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Studies Venice and Singapore

What lessons can Singapore learn from Venice?
What are the similarities and differences in Venice and SGPs rise?

Venice Singapore
Preempting Venice innovated and diversified her economy, by Singapore also continues to diversify her economy
global introducing soap-making, printing and her popular so as to not be dependent on one industry only that
economic glass-making may fall
competition Also, Venice built the Arsenal, where her ship Singapore has decided to set up 2 Integrated Resorts
(anticipating building industries were centralized so as to increase to fend off growing competition for the tourist
change, efficiency of production of her galleys dollar and attract more tourists
staying The Arsenal eventually became the backbone of Also, Singapore has invested greatly in the life
relevant) Venices maritime prosperity, and hence allowed sciences, training potential work force with courses
her to remain competitive against other trade rivals in the polytechnic and universities and setting up
like Genoa organization like Biopolis
Venice also preempted economic competition by Hence, Singapore will have more to offer with a
exploring unknown lands diversified economy and be able to ride the waves
The Marco Polo family explored the overland trade of the increasingly competitive global economy
route to China, and earned Venice good relations
with the Far East, enabling her to expand trade
Thus, their adventurous and risk-taking spirit
allowed Venice to beat her competition, Genoa
Good Venice ensured smooth succession of leadership in Singapore also learns from Venice as it does away
leadership government though elections with corruption through her system of meritocracy
Venice also had wise leaders like Doge Pietro Singapores leaders are also mindful of grooming
Orseolo, Doge Enrico Dandolo and Doge Pietro future leaders
Ziani, who led Venice through her golden age as a Mr Lee Kwan Yew groomed Mr Goh Chok Thong,
maritime empire who later groomed Mr Lee Hsien Loong to become
Prime Minister
This smooth transition of power coupled with
capable men of integrity ensures the continuity of
existing policies, the initiation of new policies to
meet the nations changing needs and hence allows
for Singapores growth as a competitive society
Reforms in Venice made reforms to their governmental Similarly, Singapore has learnt from Venice and in
Government structures, from a 3-tiered to a 5-tiered structure the early 1990s introduced Nominated Members of
with the addition of the Great Council and Council Parliament (NMPs)
of Forty and 60-member Senate Today, there are 9 NMPs and they represent
This ensured that duties were specialized, citizens without party affiliation to participate and
maintained effective checks on power and made contribute to parliamentary debates, without
sure that there was no concentration of power having to go through the electoral process
Thus, NMPs allows minority groups to have a say,
and help make debates more 3-dimensional as they
add more perspective into the issue of discussion
Managing Doge Pietro Orseolo believed in diplomacy as the Singapore must do the same to foster diplomatic
international way to boost trade, and hence reconciled feuding relations with countries around the world that will
relations cities, negotiated with major powers and subdued open opportunities for trade and cultural exchanges
the pirates of Dalmatia Singapore has signed many free trade agreements
This enabled Venices independence to be and even plays an active role of the UN, for
protected and to obtain favourable trading terms example when Tommy Koh served as President for
Venices key position as a trading hub was also the Law of the Sea Conference, and Singapore as a
enhanced through strategic management of non-permanent member and President of the
international relations Security Council from 2001-2002
Hence, Singapore plays her part to have a presence
and significance in the world, to ensure she is
respected as an important member of the
international community
Dealing with In dealing with threats, Venice followed an However, Singapore is different as though we have
external aggressive policy of deterrence, and launched many not experienced a successful terrorist attack, we are
threats military campaigns, for example with Genoa and always on the alert
eventually defeating her in the 14 century, and Such acts test the social bonds of SGPreans, as our
the Ottomans in the 15 century multi-racial society can easily turn against itself if ill
However, this approach led to her demise, as it feelings are developed amongst different groups
drained her resources and affected trade, spilling to Thus, Singapore prepares through goodwill
become an internal problem committees, building a national identity,
safeguarding the interests of minority groups and
developing common space

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