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Literacy Night Reflection


Grade level
Candidate: Yuchen or topic: 3-4K
Date Team
submitted: members: Chris, Amber, Yuchen
Title of your
seminar: Literacy night little Einstein team
Instructions to the candidate: Please reflect on preparation and learning that occurred while
you were prepared and presented the Literacy Night Presentation and respond to each of the
following prompts.
Domain 1 Planning
1. What materials, resources or interactions were helpful to you when planning your presentation
and brochure?

* The outline of brochure (developmental stages, what should parents do to help? )

* Brochure example on dos and donts for read-aloud website
* Talking with the teachers about the resources that the school has, the area of literacy that some
students struggle with and the literacy activities that they do in the classroom.

Domain 2 Instruction
2a. List and describe the strategies you used to engage families during the presentation, including
diverse families.
* Using video, pictures
* Demonstrating with object
* Encourage the parents to ask questions
* Pop-quiz

2b.What new content/knowledge did you learn while working on this project? Is there something
you learned that is not in the final project?

While working on this project

* the importance of the wait time during read-aloud.
* hear the sound of the letter. Pretend writing. scribble
* model writing, holding the pencil, putting pressure of the paper.
* practice writing on shaving cream.
* word family
* pop-quiz

Not in the final project

* focus on the rhyming,
* ask question to let the child to anticipate the story.
* slow down at the end of sentence and let the child to fill in the words.

Doman 3 Environment: Teamwork

3. Describe your work and contribution to your teams success/presentation. How did you make a
difference for your team?
For the presentation, I summarized the six dos for read-aloud with child, searched the questions
I can ask the parents during read-aloud (green egg and ham) and found the Easter egg word
family activity online. Amber suggested that I add a pop-quiz section after the read-aloud. I
drafted the quiz and then Amber helped me revise it.

Domain 4 Professionalism
4. What obstacles or impediments did you meet during this project? How did you solve these
either individually, collaboratively or procedurally?
Collaboratively, our team has miscommunication on due day and turning in the PPT, we solve it
by communication through text message, in person.

5. What is one of your biggest take-aways from this project and presentation?
We were able to work with each other on completing the presentation in a timely manner and
learn from each other in the process. And our team had fun doing it.

6. What is one thing you want others to notice when they look at your work?
(In your teamwork, personal effort, presentation, brochure, or Power Point)

Teamwork on the presentation and activity session.