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TEACHER: Ricardo Alvarez

LEVEL: Primary GRADE: 3rd

Colegio New England MONTH: May


May 1st 1:30

-Reinforcing superlatives
-Read the fact files and mark the
-Read the text
-Write about another dinosaur
-Poster -Playing a guessing game
-Students Book -Game: Hangman
Comparing two or -Activity Book
more things. -Worksheet Activity Book
Interpreting fact -Whiteboard -Read, color and label the pictures Worksheet
May 2nd 1:30 Dinosaurs files. -Markers 69 -Think and write (11G)
Increasing 1. Discuss the topic
awareness of 2. Plan the poster
Project Day: environmental Poster paper, 3. Make the poster
Make an responsibility. poster paints, 4. Prepare a presentation
environmenta Promoting social colors and 5. Present the poster
May 3rd 1:30 l poster. responsibility. markers. - 6. Hold an exhibition
-Before reading activities
-Reader 3 -Listen and read along
-Students Book -After reading activities
-Track 47 -Mark the effects of the sun
-Speakers -Complete the sentences
-Whiteboard -Work in pairs and answer the
-Markers questions Activity Book
May 4th 1:30 The Sun Expressing facts. 70 -Game: Three Questions (page 70) A.

May 5th 1:30

-Review the text
-Read Aloud
-Label the pictures
-Mark the sentences (T) or (F)
-Correct the false sentences
-Game: Think and Write

-Students Book Activity Book

-Reader 3 -Complete the cause and effect
-Activity Book organizer with details
-Markers Awareness: Protection from the Worksheet
-Worksheet Sun (12A)
May 8th 1:30 The Sun Expressing facts. 71
-Students Book -Class Discussion
-Notebook -Listen and number the pictures
Stating facts using -Whiteboard -Listen again and match to the
the present simple -Markers questions
and zero -Track 48 -Make a Quiz Activity Book
May 9th 1:30 The Sun conditional. -Speakers 72 -Awareness: Appreciating Seasons (page 72) A.
-Game: Think and Match
-Listen and match
-Complete the sentences
-Work in pairs. Compare cities.
-Track 49 -Make a Season Card
Stating facts using -Students Book Activity Book
the present simple -Activity Book -Think and match
and zero -Whiteboard -Complete the sentences about Activity Book
May 10th 1:30 The Sun conditional. -Markers 73 you (page 72) B.
-Game: Effects
-Listen and label the pictures
Stating facts using -Think and number the sentences
the present simple -Make a presentation Activity Book
and zero -Track 50 -Vote for the Best Poster (page 74)A
May 11th 1:30 The Sun conditional. - 74 - and B.
May 12th 1:30 The Sun Stating facts using -Students Book 75 Game: Balloon Tap
the present simple -Activity Book -Match the texts to the pictures
and zero -Whiteboard -Underline the topic sentence in
conditional. -Markers red and the supporting detail
-Balloons sentence in blue.
-Write a question and an answer
-Game: Hangman
Activity Book
-Complete the graphic organizer.

Awareness: Natural Wonders

May 15th 1:30

(All the
materials are
one per group of
four students).
Large Styrofoam
ball, a thick
cardboard base
(10 x 10 cm), a
think stick long
enough to go
through the
Styrofoam ball
with 6 cm to
spare, a
modeling clay,
poster paints, a
Understanding and black marker,
presenting facts two pieces of 1. Make the Earth
about the orbit of paper (2 x 2 2. Complete the model
Project: the Earth and the cm), and 3. Demonstrate the Earths Orbit
May 16th 1:30 Earths Orbit seasons. adhesive tape. -
-Match the text to the pictures
-Answer the questions
Expressing general -Students Book -Game: Whats missing? Activity Book
Birthday facts. Expressing -Whiteboard (page 76) A
May 17th 1:30 Traditions historical facts. -Markers 76 Awareness: Keeping Traditions and B.
May 18th 1:30 Birthday Expressing general -Worksheet 77 -Game: Listen and Grab Worksheet
Traditions facts. Expressing -Students Book -Write the names of the countries (13A)
historical facts. -Activity Book -Think and answer
-Whiteboard -Game: Tic- Tac- Toe
Activity Book
-Read and match the text to the
-Complete the sentences
-Think, write and share.

-Class Discussion
-Listen and match
-Complete the dialogue with the
Asking and words in the box
answering about -Listen and swat
past events. -Students book Activity Book
Birthday Expressing past -Whiteboard Awareness: Showing Appreciation (page 78) A
May 19th 1:30 Traditions facts. -Markers 78 and B.

-Game: Toss the Ball

-Read the letter and complete the
-Complete the sentence with
-Work in pairs. Describe the last
birthday party you went.
-Students book -Game: Think, Say and Match
Asking and -Activity Book
answering about -Whiteboard Activity Book
past events. -Markers -Color the items you had at your
Birthday Expressing past last birthday celebration
May 22 1:30 Traditions facts. 79 -Answer the questions

-Game: Charades
-Track 53 -Mark the pictures mentioned in
-Track 52 the song
-Speakers -Listen and sing
-Students Book -Work in groups. Complete the
Creating a verse for -Whiteboard verses for the song Activity Book
Birthday a song. Making a -Markers -Sing your new verse to the class (page 80) A
May 23rd 1:30 Traditions birthday card. 80 Game: Musical Chairs and B.
May 24th 1:30 Birthday Creating a verse -Activity Book 81 -Game: Recognize the Cards Worksheet
Traditions for a song. Making a -Students book -Read and answer (13G)
birthday card. -Paper -Work in pairs. Make a birthday
-Colors card
-Whiteboard -Game: Hangman
Activity Book
-Reading a card
-Complete the verse for a
friendship card
-Design and make a card for a

Awareness: Greeting Cards

1. Plan a birthday celebration

2. Draw and color the decorations
Make 3. Show and tell
Birthday Describing a 4. Hang the decorations
May 25 1:30 Decorations birthday celebration. -

May 26th 1:30

-Before reading activities
-Listen and read along
-After reading activities
-Match the sentences to the
-Track 54 pictures
Understanding the -Reader 3 -Think and answer
structure of fairy -Speakers -Game: Charades Activity Book
The Goose tales. Creating a -Whiteboard (page 82) A
May 29th 1:30 Girl story map. -Markers 82 Awareness: Keeping Promises and B.
-Game: Guess the Phrase
-Read Aloud
-Mark the correct pictures
-Mark the events (real) or
( fantasy)
-Game: Hangman
Understanding the -Students Book Activity Book
structure of fairy -Activity Book -Complete the story map
The Goose tales. Creating a -Whiteboard -Retell the story Worksheet
May 30 1:30 Girl story map. -Markers 83 (14A)
-Game: Verbs
-Complete the sentences
-Circle the correct options to
complete the sentences
-Students Book -Worksheet (14C)
-Worksheet -Game: Guess the Fairy Tale Activity Book
The Goose -Whiteboard Character (page 84) A
May 31st 1:30 Girl Describing a setting. -Markers 84 and B.
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