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Long Test


I. Multiple Choice
Directions: Read the following questions/statements carefully then choose the correct letter of the best answer. (1 point
For numbers 1-5, choose your answer from the choices given below.
a. Dialogue b. Direct Address c. Narrator d. Aside e. Voice Over
f. Flashback
1. When two or more characters engage on conversation on stage.
2. A line delivered outside of the scene.
3. A character who describes action or emotion that is not presented to the audience.
4. When a character speaks directly to the audience.
5. An event on the past is presented as though it were occurring in the present.

For numbers 6-10, pick your answer from the choices given below.
a. Thrust stage b. Proscenium Stage c. In-the-round Stage d. Traverse Stage e. Stage

f. Theatre
6. It is a platform in a theater and it is when the performers stand.
7. In here, the audience directly faces the playing areas.
8. It is an elongated playing area and is surrounded by audience seating on two sides.
9. It is a stage that extends into the audience on three sides.
10. It is a stage were the playing area is surrounded by the audience seating on all sides.

For numbers 11-15, refer your answer from the choices given below.
a. Chamber theatre b. Editorial cartoon c. Argumentative d. Cartoon e. Drama
f. One-act play
11. It is a type of text that intended to persuade and convince the audience in terms of communicative functions.
12. It is a method of adapting literary works to the stage using a maximal amount of the works original text and often
minimal and suggestive settings.
13. It is also known as a political cartoon and is an illustration or comic strip containing a political or social message.
14. It is a drawing that expresses a funny idea and illustrates our imagination.
15. It is a play that has only one act, as distinct from plays that occur over several acts.

II. Matching Type

Directions: Choose the correct meaning of the underlined words from column A to column B. (1 point each)

Column A Column B
16. The man tug the rope. a. Annoying
17. The teacher permit the students to go out. b. Group
18. The woman stoops to pick his bag. c. Allow
19. The boy has a frail body. d. Pull
20. The sound of his voice is bothering. e. People
21. She was beckoned by the boy wearing a black f. Bend over
coat. g. Not interesting
22. There is a querulous passenger on the bus. h. Hindrance
23. Watching sad movies is bland. i. Delicate/ weak
24. She was unnerved by the stranger. j. Complaining
25. The setback on our relationship is our parents. k. Become nervous
III. Fill in the blanks
Directions: Write the correct form of the verb inside the parenthesis based on the given type of conditional.
A. Present Real Conditional (Ifsimple presentsimple present)
26. If I (have) _____ enough time, Ill (watch) _____the football match.
27. Kevin (help) _____ me with my homework when he (have) _____time.
28. I (walk) _____if there (is) _____nothing to do.

B. Past Real Conditional (Ifsimple pastsimple past)

29. If she (study) _____our lessons, she (get) _____ a higher grade.
30. If Jessy (listen) _____to her teacher, she (answer) _____the questions correctly.
31. If they (submit) _____their outputs, they (receive) _____their grades on time.

C. Future Conditional (Ifsimple presentsimple future)

32. If Migi (go) _____to the party, May (feel) _____happy.
33. If she (do) _____her homework, the teacher (glad) _____ to check it.
34. If Jim (plan) _____to stay, Kim (feel) _____contended.
35. If Freddy (go) _____to school tomorrow, I (take) _____ his phone.

IV. Gerundial Phrase and Its Function in each sentence.

Directions: Underline the gerundial phrase and write its function.
36-37. Manny argued strongly against recounting the vote.
38.39. After saving the dogs life, the young man was given an award.
40.41. Mirlou always enjoys smiling with his students.
42.43. Joe doesnt like getting up early on Saturdays.
44.45. My job is making reservations for overnight guests at the hotel.

Directions: Enumerate the steps in creating editorial cartoon. (46-50)