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A narrow winner that takes the top spot because of
the way the broadcaster handled breaking material.
Breaking news can be difficult to deal with because of
In The Wake Of Tragedy, Detroit's the lack of the fluid nature of initial information
Newest Police Officers Look Ahead Spot or Breaking News First WDET Eli Newman information. Well done!

Gordie Howe Dies Second WDET Quinn Klinefelter

Topical, well thought out piece that asks an intriguing
question about the continued growth of Detroit. The
overall piece is well written and utilizes sound properly
balancing both sides of the argument, which allows to
Must Detroit Shrink To Survive? General News First WDET Quinn Klinefelter make their own decision over the future of their city.

Flint Residents Paying For Switch
To Contaminated River Water Second WDET Quinn Klinefelter

Crossing The Lines - Windsor Third WDET WDET News Team

Anatomy of a Murder Story HM WJR Radio Dick Haefner

A Visit in Prison brings listeners right into the scene as
if we are standing next to the reporter, observing the
same things she is. The script and narration make the
piece captivating, telling a full story about why this
event is important and how incarceration impacts
entire families. It offered a few surprise elements, and
on-point interview quotes. The producer also did a
fantastic job combining the music and background
noises from the event, intertwining them with the
interviews. Overall, the piece was moving with great
details, and ended on a difficult note that likely has
First made listeners reflect on what they just heard long
A Visit In Prison 03 - Feature Story place. WDET Laura Herberg after it was over.
Michigan State
University's School of School of Journalism &
Faces of Flint - MSU J-School & Journalism and WKAR WKAR Radio Series
WKAR Radio Feature Story Second Radio Collaboration
Ferncakes For Christmas Third WJR Radio Marie Osborne
Detroit Boat Delivers Mail By The
Pail HM WDET Quinn Klinefelter
Helping Highland Parkers Help
Themselves HM WDET Laura Herberg
As a racing fan, I found this entry fun! The used of
actual "nat sound" from the racetrack gave the piece a
familiar feel and kept me listening. You could even feel
Indy 500 Races To Remain the fun that the broadcaster was having with the
Relevant At Century Mark Sports Reporting first WDET Quinn Klinefelter piece.
Penske Takes Lead On Race Track
And Public Projects Second WDET Quinn Klinefelter

Child Killings: 40 Years Later Investigative Reporting First WJR Radio Marie Osborne

A well rounded cast which keeps the listener tuned in.
The broadcaster's delivery was solid, steady, properly
animated and with few flaws. A solid newscast which
5 am newscast 050216 Newscast First WDET Pat Batcheller caught me and kept me...well done!

8am newscast 080316 Second WDET Pat Batcheller

544 pm newscast 020316 Third WDET Jerome Vaughn
Laura Weber-Davis,
Created Equal Special News Special / Documentary first WDET Stephen Henderson

Election 2016 Special Second WDET WDET News Team

Still Standing: Heroes Among Us Third WJR Radio Marie Osborne
People On The Ground
Volunteering For Presidential
Campaigns In Metro Detroit News Editing First WDET Eli Newman
What's Up With All These
Pheasants? Second WDET Shelby Jouppi

Why Does A Private Company
Own A Major US Border Crossing? Third WDET Quinn Klinefelter

Holiday Tragedy Feature Story First WJBK-TV Lori Pinson
Andy Capper, Maximilian
de la Garza, Gregory
Noisey Detroit News Special / Documentary First VICELAND "Beef" Jones, Scott Pierce

Geri Alumit Zeldes, Dakota
MSU's School of Johnston, Jennifer
Hubert: His Story Second Journalism Berggren, Cheyna Roth

This is how a news organization uses all its electronic
resources to fine effect. The community was alerted to
danger as it unfolded, with reporters and editors on
the ground and partners helping to provide a fuller
picture. The story on the campus' failure was a rare
Free Press coverage of Kalamazoo one on deadline; often institutions aren't held to this
Uber driver shooting spree Spot or Breaking News First Detroit Free Press Detroit Free Press Staff level of accountability as the news unfolds.

The spot analysis is a fine show of tricky database
reporting on tight turnaround. Readers wanting to
know what the heck happened on Election Night could
Mike Wilkinson, Nancy read this one story and reasonably extrapolate how it
Election analysis Second Bridge Magazine Derringer, Ron French played out around the U.S.

This series is a stellar reflection of savvy journalists'
familiarity with community and the outside politics
that control it. Story after story emerged from public
documents, and on deadline that itself was quite a lift.
Writers and editors, though, continued to mine the
records for threads to explain. From the timeline to
John Bebow, Chastity looks at a street dig and testing center, this is
Pratt Dawsey, Ron French, environmental and political and health journalism that
Flint covererage General News First Bridge Magazine Nancy Derringer will be a reference far into the future.
A refreshing effort with national significance. The data
Michigan and the death of and storytelling are expertly woven, the subjects'
entrepreneurship Second Bridge Magazine Mike Wilkinson voices unfettered.
Gripping, especially because it's no easy task to
Michigan's College Dropout identify on-the-record subjects willing to tell their
Dilemma Third Bridge Magazine Ron French stories.
Grand Bargain: Early Payments
Shift Investment Burden To
Pension Funds HM WDET Sandra Svoboda
Michigan's laggard child care
system HM Bridge Magazine Nancy Derringer

Clear winner! Writer provides statistics on a whole
range of subjects. Perhaps most importantly, the
writer presents the contexts that are so necessary to
this story. The use of subheads and breaks between
sections are effective and welcomed. Moreover, the
charts offer another innovation in addition to the
background material needed to understand the
nuances of the piece. The writer reports how inner-
city parents are rebuffed by officials at all levels,
showing them passing the buck and acting
irresponsibly. The article presents how desperate
parents are exploited, True research with statistics
enhance the meaning and importance of the subject,
and not only are germane to Detroit but also to many
Out of Options: School choice cities throughout America. The explanations cannot
gutted Detroit's public schools. be clearer for readers to know what the problems are
The rest of the country is next. Feature Story First VICE News Allie Gross in public education today.
Main writer and assisted by two others have done an
excellent job with a wide variety of sources. Speaks to
important issues with nice side-bars. The use of maps
was impressive. Well presented and fine use of online
How Detroit Parents Pick Schools Second WDET Laura Herberg advantages.

