Newsletter July 2010

The 7th Ray of Deity - color: Violet
The Violet Flame of Transformation is the most known energy ray amongst population of all nations. The respective energies are Psychology, Conflict Releasing, Ego-Transformation, Forgiveness, Self Education, Self-Development, Spiritual Awareness, Awakening to the Higher Self, Rebirthing, Transformation of Speech through Ari-Shemnot - the language of light, Constructive Self Judgment (Self-Analyse), Understanding and Transformation of the Inner Chaos and Cross, Karma Work , Purification through Self Recognition, Alignment of Soul - Heart - Body - Mind and Spirit, Third eye and 7th Chakra Activation, Peaceful Action, Inner Growth and Spiritual Education, the way to the Light Within The energy content of this ray has many components nevertheless they are all interlinked and just different aspects of the same powers. As you see, all the powers are focused on the process of transformation in all senses. But in first place what does the word transformation really means? Many people have some knowledge about this energy frequency and “know” the violet flame of transformation. They are working with Amethysts Stones and feel good with the teachings coming along with the energies. Everybody talks about transformation, changes and shifts and many books are talking about spirituality in relation of transformation but all seems to be confusing on a deeper level because the knowledge by itself does do anything. People are reading about it but at the end they do not know what to do with the information and how to do it and what there has to be changed in their lives in first place; as we all can consider ourselves as good persons we often don’t understand why heavy situations are coming along our way, what the sense of all that is, if we are some kind of play -balls from some other realms, bad luck or the madness of some fellows that do not like us and many people are getting lost in the stress of daily obligations we are supposed to accomplish, to believe and to learn to be a recognized person in our societies We all go through challenges and shifts individually and globally and there are many questions rising up in our minds such as “why is that happening to me? Or what have I done I my life to deserve that?” and there are many of similar questions and many persons are standing alone without having specific answers to it.”. What am I doing on Earth - what is this life all about? Why there are so many sufferings, why my life is going like a roller caster? Why I am getting sick? I am sure everybody has a long list of such kind of questions and we wish to understand what really is going on in our lives and on this beautiful blue planet we call our earth. It would go too far to even think that a simple newsletter can give all the answers to what is going on everywhere, I just wish to give you a little deeper insight so you will become a different feeling and knowledge of the many levels of the word of transformation and that it

contains so many different teachings and combinations of energies that it often takes a deep connection to be really understood. To have changes in our lives we need to make a decision from a deep heart’s desire to seek answers on all those questions that are holding our brain occupied. The free will to realize that change has to become strong enough in order to start acting in the direction to find the real answers - those that are not created in our brain, thinking without resting all the time, occupied with blaming the self, seeking guilt for different situations or results, full of fears that are hidden within and the stress to get all done what we have to do during the day to please the world. To have a change in our lives we have to say stop on one point and to bring our mind into stillness. In first place we all need to understand that we are the center of our own lives and nobody else. When you allow somebody else to take over our center, it is done by free will and that is the way how we give our power away. After a while we fall out of balance, the next phase we lose the alignment with our heart > we are reaching a phase where we do not know what to do and what to decide because it could be wrong or judged by others and at the end we are not doing what we came to do but what is pleasing others in order to consider ourselves as good, to get some recognition and love. The next step of what I call Devolution is that the connection with the heart is getting lost and in the worst cases we are losing the connection with our inner Child and SOULBEING. That is the meaning of living in separation or in disconnection with our self and that only guides us to sickness and disease of any kind because we are out of balance peace and harmony. Many people already found out that they are missing peace and harmony in their lives but do not know how to get it back. Many are working with the violet flame of transformation and Saint Germain …. And nothing happens; no changes are showing up….. How can that be? What is wrong? That is the question. They put all their will power into the change they wish and even so, nothing happens - that can be very frustrating and the chaos goes on and on… Let’s look at the causes and dive into the deepness of our being where we are able to look with different eyes. The violet flame is an energy that helps us opening doors to deeper understanding holding the powers within to make us discover of who and what we really are. That is not something that can be done with our intelligence or with our brain capacity nor with our ego will to know. In order to create changes in our lives we have to come back to the heart and to act, to work on ourselves, to seek the difference, to be willing to enter a way of permanent learning with a deep inner wish to recognize the truth behind our situations that we created for ourselves. We have to face our creations. As long as self arguing is going on the door keeps closed and we will not be able to see the bigger picture. The only look to discover the truth of our creation is the courage to look inside and to admit the errors we committed and to understand why we did it and how we did it so it could manifest. That is the way into the unconsciousness to find those self denying or self destructing pattern and once we found them we have to learn to forgive ourselves and those who were involved. Without the power of forgiveness change is not possible. Working with forgiveness reconnects us with our disconnected heart and after a while we find our inner child and our Soul Garden where we find peace, inner joy and love. From that place we will see everything with different eyes and different perspectives as the world’s eyes ever could see. That is the moment we start self education through self analyses and constructive self judgment. What is Constructive SelfJudgment? The way to look at situations in your life without self blaming, without shame, without guilt, without feeling as a victim and all those other energies that just are holding us involved and trapped inn those pattern making us blind for the bigger picture and the way out of the dilemma or disease or whatever situations we might stick in. The way out is stopping to think about the trouble all the time because thinking about it you give the trouble the power to

