Coleman Brann

Mrs. Jizi

UWRIT 1104

22 March 2017

Inquiry Project Proposal: Reducing my carbon footprint

1. The main topic of my inquiry project is; how can I reduce my carbon footprint?
2. I was able to reach a come alive moment after taking multiple science classes in high

school and college where we discussed the impact humans are having on the earth

environment. It is important for me on an individual level to be able to create a future

for myself where I am able to be environmentally responsible. As mentioned in my

future authoring I want my future home to include things that make it a green living

space, that’s something that will add a lot of value to me personally as well as bring

more value to my future home.
3. I know that most the problem our environment/climate face today is the

overwhelming production of greenhouse gasses that everyone produces on a daily

basis. We produce greenhouse gasses in almost every sector of our day to day lives; in

creating electricity to power our homes, in our transportation, in our agriculture ect.

To make matters worse people only further the problem by clear cutting, and

deforestation to make the land useable for more things creating greenhouse emissions.

It’s very clear to me that we as a society need to work towards finding practical

solutions to these problems, however a good baby step would be to educate myself on

how I can bring those practical solutions into different aspects of my own life. What I

want to know is what I can do to decrease my own personal carbon footprint, and cut

down my contribution to this problem. How can I decrease the greenhouse gasses I

create? What innovations in technology are there available that I’m not taking

advantage of? How can I create a green/environmentally friendly lifestyle for myself?

What are my biggest down falls when it comes to creating greenhouse gasses, and

where can I improve on them?

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