Shows the need for ethically recycled plastic in India
and Taiwan. Good reporting, issues explained well.
Challenging problems world-wide. Readers learn a lot:
about pollution consequences from uncollected waste,
Coverage of international plastics from unsanitary recycling operations, and from the
recycling issues Third Plastics News Steve Toloken lack of government involvement.

People need jobs. Factories need
workers. Busing, a love story HM Bridge Magazine Chastity Pratt Dawsey
How to take wildlife photos like a
boss this summer HM Bridge Magazine Eric Sharp
This truly was a tough category with a number of
important national stories told on the local level, but
none can probably make a bigger difference than this
one. For Detroit to be a case study for what Betsy
DeVos's plans are for education across the nation is
invaluable. The piece highlighted many
counterintuitive ideas that may sound like they're
solving important problems in the education system,
but are instead contributing to them. The story is well-
reported and researched, and the use of graphs helps
drive the points home. This is a piece that is not only
important for locals to read, but the entire country,
before blindly subscribing to new education policies
First Chastity Pratt Dawsey, that could truly impact their children's schooling for
Betsy DeVos nomination Best Localization of a National Story place. Bridge Magazine Mike Wilkinson the worse (not to mention the fate of education).
Detroit Journalism News Team, Detroit
The Intersection Second. Cooperative Journalism Cooperative
The Throwaways: How Detroit is
becoming a flashpoint for violence
against trans women Third Detroit Metro Times Allie Gross
From The White House To Your
House HM WDET Sandra Svoboda
Trump's Tax Audit and his bid for a
Detroit Casino HM Bridge Magazine Rick
Such nimble reporting, with a glance at the roots of
abuse and a look forward to how Donald Trump's
administration may enable more of the same. These
examples show a welfare system that has completely
lost its sense of moral purpose, with little hope for
another round of reform without the intervention of
data-based journalism in the public interest. This is the
stuff that, if Washington is listening, leads to
State Misuse of Welfare Dollars Investigative Reporting First Bridge Magazine Mike Wilkinson congressional inquiries.
An aggravating lesson in Michigan statehouse politics.
The breakout on lawmakers, their side gigs and voting
records no doubt will be especially instructive to their
challengers come election season. Reporters in state
capitals, use this story as a starting point of your own:
If your legislature compels financial disclosure, get a
look at those documents. If not, ask why -- and piece
In Lansing, Where Potentially Self- together who potentially benefits from the lack of
Serving Votes Run Rampant Second Bridge Magazine Craig Mauger, Ron French oversight.

This tale is loaded with land mines at every data point
and in its rawest form, in less able hands, it had
potential to be received as a race- or economics-driven
swipe at the communities themselves. That risk was
expertly navigated. Readers get a lesson in shifting
How School Choice Fosters a New Mike Wilkinson, Chastity school demographics as a result of state policy, and
Segregation Third Bridge Magazine Pratt Dawsey access to tools to research their own towns.
A series that should inspire every education reporter
in the U.S. to check administrative credentials at local
charter schools. This reporter found a textbook
example of a publicly funded institution as a parking
Detroit charter school spot for the well-connected. For certain there are
investigation HM Bridge Magazine Chastity Pratt Dawsey more.
This is an outstanding example of data-driving
Lawmakers deciding the future of investigative reporting. It utilizes easy-to-use tools and
Detroit schools accepted displays to convey valuable and timely information to
thousands from pro-charter DeVos the public, obtained via rigorous investigative and data
family Consumer/Watchdog Reporting First. Detroit Metro Times Allie Gross reporting.
Two years later, thousands of
Detroit storm victims still waiting
for help Second Bridge Magazine Kurt Kuban
Metro Detroit Mass Transit Ballot
Proposal Third Bridge Magazine Nancy Derringer

Michigan's Aging Voting Machines
a Catastrophe Waiting to Happen HM Bridge Magazine Ron French
Ranking Michigan Colleges by
Social Mobility HM Bridge Magazine Ron French
Cathedral of St. Anthony: a church
reborn Blogging First The Detroit News Donna Terek Very well written and insightful.

BLAC Detroit Blog Second BLAC Detroit Magazine Aaron Foley Very well written.
Kirk Pinho real estate blog Third Crain's Detroit Business Kirk PInho
Following the money in Flint HM Detroit Metro Times Allie Gross

Glad to see a collaborative effort focused on the state
of the city 50 years after the 1967 riots/rebellion.
Given all the layoffs that have occurred in newsrooms
Detroit Journalism Web team, Detroit across the country, I don't know how else this story
The Intersection website Digital Media Presentation First Cooperative Journalism Cooperative could have been covered so comprehensively.
A reminder of how well-presented explainer stories
are always useful. Love how the story was sparked by
a seemingly basic question from a listener (and how
that listener's bio was also integrated into the report)
as well as the well-produced audio and reader-friendly
layout. Also love that the reporter didn't shy away
from asking about data that would speak to the tax-
Curiousi-D: Who Chooses Detroit's free zones success, only to find out that none exists.
Tax-Free Renaissance Second WDET Shelby Jouppi Great format!
Excellent use of graphics and the digital medium to tell
Detroit By The Numbers: Dollars a "follow-the-money'' story that otherwise risked
For Duggan Third WDET Sandra Svoboda having readers' eyes glaze over.