stay alive. Let your brain activities go and travel within your heart center - there find a space to rest within your self - breath - let go whatever is worrying in that moment - any kind of fear, of doubt, of self pity, rage and impatience. Working with forgiveness and constructive self judgment brings us back to the center of our being and your inner being opens doors and windows of deeper understanding. After a while of training you will be able to work with those insights becoming more conscious of how many different states of beingness we are living in, how everything is interlinked and how amazing it is to experience those times of transition, shifts and challenges in order to become a more whole understanding of the entire process going on individually and globally. This process of transformation is the spiral of evolution guiding us to become conscious of our hidden unconscious patterns that are not in favor for our own lives. Working on ourselves we can start to change them with comprehension and love one by one. They become new impulses to get out of vicious circles, of fears to lose whatever it might be, to get sick or to be a victim of others. Transformation also means healing on many levels. The most urgent healing process need in our world is healing the relationship with our own self. We are trained to function in this world and functioning without connection to our inner self just brings pain, inner isolation and that is manifesting in our daily lives. We need to heal our inner child that often is sitting in some kind of cage not able to get any deep breath, so it is waiting in some kind of agony until the memory rises up that there is a inner child that is pure and divine but just forgotten like old stuff. Transformation only can happen from inside out because nobody can expect others to change so we can get something different in our lives. We wish a change for better? We need a new focus line, opening up to the bigger picture of what life is all about and wanting to experience the life of our dreams we have to change everything what is hindering us on the way to reach our goal and that start by constructive self analyses and to look at our selves from a different view point. We need to find out how we become the obstacle for our own dreams. We need to start to understand ourselves really and not just to know us - understanding goes far deeper as knowing - it changes our perception, our horizon - our vision and the new understanding brings the inner shifts and challenges with new concepts new energy waves are coming out of our being creating new experiences setting new goals in harmony with your skills and new opportunities will appear created by the change of your inner self. You come back to your own truth and you will wake up to complete different potentials sleeping within you never got in touch with because you even did never thought that you are also an universal and multi dimensional being and not just a human earthly Being; that is only one side of us….. you start to understand what it means loving yourself and this new unconditional love creates a new reality because the feelings about yourself have changed - you re-discover your self going the way of never ending training; you become responsible and you start enjoying your way of the shifts, bringing new ideas, new chemical connections, new form of self perception, of self approval you will notice that you are really the center of your own life and you perceive that few after few people around you will change too as you have a different impact on them as you had before. As more as you open up to your true inner self as more you change your Ego Self to your Divine Self. What is the difference? The Ego Self just seeks to satisfy the mind for own personal purpose - to want to have - wanting to be somebody - wanting to win or to be the best or to be smarter and better as others ever might be - to show off etc, etc…. This is a form of Life disconnected from the Heart and the Soul.

