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The Ohio State University Columbus, OH

Doctorate of Occupational Therapy May 2019
Pediatric Specialization- Project will address needs of early childhood teachers for understanding how and when to
use a
new sensory room at their center through the organization of the sensory room and presenting a training to staff.

Marshall University Huntington, WV

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, GPA 3.93 August 2015


The Ohio State University Columbus, OH
Lead Research Assistant, The Ohio State University February 2017 Present
Obtain consent from middle school students to participate in research study.
Conduct pre-testing and post-testing using stress and self-efficacy questionnaires (BASQ-3, STAI).
Plan exercise intervention programs through researching low-impact activities and creating group protocols.
Implement yoga and exercise intervention programs for 45 minutes, 3 times a week, to groups of 10-15 middle
students with the goal of examining how exercise and yoga impact and influence perceived stress and anxiety.
Gather, score, and analyze data as instructed throughout the research process.
Collaborate with faculty member leading study as well as other graduate students serving as student volunteers to
conduct assessment, lead movement sessions, and complete data analysis.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Aide Columbus, OH

Private Residence August 2016-Present
Implement behavior and cognitive programs such as hygiene, meal preparation, reading comprehension, math
practice, handwriting, fine motor, repetitive language/behavior reduction, and safety, with 10 year old boy as directed
by case manager.
Document behavior, progress, and/or concerns regarding session programs through notes at the end of each
and session.
Participate in team meetings by providing possible solutions to issues as well as giving input concerning program
progress, changes, elimination, or the creation of new programs.
Collaborate with parents of child, case manager, and other aide to address needs of child thorough program or
behavior modifications.

Head Start Classroom Aide in Lawrence County Board of Developmental Disabilities Preschool Classroom
Ironton, OH
Ironton Lawrence County Community Action Organization Head Start August 2015-May 2016
Collaborated with the LCBDD Preschool Instructor and LCBDD Instructional Assistant with the
implementation of curriculum and child Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).
Worked alongside Preschool Instructor and HS Supervisor in maintaining reports and records and submitting
reports to appropriate individuals in a timely manner.
Assessed and recorded child progress and developmental status through recording classroom observations and
documentation of anecdotal notes.
Assisted children with mobility, positioning, and individual physical needs.
Communicated with families to identify, develop, and implement goals to promote family/child growth and
Made Home Visits to promote home-school connection.

Childcare Worker, May 2015- August 2015 Ironton, OH
Assisted Teacher/Site Administrator in the planning and implementation of a child development program.
Facilitated normal growth and development by using accepted early childhood education methods (encouraging,
framing, re-directing, etc.)
Planned and implemented activities that promote health and emotional growth and the social, physical, and
intellectual development of each child.
Crafted and carried out early childhood education experiences, using a variety of materials that promote growth and
development in literacy, science, math, art, and music.

Marshall University Student Athlete Academic Tutor, September 2014-May 2015 Huntington, WV
Assisted student athletes with academic work by conducting one-on-one sessions with student athletes.

Sign Language Instructor, November 2013- May 2014 Russell, KY

Taught songs in sign language to a group of 25 Pre-School children, once a week for 20-25 minutes.
Worked with children on songs of varying length and complication levels.
Thought of creative ways to encourage students memorization of the signs.

Sales Associate, Bath and Body Works, October 2012-January 2014 Ashland , KY
Greeted customers as they entered the store, inquired about reasons for shopping, and promoted new products and
Assisted customers in finding desired products, and made suggestions for related items.
Named Employee of the Quarter for the Fall 2012-Winter 2013 time period.
Commended by mangers in evaluations and customers on shopping surveys for kind and helpful customer service.

Computer skills, proficient in Microsoft Office
Leadership skills, Ways and Means Co-Chair, Student Occupational Therapy Association, November 2016-present
Foreign language skills, Conversational in Spanish (oral) and American Sign Language

American Occupational Therapy Association, Active member 2016 present
Member of Marshall University Marching Thunder, September 2011-December 2013