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Student Feedback Survey Analysis

35 total students from my 4th grade classes participated in my survey

of 25 questions. Through analyzing the results of the survey, there are
certain conclusions that I can draw based on the data.

The Student Feedback Survey questions, which my students rated me

highest on, are as follows:

Question#1: 96% of students either strongly agreed or agreed with

When my teacher is talking, he/she asks us if we understand.
To me, this means that students believe I make sure they
understand the material before we either move on to the next
step or next lesson. When we are in a lesson, I like to ask if there
are any questions or if people understand periodically throughout
the lesson to give the students the opportunity to raise any
questions or concerns without having them having to do it on
their own. This creates a safe learning environment for the
students to be comfortable with sharing out any questions or
Question #3: 91% of students either strongly agreed or agreed with
My teacher asks me to improve my work when he or she knows I can
do better.
To me, this means that when the students came to me with work
that I knew they were able to do better, I explained to them what
the expectations are and what they can do to achieve those
expectations. I make sure that students are showing their work
when necessary and that it is neat and would be work they are
proud of showing the class. In math, if they are answering a word
problem, they always need to use RDW (Read-Draw-Write). They
know that for any word problem they are to do that process.
Question #11: 97% of students either strongly agreed or agreed with
My teacher shows us how to respect different opinions in class.
To me, this means that students respect each others opinions
and thoughts, even if the answer is incorrect. Students are
expected to use accountable talk when sharing in class.
Accountable talk is talk that seriously responds to and further
develops what others in the class has said. It puts forth and
demands knowledge that is accurate and relevant to the issue
under discussion. All students are told to use accountable talk
and are reminded of that before sharing. We talk a lot about
respecting others and others opinions in class and provide
appropriate ways to respond when students disagree with
someone or something. Question 24 was a piggyback question
off of this one, In this class, other students take the time to
listen to my ideas. This also revolves around the topic of
accountable talk. We stress to the students the importance of
respecting others and their ideas and using accountable talk
when responding to others.

The Student Feedback Survey questions which I received the most

disagree/strongly disagree ratings are as follows:

Question #18: 39% of students either disagreed or strongly disagreed

with My classmates behave the way my teacher wants them to.
To me, this means that students could tell when their classmates
were not on task, focused, being a good listener, or showing that
they are motivated. Throughout the day, I stress what good
listeners look like, what it looks like to be motivated, what
expectations of fourth graders are. The students know what the
expectations are because they are clearly stated and reviewed
daily. When students are not following the expectations, it takes
away from the lesson, especially to those students who are
motived and want to learn. We talk about how when students
blurt out or make the teacher pause the lesson to redirect them,
it stops the momentum of the lesson and takes peoples brains to
places other than the lesson.
Question #19: 14% of students either disagreed or strongly disagreed
with Students encourage each other to do really good work in this
To me, this means that students are sometimes not supportive of
each other and do not encourage each other to do their best
work in this class. When we do group work, we differentiate the
groups so that there are stronger and weaker students. We
expect the stronger students to help those in their group who
need it. I also sometimes see that students will keep to
themselves and not help when they see someone struggling. We
try to stress helping each other because when you teach
someone it also solidifies the information in your own brain.
Question #22: 22% of students either disagreed or strongly disagreed
with My teacher uses things that interest me to explain hard ideas.
To me, this means that I need to relate the information being
taught to more real world situations. I do tend to stick straight to
the facts, so being able to broaden my explanations to more
engage the students would benefit them greatly. Connecting the
facts to something that they can relate to would engage them
more as well as give them a real-life experience that they can
use to help them understand the material more. 76% of students
did either agree or strongly agree with this question, so this
shows me that I do this most of the time, but I could be more