The actions of a Heart Based Being want to have for the purpose of the best of the life purpose in harmony with your inner being and in harmony with your own energy - wanting to be the best of what you can get out of your self to reach your goals in alignment with your heart desires and your dreams - wanting to be the truth of your divine self and express it in every moment - wanting strength to deliver the best with trust in your self -joy of life and be the happiness you wish to experience. We need to work hard on ourselves to become the best of what we see in our dreams as goals and we need to hold on to our goals and dreams no matter what others might think or judge. That way we discover our life mission and happiness grows every day. The transition happens through the decision that we go for our life goals and the happiness created by doing what we like to do and walking the way of life in love with what we do and we need for self realization. Nobody will tell you that you are crazy if you really feel what you say because people will notice that you are expressing yourself as a whole being and not a being fallen apart into fractions. Whole means the integration of all our different aspects. We all know Holistic Healing that includes Body Mind and Spirit - wow but there are 2 huge parts missing - look at the powers of the violet ray of transformation: It integrates also the Heart and the Soul - so we have to re-align our different aspects in order to recreate our lives. We need to understand ourselves in order to become aware of what we are creating and in order to change the brain activity we need to be reconnected to our heart and to the love within because without love transformation and healing are not possible because true healing needs a different kind of energy as you have created so far when you are not in harmony with your inner self. Each disease is a cry for help from the heart and the soul - We are producing energies that are not in harmony with ourselves - result is inner weakness > lower self defense > that jumps over from the invisible realm into the physical one - the immune system fails the doors are open for disease. We can avoid all kind of disease - beginning to listen within we start to rebuild our whole Beings. We need to heal our relationship with our body, our relationship with the money - our relationship we have with Nature, with the heavens and life itself including all people. Change is always about us in relation with other aspects of life and not about the change of the outer world .for us - we need to go the way back to our own identity and that true and divine identity lies within waiting to be rediscovered - when we touch base the changes we need and we wish to come into our lives are happening from inside out and we then understand that we are creator of our own way and everybody else is just an assistant for us to learn our lessons. Forgiveness becomes easier and easier and the light within us starts growing .and finally we find out that all is divine, that we are all interlinked and that we are part of the whole of existence and that it is impossible to be alone. Then you start to walk a different way - the one of freedom, of liberty, of love, of commitment and of responsibility. The chaos we experienced before is disappearing because we are finding the lost connections of each strand that is floating in the air - we are able to catch them up and to fix them where they belong to and the alignments come back and the powers come back, the joy is increasing into our life, abundance is blessing our lives and wonderful relationships and friendships are resulting from those inner changes and healing takes place on many levels. When a person is separated within it manifests like all is manifesting - when the love within becomes a normal state of being, expressing the self freely, it creates more love by the law of attraction. Observe your thoughts from a distant so you do not get involved into any judgements. Just look on what kind of thought you are focused on…- Good and Bad are an illusion and used by many systems to lead people to fears and threat of punishment. Stop

