed off the tail that had adventures over the years, with every one of
window down, and suspecting that there was information regarding gladiatorial combat in enter the UK is considered on its individual been fixed to the back of his suit. those half hour series written by its creator
a high risk of theft, had had the car towed to a Roman Briton is scarce, and that the violent terms.” Afterwards the milkman insisted that his Roy Clarke and produced by Alan JW Bell.
police storage facility. It cost him £150 to get recreation enjoyed by the populous was an outfit had gone down well with the monarch, The great theatre in the sky has claimed many
his car back, and he was not happy that a job expensive blood sport. Gladiators toured Kitchen Staff Caught Up In who is a keen farmer. “She was a bit disap- of those precious talents who magnificently lit
interview had proved so expensive. the empire like rock bands today and were Regular Batterings pointed it wasn’t a Jersey (costume) because up that small BBC screen in 1973, but through
“I couldn’t believe it,” said Morris, 25. “It heroes and stars admired by legions of fans. THE STAR Inn at Harome, is the first York- that’s her own cows at Windsor,” he said. DVD technology they will live forever.
July 2010 Page 3
According to Tina Brown, author of The Prince Harry In
Diana Chronicles, Prince William and Kate
Middleton were due to announce their New York For
engagement on either June 3 or 4. Sadly, it
just didn’t happen. African Charity
The plan, according to Brown, was for
a June engagement and a winter wedding, PRINCE HARRY took a tumble from his
after the turmoil of the election was over horse last month before his defeat in a New ROBERT DOWNEYJR. 65, will be return-
and a new Prime Minister was installed in York polo match against the world’s best ing to London, late this summer, for the
Downing Street. known polo player, Argentina’s Nacho sleuth sequel of his hit movie “Sherlock
November is the same month when the Figueras. Holmes.” It is set for release in December,
Queen and Prince Philip married in 1947. Tina But it was all for a good cause – to ben- 2011, and he will be reuniting with his
Brown’s forecast surprised most royal watch- efit 400,000 children of an AIDS-ravaged
£250m For The Ritz? No Sale ers. Unfortunately, her forecast was, to say the
least, inaccurate: It just didn’t happen.
African nation.
The 25-year-old son of the late Princess
former costars Jude Law and Rachel Mc-
Adams in “Sherlock 2.”
The first ‘Sherlock Holmes’ which was
A £1m cash deposit will secure the sale of The Ritz hotel for £250m, according SELFRIDGES IS NO 1 Diana fell off his polo pony in the first half released last Christmas Day, took $209m at
to three fraudsters who managed to convince two businessmen to part with Selfridges store in Oxford Street has of the third Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo the box-office in the US with a worldwide
their money. been named as the best department store Classic on Governor’s Island. figure of more than $475m.
Prosecutor Anuja Dhir,QC, told Southwark Crown Court: “The deal that sounded too good in the world. But he had a smile on his face as he Guy Ritchie who was born in Hertford-
to be true was a complete fantasy.. The three men were in no position to sell the Ritz hotel, The chain store, which has another in got up and continued the contest, which shire, directed the first Holmes film. He is
the true value of which was put at £600m.” Birmingham and two in Manchester, beat Figueras’ Black Watch team won 6-5 in expected to return for the sequel.
Bloomingdale’s in New York and Lane overtime. At first, the prince’s Black Rock
They obtained the money from busi- up the area foundered five years ago in the Crawford in Hong Kong to win the retail prize * * *
nessman Terence Collins and his financial face of local and council opposition. foursome was ahead, with Harry scoring an SIR BEN KINGSLEY was honoured by
at the Global Department Store Summit in early two points, despite his fall.
backer Marcel Boerkhoorn. Miss Dhir told The sale is being handled by agents Cush- New York. Hollywood, with the unveiling of his star
the court: “It is a fact that lies were told by man & Wakefield, who say that the Hollywood IS ANYONE THERE?
“I think his horse got spooked, or on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in front
the defendants, which makes them guilty of link (the film Notting Hill starring Hugh Grant A London student is to help NASA
something,”’ Figueras told The Associ- of Madame Tussaud’s museum.
conspiracy to defraud.” and Julia Roberts) had boosted interest. search for life at the edge of the Earth’s
ated Press. At the recent ceremony attended by fans
The three defendants: solicitor Conn Far- But all is not sweetness and light in the atmosphere. The United States “has always protected and celebrities, Sir Ben said “Growing up in
rell, 57, of Aldershot; retired construction area. Shopkeepers who have seen rents soar Rainbow Lo, a 16-year-old student at the downtrodden, the poorest, those most England, I never thought this would happen
company contracts manager Patrick Dolan, in recent years while business has been lost Ursuline High School, Wimbledon, will spend in need of help in the world,” Harry said to me, and it has.” He was knighted by the
68, of Tottenham, north London; and lorry to the internet, said there was deep concern two weeks in California with the US space before the match. “And to me, this is what Queen in 2001, for his impressive body of
driver Anthony Lee, 49, of Goole, East York- about the future. Trushar Patel, manager of agency on a mission to launch a rocket 115 the United States stands for.” work in more than 60 films, and has since
shire, all deny conspiracy to defraud. Tylers hardware shop, said: “We’ve been kilometres into the sky. Harry played as part of his pledge to gone on to do many more.
The Ritz is owned by twins Sir Frederick here since 1986 but we’ve reached the limit The Clotho project is being run with a continue his mother’s work. He won the Oscar for his performance in
and Sir David Barclay, who also own The of what we can afford on the rent, and now group of amateur space enthusiasts called Harry’s three-day visit to New York “Gandhi” (1982), portraying Indian politi-
Daily Telegraph newspaper. it is up for sale it is very worrying.” the Maverick Foundation. It hopes to discover began June 25 at the West Point Military cal and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi.
BUT THIS ONE IS FOR SALE LAUNCH OF THE NEW how high up in the Earth’s atmosphere life Academy north of the city, followed by Another hit role was as the infamous Fagin
Notting Hill Gate, west London, is for ROUTEMASTER can survive. UNICEF the day after and throwing the in “Oliver Twist” (2006). His latest film in
sale at £130m or near offer. Known as the London’s Mayor Boris Johnson has, The team will launch a rocket into the first pitch at a Mets game. current release is “Prince of Persia.”
local high street for the Cameron set (it is finally, launched the new Routemaster bus, stratosphere. It will release a probe that will
a Conservative stronghold), the deal could which he calls “a slinky beautiful machine”. collect any microbes it finds before returning
give fresh life to the shopping street known
as “Concrete Alley”.
The first buses will be on the streets at the
end of next year, with “a few hundred more”
to Earth. The organisms will be analysed to Far-Right Leader Secures Invite To Queen’s Party
help understand how they survive in one of THE LEADER of the far-right British in Britain’s House of Commons but was
The congested strip of shops and restau- by the time of the Olympics in 2012. the planet’s harshest environments.
rants in the heart of one of London’s most They will have two staircases and three National Party says he has been invited defeated. He was invited to attend the
WESTERN C-CHARGE TO END to the Queen’s summer garden party at palace event last year by another party
fashionable districts has attracted keen inter- doors, one of which will be the “hop-on hop- Mayor Boris Johnson has announced
est from all parts of the world, according to off “ feature of the old model. But when the Buckingham Palace. member, but declined after protests.
plans to scrap the western extension of the The BNP opposes Britain’s immi-
property industry sources. back of the bus is open – during busy times congestion charge zone on Christmas Eve.
The palace said last month that Nick
Local campaigners say that the change – it will be manned by a conductor. Griffin is a member of the European gration policy and claims to fight for
But he also confirmed that the daily charge “indigenous” Britons.
of ownership could pave the way for a dra- The new bus will replace the bendy bus would increase by 25 percent from £8 to £10
Parliament and is entitled to tickets for
matic overhaul of the concrete alley, flanked which is being phased out, although ques- from January 4 next year. Drivers who sign
the annual function.
by some of the most expensive housing in tions remain about whether the new bus up to a pre-pay scheme will pay £9.
Griffin announced the invitation in
Europe. – costing £7.8m for five – would provide The move, which has to be ratified after
a speech to
John Scott, of the Notting Hill Gate value for money. But Transport for London public consultation, will return the zone
Griffin said
to its original eight-square-mile central the invita-
An artist’s London area introduced by Ken Livingstone tion to the
impression of in 2003. party in late
the new-look Park Lane will once again be its western July was for
Routemaster boundary instead of the Shepherds Bush himself and
bus set to be roundabout. At a stroke, almost the entire three family
on the roads borough of Kensington and Chelsea will be members.
of London by removed from the zone. In nation-
2012 – just in The move will cost Transport for London al elections Nick Griffin
time for the £55m a year in lost revenue and congestion earlier this year, Griffin sought a seat
Olympics. and air quality will worsen in west London.
There are also concerns about the increased

Birthday, Anniversary,
danger to cyclists. But there should be fewer
delays in the central zone because tens of
Improvements Group, said: “We welcome say that the initial outlay covered design and thousands of drivers in west London will no
longer qualify for a 90 per cent residents’

or any other reason . . .

someone new coming in. We would be development costs, which will come down
very keen on the new owners putting up a if more buses are commissioned. discount.
new landmark building which we could all Routemaster will carry 87 passengers: 62 FINALLY
be proud of. sitting and 25 standing. It will cut emissions Jimmy Powers, US radio boxing an-
The 4.4-acre freehold estate includes and give Londoners “a bus they can be proud nouncer: It’s a hot night at Madison Square
about two thirds of Notting Hill Gate and part of,” says the Mayor, adding: “I expect to Gardens, and at ringside I see several ladies
of Kensington Church Street. Land Securi-
ties, which has owned it since the 1950s
have hundreds of these on London’s roads,
and for cities around the globe to be beside
in gownless evening straps.
An added attraction to the boxing, no a $35 present
in partnership with Delancey Estates since
2004, decided to sell after plans to brighten
themselves with envy for our stunning red
emblem of 21st century London.”
doubt. right here!

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Page 4 July 2010

Budget: Sharpest Chancellor’s 150-Year-Old PENSIONS

The basic state pension will be linked
Cuts In Decades
Budget Box Takes Last Bow
A RED wooden box that has carried the
government’s budget to the House of
to earnings from April 2011, with the
pension guaranteed to rise in line with
earnings, prices or 2.5 percent, whichever
Continued from page 1 Commons since 1860 made its last of- is the greater. By Stephen Ure
which keep their own costs down. Worth ficial appearance last month. The government will accelerate the
about £35 per household. Treasury increase in state pension age to 66 – a
Capital Gains Tax: To rise from 18 per- chief George “call for evidence” was to be made later
cent to 28 percent from midnight for higher Osborne in the week. Employment Based Immigration:
rate taxpayers. The “entrepreneurs relief” struck the The government will also consult on
traditional phasing out the default retirement age – to
rate of 10 percent on the first £2m of gains
will be extended to the first £5m. pose, holding ensure those who want to work past 65 are Does Your Employer Have Sufficient Income
The balance of spending cuts to tax rises the box aloft able to do so.
would be 77 percent to 23 percent.
for photographers, before he set off to
the House of Commons to announce the
From April 2011, the threshold at which
And Assets For You To Get A Green Card?
No increases this time round. Labour’s government’s budget plans. But he left employers start to pay National Insurance
YOU HAVE been working in the United aware of the specific financial requirements
plan to increase the duty on cider by 10 it behind. will rise by the rate of inflation plus £21
States for several years on a nonimmigrant the employer will have to prove when filing
percent inflation will be scrapped from The box was first used by William per week.
employment visa (for example, an H-1B1). a petition. This requires knowledge of the
July. Ewart Gladstone in 1860, and most Corporation Tax will be cut next year
Recently, you decided the time is right to get employee’s priority date, the prevailing wage,
BENEFITS Chancellors of the Exchequer have used to 27 percent, and by one percent annually
a green card. Because your employer wants and the company’s current net income and
Child benefit: Frozen for the next three it ever since. Former Prime Minister for the next three years, until it reaches
to keep you as an employee, your employer net assets. If the employer is knowledgeable
years. Gordon Brown was an exception, using a 24 percent.
files a green card petition on your behalf. about these facts, the employer may decide
Tax credits: Reduced for families new red box during his 11 years heading The small companies’ tax rate will be
But wait, even if you qualify to get a green to take less tax breaks in order to ensure
earning over £40,000 next year. But low the Treasury. cut to 20 percent.
card, does your employer qualify? This may the net assets or net income is above the
The old box will be retired to a perma- REGIONS prevailing wage.
income families will get more Child Tax be a question that would never enter your
Credit – the amount per child will rise by nent display in the Cabinet War Rooms. White Paper to be published on tackling
thoughts until after you find out the petition However, if it is not possible to show net
£150 above the rate of inflation next year The National Archives said a replace- regional economic differences in Britain
was denied because of your employer’s income or net assets above the prevailing
– at an annual cost of £2bn. ment box, using traditional materials and later in the summer, followed by a paper
financial status. wage, there are other potential positions the
Housing benefit: New maximum limit techniques, has been commissioned. on rebalancing the economy of Northern
To get an employment-based green card, employer can advance when filing the peti-
Ireland. tion. First, if the employer paid the employee
of £400 a week for properties with more earning less £21,000 will get a flat pay-rise The upgrade of the Tyne and Wear Met- the employer must meet the government’s
than three bedrooms, £250 a week for a worth £250 in both years. strict financial requirements. To do so, the more than the prevailing wage each year
ro, extension of the Manchester Metrolink, since the priority date, this may be sufficient
one-bedroom flat, £290 for a two-bedroom Armed services personnel in Afghani- redevelopment of Birmingham New Street employer must have sufficient assets to pay
property and £340 for a three-bed property, stan will see their operational allowance the employee the prevailing wage. The pre- to show the company has sufficient assets
station and improvements to the rail lines to continue paying the employee. Moreover,
to save £1.8bn a year by the end of the doubled to £4,800 – as announced by to Sheffield and between Liverpool and vailing wage is the average salary for workers
Parliament. David Cameron earlier in the month. in a similar position and occupation. by discussing the company’s tax returns with
Leeds will go ahead. the accountant or tax preparer, the employer
Unemployed people will see their Hous- Although this sounds like common sense,
ing Benefit cut by 10 percent, after 12 it is not a simple test to meet. To receive a may be able to argue the insufficient net
months of claiming Jobseekers Allowance Bloody Sunday findings of English judge Lord Saville: The
soldiers never should have been ordered to
positive financial determination, the employer assets or net income is solely the result of
from April 2013. must have net current assets or net income tax practices and not because of insufficient
The government will introduce a medi- Killings Ruled Unjust confront the protesters, they fired the first equal to or larger than the prevailing wage for income, especially if the company has a
cal assessment for Disability Living Al- shots and targeted unarmed people who each year beginning with the employee’s pri- sizable and growing gross income. Finally,
Continued from page 1 were clearly fleeing or aiding the helpless
lowance from 2013 for new and existing ority date. Because the priority date is usually fully explain the company’s financial position
claimants. victim, told the crowd to cheers. He was wounded. None of those killed or wounded the date the labor certification was filed, the when submitting the petition. For example, if
The welfare shake-up will save £11bn one of dozens of relatives who took turns that day in Londonderry had posed a threat employer is often required to show net as- the company’s financial situation fluctuates,
by 2014/15. declaring the innocence of lost loved ones to the soldiers, Saville concluded. sets or net income greater than the prevailing explain the circumstances and why the
PUBLIC SECTOR PAY to the crowd as the TV screen displayed BUDGETED wage for several consecutive years. company is once again profitable.
Public sector workers face a two-year black-and-white portraits of each of the 13 The Bloody Sunday Inquiry, authorized To prove sufficient assets, the government Proving the employer is financially able
pay freeze if they earn over £21,000. Those dead and 15 wounded. by former British Prime Minister Tony requires the employer submit documents to pay the employee the prevailing wage is a
VINDICATED Blair in 1998 in the run-up to the negotia- such as tax returns and other financial requirement to obtain an employment-based
“The victims of Bloody Sunday have tion of the Good Friday peace accord that statements. The problem is many employers green card. By considering the employer’s
been vindicated, and the soldiers of the year, was originally budgeted to cost £11m do not have sufficient assets on paper. For financial status prior to filing the petition, em-
Parachute Regiment have been disgraced. and report findings by 2002. Instead, the example, in order to reap tax benefits, many ployers and employees may avoid denial of
Their medals of honor have to be removed!” final bill was estimated at nearly £200m – employers show as little profit on their tax a petition for inadequate financial resources,
Doherty declared to more cheers. making it the longest and most expensive returns as possible. This in turn reduces the thus continuing on their way to successfully
In London, British Prime Minister inquiry in British legal history. Cameron net income or net assets the company has applying for a green card.
David Cameron said the investigation – said Britain would never attempt anything on paper, thus potentially creating a problem
Publishers based on evidence from 921 witnesses, like it again. when petitioning for an employment-based The above information is given for infor-
Ronald Choularton 2,500 written statements and 60 volumes But the British, Irish and US govern- green card if the net assets or net income are mational purposes only and should not be
Jeff Choularton of written evidence – demonstrated that ments welcomed the findings as priceless less than the prevailing wage. taken as legal advice.Please consult with an
the soldiers’ shooting into the crowd to heal one of the gaping wounds left from So, what can an employer and employee attorney to discuss the particulars of your
Editor Northern Ireland’s four-decade conflict
Ronald Choularton
protesting the internment without trial of do to avoid denial of the petition because own case. Stephen Ure can be contacted
IRA suspects was “both unjustified and that left 3,700 dead. Bloody Sunday fueled of the employer’s financial status? First, at (619) 235-5400, (714) 368-1663 or (909)
ADVERTISING & EDITORIAL OFFICES unjustifiable.” a rise in support for the IRA, which didn’t
Union Jack Publishing both the employer and employee need to be 574-0713 or email:
PO Box 1823, La Mesa, CA 91944-1823 Cameron apologized on behalf of the cease-fire until 1997 after killing nearly
Tel: (619) 466-3129 / FAX: (619) 337-1103 British government, and summarized the 1,800 people.
(800) 262-7305 (subscriptions and advertising ONLY)
Patricia Kawaja Tel: (305) 371-9340
© Copyright Union Jack Publishing 2010.