A fun treatment of a classic "government'' story that
would have been boring without hoping on a bike and
going on a tour. Great use of photos and interviews --
vignettes are short and sweet; digital presentation is
Third - reader-friendly and clean. I'm sure the reporter had a
Motorless In The Motor City tie WDET Sandra Svoboda grand time doing this story!
With Trump now president, these Free Press articles
make for an impressive and important scorecard for
Some autoworkers bristle at his presidency on an issue important to all
Trump's Ford-bashing Automotive Reporting Firs Detroit Free Press Brent Snavely Michiganers.

NAFTA and jobs Second Detroit Free Press Brent Snavely
Not only informative but fun to read. Payne ruthlessly
exploits the everyman fantasy of what it would be like
Henry Payne of The Detroit News Car Review First The Detroit News Henry Payne to drive a $200,000 car.

Art hooks in Hitchcock Criticism First Freelance Jim Bloch A nice entry. Entertaining reading.
Outstanding entry. Loved the interactive item as well.
Well-drawn and easy to understand. Made the point
Mike Thompson's cartoons Editorial Cartoon First Detroit Free Press Mike Thompson at a glance, imperative for a great cartoon.
1. Exploring Planet M 2. Rx
Marijuana Blues 3. Roomies! Another very good entry. Good mix of subjects. Well-
Roomies! Second Crain's Detroit Business Daniel Saad drawn.
Watch your child for signs of lead Timely and useful. Lots of info presented in a visually
exposure as they grow Informational Graphics First Detroit Free Press Martha Thierry compelling way.
Nice pun in headline; good use of color, font and
WONDER-FUL Second Detroit Free Press Ryan Ford photos.
Nice composition; good use of color, fonts and
CATCHING HISTORY Third Detroit Free Press Ryan Ford graphics. Great overall look.
On verge of Flint Legionnaires’ Good summary of all the angles; good sidebars; tells
warning, state stayed silent Spot or Breaking News First The Detroit News The Detroit News Staff the story well.

A detailed, interactive study of one of the worst
possible failures of the criminal justice system, telling
Davontae Sanford’s road to George Hunter, Tom the story from multiple points of view and giving
freedom General News First The Detroit News Gromak readers access to primary documents.
A poignant look at the effects of the Flint water crisis
on a family that was already struggling. Intimate and
Poisoned water makes some Flint accurate, giving a human face to a story that made
lives even more difficult Second Detroit Free Press John Carlisle national headlines.
For years, officials at DPS missed A thorough but accessible post-mortem on an
red flags tied to Shy Third Detroit Free Press John Wisely outrageous abuse of taxpayer money.
This thorough examination shines light on a little
Crackdown on Second-home tax understood practice with multiple-million-dollar
breaks HM The Detroit News Robert Snell stakes.
In John Carlisle's meticulously researched and
beautifully written story that manages to be both epic
and intimate, readers are transported on a journey
across the globe and back to the hometown this writer
clearly knows and loves. Against the backdrop of all
that is happening with immigration in our divided
nation at this moment in time, this story allows
readers to step away from the rhetoric and be drawn
into this family's daily struggles and triumphs. This
Promised land? For Sudan family, reader was educated, moved and inspired by Mr.
Detroit is like another planet Feature Story First Detroit Free Press John Carlisle Carlisle's work. Well done!
How Mexico’s national dish is
feeding Detroit’s dining scene Second Detroit Metro Times Serena Maria Daniels

Baseball's back in Muskegon Hts. Third The Detroit News Francis X. Donnelly

62 years later, Detroit Tigers
prospect Earl Robinette signs
contract (Seidel), Page 1A, May 26 HM Detroit Free Press Jeff Seidel

Being Santa is no flight of fancy HM The Detroit News Francis X. Donnelly

A well-written piece on a one-man neighborhood
patrol who otherwise may have been overlooked.
Although his videos have gone viral, this piece did a
perfect job in getting to know the person behind the
camera and what his motivations are. What's more are
the surprising elements, such as the people moving
back into the neighborhood despite its changes over
the years. The dialogue between Pommerville and
those who pass through Brightmoor are incredibly
colorful and say so much about his personality and
convictions as well as just how knowledgeable he is
about the people. The photography is another key
aspect in this piece and it was a smart choice to
embed a video as an example for those who have not
seen Pommerville's footage before. Overall, a fantastic
in-depth profile on one man and his views of a
neighborhood he grew up in and still cares for. It's the
type of article I would post on my social media
Standing Up for Brightmoor Personality Profile First. Metro Times Michael Jackman networks and share with friends.
Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha goes from
doctor to global hero Second. Detroit Free Press Rochelle Riley
The Charles Pugh story: From
tragedy to the top — and crashing
down Third. Detroit Free Press Elisha Anderson
Albom: Michigan State's Mark
Dantonio rejects flash, builds on
values HM Detroit Free Press Mitch Albom
This excellent series provides a significant public
service by shining a bright light on a growing health
threat that very few members of the general public
know a thing about: the cleanliness -- or not -- of the
surgical tools used in operations. The stories combine
deep and dogged reporting with clear, dispassionate
writing. They also sparked investigations and,
ultimately, federal action. Reporters Karen Bouffard
and Joel Kurth -- along with the institutional support
they received from The Detroit News -- provide us with
Dirty, missing instruments plague an example of investigative reporting for the public
DMC surgeries Investigative Reporting First The Detroit News Karen Bouffard, Joel Kurth good at its finest.