punishing yourself for what ever and open the door to your light that resides within you, ready to shine when you let it grow…… That is Transformation - that is change, shift and Quantum leaps of consciousness are the result of that very moment when we discover our own divinity…… We have stored many boxes within or drawers and in everyone of them there is one little part of us waiting to be found again, to be released and to join the center to be reintegrate into the whole of what we are- that is inner growth - we just grow to what we really are with all our talents, skills and gifts - don’t waste them… up to your self, act and set yourself free - help is always there and you will find many tools and doors that opens when you focus on inner change. There is also always one specific person that shows up in moments of needs who helps specially you to walk your own way when you are ready to walk and to enter the portal of Self - Transformation. Becoming the conscious creator of your life, able to enjoy every single day as a gift to learn more and to explore your universal Being is a wondrous journey where miracles will touch you and you grow and grow and nobody ever can stop you again. Ari Shemnot- the language of light is a tool for Self-Education.. Words as expression of thoughts and feelings are the power of manifestation. To become aware of our creations we have to have a look on our form of self expression. What kind of words are we using and how are we using them. When you are imagine that thoughts are energies, that feelings are energies and that words are energies creating the powers of life, we have a combination of different waves within our electromagnetic field that are originated only by us. Nobody else is involved of the energy we create as only we and our vibrations are there for us to experience. When you think positive in negative terms you create negativity - when you focus on what you don’t want in your life your create what you don’t want - so in order to shift your experiences you need to shift the way you think - example I always said “ I would rather learn any strange language as Spanish” I don’t like Spanish at all - what happened? That deep feeling was karmic as I had several Past Lives in Latin America there was kind of hate-love combination - I was always drawn to Latin America but I did not want to know anything about the language - finally I got confronted of what I did NOT wanted and when I moved I was able to find out what was happening, I could open up and learned the basics and to negotiate with the Government in only 4 month - today I think back with a big smile. When you thing that you “would never…” you can be 100000000% sure that just this will happen because you created it. I had three mayor though form of that pattern and yes they all manifested and yes they are nothing else as tools of learning how we are creating our life experiences, the so called good ones and the other ones too as energy has no judgmental factor it just is what it is. Once we figure out how we are creating our lives we need Compassion. Compassion is not only there for others, it is a tool of transformation that makes you able to recognize pattern of lower frequencies. This is very important because it helps us to look from a neutral viewpoint - just on the energies focusing at the positive side of all situations. The questions of “what did I do” shifts into “ what do I have to learn” and you will find out what the respective lesson is. This is a day by day training on little things, from there comprehension grows from inside out and you become aware of the lesson of every single event. There is a deeper meaning to everything. Love, compassion, peace and all other energies we wish have to begin to vibrate for ourselves so we create compassion inside and can share it then with everybody else. What we wish to experience WE have to create within us first and Love is the most missing factor in life of our times - love has to come from inside the heart and shine to attract the love we wish. We can never expect that others give us what we are missing - that is an illusion - we need to produce

our own powers, our love and our dream life then we attract the ones being part of our projects or our life because the energetic life stream is matching and everybody gives powers in - nobody takes any of it away - more as we produce more we get .and as more everything grows for the best of all - we find the wonderful way of union.. In this wholeness we find protection, satisfaction, self realization, happiness, abundance and joy of life. The violet ray of Transformation is a miraculous tool for everybody and if you wish to have more insights of the violet ray please visit the angel teaching art gallery - each item has a deeper level of understanding and opens ways to integrate the wisdom of change

“Have a happy day - let your spirit fly and feel the caresses of the wind of change”
Additional Resource: 2 weeks ago a friend of mine sent me a link to a series of short movies 10 minutes each - it seems that it is already known by many and the real movie has been shown several years ago. The title is: What the BLeeP Do wE (k)now ? part 1 -12 on YouTube About quantum physics and what it means in our lives - continuation of Einstein’s teachings in a simple way of understanding on an example of a Lady that has no self confidence and how her way of transformation affects her states of beingness going through the process of understanding, letting go old judgements, opinions, pattern and self denial. It is an amazing tool and shows you exactly what this newsletter is all about and the movies will make you understand how transformation and healing works. It is worth to watch and to feel the energies of change from inside out - with scientific explanations of quantum physics. Many blessings and always feel free to connect and to ask questions… Love and light Regina E.H .Ariel Info - free inscriptions - healing requests - sessions and Rainforest Healing Products life power analyses - the essence you are : Monthly Angel Teachings - Angel Art - Spiritual Art : E-Book: The Key to the Universal Sacred Heart & Miraculous Healings - exceptional True Healing Stories In that book you find true cases all considered incurable - healing has been self created through shifts of consciousness without any pill just by the power of the spirit within and recreating the old pattern of chaos. ----- Directly downloadable from the site - with extension lessons and exercises, videos and pictures…. The book guides you to self-education and to activate own healing powers. It is a book about own experiences written in a simple way - just showing the way out of very have situations in a short time.

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