and copy! This section contains words with long vowels formed by a bossy E (silent E) like the 'a' in cake or the 'i' in bike. the initial digraphs wh. ck. and the final digraphs ng. qu. and copy! This section contains consonant digraph spelling print. ll. Long A Words: ape bake cage cake cave game gate lake ace face race space Long I Words: bike dice hike ice kite mice pine rice five Long O Words: bone cone hose nose rope First Words with Consonant Digraphs Just click. Good for both kids who speak English as a second language and English as a first language. th. These tracing sheets can be used to practice spelling out easy English words. Consonant Digraphs Both Initial and Final: Digraph SH: fish dish ship shell shop wash Digraph CH: chat chip chop chin chick rich Digraph TH: bath three math thick thin Consonant Digraphs (Usually) Initial: Digraph WH: whale wheel Digraph QU: queen quiet Digraph KN: knife knee Consonant Digraphs Final Digraph NG: ring king sing fang wing Digraph LL: bell doll hill ball shell tall wall Digraph CK: rock duck truck chick sock sick lick thick . print. Just click. The consonant digraphs included are the initial and final digraphs sh.

corn. and the OO in moon. tiger. print. farm. the OA in boat. and copy! This section contains words with vowel digraphs like the AI in rain. the EA in peach. Words with Vowel Digraph AI: chain pail rain tail Words with Vowel Digraph EA: leaf peach seal tea teach team Words with Vowel Digraph EE: bee feet queen seed sheep tree Words with Vowel Digraph OA: boat goat road toad Words with Vowel Digraph OO: food moon pool roof tool R-Controlled Vowels Spelling Sheets Just click. and copy! This section contains spelling sheets for words with R-controlled vowels such as star. AR Words: arm art car dark farm jar park shark star ER Words river tiger water fern herd ruler paper IR Words: bird chirp dirt girl shirt OR Words: corn fork fort horn horse north storm worm See also the R-controlled Vowels Flashcards UR Words fur turn surf hurt burn . the EE in feet. horn. and turn. First Words with Vowel Digraphs Just click. print. bird.

bed. and copy! This section contains spelling sheets for CVC word like cat. print. bug. dog.First CVC Words Just click. Short A Words: bat cat dad fan hat jam map pan sad van Short E Words hen jet net pen ten vet web Short I Words: fin kid lip pig pin Short O Words: dog mom mop pop pot Short U Words bug bus cup gum pup rug run sub sun tub . These words are words that have a consonant +short vowel + consonant combination. and fin.