An important series that shows how a toothless state
agency responsible for ensuring worker safety failed in
its mission, putting some of society's most vulnerable
people at risk in the workplace. The stories prompted
the Michigan Occupational Health and Safety
Administration to increase the number of
unannounced inspections it performs. The Free Press
investigation also detailed how difficult it is in
Michigan for the families of workers killed on the job
to get any kind of reasonable compensation. The
stories show why, in an age of dwindling newsroom
Deadly asbestos: Workers put in resources, it remains important for journalists to do
jeopardy, but state won't get the hard work of documenting wrongdoing,
tough Second Detroit Free Press Jennifer Dixon malfeasance and ineptitude.
An engaging and well-written account of the war over
medical marijuana in Michigan and how its less-then-
clear enabling legislation left so much for room for
interpretation that legitimate users have been labeled
felons for violating minor rules. Author Violet
Ikonomova shows mastery of the subject matter and
points out the nuances that illustrate how we got
Patients Behind Bars Third Metro Times Violet Ikonomova here.
New Michigan water worry
emerges near former air base 05 - Investigative Reporting HM Detroit Free Press Keith Matheny
Growing use of undercover
informants in Muslim-American
communities sparks concern HM Detroit Free Press Niraj Warikoo
First place: The Staff of the Detroit Free Press created
a package filled with hope. Simply, it's journalism that
matters. While the "Our Children" package may not be
typical consumer or watchdog reporting, I haven't
seen a more comprehensive package on a larger scale
or on a more important issue. Well done. Now, take
your mission to the next level. Pressure politicians to
step up and support the programs that would really
Our Children: Searching for help these children. Hope to read THAT entry in next
Solutions Consumer / Watchdog Reporting First Detroit Free Press Detroit Free Press Staff year's contest.
Foreclosure is complicated, but you put a face on an
issue that's nowhere near done, even as the broader
financial press says the crisis is over. It's not over for
the individuals who are trying to get by. I was
especially struck by the lack of government
responsiveness for those whose tax burdens cost more
than their homes - especially when help was available
Take them to task, and make them do right by these
Debt woes hit home Second The Detroit News Christine MacDonald citizens.

The government failed these people, and they should
be held accountable. There is no black and white when
it comes to citizens losing their homes, and that was
made clear here. The government failed tremendously
in displaying a burden of proof. Keep it up and hold
Wayne County Home Foreclosures Third The Detroit News Christine MacDonald your agencies accountable.
Detroit hazardous waste site plans
tenfold expansion HM Detroit Free Press Keith Matheny
Rizzo empire grows after
donations HM The Detroit News Robert Snell

True public service journalism. This special section
used the unique resources of a newspaper — its
dogged reporters, skilled editors and designers and
print delivery infrastructure — to create a free, all-in-
one guide for citizens navigating a public health crisis
Flint water resource guide Explanatory Story First Detroit Free Press Detroit Free Press Staff that captured the nation’s attention.
Muslims look to make a difference A detailed look at the marriage of entrenched ethnic
in Hamtramck Second Detroit Free Press Niraj Warikoo politics and newcomers in a small American city.

This deep dive into the Flint water crisis asks
important questions about the infrastructure issues
and policies that led to the situation, and points to
Was Flint River water good structural flaws in government record keeping that
enough to drink? Third Detroit Free Press John Wisely prevent the public from seeing the full picture.
A thorough and accessible entry point for parents
interested in engaging more with their local
government, presented in a format that informs but
Grassroots Government Series HM Metro Parent Media Jacque Goetz Bluethmann doesn’t overwhelm.

This package offers tremendous insight into the
challenges of being Muslim at a time when suspicions
and unfair judgments are being bandied about in our
country. It allows us to understand and empathize
Growing Up Muslim Localization of National Story First Metro Parent Media Stacey Winconek with fellow human beings.

Any time that the right of the voter to have confidence
in the election system is so severely in question, we
must examine and remedy the situation. These
Joel Kurth, Chad upsetting stories should lead to major changes which
Livengood, Jonathan will ensure that the one-person, one-vote system we
Presidential recount in Michigan Second The Detroit News Oosting hold sacred is in place.
Shocking statistics and the difficult circumstances
which Metro Detroit people face are sad and
Life spans for Metro Detroit’s poor Christine MacDonald, effectively communicated in this story and the
among shortest in nation Third The Detroit News Charlie Ramirez accompanying graphics.

Immigrants in Michigan face This package shows a tremendous amount of work
challenges as they contribute to and should be recognized for the importance of this
region HM Detroit Free Press Niraj Warikoo topic in today's political climate.

An honest and fresh take on topics pertinent to today
in Flint, Detroit, Michigan and beyond. Took risk to
stand on the divide of public opinion in the column
about black lives and, in doing so, delivered an
Rochelle Riley's columns General Column First Detroit Free Press Rochelle Riley important and strong message. Well done.

Daniel Howes of The Detroit News Second The Detroit News Daniel Howes Pointed, insightful and a strong array of topics.
A commitment to a complex but very important topic,
and a willingness to dedicate the time and effort
knowing such back-room, last-minute dealing is never
Brian Dickerson -- General Column in the public interest. Would have liked a little more
Writing Third Detroit Free Press Brian Dickerson voice in the writing. Nicely done.

The column on Trump and the media carried the day,
Honora and the writer straddled the divide of public opinion
ble and delivered an important and meaningful message.
Mentio He did so again in the cell phone story, and delivered a
Mitch Albom's general columns n Detroit Free Press HM nice slice of home cooking in the Third.

I appreciated the diversity of topics, and the featurey
style rather than straight opinion all the time. It's good
to see a columnist who can handle straight news, as
Shawn Windsor's sports columns Sports Column First Detroit Free Press Shawn Windsor well as in-depth profiles.