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flag holders at the grave sites of veterans. A flag
pension – occupational and personal pension free of holder is now available to hold a Union Jack at the
graves of British veterans.
UK tax and take control of your pension.
From 6th April 2010 the age increases to 55.
If you are between age 50 and 54.25 years old-act
now before it’s too late.
Want to know more?
Visit our website at
or email details to 5 inch x 6 inch Heavy Bronze Flag Holder with
12 inch x 18 inch Union Jack


$75 each plus $15 shipping & handling
Continental US only


British Flag Holder Company
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July 2010 Page 5

England Fan Five Candidates Gunman’s Family Baffled

Paints Mural In Race To Lead
Labour Party
At His Deadly Rampage
On House BRITAIN’S opposition Labour Party
says that five candidates have won
THE FAMILY of gunman Derrick Bird
say they have no idea why he carried out
where he shot himself.
Police believe he deliberately targeted
the “horrific” shootings of 12 people in some of his victims and indiscriminately
nominations in the race to be its next shot at others during his 45-mile ram-
leader, with left-winger Diane Abbott Cumbria.
Two statements were read at St Mi- page.
securing her place just before the
deadline. chael’s Church in Lamplugh, the village ESTABLISH
where one of Bird’s brothers, his twin, Detectives are continuing to try to es-
Four former members of ex-Prime was found dead. The family also offered
Minister Gordon Brown’s Cabinet condolences to the loved ones of those tablish a motive for the killings.
were also nominated: former Foreign killed. Speaking outside the church, Marshall
Secretary David Miliband, his brother, Bird’s sons Graeme and Jamie said: said Bird’s mother Susan learnt of her
the former Environment Secretary Ed son’s gun rampage when she turned on
LEE BRAY of Bristol left nothing to the football-mad family all supported the “We do not know why he committed these the television”
neighbour’s imagination during this world makeover. Miliband, former Schools Secretary horrific crimes and we are both mortified
Ed Balls and former Health Secretary He said: “She was horrified, she was
cup – banners and flags were not enough He said: “People are coming from all by the sad events.” astounded. She was just stunned and still
for Lee – he had two graffiti artists paint over Bristol to take photos of the house, I Andy Burnham. Later hundreds of people gathered in can’t take it in.”
his house exterior, top to bottom. really believe England can go all the way Abbott is the only woman and the Seascale, the village where Bird killed He said Mrs Bird then locked all the
Bray, 34, of Knowle West, decided that and win in South Africa.” only black candidate in the race. She re- three people, for the first of two memorial doors. When asked if the family had feared
replica shirts and car flags just weren’t Bray, who owns a drainage engineer- ceived the necessary nominations after services. for their lives, he replied: “Yes, wouldn’t
enough, reported the BBC. ing company, and his family were plan- left-winger John McDonnell dropped The second service was held in White- you if you realised (he) had killed his twin
So he commissioned the artists to ning to move soon and the tribute will out and urged support for her. haven, where Bird shot dead one of his brother.”
cover the front of his house in a giant be covered over once England’s World Voting for the new leader begins fellow taxi drivers. We cannot offer any reason why Der-
World Cup mural. Cup bid was over, unfortunately, sooner August 16, and the result won’t be an- In Lamplugh, in a statement read by rick took it upon himself to commit these
The father of two daughters said his than planned. nounced until September 25. Rev Jim Marshall, Bird’s sons called the crimes.
52-year-old a “loving dad who had recently But Rev Marshall said the Derrick Bird
become a grandfather” and “the nicest man his family knew “was not the person they
Obama Tells Britain No Hard Feelings Over Spill you could ever meet”.
Police were still trying to establish a saw on Wednesday”.
By Jill Lawless a multinational company, “and that frus- made shortly after the spill began. motive for the killings
PRESIDENT Barack Obama has reassured trations about the oil spill had nothing to A senior Obama administration official, TARGET
Prime Minister David Cameron that his do with national identity.” Obama said speaking on condition of anonymity to de- Beach service honours gun victims Bird
frustration over the mammoth oil spill he had no interest in undermining BP’s scribe the private conversation, confirmed target ‘did not answer door’ Interactive
in the Gulf of Mexico is not an attack on value. The company’s stock has lost 40 that the president had told Cameron “that map of shootings ‘Quiet man’ behind the
Britain as the two leaders tried to soothe percent of its value since the oil rig fire on our frustration has nothing to do with bloodshed
trans-Atlantic tensions over the disaster. April 20 that unleashed the United States’ national identity” but focuses instead on They said: “Dad was a loving, cheerful
Cameron’s Downing Street office said worst oil spill. “ensuring that a large, wealthy company character, and was well known throughout
the two leaders held a “warm and construc- Downing Street said the two men lives up to its obligations.” the whole community and the areas in
tive” telephone conversation for more than agreed that BP should continue “to work The official said Obama told Cameron which he worked.
30 minutes last month. intensively to ensure that all sensible and that BP “must meet its obligations to those “He will be missed by us and by his
Obama has recently sharpened his criti- reasonable steps are taken as rapidly as whose lives have been disrupted,” and that family and by his friends.”
cism of BP PLC as the company struggles practicable to deal with the consequences the administration “will insist everything Of the victims’ families, Bird’s sons
to stop millions of gallons of oil gushing of this catastrophe.” be done to cap the well, capture the oil, said: “Our thoughts are with them”.
from its ruptured deep-sea well. Cameron The Obama administration walked a and pay for the cleanup, the environmental Bird killed 12 people in west Cumbria
is under pressure to get Obama to tone careful line: trying to show toughness with damage done and the tens of thousands June 2 before driving to the Lake District
down the rhetoric against of a major Brit- BP, but also reassuring Britons that the of economic claims
ish company, fearing it will hurt millions president holds no animosity toward their as a result of this di-
of Britons – as well as many Americans country and institutions. The strategy could saster.”
– who hold BP stock in investments and be risky if Obama’s political opponents use Meanwhile, -OSTORDERSSHIP
pension plans. it to reinforce claims that he has been too worldwide, Britain
Cameron’s office said the prime minis- gentle and diplomatic in dealing with the has doubled rig in- WITHINHOURS
ter “expressed his sadness at the ongoing oil company. spections. Bulgaria
human and environmental catastrophe,” Tony Hayward and other BP executives scrapped plans for a
but stressed BP’s economic importance to met with President Obama last month for new oil pipeline. Chi-
Britain, the US and other countries.
the first time since the crisis began.
nese and French oil
giants are upgrading
It said Obama recognized that BP – Hayward also testified at a US House equipment and pro-
which he has pointedly referred to in public of Representatives hearing last month, cedures designed to
by its former name, British Petroleum – is apologising for insensitive comments prevent spills. As oil
continues to gush into
UK Double Oil Rig Inspections After BP Leak
the Gulf of Mexico,
OFFICIALS said last month they would pursue the more aggressive program. globe are taking a cue FOODSFROMTHE5NITED+INGDOM 3OUTH!FRICA
double the number of inspections The department did not provide de- from this cautionary
carried out at oil rigs in the North tails of the inspections, but said they tale and ratcheting AND!USTRALIA
Sea following the disastrous leak at involved visits to each rig. up their oversight of
a BP-operated installation in the Gulf Energy Secretary Chris Huhne said the petroleum indus-
that while he believed the measures try. While Canada’s
of Mexico.
Britain’s Department of Energy governing the nation’s offshore
offshore regulator is
said the average number of annual energy industry were robust, the
tightening oversight
of its deepest-ever RINGqFAX
environmental checks aboard the catastrophic leak and its aftermath exploration well, be- WWWPICCADILLYIMPORTSUSACOM D
country’s 24-odd drilling rigs would
rise from eight to 16, and said it was
had given the government “pause for
thought.”s “every reason to increase
ing drilled by Chevron
off the coast of New-
hiring three extra inspectors to help our vigilance.” foundland.


