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So You Want to be a Gardnerian?

A questionaire drawn up by Ed Fitch for the purpose of screening new


If you can honestly answer YES to each of these questions then you may be
well suited as a Gardnerian.

This questionaire is a self-screening method to help determine if one would be

compatible with the Old Ways.

This path is not for everybody.

1. You are over 21.

2. You are not currently involved in a divorce, lawsuit, or major trauma
at this time.
3. You honor both goddess and god and seek balance in your rituals.
4. You are not ashamed of your mind, body, or spirit.
5. You tend toward the mystical and are intuitive.
6. You prefer lineage and tradition over eclecticism and politically correct,
feel-good rites.
7. You can live with learning the mysteries over time, not
8. You can be both a leader and a follower.
9. You are ready to be involved in a group with a long history and high
10. You are ready to commit years, even decades to this path.
11. You are not a collector of initiations.
12. You do not join groups and then expect to alter its system, tradition,
language, philosophies.
13. You are attracted to joining a witch tradition whose adherents have
often been called the "Jesuits of the Craft."
14. You are unique and highly intelligent but not a flaming oddball.
15. You have a healthy attitude toward sexuality and are neither a prude
nor a libertine.
16. You keep your promises and do not break oaths, ever.
17. You can be silent even when sorely tempted to speak of what you
know to correct others.
18. You are ready to make an old Craft tradition an important part of your
19. You feel it's important to observe the turning of the wheel of the year.
20. You practice magic and observe the seasons, and know when the
moon is waning or waxing.
21. You read a lot of books.
22. You are healthy.
23. You are not addicted to drugs or alcohol, and you are not currently in
psychological therapy.
24. You don't whine, make excuses, or pass the buck.
25. You are considered by others as an "old soul."
26. You work for a living or have an independent income.
27. You want to work in a Celtic tradition primarily.
28. You are willing to train for a year and a day and can accept hierarchy
as necessary to development.
29. You seek structure in your spiritual life but you can also be
spontaneous and inventive.
30. You have learned other systems or experimented with reincarnation,
tarot, runes, astrology, psychometry, metaphysics, energy projection,
healing, sacred dance, etc.
31. You enjoy reading the mythology and folk tales of other countries, in
particular, the stories of the six Celtic nations.
32. You want to work with both sun and moon energy.
33. You are particularly attracted to the Dark Lady.
34. You are ready for a deepening of the soul.
35. You have recently experienced a heartfelt calling to Gardnerian Wicca.