Mitch Albom's columns Second Detroit Free Press Mitch Albom

John Niyo of The Detroit News Third The Detroit News John Niyo

Bob Wojnowski, The Detroit News HM The Detroit News Bob Wojnowski
Rashan Gary’s love for football — Captures the essence of the athlete, as well as his
and mom Sports Reporting First Detroit Free Press Mark Snyder relationships.
Olympic champ dives into
depression advocacy Second The Detroit News John Niyo
Sober again: 'This is a different
Darren McCarty' Third Detroit Free Press George Sipple

Chad’s mom hangs tough HM The Detroit News Angelique S. Chengelis
Nancy Kaffer's editorial is clear and incisive. What I
most appreciate about the piece is that it doesn't
waste time: Kaffer quickly makes her main point,
provides supporting evidence, then re-iterates the
point. She chooses language that is conversational,
giving the piece the kind of flow that is reminiscent of
a talk you might have with a knowledgeable friend
who's looking out for your best interests. Kaffer knows
her audience and is speaking directly to them. The
editorial obviously made an impact with readers, as
evidenced by its high number of Facebook shares and
Nancy Kaffer -- Editorial Writing Editorial Writing First Detroit Free Press Nancy Kaffer comments.

Brian Dickerson's editorial is provocative and
thoughtful. He lays out several pieces of history worth
reflecting upon before tying the past to the present.
Brian Dickerson -- Editorial Writing Second Detroit Free Press Brian Dickerson It's a well-done (albeit terrifying) tribute for 9/11.

These headlines, more than those in any of the other
entries, showed a facility with language that invited
readers to continue past the display type without
resorting (as too many entries in this category did) to
cliches or over-used puns. The Sugarloaf headline was
among the best, working on both a literal and
figurative level. One might make some small quibbles:
that the Welburn headline should have avoided a main-
headline verb that was also a word in the subheadline
or that "Tweeting" on the bird headline is more likely
to be associated in readers' minds today with 140
characters than birds. But anyone who read the bird
Kathy Niezurawski of The Detroit headline got the point of the story immediately, and
News Headline Writing First The Detroit News Kathy Niezurawski the "March sadness" headline was nicely evocative.
The best of these headlines were those that didn't try
too hard: the jobs/vacation headline and the Flint
Steve Wilkinson of The Detroit water headline. The tipping headline was also a good
News Second The Detroit News Steve Wilkinson one.

Keith Roberts of The Detroit News Third The Detroit News Keith Roberts
Andreas Supanich of The Detroit
News HM The Detroit News Andreas Supanich
Triple tragedy News Photography First The Detroit News Daniel Mears Very powerful photo.

Road rage weapons Second The Detroit News David Guralnick powerful photo. Great perspective.

Last ride Third The Detroit News Clarence Tabb Jr.

What a moment to catch! You can't look at that photo
and not go "Whoa!" Love how the photojournalist
Frightfully cheerful Feature Photography First The Detroit News Daniel Mears caught the moment with the hair in the air.
Adorable photo, capturing the little girl. The depth of
photo and the girl in the foreground in her pink outfit
Playing hooky Second The Detroit News David Guralnick was striking.

Embracing peace Third The Detroit News Robin Buckson A super sweet moment in great context. Well done.
Sports Photography, newspapers This is an amazing action shot. Great perspective. Very
Chasing the puck only First The Detroit News David Guralnick well done.

Victory angel Second The Detroit News David Guralnick I think this is a great happy moment.

Harbaugh playtime Third The Detroit News David Guralnick
This is a compelling 1A, for a variety of reasons,
namely that the centerpiece is intriguing; the smart
use of the image of the ship with type and content
James Hollar and Antone Amye of James Hollar, Antone overlaid on it provides visual interest and several entry
The Detroit News Page One Design, newspapers only First The Detroit News Amre points to the story.

Great use of type, choice of main art to help convey
movement on the page. It's not easy designing
centerpieces for the Dream Cruise year after year; this
Jean Johnson of The Detroit News Second The Detroit News Jean Johnson one is unique and memorable.
This is a good historical page, in that it conveys the
significance of the Orlando shooting: large, smartly
cropped main art; an unusually big main headline that
captures one of the most well-known quotes from the
day; and no other content unrelated to the shooting
to clutter up the page. But, this page could have run
anywhere in the country. There is nothing unique
about it. You could put any flag on it from any paper in
the U.S. and change the bottom headline and it could
1A Design: Orlando Shooting / print. It does not show any kind of true content or
Motor City Pride Third Detroit Free Press Alicia Secord creative tie to metro Detroit.
Feature Page Design, newspapers A striking design and worthy tribute. Found myself
Features Page: Prince Tribute only First Detroit Free Press Eric Millikin getting lost in it. Nice work.
Clean design and great use of white space to
Features Design: The ultimate F- accentuate skinny/fat message. A high-quality
word Second Detroit Free Press Alicia Secord presentation.

A great body of work. I imagine this has been carefully
framed or folded away by many Howe and Red Wings
fans to pass down to their children. This kind of work
Sports Page Design, newspapers preserves the function of newspapers as pieces of
James Hollar of The Detroit News only First The Detroit News James Hollar memorial culture.

This page was beautifully designed, with the best of all
color combinations and lovely typography. It was less
flashing and more restrained than some of the pages
in this category that featured multiple parts and points
Sports Design: Gordie Howe Dies Second Detroit Free Press Ryan Ford of entry. And that simplicity made it hugely refreshing.
Sports Page Design: Michigan Very strong work, planned in advance and likely to
Sports Icons Third Detroit Free Press Ryan Ford, Eric Millikin draw the reader in.
This was a wonderfully unexpected treatment for a
breaking news story when the main person in the
Sports Design: Calvin Johnson story didn't make an appearance. Bravo for creative
Retires HM Detroit Free Press Ryan Ford thinking!
Very, very nice package of work. The Olympics can be
overwhelming, because there are so many sports and
so much information. These pages helped guide
readers to the best of the Games in a way that
conveyed a lot of information without being
Kim Storeygard HM The Detroit News Kim Storeygard overwhelming.

