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Jennifer Atchison

EDU 225


Professor Larson

Part 1: Assessment Technology (150-250 words).

The link to the assessment over Ethos. Logos, Pathos, is The assessment is to test the students

knowledge over Ethos, Logos, Pathos. The assessment is considered summative because it is

meant to be taken after the knowledge has been learned. It can also be used as informative and be

given before any knowledge is learned to see what the students need to work on.

Answer Key:

1. True
2. Reason
3. Ethics
4. True
5. Pathos
6. False
7. True

Part 2: Blog Post

Introduction (4-6 Sentences):

When it comes to teaching strategies, technologies are trying to make

it easier on teachers when it comes to assessments. Assessments can be created
using different methods. These methods can include technology assessments or
paper assessments. Recently, technology assessments are the main ones being
applied sense more and more technology is being created. Paper assessments were
a big thing in the 2000 but have been fading out over time. Technology consist of
many assessments that can be created on line like survey monkey, pollywhere, and

Technology to Facilitate Ongoing Efforts to Assess Student Learning (150-200 words)

There are many resources that are available to teachers. Teachers can now determine

what the learning level of the students are and then determine which assessment she wants to

give to the students. Teachers can now look at whether which students are better test takers
online or with paper. Teachers can give both paper and electronic assessments to determine who

works better on what. Now, students are allowed to take their state testing online or on the paper

packet for STAAR. Assessments can be questions generated before an assignment is learned to

see where the students knowledge needs more help or after to collect what all they have learned

from the lesson.

Survey Monkey (100 words)

One assessment teachers can use is Survey Monkey. Survey monkey allows teachers to
sign up for a free account and even go pro if they are willing to pay the cost. The site also allows
teachers to create their own quizzes and tests and send them to the students or other teachers. The
teacher can see he students progress and even compare the scores to one another. Survey
Monkey is an online survey development cloud-based software as a service company, founded in
1999 by Ryan Finley(Survey Monkey, 2017).

Pollyeverywhere (100 words)

Pollyeverywhere is a website students can have their student use to take polls and vote on
other things like what they want to do or other things that include voting on thing. Ask the
audience a question. Then watch as the chart updates automatically with their responses
(Pollyeverywhere, 2017). Teachers can use it when studying for a test and do a live voting game
so the teacher can see where students are at with the curriculum. The website is free to use but if
the teacher wants to do a little bit more with the website, the teacher can pay more to get further
actions available.

Socrative (100 words)

Socrative is a website that allows teachers and other businesses to create tests online that

give instants feed back to the main user. Teachers can use this website for all main classes such

as English, history, Math, and science. It is a great way to get kids involved with technology.
Our clicker-free classroom response system improves learning outcomes, and fills the diverse

needs of educators and students around the world (Socrative, 2017).

Formative and Summative Assessments (100-150 words)

Formative assessment is more like pre-assessment. They are given before or during

instruction to see where the students is at before ever learning anything new. Summative

assessment is like state testing at the end of the year. It is given after all the information has been

learned to see what the student picked up on. Teachers can use that information to see what else

needs to be re-gone over, and what the students already know.

Pros and Cons of using Technology to Facilitate Assessment (200 words)

Technology is a great tool for most students. Some students need the technology in order

to learn things in a more timely manner. Now, students have a choice whether they want to take

their state test online or on paper. The bad thing about using technology is that anything can

happen. The wifi can disconnect, the internet can cut out, and files and work can be misplaced.

Students can also abuse the facts they have access to world around them. If students are bot

educated on the dangers of the internet, it cause major problems for them and the teacher.

Should a teacher only use technology to assess student learning? Why or why not?

I think the teacher should use technology in multiple ways including other than just

learning. Students must know how to handle technology outside of the classroom.

What is the importance of assessment technology in connection with the ISTE standards?

The ISTE standards include using technology. 3- Research and information literacy includes b.

locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use information from a variety of

sources and media.

Concluding Paragraph for Software to Support Assessment

Technology has made great strides over the last few years. It has helped students learning

abilities and have made great outcomes with testing. Teachers are now able to use online

assessments through sites such as Survey monkey, pollyeverywhere, and socrative. The sites can

be used with every subject and even businesses.

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