Immigration made easy for you & your family


There is now a Royal Marine • WORK BASED GREEN CARD • O1 VISAS
Association Branch formed in
the US.
Please contact:
John Topping, Secretary
Royal Marine Association
Kate AL. Raynor
USA Branch
8409 Lake Crest Terrace, 1-888-952-9937 • 1-818-501-3641
Fairfax Station, VA 22039-2678
Phone: (703) 690-8944 LAW OFFICES OF KATE L. RAYNOR
Page 6 July 2010
Roxy is pushing Peggy out of the Vic; Phil is yet. She’s eating now, which is a good sign
London 2012
trying to convince Shirley to start seeing him
again; Dotty’s real Mum shows up at Dot’s
that Graeme’s doing something right and he’s
even managed to put a little smile on her face.
looking for her. Turns out she wasn’t dead Meanwhile Jason’s not happy that Graeme’s
after all. That was just another one of Nicks
lies. And turns out her real name isn’t even
spending so much time with Tina and won’t Under Threat
let him into the flat. But although Graeme’s
Dotty. At first Dot tells the woman she hasn’t
seen Dotty, but then feels guilty and arranges EVERYONE gathers at the Barlow’s house
enjoying looking after Tina, he’s secretly
lusting after Rosie Webster.
Of Budget Cuts
THE BIGGEST whodunnit in EastEnders his- a mother and child reunion, and Dotty leaves for the reading of Blanche’s will. Daughter Teresa Morton left the cobbles this month By Stephen Wood
tory is drawing to a close and as DI Marsden with her mum.... And a mysterious little girl Deirdre gets the jewels, son-in-law Ken after Liz McDonald had a word with her in
tightens the screws on the residents of Albert shows up at the Walford East tube station gets Eccles the dog and the Maeve Binchy the Rovers Return and told her what Teresa
THE 2012 London Olympics may not
Square, hoping the guilty one will pop, she and is found by Ronnie. The girl says she’s novels, Tracy gets the cash and Norris gets had secretly known, that Lloyd was eyeing
escape more budget cuts as Britain’s
inadvertently causes the death of an innocent, looking for her father, shows Ronnie a picture an instruction to cancel Blanche’s puzzle up Cheryl the stripper. To save face, Teresa
new government seeks to slash public
but first. and asks if she knows him. She says yes, that magazine from the corner shop. tells Lloyd she’s leaving for a new job in a
Ricky and Bianca’s wedding day comes she’ll take her to him. But when she walks into In Weatherfield jail, Tracy Barlow’s moved new town and then when she turns the corner Britain’s Sports Minister Hugh Robert-
and goes off without a hitch, or at least it the Vic and sees Phil yelling at someone, she into the same cell as Gail McIntyre as the with her bag in her hand, she calls one of her son said last month he could not guarantee
would have but Carol Jackson shows up, still decides some children are better off without cops get her to make Gail confess to killing kids, with tears in her eyes, and tells them the Olympic budget would be spared when
seething with hate for Bianca and tries to ruin their dads and instead calls social services Joe in the Lakes. Tracy’s doing wonderful she was coming to stay. the government’s public spending review
it all. But after much shouting, the wedding and has them pick the girl up. It’s only then stuff with her face, pulling it into all sorts of Over at Underworld, the knicker factory, begins in the fall.
happens anyway. that we see the picture; it’s an old photo shapes and emotions to wring as much out there’s a leak in the ceiling. Carla’s under “I cannot say categorically that there
On the same day, Bradley and Stacy run of Phil, Lisa and baby Louise! The little girl of Gail as she can but so far, no luck. Gail’s pressure to finish an order and needs a new will be no adjustments,” Robertson told
off to the registry office for a surprise elope- is long lost Louise who ran away from her sticking to the story that she’s innocent, stitcher. Izzy gets the job and Kirk starts The Associated Press. “No one can say that
ment. They are planning to leave the Square neglectful mum, to come looking for her Dad which of course, she is, although she should work in packing, over the moon to have a job the state of the nation’s finances are not
to start a new life elsewhere. But Stacy’s and Ronnie sent her away. We have a feeling still be locked up for being so thick. Mean- handling ladies undies all day. He’s still trying dire, and sport and the Olympics Games
overbearingly disturbed “friend”, Becca, that won’t turn out well. while back on the cobbles, Gail’s sons David to work out what most of them are. But the are not immune from that.
doesn’t like being shut out so she calls the old More horror: Lucy Beale is pregnant (that and Nick launch a campaign to get their mum order’s not completed in time and the buyer “But when we look at the Olympic
Bill and tells them it was Bradley what done it. means Ian’s about to become a grandfather – out of jail. Enterprising lads these two clearly cancels his cheque. The leak in the roof gets budget we will make an argument that
When cops show up in the Square, Bradley YES, you ARE THAT OLD!) She doesn’t want are, if not a bit dim, they start their campaign bigger and just when Carla Connor thinks reflects its importance to the nation and
and Stacy try to run, but are spotted and a baby but she and Jane hatch a plan where by bribing a witness to lie. that things can’t get any worse, she’s taken make sure that we deliver a successful
Bradley gives chase; running up a ladder, to Jane and Ian will adopt the baby and raise it Roy and Hayley have much on their mind hostage in the factory by her ex-husband games that Britain can be proud of, on time
the roof of the Vic where he falls and is killed as their own. What could go wrong with that after Roy starts doing a life and death audit Tony Gordon, the murderer with the mad eye. and under budget.”
as Stacy, Max and Jack scream in horror and scenario? Lucy Beale: Meet Kat Slater. and decides they need to be legally wed in He’s escaped from jail and is determined to RESPONSIBLE
the rest of the Square looks on. Everyone It’s not too late to get your hands on a copy case one of them dies. You might remember do his dastardly deeds on the Street. The Olympic Delivery Authority, the
thinks Bradley was running because he was of The E20 Chronicles magazine, created to they were ‘wed’ back in 1999 but the law has And over in the bookies shop, Peter Barlow body responsible for building the venues
guilty, but Stacy tells Max, “It wasn’t Bradley. support EastEnders on Public Television. Six changed on transsexuals marrying and finally gives Deirdre a part-time job. Well, she’s got for the games, was told last month its fund-
It was me. I killed Archie.” (She whispered different PBS stations around the country Corrie are addressing this now, and about nothing else to do, has Deirdre, not since she ing would be cut by $39.5m. The overall
those words, and even though no one else are currently offering the E20 Chronicles time too. Hayley takes this to mean Roy’s got made redundant from the council. And on public sector budget for the Olympics is
in the Square heard her, half the UK did as as a pledge gift. To get more details on this proposing and she gets excited about a big such moments, the world of soap turns. $13.6bn.
this episode was broadcast LIVE, to celebrate terrific EastEnders collectible and find out wedding, a cake and a new frock. Roy just Finally this month, we all wish the Mayor The ODA reduction was just a slice
EastEnders 25th Anniversary). how you can support EastEnders on PBS, wants the legal aspects taken care of and of Weatherfield well. He’s got angina, you of the $8.7bn in total spending cuts an-
After Bradley’s death, Max turns to please check out the blog: E20Launderette. when Hayley fusses over a wedding, he takes know. nounced by the coalition government to
drinking; Carol and Billy move in with Max, Any questions? Or to get our back his proposal of marriage. What a cad. Glenda Young trim Britain’s record budget deficit.
claiming it’s too help him but we later find FREE, weekly EastEnders e-newsletter, just Graeme continues his quest to get Tina up More cuts are expected when the gov-
out she’s been fired from her job then tossed email me here at the Launderette: E20Laun- and well, but she’s still not been outdoors just ernment’s spending review takes place in
from her Council Flat; Stacy disappears for the fall, when each department will have
parts unknown; Roxy and Ronnie get into a Your Faithful Reporter,
fight about something and stop speaking; Deborah Gilbert, AKA Ishcabibble Britain Gives US Strongest Pledge To Stay In War to justify its funding in what has been
dubbed Prime Minister David Cameron’s
BRITAIN’S new government publicly assured the US last month that it remains “star chamber.”
Retail Sales, Car Production Rise In May committed to its central role in the war in Afghanistan.
Defense Minister Liam Fox pledged that the new coalition government in Britain Robertson announced that British
RETAIL sales in Britain rose 4.4 percent in to May, but half of that gain reflected rising won’t change course in Afghanistan, in its strongest statement to date on the subject. sport’s share of money raised by the
the year to May while vehicle production prices for gas. Britain is the most important US ally in the war and contributes more than 9,000 national lottery would increase from 16
soared by 59 percent, two reports said last Vicky Redwood, economist at Capital soldiers, the second-highest number of forces after the United States. percent to 20 percent by 2012, an increase
month, suggesting the economic recovery Economics, said sales in the second quarter Fox did say that the first thing he considered when he took the job last month was of about $73m a year. The move is part
from a deep recession is continuing for a were on course for a strong rise. whether the war was worthwhile. The new leadership is considered less invested of the minister’s efforts to safeguard a
third quarter. A year ago, Britain was just beginning a in the war than the former Labour government. positive future for British sport after the
The figures indicate consumer spending cash incentive program for new car buyers 2012 Olympics.
is holding up better than expected, though who traded in a car more than 10 years old.
the outlook is clouded by looming cuts in That program has now expired.
public expenditure and possible tax hikes. About 70 percent of British vehicle Perfect
The Office for National Statistics said production is for export, so the industry’s
retail sales rose by 0.4 percent from April worries stretch beyond the UK economy.
RBS, 500 More Job Cuts Over Three Years
PART-NATIONALIZED Royal Bank of structure the business since the European
Scotland says it is cutting 500 jobs in its Commission ordered it to sell 318 branches One Year
wealth management division. and the insurance business to soothe com-
RBS has been cutting staff since it was petition concerns after the state rescue.
bailed out by the government during the
The banks says the latest cuts will be
financial crisis, leaving the bank 80 percent
owned by taxpayers. made over three years and that it will try
RBS has accelerated its plans to re- to minimize compulsory lay-offs. Union
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July 2010 Page 7
reader visually and emotionally to immigra-
It Costs Half A Million To Talk To Fergie’s Hubby UJ Book Reviewer TANYA is a proud
mother of three, and a wife that can brew
a mean morning tea. Her kids and husband
tion issues of globalization and morality . With
Cleeve’s portrayal, we see these issues that
A SMALL three-year-old helicopter However, her with the NoW were revealed to her as she flew provide her daily dose of both joy and in- might be ignored if we’re not faced with them
with freckles and a turned-up cap, willingness to help to the US to receive an award for her charity sanity so she claims to be a well balanced at our front doors.
worthy causes (chief work, she pronounced herself “devastated” individual. When she grabs a moment, Just because Britain doesn’t have a big
much of whose life has been spent fer- amongst which pre- and “regretful”, adding quickly that Prince somewhere between 8 o’clock and 8:05, door with a stained glass window and a
rying lobsters, longs for adventure. He sumably is herself) Andrew had known nothing about the deal. Tanya crams in some writ- Big Ben jingle buzzer does
finds it when he is able to assist in the was unkindly ex- DEVASTATED ing. She currently has three not mean we shouldn’t be
posed in May when It is the word “devastated” that interests blogs. www.readthemandeat. inquisitive about the people
rescue of a kidnapped schoolgirl. she was the subject me here. It suggests that she had only just com – About books and food; who arrive at our borders and
The above synopsis may seem somewhat their multiple needs, fears and
flimsy for a best-selling book but then its of a News of the found out what she was doing thanks to the
World (NoW) sting. fortunate chance of a video recording taken – About dieting, and her lat- desires. Cleeve opens this
authoress was only 30, and she had been door wide and through his
pretty busy elsewhere in her life. Her mar- This Sunday organ by the Fake Sheikh. It is to be hoped that est: www.thirtynineplusone.
pays for the services she doesn’t find out that she has done this About anything well-observed, beautifully writ-
riage was very much the same age as the ten prose he ushers the reader
eponymous hero, Budgie, in the above . And, of a man known as the Fake Sheikh, Mazher before since it may make her feel completely and everything.
Mahmood, an undercover reporter who cus- devastated to the point where she did us into a profoundly significant
much like the lobsters, it was on the rocks. story. He impels us to feel the
Within two years, it would end in the divorce tomarily poses as an Indian businessman. all a favour and withdrew completely from Little Bee by: Chris Cleeve:
PROMISED public life. Little Bee is a story that shines a brave bright fear of rebel warfare, he reveals the despair
court. Sadly, Budgie the Helicopter was not felt from being incarcerated in an immigra-
a best seller either. On the video he made, which is publicly That, however, is the sort of fairy tale spotlight on many of our most controversial
available, Sarah Ferguson is seen in a hotel ending which even Budgie the Helicopter political issues today. The title character’s tion detention center after fleeing the horrors
Our literary heroine this month is Sarah of one’s homeland, and he cultivates in us
Ferguson, a one-time member of the Royal room saying, “£500,000 when you can, to couldn’t engineer. sometimes deeply dark sometimes wisely
me opens doors.” She promised an intro- What happened in real life was that Sarah uplifting voice examines the moral dilemma an appreciation for the courage necessary
Family entitled to the status of Her Royal to rebuild a life. The reader gets a sense of
Highness. It was a style she forfeited in duction to the Prince, claimed he’d help fix Ferguson came clean in a televised inter- which is immigration. Her story, fleeing
lucrative deals and demanded a cut of all view with the peerless Oprah Winfrey – an Nigeria following a rebel ambush that her the entire experience as this harrowing but
1996 when she was summarily booted out beautiful story unfolds.
by her mother-in-law and forced to resort to the profits. occasional beneficiary herself, one thinks, family fell victim to, could belong to any one
“Look after me,” she said, “and he’ll look of Sarah Ferguson’s impeccable service of the millions of asylum seekers world wide, Any book that not only tells a good
the humiliation of being called the Duchess story but also requires the reader to step
of York. She was married to Prince Andrew after you…you’ll get it back tenfold. I can to Weight Watchers. Curiously, she talked stories that we cannot truly comprehend
open any door you want.” about herself in the third person, a manner when viewed only from a reclined position, into someone else’s shoes, to learn and ap-
and has two daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie preciate something new is definitely on my
who are fifth and sixth in line to the British She is also seen taking away a brief- of narration which distances yourself from in front of our media boxes.
case containing forty thousand dollars in personal blame. With this story, Cleeve fills in all the bits hot list. Little Bee does all of this and more.
throne. It stays with you long after you have turned
Both daughters are beneficiaries of the cash. (She will without a shadow of doubt Instead of saying how devastated she was missing from those forty-five second news
have declared this in an income tax return and that “I was p****d at the time”, she blurbs we seem to the last page – a mark of a good read. I love
Civil List (the money paid by the British people Chris Cleeve. I want to marry Chris Cleeve.
to keep the Royal Family in the manner it somewhere.) commented on the behaviour of the princess: have grown accus-
The half million pounds to her were to that she was the worse for wear and was to tomed to. The thing He may even have another suitor once you
deserves) and their father, Prince Andrew, have read Little Bee.
has insisted that each of them should receive ensure that the Indian businessman had ac- be pitied for what she had done. Thus neatly is you can’t sum up
cess to Prince Andrew. Which is I suppose absolving herself from any blame. horror in a blurb, or
Special Branch protection 24-hours-a-day.
This costs the tax payer the best part of half a fair price – about what I earned in a lifetime It may go down well with the American deliver the news of
a million smackers a year apiece. spent in teaching. public but it cuts no ice here in Britain! it accurately. Each FREE! Check out the Events
When the details of her financial dealings piece of news has
Sarah Ferguson, by contrast, has a life
a story. A full story. Calendar on
style which is supported by sky hooks. She
claims that her divorce settlement ran out at Rude Britannia In Cheeky Stand At The Tate Without this story for all the latest club or
a measly £15,000 per annum, presumably it is hard for us to community event in your
because the debts of £4m she allegedly SAUCY POSTCARDS and depictions of He said: “That’s extraordinary to feel truly connected
knocked up during her marriage were settled bare backsides went on display at one of have got that in the Tate – even I’m a bit to events. Cleeve succeeds in attaching us area! You can add your
by the Royal Purse. the country’s top art galleries last month. shocked.” to Little Bee’s situation and in blowing life own British related events
into an issue that otherwise might have
She has had to make up her own script in Tate Britain is hosting Rude Britannia
the show, featuring works by political
Scarfe said some ‘prudes’ might take
offence, but added: “Not a lot of them gone unnoticed. He takes the reader on an too! . . . and it doesn’t
the past 14 years since divorcing Andrew in cost a penny!
1996 and turned a tidy penny for a number cartoonist Gerald Scarfe, the Viz maga- are around. We British we seem to love immigrant’s painful journey, connecting the
of years as US spokesperson for Weight zine team and an ‘absurd’ room curated all this stuff.”
Watchers International. This helped her to by Harry Hill. A Spitting Image puppet of Baroness
clear more of her debts. These by the way One of the most outrageous items on Thatcher is also among the display, as
seem to be the natural consequence of be-
ing Duchess of York and the understandable
reaction to having to make do on fifteen
grand a year.
She has spent a lot of her time in charity
display is a sketch by Scarfe depicting the
late clean-up TV crusader Mary White-
house in a sexual position. Scarfe said that
even he was slightly taken aback that the
1971 cartoon, entitled Mrs Mary Righteous
well as drawings of Viz characters Sid
the Sexist and the Fat Slags and various
seaside postcards.
Martin Myrone, curator of 18th and 19th
century British art at Tate Britain, said:
Jolly Good
work, raising money by milking her contacts explains her position to the Pope, had gone “Humour is a really important aspect of
one assumes, and her experience of life has on show. British cultural history.”
led to a couple of TV programmes made MEAT PRODUCTS
here in the UK.
In her crusade to heal broken Britain, for
example, she spent some time last year in
Northern Moor, in the Wythenshawe area
of Manchester. Her observations on the AND FOR FLORIDA BRITS! Very affordable health Sausage Rolls
state of affairs there – drugs, gang violence, savings account plan (HSA) MEDICARE
drunkenness, underage sex etc – were not
welcomed by the local community who felt NEW!
that any trouble was caused by a tiny minority
and that Sarah Ferguson could take a running
Plan for
Older Brits
Very Affordable Health Insurance LOCAL BRITISH SHOP AND PUB
jump as far as they were concerned.
She was left distraught by the reaction of
the locals but in a supreme gesture of self-
Age 70-80
— Ask Us! Plans for Brits Relocating to USA! “Our Name Says It All!”
(323) 290-2265
sacrifice said, “I might let Britain settle down
a bit. I find it quite tiring that it’s so difficult to YOUR MEDICAL INSURANCE NEEDS
support and help.” FAX: (323) 294-3943
Apparently, she now plans to take her Also Visitors from UK temporary medical insurance.
community crusade to America where her Los Angeles, CA 90043
intimate knowledge of life in urban ghettoes 1-888-392-4485 Toll Free Established
should provide even more moments of high Local (561) 392-4485 FAX [toll free]1(877) 417-9007 1987

comedy. Mainstream Insurance - 333 Camino Gardens Blvd., Ste. 204, Boca Raton, FL 33432