Creativity took what could have been relatively
Antone Amye of The Detroit News Cover Design First The Detroit News Antone Amye straight forward designs to a higher level. Nice work.
This design work employs a retro-1990s feel to create
cohesive spreads that are fun to view and easy to
read. In many ways, the designer for these stories had
a thankless task: displaying photos of static rooms and
interior design object in a fresh way. The challenge
was especially big with the winter interiors, where
much of photo image space was white. Creating a
cohesive blue banner -- and using what I think of as
vintage 1990s Gannett design techniques of using
colored borders around the images -- was one way of
overcoming what could have been a snoozer of a
layout. The "limelight" package, where the designer
had more to work with (both color wise and in
quantity of images) deftly avoids junkiness. The sheer
number of images could have made the design look
overcrowded or unorganized, but the designer did a
Jean Johnson of The Detroit News Magazine Spread Design First The Detroit News Jean Johnson great job of making color a unifying element.

Diana McNary of The Detroit News Second The Detroit News Diana McNary

Antone Amye of The Detroit News Third The Detroit News Antone Amye
From Macomb to Mars: County
firm manufacturers hardware of
dreams Feature Story First
Clinton Township firefighter helps
family with ill sons Second The Macomb Daily Mitch Hotts

McLaren Macomb Surgeon crosses Reporter effectively uses words of subject to tell and
the ocean to help people Personality Profile First The Macomb Daily Gina Joseph move the story forward.

A solid history of the drug trade in the Detroit
Poisonous Reach Investigative Reporting First Freelance John N. Sitkiewicz provided through the lens of a recent major case.
Reporter relays long-term effects of war and
The journey of a refugee: resettlement in a new place. Story told could be sad
Immigration a hot topic in Gina Joseph, Charles but reporter infuses optimism and forward-looking
presidential election year Localization of a National Story First Digital First Media Crumm spirit.
The good and the bad in Macomb The Macomb Daily Kish has a hard-hitting writing style that plays well in
County General Column First (retired) Ken Kish his community, I'm sure.
Jeff Payne columns Second Macomb Daily Jeff Payne

Murdough is back in the toy game Spot or Breaking News First Plastics News Bill Bregar An interesting look at an entrepreneur
A Visionary Jewish Communal
Architecht Second Detroit Jewish News Keri Cohen
"Reunion worth tweeting: Farms
officers rescue ducklings trapped
in sewer" Third C & G Newspapers K. Michelle Moran
Corzilius guilty of 2nd-degree
murder HM Grosse Pointe News
Motorist spots chimney fire, alerts
residents HM C & G Newspapers K. Michelle Moran

Reporter showed keen interest and understanding of
the technicalities of this industry niche and yet kept it
understandable to the layman reader. Piece also offers
SOLAR SHINGLE BUSINESS HEATS insight into how one big company walks away from a
UP: Competitors pick up Dow solar product and another upstart company sees a future in
shingle sales General News First Plastics News Catherine Kavanaugh the abandoned operation. Well done. Well written.
Incorporated the long manufacturing history with the
very technical engineering aspects and kept the story
moving forward and interesting. A fine piece of
Back in the groove Second Plastics News Bill Bregar business writing.
Driver crashes into house, rescued Excellent use of story-telling quotes keep this story
from car fire Third C & G Newspapers Andy Kozlowski exciting and reader interest piqued.
Crain's Detroit
Business/Bridge Lindsay VanHulle, Kirk
Brownfield bonus HM Magazine Pinho

Police in the Eagle’s coverage area
step up to stop opiate overdoses HM C&G Newspapers Tiffany Esshaki

Steve Wilke, Dorothy This entry was both entertaining and informative. I
Hernandez, Jeff Waraniak, enjoyed the different authors' writing voices and the
Ode to Michigan Food Feature Story First Hour Detroit Staff and Freelancers vivid details. Also, it made me hungry.

Loss And Legacy Second Detroit Jewish News Bobbie Lewis A powerful story, finely told, through good reporting

Finding Aaron Third Detroit Jewish News Keri Cohen Sad and powerful. I lost myself in reading this story
Holy Schvitz HM Hour Detroit Mark Kurlyandchik This made me laugh. I liked the details and light tone
Good reporting on people who are often unseen in
Oart Of The Family HM Detroit Jewish News Stacy Gittleman synagogues, but who do so much
It's a profile of a, probably, fictional character, but an
excellent story, written in the perfect tone for a story
Birth of a Legend Personality Profile First Hour Detroit Jeff Waraniak of a legend.

A Young Life Interrupted Second Detroit Jewish News Alan Muskovitz Very well written. Excellent story of a fascinating man.

Tracking toward trouble Third Crain's Detroit Business Tom Henderson
From real estate to Republican
politics HM Crain's Detroit Business Kirk PInho
Kirk Pinho's terrific reporting shows how a wealthy
suburban businessman enriched himself by gaming the
system, exploiting the poor and failing to pay
hundreds of thousands of dollars in property taxes and
nearly $1 million in fines over his blighted properties in
a city struggling to recover. Pinho also expertly shows
how a law meant to stop people like Ernest Carr isn't,
for the moment, doing any good. A fine example of
Blight on the Landscape Investigative Reporting First Crain's Detroit Business Kirk PInho investigative reporting.

Governments should not operate in darkness. Yet the
Troy City Council wanted to do just that, refusing to
disclose the results of an investigation into the
conduct of the city manager. Reporter Terry Oparka of
the Troy Times pierced the stone-walling by using FOIA
to obtain city emails, revealing to readers the
substance of the murky conduct, including
questionable purchases, doling out a contract to the
mayor's friend and using a city-owned vehicle despite
Details revealed in city manager C & G Newspapers Troy Terry Oparka, Victoria a monthly car allowance. Oparka's stories show why
probe Second Times Mitchell, contributor front-line local journalism still matters.

