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Classroom Management Plan

My Beliefs about Classroom Management

First of all the most important aspect of classroom management to me is how I present

myself. This is also called Teacher Presence, it is how others see me as a teacher. It is

who I am in the classroom and the strategies that I use within my classroom will define

my classroom presence.

I can gain a positive classroom presence by establishing expectations at the beginning

of the year so that my students know exactly what I expect from them and exactly to

expect from me. One way I can do this by have a clearly outlined set of rules and

standards for how I expect my students to behave while in my classroom. However, I

want my students to feel a sense of ownership within the classroom as well. To

accomplish this I will allow them to join me in making two or three rules to be placed on

my classroom rules list. I will also make sure that I strictly enforce the classroom rules

when they are broken. I will have a set of consequences that will be followed strictly and

uniformly for all students. I will also make sure to use positive reinforcements and praise

students for good behavior and following the classroom rules.

I believe that another major aspect of classroom management is room arrangement,

decoration and organization. When my students walk in the classroom I want them to

feel safe, welcomed, and excited to see what the day holds. I will have my students

desks arranged so that I can stand in the middle or front of the room and make eye

contact with all of them at all times. Their seats will be arranged in the form of a

horseshoe so that they are all facing me when I am teaching. I will have my desk in
front of the horseshoe arrangement of desks, so that even when I have to be at my desk

I can still see everyone all of the time.

In conclusion, I will present a positive teacher presence by establishing clear and

meaningful set of classroom rules, goals, and expectations at the beginning of the year

that attainable yet challenging and clearly defined. I will also present my students with a

classroom environment that is welcoming, inviting and free from distraction and disorder

for them to learn and grow ,

To help gather my beliefs about classroom management I referenced Skinners

Theories of Classroom Management. He believed that the goal of psychology should

be to find ways to make education enjoyable and effective for all students and I believe

that my classroom management ideas will make my classroom enjoyable and effective

for all of my students. I will maintain this classroom atmosphere through the use of

operant conditioning and reinforcements as discussed here: Overview of Skinner's

Theories of Classroom Management. I also referenced, The Choice Theory by a

theorist named Dr. William Glasser. The Choice Theory talks about using positive

reinforcements, frequent verbal reprimands, a Reward system, proper arrangement of chairs,

individualized praises, and oral recognition of misbehaviors. I intend to use all of these are

attributes within my classroom management system that have been discussed in Glassers

theory here: The Choice Theory

Dear Students,
Welcome back to school and to your 3rd grade class!! I hope that you
and your family had a fun and safe summer.
I am excited about getting to know you and I know we are going to
have a wonderful school year! I will be your teacher for reading,
writing, language, science math and social studies, I love each of
these subjects. However, I must favorite two are reading
and writing (I love writing poems and reading stories)!! If you dont
already LOVE reading and writing, it is my ultimate goal to help you
become passionate about both!! I am planning a year filled with
excitement, learning, and excitement about learning!!
Other than reading and writing, my hobbies are spending time with my
family, gardening, fishing and traveling! I have two kids. My daughter
is a high school student and my son is a mechanic at a car dealership.
I love fishing and spent a lot of my summer this camping!
I am excited to tell you about a field trip that we will be taking to the
pumpkin patch just outside of town. We will take a bus from the
school there after breakfast on Friday, October 26. While at the
pumpkin patch, we will take a hay ride and each of you will get to pick
out a pumpkin to take home and decorate for Halloween!
I am looking forward to our school year together and I hope that you
are as well. Its going to be a great year in 4th grade!
We are going to have so much fun!!!


Mrs. Bailey
Dear Parents and Guardians,
Welcome to 3rd grade! I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child and
working together to help your child succeed! As parents and guardians, I understand
that you are the most important teachers in your childs life and I look forward to forming
a partnership with you to help your child achieve the goals set forth for him or her. I
have written an introduction letter to your child about myself but I would like to take this
opportunity to give you a brief overview of some things.

I will be teaching your child reading, writing, language, and social studies. As I stated in
your childs letter, I love all of the subjects that I teach but it is especially my goal to
instill a lifelong passion of reading and writing in all of my students. I have very high
expectations of myself as a teacher as well as of my students and I have always found
that to be an excellent pathway to success! Tests will always be on Fridays and I will
send them home the following Monday in their folder for you to sign and return. I want
this to be a wonderful and exciting year for all of my students but also a productive,
challenging and successful year.

This year we will be taking two field trips. The first one will be the Friday, October 28,
2016. We will be taking a bus trip to the Pumpkin patch just outside of town and the
students will get to go on a hay ride and each will get a pumpkin to take home to
decorate for Halloween. The other trip will be at the end of the year and those students
who have had five or less unexcused absences for the year and have not been
suspended for the entire year will get to go on a trip to the Movie Theatre in Beckley on
May 2, 2017.