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Page 8 July 2010
I sure am now. or a Yank who would like to take the summer,
or this next year off, and do something different.
I was forced to take a week off to get my Karen’s California Events Calendar
Teaching credentials and sailing experience will
life back and go sailing on the tall ship the July Calendar Tempting Providence.
go a long way. If you feel you are exceptional,
Bill of Rights. They were short crew members For upcoming British events in the Los Ange- 25: Central Coast British Car Club holds their
apply. If you’re looking for a life changing job
which put a huge smile on my face, sailing les area, check out annual free show at Harbor Park in Channel
contact Captain Stephen Taylor at stephen@
eight out of ten days. Tough job but someone Royal Clayton’s English Pub in downtown Islands of Oxnard www.centralcoastbritish-
had to do it. The great thing about LA is a real happening Pub!! Check out www.
learning tall ship sailing, crews transfer boat
Our entire program is based on youth for all their events * * *
to boat, and can sail around the world. You
training and one particular trip involved and specials (213) 622-0512. Cameron’s Inn of Half Moon Bay is featured in
have no idea how gratifying it is to see these
students from CSUCI on a marine environ- 7: is English Afternoon Tea at Plaza Pantry a movie that is sweeping the US and making head-
youngsters challenging themselves, including
mental exploration. As we set sail in the in Ojai 1:30pm (805) 646-6325. lines, as strangely enough, the best worst movie
climbing the rat boards to the top of the mast!
pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean that is You Say Tomato in San Francisco is a British ever made. A first time producer approached
WORLD CUP fever was certainly first and That takes guts!
teaming with life we saw six whales, dozens owned and operated specialty store offering a Cameron in 2008 asking to use his place for
foremost on the minds of both customers Dame Helen Mirren is all over the late
of dolphins and sea lions as we sailed past full range of groceries and frozen food imported some film shots for his movie named Birdemic.
and landlord (Raff) alike at the Press Room night talk shows. She was on David Letter-
six oil rigs in the Santa Barbara Channel on from the UK serving the Bay area for six year Cameron said, “Sure, as long as it’s not x-rated.”
in Santa Barbara. When Karen and I visitedour way to Santa Cruz Island, anchoring in man and George (415) 921-2828. The producer, writer James Nguyen assured him it
June 12 for the USA v England game. Prob- the shelter of Prisoner Harbor. It was a bit Lopez promot- 10: St Andrew Society of LA Summer Party was an updated version of Hitchcock’s Birds and
ably an equal amount of supporters from choppy sailing but fun. ing her new film 4-8pm CSU Northridge (818) 360-7332. that he wanted to use the Half Moon Bay Coast for
both countries were there, which made for The research project organized by Dr Love Ranch, 10: Mayflower Club of N Hollywood holds the setting. Nguyen worked on a shoestring, so
an equal shouting match and on that one Christopher Cogan, Environmental Science directed by her their Pub Night; and Clubnite July 31 (818) would stop filming until he raised more cash. At
and Resource Management of California State
England lost since it was a tie. Besides, it’s husband Taylor 769-9805. last the film was finished and he brought a copy
University Channel Island and accompanied
so much easier to chant: USA USA USA rather Hackford. When 16: Whale and Ale in San Pedro offer the to Cameron’s for viewing. The uneasy audience
by his German wife, Dr Uta Passow of CSU
than chanting: England England England. And you meet her in dynamic duo of Simon Spalding and James had a hard time watching straight faced sitting
Santa Barbara. They even brought a micro-
what is it about those Vuvuzela’s! Sounds like person she has a Hendricks performing a mix of sea shanties next to the earnest young film maker. The movie
bee’s gone wild!! scope on board and showed the students and charm about her & acoustic folk music July 16 & 24 The UK was hilariously bad in every way.
Everyone made the excuse to make it ancrew marine life you can’t see with the naked that is absolutely Beat, the torchbearers for 1960s British rock Time passed and Ngyun showed up claiming
eye. Fascinating!! Dame Helen Mirren delightful! She is (310) 832-0363. raves revues for his $10,000 movie. He admitted
event! Lines formed outside the Pub at 7am
and in this case not enough room. It truly lived gracious and a pleasure to be around.
CSUCI’s research project incorporated 17: Ventura County Fusion, the regions first the audience reaction was not what he intended.
up to its name as there was plenty of Press Enjoyed a pint with friend David Jackson
ship-based oceanographic and geographic and only world-class championship-caliber The film has caught on as a cult movie and is
in the Press Room. of Britannia Protective Services during a
methods to measure and map marine eco- soccer franchise, will play an exhibition match well attended across the country. Cameron plays
The next match found John Hiscock (Daily World Cup match. He was a police officer in
systems in the Santa Barbara Channel. against the Portsmouth Football Club 3pm at it continuously at the Inn on one of his big screens.
Telegraph) and myself in the Lookout at the the UK before relocating to California in 1995
Crew members Nate and Abbey, both from Oxnard College Stadium A midnight showing is planned for the community
Channel Islands of Oxnard 7am watching the with 30 years experience in the IT industry;
University of California Berkley took up new (805) 277-9742 to come watch it together. “Folks laugh ‘til they cry
US and UK get one goal each on two differ- a Mancunian and an avid Man City fan;
posts which has left us with openings on board. 17-18: Central Coast Renaissance Festival, even without the sound on,” says Cameron who
ent screens. If wasn’t crossed eyed before licensed UK CAA and FAA pilot in both fixed
Now this is a golden opportunity for a young Brit El Chorro Park, Highway 1, San Luis Obispo is happy for his new friend’s success. Nguyen
wing and helicopter. WOW! Britan- (800) 688-1477. told Cameron’s mom: “It’s okay they laugh, Mrs
nia focus’ on establishing a strong Ye Olde Kings Head in Santa Monica is show- Palmer. I laugh all the way to the bank.” He has
relationship with British companies ing ALL World Cup matches LIVE as well as the now gone to the bank with millions in advance
and the British community here in final July 11. July 4th is Karaoke night. Each money for a sequel. Cameron is happy because
California, providing the best of British Wednesday is Trivia (310) 451-1402. the movie exposes the charm and beauty of Half
service and quality to their clients. 20-21: California International Theatre Fes- Moon Bay and the surrounding beaches and
He’s a go-to guy with many talents, tival presents from Ireland, the US Premier of forests, not to mention his famous double decker
particularly if you need protective Gare St Lazare Players production of The End by bus (650) 726-5705.
services (805) 285-BRIT www. Samuel Becket at the Carlson Family Theatre at Viewpoint School in Calabasses 91302 ttaylor@ Contact Leo and Karen at PO Box 5691 Oxnard, CA
Celebrating birthdays in June: and July 23-24 from Canada is 93031 or
Prince William 28; Jeff Beck 66;
Ray Davies 66; Stevie Nicks 62; FREE! Check out the Events Calendar on for all the
Cilla Black 67; TV chef Jamie latest club or community event in your area! You can add your
Oliver 35; KT Tunstall 35; Hugh own British related events too! . . . and it doesn’t cost a penny!
Laurie 51; Jackie Stewart 71; Tom
Jones 70; Liam Neeson 58; Russell
Brand 35. www.y
Question: Just suppose there had
been an oil spill near the Isle of Wight.
Would Tony Hayward still have
Restaurant Shoppe
116 Santa Monica Blvd, 132 Santa Monica Blvd,
The crowd at The Press Room watching the England v USA match. had his yacht race? When I sailed Santa Monica, CA 90401
across the Atlantic, Las Santa Monica CA 90401
Palmas Harbor in the (310) 451 1402 (310) 394 8765
Canary Isles there was
an oil slick, with oil re- Restaurant now
maining on the yacht open at 9am Open Fri-Sat
for months until we were Mon-Fri.
able to haul the boat in Open for breakfast 10am-10pm
Trinidad. Will mankind weekends at 8am British Pub, Restaurant Sun-Thur
leave anything for our and Gift Shoppe
grandchildren? Pos- 10am-8pm
Happy Hour
sible extinction now of
Blue Fish Tuna, turtles, Mon - Fri 4-7pm
Sh Gift

whales, and breeding $2.50 pints (food specials)


dolphins? Why can’t we


repeal the Jones Act and Afternoon Tea Sat 2-5

bring in supertankers to Patio Dining
vacuum the Gulf?
PS: Saturday, July 31
we’re celebrating a joint Trivia Night Every
birthday at The Lookout Wed.
W d.. @ 8pm
ed. 8p
in the Channel Islands of
Oxnard, for Julia Gayle
matches LIVE
and Karen. Free hors
d’oeuvre and for anyone Showing all World cupFINAL
outside the area, the first WORLD CUP
drink is on us. And for
an extra special treat,
Sunday July 11th.
4th Karaoke.
half off on an afternoon
sail on the tall ship the Join us for our Julydnesday at 8pm.
Bill of Rights. Email us Trivia night every We
to arrange.
July 2010 Page 9
British Great Escape Veteran H
i 97
By Robert Barr “I guess it was a blessing in Ventriloquist Ray Alan, 79
JACK HARRISON, who survived the disguise I never made it through, VENTRILOQUIST Ray Alan died
Great Escape plot by Allied prisoners in a as most were shot,” Harrison said suddenly last month at the age of
German prison in World War II, has died in an interview last year with the 79.
at age 97, his family said. Scottish Sun newspaper. “But Better known as the ‘handler’ of
Harrison died last month at Erskine the main purpose wasn’t just to Lord Charles (the drunken puppet),
veterans’ home in Bishopton, Scotland. escape. It was to outfox the Ger- Alan has been a fixture on British TV
As one of the camp’s gardeners, Har- mans. It was a huge moral victory. and stages for decades.
rison helped dispose of the dirt excavated It humiliated Hitler and gave the Alan, from Reigate, Surrey, was
from three escape tunnels. He was 98th on Nazis a bloody nose.” a TV regular from the 1950s to the
the list of some 200 inmates designated to When the escape was detected, 1980s, appearing on shows including
make the escape on March 24, 1944, but Harrison said he had to quickly variety serial The Good Old Days.
only 76 got away before guards detected burn his disguise as a Siemens In 1954 he worked with Laurel
the breakout and raised the alarm. engineer and get back into his and Hardy after fellow ventriloquist
The breakout was celebrated in the prison uniform. Jack Harrison, right, is seen with Harry Worth was forced to pull out
1963 film The Great Escape starring Steve “I was to be a Hungarian electrician so I other prisoners-of-war in this of a show. His puppet became famous
McQueen and James Garner. became Aleksander Regenyi, who was em- undated file photo. for his catchphrase “you silly arse” and having an eye for glamorous women.
Only three men managed to reach ployed by a German firm,” he recalled. In later years he was an entertainer on QE2 cruises, taking a break from show-
safety. Adolf Hitler ordered the execution Harrison was a Royal Air Force pilot “To others he was considered a war
who was shot down and captured in Novem- hero, but to us he was much more than that. business in 2008 due to ill health.
of 50 recaptured escapers, and 23 others Old age had also made it increasingly difficult for him to control his puppet.
were returned to custody. ber 1942 on his first mission, a raid on the He was a family man first and foremost as
Dutch port of Den Helder. He was taken to well as a church elder, Rotarian, scholar, Alan – always accompanied by Lord Charles – was often a guest on TV shows
British news reports said Harrison was including Celebrity Squares, Give Us A Clue and 3-2-1.
believed to be the last survivor of the plot, Stalag Luft III prison near Sagan in eastern traveler and athlete,” his son Chris and
Germany – now Zagan, Poland. daughter Jane said in a statement. He clocked up the most appearances on The Good Old Days, where he and Lord
but this could not be confirmed. In addi- Charles made their TV debut.
tion to the 200 men who won places in the After the war, Harrison resumed his They said Harrison took up marathon
escape queue through a drawing, others teaching career. He retired in 1975 as di- running in his seventies to raise money
were also involved in preparations. rector of education for the isle of Bute. for charity.
Food Critic Egon Ronay, 94
Ex-Stereophonics Filmmaker Ronald Neame, 99 By Jill Lawless places.”
Drummer Stuart Cable, 40 ONE OF the longest survivors producer and eventually a FOOD CRITIC Egon Ronay, whose epon- He began writing about food for The
of the early days of cinema in director, and is best known ymous restaurant guides helped Britain Daily Telegraph newspaper, and in 1957
STUART CABLE, Britain, Ronald Neame, died for The Poseidon Adventure. embrace fine dining after years of postwar produced the first Egon Ronay Guide to
the former drummer last month, he was 99. It was slated by the critics but austerity, died last month. He was 94. British restaurants, modeled on France’s
with the British rock Neame, who began his the picture was a major box Family friend Nick Ross said Ronay Michelin guides. The annual guides,
band Stereophonics, film career with Hitchcock, office success and developed died at his home near the village of Yat- researched with the help of a team of
has died at the age directed the hugely successful a cult following. tendon, 50 miles west of London, after a anonymous reviewers, became immensely
of 40. 1972 action adventure The Other noted success with short illness. popular, and restaurants dis-
South Wales Police Poseidon Adventure enjoyed films such as: Tunes of Glo- Born in Budapest in played the blue Egon Ronay
say Cable was found at his home in a career that spanned eight de- ry, The Horse’s Mouth, The 1915, Ronay was the son label as a seal of approval.
the town of Aberdare, 165 miles west cades. He worked with many Prime of Miss Jean Brodie of a prosperous restaurant- As well as his restaurant
of London. of the 20th Century’s most and Scrooge, the musical with owner whose business was guides, Ronay rated eating
The force says the cause of death has distinguished film-makers and performers, Albert Finney. ruined by World War II spots at airports and highway
not been determined, but there are no including Alfred Hitchcock, Noel Coward, Maggie Smith won an Oscar for her and the subsequent So- service stations, and acted as
suspicious circumstances. Alec Guinness, John Mills, Maggie Smith performance in The Prime of Miss Jean viet occupation. Ronay left a food consultant to a chain
Cable co-founded Stereophonics with and David Lean. Brodie. communist Hungary for of pubs. He said his goal was
singer Kelly Jones in the early 1990s. Ronald Neame was born in London in As a producer, he was proud of Great Britain in 1946. to raise the quality of dining for everyone,
The band had a string of British top 10 1911. The son of a celebrated photogra- Expectations, Brief Encounter and Oliver He worked as a manager at London not just the elite.
hits, including Have a Nice Day. pher, Elwin Neame, and the actress Ivy Twist, all directed by his longtime col- restaurants before opening his own estab- Ronay sold the guides to the Automobile
Cable left the group in 2003 amid Close, he was destined for a career in laborator and friend, David Lean. lishment, The Marquee, which sought to Association in 1985, but went to court and
reports of conflicts with band mates. entertainment. Neame, who was nominated three times bring French culinary flair to a country just regained the right to the Egon Ronay name
He recently formed a new band, He began as a clapper boy on Hitch- for an Oscar, was a founding member of the emerging from years of food rationing. years later, after the company that subse-
Killing for Company, and worked as cock’s Blackmail, the first talking picture British Film Academy and he was made a “You could eat well in London,” Ronay quently bought them went bankrupt.
a broadcaster, with a show on BBC made in England, in 1929. CBE in 1996. In the same year he was given told The Observer newspaper in 2003 Ronay is survived by his wife Barbara,
Radio Wales. Ronald Neame went on to become a a Bafta Lifetime Fellowship Award. about the 1950s, “but in extremely few two daughters and a son.