Jim Block takes gives us a rare inside view of a nuclear
waste dump and raises important questions about its
expansion, noting that new deadly toxins will be
stored six-tenths of a mile from Lake Huron, an
important source of drinking water. The government is
On the skin of the beast Third Freelance Jim Bloch now rethinking the decision.
Very well researched, but not really investigative. It
might have performed better in an explanatory or
Veterans of Violence HM BLAC Detroit Magazine Emell Derra Adolphus enterprise category.
Very well researched, but not really investigative. It
The evolution of water in might have performed better in an explanatory or
southeast Michigan HM C&G Newspapers Nick Mordowanec enterprise category.
Too many municipalities forget their job is to serve
Taylor homeowner at standstill their citizens, and it's the job of the press to shine a
with poorly constructed house; light on the bureaucracy and red tape. The reporter
city had no board in place to help Consumer / Watchdog Reporting First The News-Herald Jessica Strachan does just that.
Coverage of JM Eagle's offer of
free plastic pipe to Flint, Mich. Second Plastics News Catherine Kavanaugh
"Does forced arbitration help or Michigan Lawyers
harm the public?" Third Weekly Agenique Smiley

Unraveling the story of what's happened to Detroit
public schools is a difficult task requiring deep
knowledge and understanding of years of complicated
deals, legislative mistakes, gross mismanagement,
greater economic and socioeconomic changes and
much more. It's hard to explain in one piece how DPS
got to where it is today, but this article takes that
challenge head-on and provides an excellent narrative
exploring the topic. Leyland Dovito's writing is clean,
clear and crisp; he doesn't fall into the trap of padding
the piece with more information than is needed, nor
does he bog it down with wordy transitions or
A New Day for DPS? Explanatory Story First Hour Detroit Leyland DeVito unnecessary reflection. Nice job.
The premise of this story is fairly simple: there are
many qualified potential employees out there who
can't get jobs because they have autism. But
explaining why and how the disease interferes with
employment is a delicate topic requiring careful
reporting. Not only did Dustin skillfully navigate this
topic in a piece that explained both medical and
societal factors at play, he told the story of one such
man in a compelling way. So compelling, in fact, that
the gentleman profiled was able to find a job after the
story ran. Excellent article, and one with impact.
Putting autism to work Second Crain's Detroit Business Dustin Walsh Doesn't get much better than that!
It's clear that BLAC knows its audience well and has
the ability to tell stories that are important to the
community it serves. This article about the rate of HIV
infection among black gay men explores a sensitive
topic in a solutions-oriented way: it explains the
problem in clear detail and then gives the reader ideas
about how to remove the stigma and take steps to
prevent HIV infection. It is an important piece of
journalism about an issue that isn't likely to get
attention without journalists like Jason Flowers paying
Removing the Stigma Third BLAC Detroit Magazine Jason Flowers attention; great work.

The Gateway Drug HM Hour Media Steve Neavling
This story, and the Second-place finisher, are what
journalism today ought to be about. Shining a light on
average people, taking on issues that seem
overwhelming and intractable and tragic. By delving
into black and Arab relations, the author makes the
case for understanding between two ethnic groups
that have more in common than many among them
Blacks and Arabs: The might realize, and clears the ground for, maybe, a
Conversation Localization of a National Story FIRST BLAC Detroit Magazine better future.

We need more of this today, stories that comfort the
afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Decisions are
Shannon Shelton Miller made at the state level, and ordinary people have to
Fallen Spirit Second BLAC Detroit Magazine and Aaron Foley live with the impacts. And no one is made better.

Compassion Fatigue Third Hour Detroit Monica Mercer

Raw Talent HM Hour Detroit Dorothy Hernandez
"Hey, who’s driving here — you or Michigan Lawyers
me?" HM Weekly Douglas Levy

Building on the outstanding previous stories, this one
loops back to remind the reader of the promises made
by and the challenges facing the city's several layers of
government. Those promises and challenges remain
and Koury shows us he's not letting the ball drop on
Berkley residents upset with coverage of an issue that literally affects readers
master plan amendment Open Government First C&G Newspapers Michael Koury where they live.
Well written and well sourced, the article presents the
issues clearly via through relevant interviews and
quotes. Issues of over-development, how housing
values are affected, questions about who would buy
into these types of developments are intertwined with
and complicated by a lack of government agencies
Berkley withdraws plans for form- communicating the goals of the master plan and
based code after public outcry Second C&G Newspapers Michael Koury zoning proposals.
This vital topic - the importance of the vote and vote
Vote tally doesn’t change after tallies - is well told. We get a good look at the scene of
Utica mayor recount: Dionne wins Third C & G Newspapers Sarah Wojcik the recount.

Demanding clean air Downriver HM The News-Herald Jessica Strachan
Very close in a good category, but these columns were
detailed without bein pedestrian, blunt (sometimes
My Way General Column First The Oxford Leader C.J. Carnacchio crabby) and witty.

In most competitions, these columns would have
taken a first. Very close. Well-writetn, comprehensive
Detroit Proper Second BLAC Detroit Magazine Desiree Cooper and offering interesting takes on their subjects.

Editor Don Loepp's columns Third Plastics News Don Loepp Overall well-written, clever, excellent points.

What Keeps You Up at Night? HM Plastics News Brennan Lafferty
The writer explained the complicated situation in
detail, making it possible for Jewish and non-Jewish
readers to understand the issues involved and why the
U-M Dearborn Editorial Writing First Detroit Jewish News Robert Sklar paper took the stand it did.
Hate the tax, but support our
schools Second The Oxford Leader C.J. Carnacchio Very complicated issue handled well.

