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Ref: CO100349/15 Appeal - Winton Keenen complaint

10 August 2015 at


S eo aV:

gone back through the chain of events, aS best as posse, relating to the time when I was

gating some ofyour complaiagainst the force; When l was a Superintendent in PSD,

As yknovv, t thatme, l arranged for the then Senio=nvestigating Ocer to release information to the

media to set the record straightregardinge reasons for the aCk upon yon ecitorrecge

tO the media suggesting the attack might have been refatecO Iocanal gangs and/Or

I knqws was done and it was m genuinely held beliefthat an apoIogy had aIso been giveo you

reging the same issue. HoweveCand no written record ofany such apo!ogy having been given to

SO CannOt COhis was the case. I am therefore taking vou at you word that none was given


is reasove wn a formaer of apo10gy tO yOu anC! include it as an ament to this

d(g MaI would juskeo saYs:

Dese your a"egaons to the contrary l have always tried to estash a bette=eIonship with you. My

erovide you with the service you deserve as the victim of a horrendous aCland bring the offenders

l haneveed to vou Marnor hVe l ever knowingIy made anylse aseons to or about you.

IndeI had a he respect for what you had done by way of providing infomaohat undoubteC

SaVe# manves and wouId c!early haveed to have struck up a reionship of mutuaI codence.

As yqu know St Roger Ford has been reviewing your case, he being erenc!ependent ofanyone who

hasen ioIved previousl wuse hjsfings to ascehe best waY forwad and waceIy

COnSider your coing desire for us to request a separate body take over the invesation.

Givehe on-gOing complaint investigation, tO Whicbe=eve I am ssubject, l wimit my

COmucaon to the matters ouned thus far but wseek to make further contact when l have viewed

the putcome of Supords review - Which, l expect wbe very soon.

WWW.nO ma.oe

T/Duty Cef Constae

Martin McGaland
Po ntela nd

August 2015 Newcastle upon Tyne

N20 0B

el: 101

ax: 01661 869889 11k

ea Martin,

am writing to you in my capacity as a Chjef Officer with Noumbia Police.

rted and/or drug dealing activity.

With best regards

f nstab,