ld C
the nis
m iss e n
’t on T
h e Wim
or t

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~ This paper reaches the British community in all parts of Florida and, of course, the US ~
this item to your signature in emails to other Q FYI: The ITV programme about the
USA-based Brits you deal with. To create a challenges of Florida’s British émigrés,
signature in Outlook: Tools-Options-Mail shot here months ago, which some of us
format-Signatures). were featured in, airs August 26 in the UK,
producers tell me. Tell your peeps in the
UK to tune in.
British Club Call (386) 756-0896 Ask for
For your nearest British club (or British Q ATTENTION FLORIDA’S BRITISH-
events in your area) email me your name, OWNED BUSINESSES, SHOPS and
WITHOUT question the most significant print ad out in Union Jack Newspaper I doubtless led to the famous English sea city and phone to:
British event is the opening of Universal’s recommended, which they were not aware shanty, What Shall We Do with the Drunken PUBS: If you wish to get bulk cop-
Q UK-USA CULTURAL COMMENTARY ies of the Union Jack, (50 papers a
Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. of. That ran in the June 2000 issue but did Sailor, methinks).
The Lord Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, not yield Harry. As I guessed from the start, In 1970, the Admiralty Board decreed – I remain amused by the summer sight of month minimum), to offer your custom-
wrote an essay of outrage in the UK Tele- the film’s Harry Potter would be found over there was no place for the daily issue of American males in baggy swimtrunks flap- ers, phone our circulation department
graph questioning its location. Since every in the world of Harrys ... England. rum in a modern navy and after 320 years ping down to their knees. Utterly unflattering 1-(800) 262-7305. The paper is free,
element of the Harry Potter stories is 100 Anyway, Orlando’s Wizarding World one of the seas longest and unbroken tradi- and unsexy, unlike European males who
percent English, it should have been built should be put on your must-experience list. tions was cast aside. “Times had changed”, wear smaller costumes that fit and enhance. but a small delivery charge applies.
there not Florida he insisted. Why do we Brit- The Hidden Journey ride has been dubbed opined their Lordships. “In a highly sophis- It’s the beach, after all, not the office. The (Or go to: Over 800
ish so often let others purloin our best ideas, the most inventive and scariest ever by ticated navy no risk for margin or error reason: Straight American men won’t wear distributors nationwide.
he queried? Quite, but at least Florida’s visitors. Daniel Radcliffe’s mother, over for which might be attributable to rum can be costumes which draw attention to the bulge
huge resident British community can enjoy the opening, told reporters the only way she allowed.” (Hmmm … we managed to field of their genitalia, another example of the
it. I happen to be a Harry Potter fan and the coped was seeing her son in front guiding the finest navy in the world for centuries and deep-rooted Puritanism here. Thank God, The opinions in this column are Patri-
very day each film is released attend the first her on his quidditch stick! I’d need this whole colonised/conquered/discovered half the British males are more evolved. They don’t cia Kawaja’s and not necessarily shared
showing. They appeal because they feature newspaper to do this place justice so instead planet with our tipsy tars, so don’t see how look any sexier but just don’t give a damn! by Union Jack Publishing.
England’s greatest actors like Dame Maggie go to website to that argument holds rum, I mean water.)
Smith and Robbie Coltrane and the school find the photospread and booking info.
setting evokes the positive esprit de corps
Anyway this year marks the 40th anniversary
of the loss of this great Royal Navy tradition.
Attention Florida's British businesses,
of an English school with pupils in uniform,
taking me back emotionally to teaching days
to my pal Ajit for this: Osama bin Laden
In 1979, Tobias resurrected the Pusser’s
tradition, obtained the rights and blending
entrepreneurs and professionals
in London. Mind you, my students were has just released a new tape to prove he is information from the Admiralty and began
stroppy East End teenagers not mannered still alive. He said England’s performance bottling and selling this storied spirit to the
Hogwarts youngsters. against Algeria was complete s**t. British public for the first time. The Royal Navy
There’s a surprising business connection intelligence dismissed the claim, stating the Sailors’ Fund receives a donation from Established 1997

to the movie too. In May 2000 I received a message could have been recorded anytime sales of British Navy Pusser’s Rum and has
call from Joan Castonguay at the top cast- in the last 44 years. become the fund’s largest source of income. Want to attract more customers?
ing agency in Hollywood, CA. You’ll have Pusser’s are arranging promotional events Of course, you bloody do. Here's how.
seen her credited on blockbuster movies. Q BLACK TOT DAY. On July 31 if you’re at Florida’s British pubs this summer, so --You advertise in this British newspaper to benefit from your Brit-to-Brit marketing edge.
They had the USA casting contract for the near a bottle of rum, Pusser’s preferably, call yours to find out more. Coincidentally, I --You join the Florida Association of British Business [FABB], chosen as the USA's
forthcoming Harry Potter films to find the raise your glasses, me British hearties. own a beautiful gold and blue china souvenir Best British Business Association 2010. Details:
star. “Harry” had to be physically true to the Charles Tobias, owner of the famous rum ship’s decanter full of Pusser’s Rum, bought
book’s description, no older than 13 and be company based in Tortola, British Virgin in 2005 from their shop on the stunning FOR ADRATES [Florida only], email to:
English, not an American boy playing one, Islands wants you to know about Black island of Tortola. I poured it over my Miami Come to the BRITISH NETWORK...A roomful of Brits is never dull.
she briefed me. They had been recommend- Tot Day. (See ad in this issue). The ration ice-cream for months … yummy. Make British contacts, business or social – useful,
ed to contact my office as a source of all of Pusser’s, started in 1650, was stopped enjoyable networking with British professionals.
things British here and did I know anybody? on July 31, 1970, dubbed “Black Tot Day” Q HELP BRING THE NEXT WORLD
Hosted by the British Bureau at The News Lounge, 5580
I explained that the children of British expats by the people who object. Centuries ago, CUP TO THE USA. This would mean some NE 4th Court, Miami FL 33137, one mile north of Miami.
in the USA acquire an American accent and shipboard life was incredibly difficult, so international matches, potentially the Eng- Free to attend – buy own drinks/food. Tuesdays August
finding a British boy here meeting require- the daily issue of Pusser’s Rum was the land team could be playing in Miami and 17 and September 14 from 6.30 to 9.30pm.
ments was a needle in haystack challenge. highlight of a crew’s day. Prior to 1740, Tampa. The decision for Word Cup 2018 THE BRITISH BUREAU of FLORIDA British-American PR/Marketing since 1991.
I could send out a casting call eBritNews to the men’s daily tot was a whole pint, drunk is made by FIFA at the end of this year, so Reaching the British market for our clients
the British Bureau’s database but that only neat. Before battle they got a double and VOTE NOW at the official website www. [305] 371-9340 office in Miami. Clients in all parts of Florida and the UK.
reaches Florida Brits. They should take a another if victorious. (Three pints of rum (Build the campaign: add
July 2010 Page 11
Holiday Photo Saves Life Of Toddler
before being referred to London where he
Migrants To Britain © Puzzles by Pappocom
A HOLIDAY snap played a major part
in saving a two-year-old boy’s life last was diagnosed with a retinoblastoma – a Asked To Prove
deadly tumour of the retina.
English Skills
The photo highlighted a cancerous The camera flash had revealed light sen-
tumour in his right eye and was spotted by sitive cells in his eye that could not be seen PEOPLE immigrating to Britain to join Fill in the grid so
his grandmother. face-to-face – a sign of the eye cancer. their spouses or partners will be asked that every row,
When Beverly Warner saw the snap, in Doctors were forced to remove Ewan’s to prove they can speak English under every column,
which a white shadow can be seen in Ewan’s eye but his quick diagnosis meant that the new rules. and every 3x3 box
eye, she was immediately concerned about cancer had not spread to other parts of The Home Office says all migrants contains the digits
her grandson. She remembered reading his body. He has since gone on to make coming to Britain from outside the Euro- 1 through 9.
about a child with cancer who had the same a full recovery and has been fitted with a pean Union will need to “show that their
shadow in a photograph and warned Ewan’s prosthetic eye. command of English is good enough to Solution on
parents to get him checked out. Beverley Warner, 61, said: “I read a story cope with everyday life before being page 14
When mum Samantha, 32, took Ewan to last year about retinoblastoma and saw a granted a visa.”
the doctors he was sent to the local hospital picture of a child with it.” Applicants already need to meet certain
Queen To Visit Ground Zero On US Visit
criteria before being admitted to the coun- Solution, tips and computer
try, including proving their relationship program at

BUCKINGHAM Palace says that the his wife Camilla visited the site in 2005. is genuine and they are able to support
Queen will visit the former site of the Twin Prince Harry, Charles’ son and the third in themselves financially.
Towers as part of her forthcoming tour of line to the throne, was there last year. The Home Office said the language
North America. The Queen’s US visit will follow a requirements will come into force this fall
A palace spokesman said the 84-year- weeklong tour of Canada in honor of the and are consistent with regulations in other
old monarch would pay her respects at the Canadian Navy’s centenary and to mark EU countries.
site on July 6, the same day she is due to Canada Day. Last year, about 38,000 spousal visas
address the United Nations General As- She is being accompanied by her hus- were granted.
sembly. He did not go into specifics. band, the Duke of Edinburgh, who turned
The Queen’s son Prince Charles and 89 last month. UK Firm Bringing
250 Jobs To
FLORIDA Rochester
British Supermarket A BRITISH venture
bringing three tech-
5695 Vineland Road - Orlando FL 32819 nology businesses
407-370-2023 with a total of 250 new jobs to a former
Eastman Kodak build-
British owned & operated; all your favourites! ing in Rochester, here
in the US.
Officials from Chel-
tenham, England-based
Cody Gate Ventures
announced last month
that Intrinsiq Materials,
Quintel Technology
and Omni-ID will be
located at the East-
man Business Park.
The companies are
involved in the manu-
facturing and research
and development of
advanced technology.
The jobs are ex-
pected to be filled over
a four-year period.

5511 University Drive, Suite 102

Coral Springs, FL 33067
Tel: 954-509-1022
Fax: 954-337-0738
Page 12 July 2010
By Joe Nicholls. Joe and Kevin McGinty can Flashy Book to pick it over carefully to make sure all the
shell bits are out. Frozen can also be used,
be heard on “Sounds of Britain and Ireland”
Sundays 4-5pm on Cleveland’s WCPN 90.3FM Dealer In Limo For and I have used tinned in the past, but they
were rather strong tasting
July Shakespeare Trial I’m not sure where my crab meat came
from last week, but I certainly will be going
2,16: British-American Club, Fish & chips din- A FLASHY British book dealer accused
back there and get it again.
NEW YORK ners, 8564 Ravenna Rd, (off Rte 82) Twinsburg, of stealing a rare first edition of Shake-
July My version of crab cakes is quite light,
6:30-8:30pm (330) 963-6370. speare’s plays appeared for trial last month
and I also experimented with Remoulade
St George’s Society of New York 2, 9, 16, 23, 30: West Side Irish American in a silver limousine, sporting a Panama hat
14: Annual Summer Garden Party. (rain date: Club, Irish-style dinners, 8559 Jennings Rd, and flashing victory signs at reporters. sauce. I would recommend that after mix-
July 15). 120 East End Avenue, NYC, 6pm. $40, Olmsted Township, 6-9pm (216) 251-4075. Raymond Scott was accused of stealing WE IN Florida are already having hot steamy ing the crab mix, you chill for at least half
including open bar, hors d’oeuvres and music. weather. It will be a long summer, and an hour or they can be hard to handle and
13, 27: SHANO, Scottish Heritage Meetings, the 1623 folio from England’s Durham
stay in shape. I hope you enjoy my version
Info: or (212) Community Presbyterian Church, 5132 Mayfield University in 1998. The 53-year-old was we also need to be aware of the summer
662 6110. storms; it is rumbling out there now.... Of of crab cakes and special sauce.
Rd, Lyndhurst. 7:30pm (330) 463-5559. arrested after a man took the volume to the
14: Calon Lan Welsh Club, Lunch Meeting, Folger Shakespeare Library in Washing- course we are also very wary of the terrible Crab Cake and Remoulade
New York Caledonian Club oil spill out there in the Gulf.
Denny’s Restaurant, Rte 224, Boardman, 1pm ton, claiming he found it in Cuba and ask- sauce a la Sandra
3: Round Hill Highland Games. July 3. Cran- (330) 758-4202. ing for verification that it was genuine. The area we recently moved to is near a Prepare Remoulade sauce, cover and chill
bury Park in Norwalk, CT. Round Hill offers a full 18: British-American C of C & English Speak- Experts at the library suspected the book fresh fish place, and I discovered it when 1 Large celery stick, cleaned and chopped
roster of participatory events for grown-ups and ing Union, English Tea Party, Shoreby Club, was stolen and called in police. a friend I was lunching with was telling me 2 spring onions, chopped
kids. The Club will have our own private coach Bratnahl, 4pm, 216) 621-0222. Scholars consider the folio one of the that she planned to collect an order for 3 Tbsp butter
bus, and we’ll take you there (and back) easily 22: Daughters of the BE, Westminster most important printed works in the Eng- fresh crab meat, so I went with her, and 2 Tbsp mayonnaise
and comfortably. For details, visit our website at Chapter, meeting, Lyndhurst 7:30pm (440) lish language. then bought some myself to try. 1 tsp dry Colman’s mustard or call (212) 662-1083. 461-2533 Scott was also charged with theft and I have always liked crabmeat, but not al- 1 Tbsp chopped capers
23.24 & 25: Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival, handling stolen goods in cases unrelated to ways pleased with the way it gets prepared. In 1 Tsp Worcestershire sauce
American Friends of the Georgian Group
Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, Berea, Fri 4-12, the folio. He denied all the charges. the States the crab cake is very popular, usu- 2 Tbs chopped parsley,
3: Spring Visit to Gracie Mansion Tour and Sat 1-12, Sun 1-11, (216) 251-1711. He arrived at Newcastle Crown Court ally attributed to Maryland. However there are 1/2 tsp Tabasco
Tea. 88th Street and East End Avenue, 12:45. 24: Cleveland Manx Society, Picnic at Red in a silver Chrysler 300. many versions of preparing it, and frequently Juice of 1½ lemons, Salt and Pepper
August 14: Central New York Scottish Games Barn, Broadview Heights,1pm (216) 481-2476. For an earlier court appearance, he wore with lots of peppery spices which Jack and I 1lb crab meat
& Celtic Festival at Long Branch Park, Liverpool 25: Scottish American Society, Picnic at a kilt and came in a horse-drawn carriage dislike. So I had fun working on a recipe with 3/4 cup fresh breadcrumbs
(near Syracuse). Events 9am-9pm. (315) 784- the Hunter’s, Call for directions, 3pm, (330) led by a Scots piper. a special sauce, and it was really super. 3 Tbsp butter
5348, 882-0342. Crab is available in many forms, and each Sauté celery and onions in butter until
August 7: British Car Council, British Car area lays claim to theirs being the best. In tender, cool. Mix together, next eight ingre-
To add your NY club/organisation calendar Police Called To the States, Dungeness crab is found on
insertion contact: anna.titley@stgeorges- Day, Ursuline College, 2550 Lander Rd, (just dients. Fold in the prepared crab meat and
South of Cedar Rd), Pepper Pike, All Day, (330) the West coast, King Crab from Alaska is breadcrumbs. Divide the mixture up into eight
753-3331. Unlocked Bank Door fabulous, Blue crabs along the East and Gulf balls, and chill for 30 minutes. Remove crab
A MEMBER of the public called Coasts and here in Florida, Stone crabs are mixture from fridge, and squeeze into pat-
Check out other latest British related events submitted by Union Jack readers very popular. In England, the two main areas
at and click on the CALENDAR tab. police after finding a bank door un- ties, gently sauté them in the butter for about
locked outside business hours. are East Anglia, and Devon/Cornwall. The 15-20 minutes, flattening them gently a bit
Do you have a not-for-profit event you’d like to share with everyone . . . Southwest coasts crabs tend to be larger with a spatula. (I recommend when cooking
Hampshire police were called to
then why not add it to the Calendar? . . . it’s FREE?
the HSBC branch in Tadley and re- than those caught in East Anglia. I remember any thing fish-like to test that the cooking
one visit we made to Devon, near Clovelly, temperature reaches 160 degrees).
BA Vows To Fly On If
mained on guard until the keyholder I had crab I saw being brought up by a
arrived, reported the BBC. Serve with the Remoulade sauce. Lu-
fisherman at the sea side, so I knew it was verly with boiled new potatoes and minted
Workers Walk Out Again
Officers said everything inside the very fresh. Then when we were staying near
branch appeared to be in order and peas. Yield: Four servings
Cromer in Norfolk, had their crab in a salad, Remoulade Sauce:
nothing had been taken. they tend to be smaller, but they are packed
BRITISH AIRWAYS PLC chief executive from London City, via Shannon in Ireland, A spokesman for HSBC said it was Mix together:
with meat; very good that was too. 1 cup mayonnaise 2 Tsp white vinegar
Willie Walsh said last month the airline is targeting business customers. not clear whether the bank had been When we were stationed in Egypt in the
committed to expanding its services to the As a dispute with cabin crews over left open all night. 1/4 cup Ketchup 1 tsp grated lemon peel
50’s, I recall my father bringing in lots of 1/4 cup parsley 1 tsp Tabasco
United States as he also vowed to carry on changes to pay and working conditions He said: “We are still investigating very small crabs, can’t remember what
flying through potential further strikes by rumbles on, Walsh said that BA plans to the chain of events. It’s hard to say 1 Tbsp Horseradish
water we were near, but I do remember (I welcome comments, queries and recipe
cabin crews. operate all its long-haul services if workers how long the door was open – but Mum plunging them into a large steaming
Walsh said BA was considering adding strike over the summer. suggestions, and can be reached at Yourcup-
unlikely it was open all night. pot on our paraffin stove, and us noshing I apologize to any
flights to Boston, Washington and Chicago Talks between BA and the Unite union A spokesman for Hampshire Po- on them.... rather fiddling but good with requests that were sent within the last month,
from London City airport as he said that – mediated by the government-backed lice said: “There was nothing suspi- lashings of butter. we have had computer woes, so I ask you
transatlantic traffic remained “robust” de- conciliation service – broke down last cious about it apart from the fact that If you do use fresh crab meat, be sure resend them)
spite the global economic downturn. month, raising the prospect of further the door was open.”
BA already runs a service to New York walkouts.