Happy Birthday, Israel Third Detroit Jewish News Robert Sklar

Jeff Waraniak is a master of the art of headline writing.
His headlines are witty and enticing and succeed in
both summarizing and teasing the stories below.
1. Falls, Bond Falls 2. Branches on Would I have read a story about t-shirts? Maybe not.
the Evolutionary Tee 3. A Ginger But I would never breeze past a story with a headline
Tale 4. Red, White & Booze 5. T Headline Writing First Hour Media Jeff Waraniak like "Branches on the Evolutionary Tee."
C & G Newspapers Troy
On the wheels of love Second Times Terry Oparka
Having fun with headlines Third Grosse Pointe News
Photographer's angle catches the disaster of the fire
and the awe with which the children sit stunned.
Children watch as fire chars Wonderful twist on what could have been a same-old
apartment complex News Photography First The News-Herald Jessica Strachan same-old after-fire photo.
Teen mourns loss of best friend
through court case Second The News-Herald Jessica Strachan
Great pair of moments, and I'd like to know how the
photographer got UNDER the penguin. Nice shot of
the pair too. And perfect timing with great lighting and
PENQUIN EXHIBIT OPENS Feature Photography First! C & G NEWSPAPERS DEB JACQUES exposure. Wish I had taken it!

Excellent use of fisheye lens combining with a terrific
expression and perfect timing. Makes the very most of
an ordinary circumstance using a relatively uncommon
SUMMER FUN Second C & G Newspapers Deborah J. Boeger-Jacques lens, graet positioning and enviable timing.
Superb use of aperture and lens and light to make a
WASTE NOT Third C & G Newspapers Deborah J. Boeger-Jacques winning photo of everyday trash.
AFGHANISTAN VETERAN TRIPLE Very touching moments both perfectly framed and
AMPUTEE HONORED HM C & G Newspapers Deborah J. Boeger-Jacques timed.
Sun sets over Marathon factory Nice shot of something that is probably tougher than it
emissions HM The News-Herald Jessica Strachan appears.
A half-century later: The 1967 Feature Page Design, newspapers
Riots only First Detroit Jewish News Nichelle Sheridan Nice use of typography and white space.
Preseason sports pages are always a challenge. They
are especially difficult when the sports depicted are at
the high school level. There may not be strong action
photography available (because this year's star players
may not be depicted in available file images), and yet
there's a need to blow out the coverage because local
interest is often quite intense. This page makes the
best of photos that are good but not great while
Sports Page Design, newspapers offering equally textual play to each of the three area
Taking the Field only First C & G Newspapers high schools. Bravo.
This is an incredibly memorable cover, one that
catches you off-guard and makes you think. The
designer was smart to let the intricate illustration
dominate the page, moving other teasers to the top.
The simplicity of the page around it really lets that
centerpiece shine. Love the creativity behind melding
BLAC February cover - Lost Heroes Cover design First BLAC Detroit Magazine Kelly Buren the profile of the woman with a cityscape of Detroit.
This is simply a beautiful cover. The image is intriguing
and the choice of font gives the page exactly the
elegant flourish it needs. The blue hue that is cast over
Valerie Morgan, Jennny the cover gives it a mysterious vibe and invites the
January 2016 Hour Detroit Second Hour Detroit Risher reader in.
This is such a fun cover; playing off the O in Hour with
the round plates of coneys is clever and eye-catching.
Nicole Lazarus, Jennifer Playful typography in the main headline completes the
August 2016 Hour Detroit Third Hour Detroit Choi, Joe Vaughn page.
Nicole Lazarus, Jennifer
September 2016 Hour Detroit HM Hour Detroit Choi
Kelly Buren, Lauren
BLAC May cover - Motion City HM BLAC Detroit Magazine Jeziorski

Dynamite result from deceptively simple design. This
designer took a standard magazine design format --
BLAC May feature - Technocratic Kelly Buren, Lauren image on the left, text on the right -- and turned it into
Rule Magazine Spread Design First BLAC Detroit Magazine Jeziorski something enormously special and very readable.
BLAC Nov Feature - Birmingham's Extremely strong, inviting work on a subject that can't
Black Barriers Second BLAC Detroit Magazine Kelly Buren really be captured in photographs.

Eerie, compelling design that I couldn't stop looking at.
Valerie Morgan, Jennny I wanted to read on to see what the story was and
Spellbound Third Hour Detroit Risher then come back to look at this amazing image.
Carolyn Chin Watson,
Pirate of the Great Lakes HM Hour Detroit James Yamasaki Love the color choices. A very inviting design.
University Liggett School An outstanding presentation of the work done at
Perspective Magazine - Building University Liggett University Liggett School, and how donors make a
Our Future Feature Story First School Michelle Franzen Martin difference in people's lives.
A moving and helpful article on an issue which
Helping and Healing Second Freelance Journalist Julie Halpert sometimes is a matter of life or death.
This is a delightful cover, which shows a bird's-eye
view of the neighborhood covered by the publication.
It is a great use of aerial photography, and it gives the
The South End Back to School "The reader a good idea of what's in store, once they start
Detroiter Issue" cover Cover Design First The South End Sarah Rahal reading the publication.

David Dalton, Michelle This photo uses effective bracketing of the subject,
University Liggett School University Liggett Franzen Martin, Rebecca with the wall behind offering insight into that
Perspective Magazine Photo First School Wall, Lee Ann Gusmano historical time.

David Dalton, Michelle
University Liggett School University Liggett Franzen Martin, Rebecca This close and engaging photo lets the boy's face speak
Perspective Magazine Second School Wall, Lee Ann Gusmano volumes.