My main objective in writing this letter is to get to know my students. If you could please
take a moment and write me a letter about your child, it would be immensely helpful
since making your child feel comfortable in our classroom is a major part of his or her
success as a student as well as mine as a teacher. I thank you in advance for taking the
time to write to me. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact me.
Communication is a huge part of your childs success. If you have any questions,
concerns, suggestions, would like to visit our classroom, schedule a conference, or you
want to volunteer, you can reach me at (304)294-5252 or email me at:

Once again, welcome to 3th grade! I know that, together, we can make this a wonderful
school year!

Mrs. Bailey
Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Arrival Procedures
Hang up your coat and book bag.
Take your binder, notebooks, pencils, etc. to your desk.
Turn in your homework and make sure your name is on your paper.
Go to breakfast if you are eating breakfast.
Go to the bathroom and get a drink of water if you need to
Get your morning work and take your seat.
Talk quietly until the music stops
Start your morning work.

Dismissal Procedures
Make sure you have all of the take home papers.
Get your backpack and pack it up at your desk.
Check around your desk for trash. Please, pick it up!
Remain seated quietly and listen for your bus to be called.

8:35 a.m. First bell rings. All students line up and walk to class with their teacher.

7:40 a.m. Second bell rings. All students should be in their classrooms or with
their teachers proceeding to the class.

7:41 a.m. Students arriving at this time are TARDY. Teachers will not accept
students without a tardy pass from the office. Students arriving at this time report
to the office for a tardy pass.


1st tardy Verbal warning

2nd tardy Letter sent to parent/guardian outlining this policy.

3rd tardy Parent/student conference with teacher to resolve issue.

4th tardy Letter mailed home regarding consequence with next tardy.

5th Detention during lunch.

6th tardy Students will miss the next class activity

Attendance Policy

A meeting will be scheduled with the building Principal (or his/her designee), the
Parent(s)/Guardian and the student to develop an action plan to improve the students
attendance if a student has accrued any of the following:

Five (5) or more unexcused absences in the school year

Five (5) or more days tardy (unexcused)

Two (2) or more classes/periods (unexcused)

Please note that when a student has been absent for five (5) or more consecutive days,
parents must obtain a doctors note and submit it to school.
If a student is absent for eight or more unexcused days in a quarter, school officials may
file a CRA (Child Requiring Assistance) petition with the Juvenile Court which could
result in a hearing before a Juvenile Court Judge. Prior to the filing of a CRA, Families
and Students will be required to work with school administrators to improve the
students attendance.

Chronic absenteeism may also lead to academic failure for the year and retention of the

An Excused Absence/Tardy includes:

Documented illness or injury

Bereavement/family funeral

Major religious observances

Extraordinary family circumstances (excused at the discretion of the principle)

Homework Policy
Parents will be allowed to write five parent notes per semester for absences and 5
parents notes for being tardy. These will not count as unexcused occurrences.

Late Work Policy:

Homework assignments are always due the following day unless otherwise
1 Day late = 10% Deduction
2 Days late = 20% Deduction
3 Days late = 50% Deduction
4 Days or more late = 0% for the assignment

Redo Policy:

If you score below an 80% on an assignment you will have the choice to redo
that assignment.
If you redo the assignment, I will take the average of the 2 grades for your new
You cannot redo a late assignment
Getting Students Attention/Getting Teachers Attention
Procedure for students getting the teachers attention.

1. Look at the teacher.

2. Raise your hand. Stay calm.
3. Wait until the teacher says your name.
4. Wait your turn.

Procedure for Teacher getting the students attention.

1. Stop talking and count to three.

2. Stop talking and turn out lights for a second.
3. Use a code phrase such as, give me five.
4. If all else fails I will deduct from playtime

Lining up/Hallway/Bathroom Procedures

When lining up or traveling through the hallway I will require my

students to follow the following set of rules.

1. Walk, do not run.

2. No passing in lie.
3. Keep your eyes looking forward.
4. No not talk, Listen.
5. Keep your hands to yourself.

When students have to go the bathroom they will follow the

following rules.

1. Be silent.
2. Put all trash in trash cans.
3. Do not leave the water running.
4. Students must go to the restroom in pairs. (I will assign
bathroom buddies in the beginning days of the school years.
5. Always flus and wash your hands before returning to class.