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The Daily Telegraph Newspaper of the Year

July 2010 Page 13
Football and motor racing are two very dif-
ferent kinds of sports and one never associ-
by ship and from there to Mexico City by way
of Montevideo, Buenos Aries, Santiago, La
The second place went to British drivers
Brian Culcheth and Johnson Syer driving
Woman Received
ates one with the other. However, forty years
ago they did sort of partner each other, and
Paz, Lima, Cali, Panama and San Jose. The
roads, off the beaten track in many places
a works Triumph 2.5PI. Fourth place also
went to Triumph, this time a three man crew
Lungs Of A
from the result came about the best selling
car in Britain for a short time afterwards.
in both Europe and South/Central America
were brutal, hence, of over 100 participating
headed by the great Paddy Hopkirk. It was
the Escorts though that came through the
30-Year Smoker
After the first ever intercontinental rally cars only 23 survived to the finish with the strongest which prompted Ford to make THE FAMILY of a 28-year-old British
– the London-Sydney in 1968 – there was 23rd place car arriving in Mexico City over this Works car available to the public and woman who unknowingly received a lung
widespread enthusiasm for an even more two days behind the winner which arrived at the result was the Escort Mexico and a little transplant from a smoker says she would
difficult test. With the Football World Cup the Azteca Stadium on May 27. later the Escort RS16. Both models were have been “horrified” and have lodged a
I’M HAVING a hard time concentrating on being held in Mexico in 1970, it was the The rules about what cars could be entered extremely popular, they were fast and had complaint.
anything other than the World Cup this perfect opportunity to hold a parallel, much were not restrictive but due to the demanding superb handling characteristics, perfect for Cystic fibrosis sufferer Lyndsey Scott in
month. I suppose most of you readers are tougher challenge – the World Cup Rally. It nature of the course most competitors were the small roads around Britain. As for the February 2009 received a double lung trans-
of the same mindset. I did however manage was to be sponsored by the Daily Mirror and conservative and used modified versions of England World Cup Team in Mexico, as you plant from a donor who had smoked for three
to follow a portion of the Le Mans 24 hour was to start at Wembley stadium (where standard models. That did not prevent there know they fell sadly to Germany. Jimmy decades. She died in July of pneumonia.
race, it was on the same day as the England the World Cup was won in 1966) and end being a wide variety of cars, from Volkswagen Greaves did us proud though, he finished a Britain’s top transplant official Chris
v USA game, so my day went as follows: Got at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City (where Beetles to Rolls-Royces. There were works creditable sixth in the Lon-Mex rally, driving, Rudge defended the decision and said
up at about 5am and alternated my viewing the World Cup would be presented to the (officially sanctioned and prepared) entries you guessed it, a works Ford Escort. patients should be told they are not getting
between the Korea v Greece game and the winners in 1970). from Ford, British Leyland and Moskvitch, Happy Motoring a “brand new” organ. He said on the BBC
first hour or so of the Le Mans sports car 24 that “lungs from a smoker can be working
hour endurance race, then is was off to Santa perfectly normally.”
Monica to the Cock & Bull to get an early seat
for the England game. I could have watched
Palin ‘Would Love’ Scott’s family called for patients to be
told more information about organ donors
the game at home of course but for me Maggie Thatcher before accepting a transplant.
England games must be watched in England
so, as I’m 6,000 miles or so from good old Meeting Free Beer Offer Email
Blighty I do the next best thing and travel the SARAH PALIN wrote in a Facebook
15 miles or so to Santa Monica. posting last month that she’s been From Council, Not Real
To me English pubs are like the Embassy invited to London – she didn’t say by
and therefore can be regarded as English soil. whom – and the invitation included an AN ANNUAL free-beer day offered by a
I caught the majority of the earlier Argentina v offer to arrange for a meeting with one local council seemed too good to be true ...
Nigeria game and by about half way through of her “political heroines,” former Brit- and, as the old adage suggests, it was!
that game the pub was full. I had lunch during ish Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The Northamptonshire County Council
the two hour interval between the two games She said she “would love” to meet which sent out an email proposing an an-
and settled to watch what was to be the with Thatcher and hoped to arrange a nual free beer day has apologised after
most eagerly anticipated England game for trip soon. admiting the suggestion was a joke.
quite some time and gave a thought to those Palin was responding to an article The message, outlining a scheme in
motor racing drivers pushing their respective by the Daily Mail, which raised the which every pub would hand out beer to
machines upwards of 200mph around the The Ford Escort Mexico potential for an upcoming visit. locals, was received by people who had
Circuit de la Sarthe in the late afternoon in England were strong favorites to win and semi-works entries from Citroën. I’m not The possible London visit comes signed up for details of ongoing public
north western France. I suffered through the the Cup in the 1970 tournament after their sure how it was in the rest of the world but amid continued speculation that the consultations.
England-USA game, disappointed, more with success in 1966, furthermore Britain had the TV and media coverage of the event in former Alaska governor and 2008 Workers hastily retracted the message
England’s performance, than by the result. I dominated in motor sport throughout the Britain I remember was first rate and plentiful Republican vice presidential nominee after it was created by a member of staff
then went home, took a nap, had dinner with 1960’s, so the Daily Mirror World Cup Rally with progress reports reported two and three may run for president in 2012. Such as part of a training scheme at Northamp-
my wife and daughter and settled down to which was to prelude the Mexico World Cup times a day during the whole month-plus a journey wouldn’t be her first high- tonshire County Council.
watch a few more hours of Le Mans on TV generated a great deal of interest throughout long-rally. profile trip overseas: she gave a speech A spokesman from the council said
again. I finally went to bed and then woke Britain. Many of the worlds leading rally driv- The event was a superb build up for the in Hong Kong last year on US-China there had been a “mix-up” and that the
early to see the finish of the race. ers were to participate, and a few celebrities, World Cup, like delivering the cup to its desti- relations. email should never have been sent, re-
It’s amazing how much one can get done including a squad member of the 1966 World nation from whence it came. The winning car ported the Daily Telegraph.
in one day, not by me, I mean the racing Cup, the great Jimmy Greaves. Royalty was which boosted sales tremendously in Britain
teams at Le Mans. I suppose that it isn’t the even represented as Prince Michael of Kent as a result was a Ford team modified Escort
first time that Le Mans has coincided with the also participated. Mk1 fitted with a 1850cc version of the Kent
World Cup but this could be a first, the Brit- The start date was April 19, 1970 and the cross flow engine and which had up-rated
ish F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone takes place course, 16,000 miles of it, ran as follows, components from other Ford models, it was
on the same day as the World Cup Final (at London, Dover then on to Lisbon in a zigzag driven by Hannu Mikkola and Gunnar Palm of
different times though, thankfully). So if you route passing through most of Europe’s ma- Finland. It was no fluke victory either, of the
are both a motor racing fan and a footy fan jor and capital cities along the way. From the first eight-place finishers, five were 1850cc
you can catch them both. port of Lisbon it was over to Rio de Janeiro works Ford Escorts.

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Page 14 July 2010
out at the Canadian Grand Prix in the Asia Cup in Sri Lanka, but will return this years when he won the Madrid Masters with Keothavong, Kate O’Brien and men’s double
Montreal, June 12, with the two month for a series of ODIs. a 21 under 267, May 30. One stroke behind pair Jamie Murray and Jonathan Marray did
British drivers battling it out with England beat Scotland by seven wickets in was rising Welsh star Rhys Davies. Same not get by the opening round. Rafael Nadal
Hamilton claiming the chequered an ODI in Edinburgh. Scotland 211. weekend, Brian Davis notched his fifth won his fifth French singles title with a three
flag. Hamilton leads the Formula England 213-3 at close. South Africa second place finish on the American tour at set win over Robin Soderling, and Francesa
one driver’s table with 109pts, opened their Caribbean tour with a 163 run the Colonial Invitational at Fort Worth, Texas. Shiavone became the first female Italian
Button follows with 106pts. win against the West Indies in the first Test The Brit finished with an 18 under 262, but singles winner here, after beating Samantha
Jorge Lorenzo of Spain won at Port of Spain. South Africa 352 and 206-4 was still three strokes distant from winner Stosur of Australia.
the British Grand Prix on June 20, dec. West Indies 102 and 293. Zach Johnson. BOXING
to extend his lead at the top of the THE COUNTY GAME Justin Rose got the Memorial Tournament 38-year-old Vitali Klitscho (42-2) is seven
Compiled by Larry Gardner MotoGP world championship standings. Last month, England’s domestic game at Dublin, Ohio, concluding June 6, off to a years older than the challenger for his WBC
CRICKET: BANGLADESH IN saw the Friends Provident Twenty20 com- memorial start with a seven under 65. He heavyweight crown, but in Gelsenkirchen,
FRANCHITTI IS INDY 500 CHAMPION ENGLAND petition, take precedence over the county was later crowded out a bit, but on the final Germany, May 30, it was still not enough
THE Memorial Day Weekend running of the Bangladesh began their tour of England championship. round fighting a four stroke deficit, he hit for European Champion Albert Sosnowski
Indianapolis 500, had a distinctive British feel with three, three day matches beginning at the Mid-June, Nottinghamshire led the county a six under 66, that gave him an 18 under (45-2-2) to upset the big Ukrainian world
to it as three Brits filled the first four places. Oval, mid-May, with a drawn game against table with four wins from seven games with 270, for his first victory in seven years. He champion. The Polish fighter seemed to be
Reigning IndyCar champion Dario Franchitti Surrey. Surrey 318 (Matthew Spreigel 108)- 112pts, Yorkshire 103pts and Somerset earned over a million dollars for his win, three holding his own until the bell saved him in
ran an almost perfect race, leading 155 of the 7 dec and 313-3 at close. Bangladesh 376 100pts follow. Glamorgan led Division Two strokes clear of Ricky Fowler. Tiger Woods the ninth, but after crashing to the canvas in
200 laps, to win his second Indianapolis 500 (Usman Afzaal 159)-6 dec. At Chelmsford, with five wins from eight games with 126pts, carded a six under 282. Same weekend, at the tenth, the ref stopped the fight. Klitscho is
in grand style. The Edinburgh born Scot had Essex beat the visitors by five wickets. Sussex 112pts and Gloucestershire 101pts the Celtic Manor Course in Newport, UK, looking at David Haye’s WBA crown.
earlier won this race in 2007. Dan Wheldon Bangladesh 231 and 211. Essex 313 (John chase. Ulsterman Graeme McDowell, shot an eight Britain took three silver medals at the
from Emberton, who won here in 2005, Maunders 126) and 130-5 at close. At Derby, The men who produced a solution for under 63, on the final round to win the Welsh European amateur boxing championships,
followed Franchitti home for the runner-up the England Lions won by nine wickets. limited over games shortened because of Open with a 15 under 269. Rhys Davies was their best haul since 1961. Iain Weaver
spot. Wheldon was runner up last year too. Bangladesh 220 and 161. The Lions 296 rain, were both awarded MBEs in this year’s runner-up three behind, with Luke Donald (featherweight from Bournemouth) Khalid
Marco Andretti was third, and Manchester’s and 86-1 at close. Queen’s Birthday Honours List. Frank third, five distant. Yafai (flyweight from Birmingham) and
Alex Lloyd, in only his second year in IndyCar Bangladesh has a reputation as the Cinder- Duckworth and Tony Lewis came up with an Lee Westwood’s burgeoning form over Tom Stalker a lightweight from Liverpool
was fourth. Basildon’s Justin Wilson was ella of the Test Cricket scene, but at Lords, accepted method to decide results when rain the last month or two, exploded at Memphis, were the honourees. Man in charge, former
seventh, while the other British contestant, they gamely showed there developing talent stopped play. The Duckworth/Lewis method in the St Jude Classic, June 13, with a record world middleweight contender Robert Mc-
Mike Conway, from Bromley, Kent, survived and it was not until just before tea on the has been in use since 1996. breaking seven under 63 in the first round. Cracken, the man who trains Carl Froch, is
a spectacular aerial crash two laps from the final day that England could claim an eight WORKFORCE WINS DERBY His persistence continued when he entered getting the credit for reviving Britain’s amateur
end and did not finish. wicket victory. Sir Michael Stoute claimed his fifth Derby a play-off after a 10 under 260, resulted in boxing status.
LEWIS HAMILTON LEADS England 505 (Jonathan Trott 226) and winner on a gorgeous sunny day at the Epsom a three man tie. At the fourth play-off hole WORLD CUP WARM-UPS
FORMULA ONE 163-2 at close. Bangladesh 282 and 382 Downs, June 6, when Workforce (6-1) broke with Robert Karlsson and Robert Garrigus, England bade farewell to the homeland
Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel took (Igbal Tamim 103). At Old Trafford however, the course record with a spectacular run at Westwood claimed his second PGA title. May 24, with a 3-1 win over Mexico at Wem-
the first and second places at the Grand Prix the Tigers could not handled the rambunc- the 231st running of Britain’s oldest and most “It’s definitely nice to win again,” said the bley. In Graz, Austria, May 30, England took
of Monte Carlo, but at the Turkish Grand tious English bowling, and in just three days, prestigious horse race. At First Sight (100-1) Englishman. on Japan in an extraordinary game where the
Prix, May 30, two weeks later, they col- England carved out a convincing innings and was second with Rewilding (9-2) third, and Same weekend, the USA won the Curtis Japanese scored all the goals. In fact, Marcus
lided with one another on the 40th lap. The 80 run victory for a 2-0 result in the short Aidan O’Brien favourite Jan Vermeer (9-4f) Cup (the women’s version of the Ryder Cup) Tulio Tanaka found his own net twice, giv-
race turned in to an all-British duel between Test series. fourth. 12 ran. Mid-way through the mile and beating Britain & Ireland, twelve and one half ing England a 2-1 win. England finished off
McLaren team-mates Lewis Hamilton and England 419 (Ian Bell 128). Bangladesh a half, At First Sight led by some six lengths, to seven and one half at the Essex Country their World Cup preparations June 10, at the
Jensen Button, with Hamilton getting the 216 (Igbal Tamim 108) and 123 at close. but Workforce owned by Saudi Prince, Khalid Club, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass. Moruleng Stadium in South Africa, beating
chequered flag. The same scenario played The Tigers interrupted their English tour for Abdulla, powered forward with two furlongs MCDOWELL FIRST BRIT TO WIN local side, the Platinum Stars 3-0.
to go and overalled another Aidan O’Brien US OPEN IN 40 YEARS The United States’ World Cup preparation
horse to win by seven lengths. For jockey Calmness and composure was the criteria went badly against the Czech Republic where
Ryan Moore it was a double celebration, as that carried Graeme McDowell, to an historic they lost 4-2, after Bob Bradley, left most of
he had rode Snow Fairy (9-1) to victory in victory at Pebble Beach, California, June 20, the first teamers out.
the Oaks, the previous day. Trainer Stoute, where a steady hand proved the optimum Confidence rose in the next couple of
had his first Derby victory with Shergar in advantage as an even par 284, earned him games however, as the US beat Turkey 2-1
1981,who later, mysteriously disappeared the US Open title. Coming off a victory as and Australia 3-1.
and was never seen again. the Welsh Open champion in Newport, MORE SPORT
Stoute would win again in 1986, 2003 Wales, two weeks previous, the Northern Andrew Ellis and his company RFC
and 2004. Irelander remained unfazed by rain delays Holdings looked all set to buy out Glasgow
RUGBY UNION and sometime quirky greens, and became Rangers from major shareholder Sir David
The summer rugby tours of the southern the first Briton to win the US Open since Murray, when suddenly the deal went sour.
hemisphere began early last month. At Tony Jacklin in 1970. While Phil Mickelson Murray owns 90 per cent of the shares of
Twickenham, England beat the Barbarians and Tiger Woods received the media atten- SPL club, that are reputedly £30m in debt.
35-26,before heading of for their antipodean tion, and youngster Dustin Johnson had the A Murray media release abruptly announced
tour. They commenced in Perth, against the cameras focusing in, McDowell kept to his the club is no longer for sale…. Crystal
Australian Barbarians with a 28-28 result, regular game plan that gave him a one stroke Palace were saved from extinction when a
before losing the first Test to Australia victory over Gregory Havret of France. It was last minute bid by CPFC 2010, a consortium
27-17. the first Major for McDowell, who collected of supporters led by Steve Parish and Martin
They went on to beat the Australian his biggest pay-check ever worth $1.3m. Long reached an agreement with bank admin-
Barbarians 15-9, and won the second Test “I’m playing the golf of my life now,” said istrator Brendan Guifoyle just a few hours
at Sydney, June 19, winning 21-20. Wales the brand new US Open champion. before total liquidation. Palace had laid off
were beaten 31-34 by South Africa in Cardiff. FRENCH EXIT FOR ANDY MURRAY 29 employees and had not met the payroll for
Scotland travelled to Argentina winning 24- The red clay of the Roland Garros Stadium May…. At Wimbledon, trainer Charlie Lister
17 in the first Test and 19-13 in the second has not provided much encouragement claimed his fifth Greyhound Derby when
for an historic series victory. New Zealand for British players over the years, and this Bandicoot Tipoki (7-2) beat out favourite
taunted Ireland 66-28, then beat Wales 42-9 year’s French Open Championships, May Toomaline Jack (10-11f) by half a length….
in Dunedin. South Africa beat France 42-17 23-June 6, proved no different. Andy Mur- The man who made Darts (the PDC) into a
and then Italy 29-13 ray’s attempt to thwart the dour record came big commercial and financial success, Barry
England Saxons captured the Churchill to an end in the fourth round when Tomas Hearn, pledges to do the same for snooker
Cup after a 38-10 win over Canada in New Berdych of the Czech Republic ousted the after the top 64 ranked players in the world
Jersey. Earlier they went to Russia and won Scot 6-4, 7-5 ,6-3. Previously, Murray had voted 35-29 to put him in charge. World dart
49-17, and in Denver, Colorado, they beat won a hard-fought five setter going over the champion Phil Taylor won the PDC, UK Open
the USA 32-9. Other CC results saw Russia four hour mark against Richard Gasquet of Continued on page 15
beat Uruguay 38-19, while France beat the France, then had another five setter before
USA 24-10 and Uruguay 43-10. besting Juan Ignacio Chela of Argentina.
DONALD WINS IN SPAIN – US He then beat Marcos Baghdatis of Cyprus
VICTORIES FOR ROSE AND WESTWOOD in four sets. Other Brits did not go so far.
Luke Donald claimed his first win in four British number one Elena Baltacha, Anne
th Com
eW e
la or And
yal C yton’s ld
Cu Wa
Ro p H tch
lish P ub

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July 2010 Page 15

USA And England Face Similar Issues. . . World Cup

Continued from page 16 when Kevin Prince Boateng converted a English, and the team’s disjointed perfor- Shorts
Jamie Carragher, who had replaced King, and midfield turnover by Clark. Edu replaced mances at the tournament cast shadows
midfielder Gareth Barry, an injury absentee in
the US game, provided a measure of stability
Clark and Benny Feilhaber took over for
Findley, with Dempsey moving from midfield
on his future.
ESPN’s World
in front of the back line. to forward. They rallied to tie with a Donovan Bradley’s case is more complex; injuries
Still, England fended off Slovenian at- penalty kick, then surrendered yet another to forward Charlie Davies, who missed the Cup Coverage
tacks in the final half-hour on blocks by Glen early goal – by the powerful Asamoah Gyan World Cup, and defender Oguchi Onyweu,
Johnson, Terry, and Upton after goalie Samir -- less than three minutes into extra time. who struggled in the first two matches and Has A Distinct
Handanovic had repelled a Rooney shot and This time, they could not respond. A glorious was replaced, pointed out how shallow is the
Terry header. chance – the Americans were slotted into a US pool of national-team players capable at
the highest level. The solid, composed play of
English Accent Martin Tyler
After falling behind on Gerrard’s goal in quadrant with Uruguay and South Korea along from California for FSC.
the fifth minute and fighting back to tie, the with Ghana for a spot in the semifinals – went Feilhaber and Edu prompted speculation they STANDING on the sideline – er, touchline
should have been in the starting lineup for – at US soccer practice, Martin Tyler “I guess the US audience, in fairness,
Americans made a few lineup changes to unclaimed. is still learning the game in many ways.
face Slovenia, and gave up two first-half STORMED that opener against England, but US Soccer looked on. After more than three decades
is still grappling with how to find and develop of broadcasting in England, he was getting It’s taken us 100 years to learn the game
goals on defensive miscues. More changes Germany stormed out to a 2-0 lead against and we’re not still sure we’ve got it right,”
were made; Donovan started a comeback by England, Upson headed home a cross to cut talent scattered across a huge country whose ready for his American debut on ESPN.
own pro league (Major League Soccer) is still Enough of the vague soccer commen- Gray said with a chuckle.
lashing a shot into the roof of the net three that deficit in half, and a minute later came a ESPN/ABC has invested a huge amount
minutes into the second half, the US scored flashback to Geoff Hurst’s controversial win- mid-level at best. Only four of the USA’s 23 tary by much-maligned Dave O’Brien. For
World Cup players currently play in MLS, and this World Cup, ESPN and ABC brought in its World Cup coverage, sending 200
again through Michael Bradley in the 82nd ner in the 1966 World Cup final. Lampard’s people to South Africa to produce the tele-
minute, and lost an apparent winner by Rang- shot off the underside of the bar clearly Donovan is probably headed overseas sooner in the best English-language soccer an-
rather than later. nouncer in the business. casts along with 100 local hires. Among
ers’ Maurice Edu on an officiating decision landed two feet over the goal line before the soccer stars who are participating are
yet to be explained. it bounced back up to be grabbed by Ger- Critics pointed to Capello’s selection deci- “We have the NFL, we have the NBA,
sions – the omission of Theo Walcott being we have the Stanley Cup, all your major Juergen Klinsmann, Ruud Gullit, Ally
TRIUMPH man goalie Manuel Neuer, but the officials McCoist; the network talked with Jose
The Americans’ remarkable triumph over missed it. Midway through the second half, one – and problems finding a replacement sports events are broadcast in this coun-
for Ferdinand. In this category, Capello and try,” Tyler said by telephone from his Mourinho, but couldn’t come to terms.
Algeria fueled two days of extensive media German striker Thomas Mueller – certainly The biggest difference between British
coverage and unprecedented exposure, yet well-named for his prowess in front of goal Bradley were burdened with some of the home in England before heading to the
same problems despite working in sharply World Cup. “Nobody has ever sent an and American announcers. On the olde is-
it also seemed to drain them for a knockout – scored twice within three minutes on land, the broadcasters are more restrained,
match against Ghana, which four years ago counterattacks. contrasting situations and with different Englishman over to do it.”
reservoirs of player talent. Authenticity is the buzz word. ABC more likely to keep talk to a minimum.
beat the US, 2-1, to eliminate them after Capello has already stated he’ll start PARTNERED
group play. Bradley restored Ricardo Clark looking at new players for the start of Euro- For both nations, the frustrations of World and ESPN got bashed for their coverage
Cup 2010 and long-term plans for the next of the 2006 World Cup and responded by Tyler, who has broadcast every World
and Robbie Findley to the lineup; neither pean Championship qualifying in September, Cup since 1978, is working with with
would last longer than the first half. should the FA decided to retain him. His four-year cycle range beyond issues of hiring the 64-year-old Tyler, an acclaimed
managerial decisions. broadcaster for Britain’s Sky Sports, as former Nigerian player Efan Ekoku.
Again, the Americans fell behind early troubles with Terry, limited command of And for the US v England match Tyler
its lead announcer for the tournament in
patrnered with former American captain
Union Jack Sporting To Bow Or Not To Bow: As John Steele Leaves
South Africa that opened June 11. He
was been joined by Adrian Healey, Derek John Harkes.
Roundup Queen Visits Wimbledon UK Sport For RFU Rae and Ian Darke to create an all-British
play-by-play crew for the 64 World Cup
Tyler actually worked in the United
States early in his career: He produced the
Continued from page 14
WIMBLEDON players were able to revive JOHN STEELE is leaving as chief execu- world feed for soccer coverage at the 1984
a lost tradition when the Queen visited the tive of UK Sport to become the new CEO matches.
“The decision is a strange one in some Los Angeles Olympics.
at Bolton, June 3-6, for the fourth time with tournament for the first time in 33 years of the Rugby Football Union. He used to visit the US on holiday in the
a 10-2 win over Adrian Lewis in the final… last month. Steele will replace Francis Baron, who ways to me,” said former ABC and ESPN
analyst Seamus Malin. “I don’t think you summer, too, catching up with old soccer
Former Wolverhampton Wanderers and The All England Club dropped the tradi- is retiring after 12 years at the RFU. buddies such as Bobby Moore and George
England goalkeeper Bert Williams, died last tion of a bow or curtsy to the royal box in Steele is a former player, coach and have to be a cheerleader for Americans,
but I think you have to a lot of reference Best when they played in the North Ameri-
month. He was 93. Williams’ incredibly long 2003. That came at the request of the Duke executive director of Northampton Saints can Soccer League. And he broadcast the
career was severely tarnished when he let in of Kent, the club president, to the relief of rugby club. places.”
the goal that allowed the USA to beat England most players at the time. As leader of UK Sport, Steele was in FAMILIAR 1986 World Series on a delayed basis for
Tyler’s voice is familiar to US soccer the British network ITV.
1-0 in the 1950 World Cup. However, he was Martina Navratilova once joked: “Men charge of funding Britain’s Olympic ath- Until this year, Tyler had broadcast the
always a big favourite at Molyneaux. have it easy ... the curtsy is the toughest letes ahead of the 2012 London Games. fans from his coverage of the English Pre-
mier League and the European Champions World Cup for the Australian network
part of the match.” At the RFU, he will help organize the SBS. He lives in London near the Chelsea
When the Queen arrived at Wimbledon 2015 Rugby World Cup in England. League, which is relayed regularly on Fox
The Queen made one her infrequent last month the club left it up to players Steele will officially leave UK Sport for Soccer Channel. and Fulham training grounds and estimates
visits to Wimbledon, where after a tour of whether to show a measure of deference the RFU in late July. His voice also is known from the EA he covers about 100 matches per season.
the grounds she watched Andy Murray win to her before their match. On her last visit Sports FIFA video games, where he part- The coverage by ESPN seems to be
his second round match in straight sets over on July 1, 1977, Virginia Wade won the ners on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox360 working as every week seems to bring
Finland’s Jarkko Nieminen. The Queen had ladies’ singles championship – Britain’s versions with former Scotland forward a new soccer record for the network, as
last visited 33 years previous, when Virginia
Wade captured the women’s singles title.
only singles’ title in 33 years.
Wade was present last month, along
SOCCER Andy Gray, another Sky Sports announcer.
Gray is also working for a US network,
the USA v Algeria World Cup match
was the most viewed soccer game ever
Wimbledon began Monday, June 21, but by
the third day, only Andy Murray who beat Jan
Hajek of the Czech Republic in the first round
with Venus and Serena Williams, who
both curtsied; Roger Federer and Andy
Roddick Bowed.
shorts broadcasting a World Cup studio show