Bullying Procedures

1. Bullying is strictly forbidden.

2. We will not be a bystander, they are just as guilty as the
3. Try to help students who are bullied.
4. Include students who are left out
5. If you witness bullying or you know someone is being bullied,
tell an adult.
6. If Bullying occurs the bully will be suspended as will any
Classroom Rules/Discipline
Within my classroom management system I will have a set of rules that are specific and
clear. I will enforce them with consistency and I will always use positive reinforcement
whenever possible. Some of my rules will be as follows:

1. Respect yourself and others.

2. Say please and thank you.
3. Raise your hand and wait for me to call on you before
4. Keep your hands to yourself.
5. Try your best.
6. Be quite when others are talking.
I will use a three step process when intervening. For example, if I tell a child to sit down
in their seat and this is ineffective the second will be to state, I will continue the lesson
when everyone is in their seat. If this is still ineffective, I will inform the student that
they will lose some of their recess time if they do not sit down. If a student continues to
be unresponsive to my attempts to correct their behavior I will take some of their recess
time as well as call their parents and let them know that I am having a problem getting
the child to behave.

I will also have a system for recognizing and rewarding positive behaviors. For
example, when I catch a student exhibiting very good behavior I may tell them that they
can get 2 treats from the treasure box at the end of the day instead of 1 and I will
always give praise to my students for good behaviors.
Classroom Setup
I like this seating arrangement because it leaves a lot of open

space for me to walk around as I teach and I can see all of the

students all of the time.

Bell work for day one
Bell work for day one
Things to Accomplish Before First Day of School

1. Plan your bulletin boards. ______

2. Decide where you want to post announcements, menu, and
3. Prepare a welcome back display._________
4. Designate boards for subject area work, and boards for students to
5. Decide where you want to display your students' original work.______
6. Set up two or three learning centers to get started.______
7. Create signs for your room to help your students learn classroom rules
and routines._______
8. Prepare your class rolls and permanent records.______
9. Post a cheery sign with your name outside the door along with a class list.
Students and parents will appreciate it when they go looking for the right
10. Make student name tags for desks (unless you are planning to have the
students make their own)._______
11. Find out your students' schedules for lunch, gym, art, music, and
12. Gather and organize all your supplies: __________
textbooks and supplemental materials

plan books

classroom reading books and read-alouds

attendance materials

paper clips

various types of paper (e.g., writing, construction, math)


different kinds of tape

grade book

rubber bands

stapler and staples



textbooks and supplemental materials

plan books

classroom reading books and read-alouds

attendance materials

paper clips

various types of paper (e.g., writing, construction, math)


different kinds of tape

grade book

rubber bands

stapler and staples



13. Prepare take-home packets for your students. Some of the items you'll want to
include are:_____

emergency forms

school rules

supply list

bus or transportation rule

welcome message to parents/request from room parents

14. Find out which students may be going to special classes. __________
15. Check out library books for students and books for read-alouds._______

16. Set up a folder for a substitute to use in case of emergency, containing the

daily schedule

seating chart

reproducible activities

17. Prepare a file for correspondence from parents._____

18. Prepare a file for faculty bulletins. _____

19. Obtain a copy of state and district curriculum standards._____

20. Write tentative lesson plans for the coming week.____

21. Make copies of materials you'll be handing out during the first few days._______

22. Write your name and other important class information on the board._______

23. Make a checklist for returned forms (can be used later for report cards and other

Greeting the Students

Paramount priorities for the first day of school are meeting and greeting the kids, getting
everyone in their assigned seats and matching names with faces. So, I will be waiting
at the door to greet all of my students on the first day of school. I will show each
student to their assigned desk and introduce myself after they hang up their back packs.
I will tell them that there is a paper on their desk that they can be working on (this is the
first day questionnaire).

Description of How Procedures will be taught

I will teach my students the procedures to be used within the classroom by explaining

them and practicing them. I will give it a couple of weeks to get used to all of the

procedures, then the students who do not follow the proper classroom procedures will

have to be accountable by losing playtime or some other consequence.

Selection of Rules

I will select some rules to be placed on the list of classroom rules simply by thinking

about the behaviors that I want my students to exhibit while in my classroom. Then I

will allow the students to help me develop the list further through whole group

instruction. I will write down ideas that they have about rules on the board and then we

will pick three of them to be placed on the list of the rules.

Rachael Baileys Third Grade Classroom-First Day of School
Greet each student at the door.
Hand each child a classroom rules sheet (goes in notebook).
Direct them toward their assigned seat (alphabetical).
Tell child to read and follow the instructions written on the board.
Have instructions written on the board for them to start on (bellwork).
Finish greeting the last student to arrive in class
Welcome students to class and introduce myself. Introduce myself, talk about family
(husband, kids), and education. Tell them where Im from and where I live.
Tell them why I wanted to teach.
Arriving and leaving class. Teach procedure for arriving in class. Teach procedure for
dismissal from class.
Explain rules and daily procedures. Refer to the rules that are posted at front.
Explain discipline plan and refer to poster. Go over procedures and refer to poster.
Talk about We missed you chart.






Here is my classroom management plan. I spent a lot of time working on this

assignment and I can see that it will very likely change many times as I gain experience in the

classroom and grow as an educator. I cant wait to implement this plan into my own classroom.