Wimbledon Closes Roof For First Time In 2010

for ESPN.

was the only British singles player left stand- Continued from page 16 THE ROOF over Centre Court at Wimble- match against Olivier Rochus of Belgium
ing. Officials did not issue as many wildcards
to the British players, and for the first time in
Blatter Needs More Wolves To Increase Stadium don was closed for the first time at this on opening day. Rochus was leading 6-4,
Than Apologies
year’s tournament – not because of rain, 2-6, 6-3.
over a hundred years there was not an English Capacity To 36,000 but because of fading sunlight. Play resumed after a delay of about 35
singles competitor on court. Murray’s fellow Continued from page 16 WOLVERHAMPTON Wanderers is planning to The retractable cover, first used in minutes.
Scot, Jamie Baker was the only other British spend £40m on increasing the capacity of its
male to play singles. He went out in the first official right on that line is much more likely to 2009, was shut after the third set of No It was the third match on Centre Court
get a better view, even on a hard-hit shot that Molineux stadium to help it cement a place 3-seeded Novak Djokovic’s first-round during Day one of the tournament.
round to Andreas Beck of Germany. Six Brit- as a Premier League regular.
quickly rebounds back up off the ground.
ish women began the tournament, but none
reached the second round. British number Had a goal-line official been watching Wolves said that they hope to increase
the number of seats in their 121-year-old
British Teams Touring The US This Month
one Elena Baltacha won the first set, was the Tevez play, he would have immediately
seen that Tevez did indeed touch the ball stadium from 29,303 to 36,000 in time for Teams on Tour: July 22: New York Red Bulls v Tottenham
5-3 up in the second, but still lost to Petra the 2014-15 season. • Glasgow Celtic Hotspur participate in the New York Football
Martic of Croatia. Britain’s 2008 Wimbledon after Lionel Messi directed it towards the
goal, which apparently both officials didn’t The most recent redevelopment was only Challenge. Red Bull Arena, NY. 8pm. www.
Junior champion, Laura Robson, tackled 20 years ago, but improved facilities and extra • Bolton Wanderers
the high seeded Jelena Jankovic and gave notice. (Had Tevez not touched the ball, play
would have continued and if it evaded both seats would bring in extra revenue that should • Manchester United
a brave display but it was not enough. In the allow the team to invest in transfers and attract July 23: NY Football Challenge: Manchester
defenders and crossed the goal line the goal • Manchester City City v Sporting Lisbon, 8pm at Red Bull
doubles, some British duos did progress to higher-caliber players with better wages.
the second round; including, Jamie Delgado would be valid.) • Portsmouth FC Arena, NY.
and Josh Goodall, Chris Eaton and Dominic Before he replaced Joao Havelange as
FIFA president after the 1998 World Cup, Vieira Commits To Manchester • Tottenham Hotspur July 24: Portsmouth v DC United, RFK Sta-
Inglot, Ross Hutchins and Jordan Kerr and City For Another Year ~ TOUR GAME DATES ~ dium, Washington, DC.
Jocelyn Rae and Heather Watson. Blatter badgered referees for years to improve
Misery for new French Open cham- their work on dangerous tackles and off-side MANCHESTER CITY says Patrick Vieira will July 14: Charlotte Eagles v Bolton Wanderers, July 25: NY Football Challenge: New York Red
pion Francesca Shiavone of Italy, who was decisions, which video replays showed were stay at the English Premier League club next Restart Field, Charlotte, North Carolina. Bulls v Manchester City, 1pm at Red Bull
eliminated on the first day of play by Vera being botched at an alarming rate. Now, season after taking up a one-year contract Arena, New York.
however, as the man-in-charge, he seems - Portsmouth v Club America, Qualcomm
Dushevina of Russia, while losing French extension. Stadium, San Diego, CA.
finalist Samantha Stosur of Australia, suffer too gun-shy to implement changes that are The 33-year-old French midfielder joined - NY Football Challenge: Tottenham v Sporting
a first round exit too. drastically needed. City on an initial six-month deal in January - Philadelphia Union v Celtic, PPL Park, PA. Lisbon, 1pm at Red Bull Arena, NY
The longest game in tennis history, after spending nearly four years at Inter 8pm
CARLING CUP DRAW Milan. - Kansas City Wizards v Manchester United
became a major media event when John First Round July 16: Manchester United v Celtic, Rogers 5pm at Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City,
Isner of United States beat Nicolas Mahut of (To be played week of August 9) He played 14 times for City as it finished Center, Toronto, Canada
Hartlepool United v Sheffield United fifth and missed out on a place in next sea- Missouri.
France, 6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (7-9), 7-6 (7-3), 70-68. July 17: Portland Timbers v Manchester
The match spread over three days had an
Leicester City v Macclesfield Town
son’s Champions League. July 28: Club America v Manchester City,
Walsall v Tranmere Rovers
Vieira, who won the Premier League three City, Merlo Field (University of Portland),
actual playing time of eleven hours and five Carlisle United v Huddersfield Town Georgia Dome, Atlanta.
times with Arsenal, was left out of France’s Portland, Oregon
minutes. Wimbledon officials made a special Stockport County v Preston North End

presentation to the players and the umpire

Barnsley v Rochdale
squad for this year’s World Cup finals in - San Jose Earthquakes v Tottenham Hotspur - MLS All Stars v Manchester United, Reliant
Morecambe v Coventry City
where former singles champion Ann Jones Doncaster Rovers v Accrington Stanley South Africa. San Jose, CA. 7pm. www.sjearthquakes. Stadium, Houston, Texas.
and Tim Henman did the honours. Chesterfield v Middlesbrough com July 30: Chivas v Manchester United, Estadio
Peterborough United v Rotherham United
Roger Federer was stunned by 12th seed Bradford City v Nottingham Forest Fowler Seeks Damages From - Charlotte Battery v Bolton Wanderers, Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico.
Tomas Berdych. Leeds United v Lincoln City North Queensland 7:30pm, Blackbaud Stadium, Daniel Island,
Andy Murray reached the semi-finals to Sheffield Wednesday v Bury
SC. July 31: Inter Milan v Manchester City, M&T
Scunthorpe United v Oldham Athletic FORMER Liverpool and England striker Stadium, Baltimore, Maryland.
face Rafael Nadal on July 2. Crewe Alexandra v Derby County Robbie Fowler is suing Australian A-League
Exeter City v Ipswich Town - Ventura County Fusion v Portsmouth,
CHAMBERS WINS 100M IN BERGEN Southend United v Bristol City
football club North Queensland for damages exhibition game kicks off at 3pm at Oxnard
Britain’s Dwain Chambers won the 100 Southampton v AFC Bournemouth over the termination of his playing contract. College – 4000 S. Rose Ave., Oxnard, CA
meters in 9.99 seconds on the first day of
Brentford v Cheltenham Town Fowler was one of seven Fury players 93033.
the European Team Championships.
Queens Park Rangers v Port Vale
Torquay United v Reading
whose contracts were terminated when North
Queensland restructured earlier this year due July 18: San Jose Earthquakes v Tottenham
Chambers was never seriously challenged Norwich City v Gillingham
Hotspur, Buck Shaw Stadium, San Jose, CA
on his way to posting the fastest time in Stevenage v Portsmouth to financial difficulties and its running was
the 100 by a European this year, ahead of
Shrewsbury Town v Charlton Athletic
Cardiff City v Burton Albion
taken over by Football Federation Australia. - Seattle Sounders FC v Celtic 12pm, Seattle, WA
France’s Christophe Lemaitre, who ran a Northampton Town v Brighton & Hove Albion Fowler has since signed a new A-League
Swansea City v Barnet deal with the Perth Glory. July 21: Philadelphia Union v Manchester
personal best of 10.02. United, Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia.
Chambers tested positive for the steroid
Plymouth Argyle v Notts County
Wycombe Wanderers v Millwall
The players’ union, Professional Football
THG in August 2003 and served a two-year Oxford United v Bristol Rovers Australia, took action against North Queen- - Toronto FC v Bolton Wanderers, BMO Field,
ban. He is banned for life from the British Milton Keynes Dons v Dagenham & Redbridge sland on behalf of the seven sacked players Toronto.
Olympic team, though he won the right to
Hereford United v Colchester United
Yeovil Town v Crystal Palace
and reached settlements for all but Fowler. - Portsmouth v an Edmonton Select side.
compete for British teams in other cham- Aldershot Town v Watford The amount sought by Fowler has not 7:30pm Commonwealth Stadium, Edmon-
pionships. Swindon Town v Leyton Orient been revealed. ton, AB
Page 16 July 2010

USA And England Face Similar SOCCER

Issues After World Cup Exits shorts
Hodgson Hired As New
By Ridge Mahoney Green had contrived to let Clint Dempsey’s
two-bounce shot glance off his gloves into
Liverpool Manager
THE WORLD Cup sagas for England LIVERPOOL announced the appointment of
the net to equalize a shrewd Gerrard goal
and the United States, which began struck in the fifth minute from a clever first- Roy Hodgson as their new manager July 1.
with a 1-1 tie that pleased neither side, time diagonal ball played by Emile Heskey. Hodgson was announced as the new
ended at the same stage: The sides traded half-chances manager of Liverpool, carrying with him the
the round of 16. with numerous Americans experience of coaching three national sides
For England, a 4-1 thrashing squaring off against teammates and managerial roles with clubs in six differ-
by Germany was disaster; the and foes they see regularly in ent countries.
Americans felt a muted sense of the Premier League. The 62-year-old Hodgson had been
satisfaction tinged with disap- Donovan’s successful loan seen as a potential replacement to England
pointment after losing to Ghana, stint with Everton, where US manager Fabio Capello following the national
2-1, in extra time. The futures of keeper Tim Howard also plays, team’s dismal showing at the World Cup - but
both managers, Fabio Capello and Dempsey’s role during Ful- England’s controversial third goal scored by Geoff Hurst (not shown) in the he hasn’t always been so in-demand in his
and Bob Bradley, are in doubt, ham’s run to the Europa League World Cup Final against West Germany in 1966 was given by a USSR linesman. native country.
with perhaps Capello’s two final ratcheted up anticipation Hodgson had mixed success at Blackburn,
remaining years on his contract causing
pause at FA headquarters. Bradley’s four-year
for their meeting, which of course prompted
endless remembrances of the 1950 game in
Blatter Needs More Than Apologies much better at Fulham – Europa League Final-
ists, and has previously enjoyed memorable
contract is up at the end of this year. Belo Horizonte, Brazil, a 1-0 US win decided By Ridge Mahoney in March that Blatter declared experiments runs at Halmstads, Sweden; the Swiss na-
An all-time record TV audience for a US by a Joe Gaetjens’ goal. Dempsey’s tame TO HIS credit, FIFA president came out and with goal-line technology, which included tional team at the 1994 World Cup in the US;
men’s game, including hundreds of public shot and Green’s gaffe became an Internet publicly apologized to England and Mexico for microchips imbedded in the ball and imaging two spells at Inter Milan, and stints at Swiss
screenings and watch parties around the sensation before the final whistle blew, and the terrible officiating decisions that marred equipment to track where the ball traveled, to side Grasshopper, Danish club FC Copenha-
country, celebrated an incredible stoppage- in the next match David James took over in their matches in the round of 16. be done and over. The past season of Europa gen – where he won the Superliga title – and
time goal by Landon Donovan that downed the English net. To his discredit, however, he didn’t League matches featured goal-line officials, Italy’s Udinese, as well as taking charge of
Algeria, 1-0, and landed the US on top of the Gerrard’s goal represented one of the few apologize for being a bonehead. In March, one at each end of the field, who are stationed the national teams of United Arab Emirates
group. England came second with the same times in four matches that England exploited a he stated his adamant opposition to the at the intersection of the goal-line and the and Finland to fill out his resume.
total of five points; they lost first place on the defensive glitch. They labored grimly through use of any technology to assist the four goal-area line to monitor the penalty area and Arguably Hodgson’s greatest attribute has
second tiebreaker of goals scored. a 0-0 draw with Algeria and were booed off match officials, even though they’ve been rule on goal-line situations. been his ability to get the best out of players
All of the English problem areas cited the pitch, prompting Wayne Rooney – whose been about to communicate by headsets Those experiments will continue next who are not household names. With players
prior to the World Cup arose in South Africa: own desultory performance surely merited for several years. In the aftermath of a Frank season. “It is an ongoing process at FIFA such as Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres and
a replacement for defender Rio Ferdinand, at least a few hoots and whistles – to lash Lampard shot that rebounded off the bar and on my personal agenda,” said Blatter. Javier Mascherano at Anfield, he will now
questionable goalkeeping, leadership with the out bitterly. He apologized a day later, and and landed well over the goal line yet wasn’t “In October-November we will present a have to prove he can manage world-class
captain’s armband stripped from John Terry, a squad facing a very stark reality of not ruled a goal in a 4-1 loss to Germany, and a new model on how to improve high-level stars who are rumored to be unhappy with a
and how to properly align Steven Gerrard and advancing pulled together to rescue a spot blatantly offside goal by Argentina’s Carlos refereeing.” lack of success.
Frank Lampard in the same midfield. Capello in the knockout rounds by beating Slovenia, Tevez against Mexico that was allowed to While that may open the door a crack to Continued on page 15
had steered England through the qualification 1-0, with a Jermaine Defoe goal created by stand, he reversed his stance. goal-line technology to determine whether a
process smoothly, with nine wins and one
loss, 34 goals scored and six conceded, but
a James Milner cross.
“Everybody knew at the start of this
competition that we would not apply any
ball has crossed the line, Blatter is adamantly
opposed to any use of video replay for other Discount Airfares
all of his experience with Italian clubs and
Real Madrid didn’t transform England into a
Defoe had earned a spot alongside Rooney
in the starting lineup, and Milner had replaced
other system, such as having two additional
referees in the penalty areas or using tech-
situations, such as assessing off-side. Thus
any chance FIFA might adopt or even experi-
To The UK
serious contender for the title. Aaron Lennon, who’d cut apart the US a few nology, including goal-line technology,” said ment with video replay, as is used in basket- All fares less than Internet
REPLACEMENT times but ran aground against Algeria. Matt Blatter. “Consequently, the principle will not ball, baseball, football, hockey, cricket, rugby
At halftime of the opener, Ferdinand’s re- Upson took the central defensive spot along- be changed for this competition. But with and other sports is nearly nonexistent. Over 30 years experience
placement Ledley King had to be substituted side John Terry in place of the suspended what we have experienced here, it would be IMPROVED
because of injury. Already keeper Robert Continued on page 15 nonsense to not reopen the file on technology Goal-line officials could be a marked
at the next business meeting of the IFAB on improvement in situations such as those of Contact Fred
20 and 21 July in Wales.” both Lampard and Tevez. Referees and their (714) 425-1075
EXPERIMENT assistants are often poorly positioned to see
EXPATRIATES It was after the latest meeting of the IFAB whether a ball has crossed the line, but an

(International Football Association Board)

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All rates include surplus lines taxes where applicable.
Underwritten at Lloyds. New rates are effective through 12/31/10.
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First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2 First 2
14 days to Free; Free; Free; Free; Free; Free; Free; Free; Free; Free; Free; Free;
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