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Digital Unit Plan Template

Unit Title: Ngy Gi Name: Rosa Nguyen

Content Area: Ngy Gi - The Death Anniversary Grade Level: 11th
CA Content Standard(s)/Common Core Standard(s):

1 a. Students will learn what a Vietnamese traditional family means, a culture from the origins of our ancestors that have been erased from history.
2 b. Students will understand what elders expect from the younger generations & how people faced some of the greatest challenges in the past.
1.0 Word Analysis, Fluency, and Systematic Vocabulary Development - students apply their knowledge of word origins to determine the meaning of new words
encountered in reading materials and use those words accurately.
Listening and speaking: Strategies and Application Comprehension - ask and answer instructional questions by using simple sentences and some supporting element.
Listen attentively to stories and information and identify important details and concepts by using both verbal and nonverbal responses.
4.1f. Produce complete sentences, recognizing and correcting inappropriate fragments and run-ons.
5.1d. Recognize and correct inappropriate shifts in verb tense.

Big Ideas/Unit Goals:

What is a traditional Vietnamese family?

Why is Ngay Gio significant to Vietnamese family especially to the elders?

How does Ngay Gio affect our lives in a meaningful way?

Is there any specific day to make Ngay Gio?

How can we determine the meaning of new words based on word origins?

Unit Summary:

The idea of "Traditional Family" plays an important role in Vietnamese culture. The younger generation is expected to know their ancestors and how
to honor them appropriately. In this lesson, you will learn and understand the model and how Vietnamese people construct their family. Ngay Gio is
such a great and significant topic in this subject. The content of this lesson delivers a strong message to students that we need to respect and honor
who we are and where we come from. We will analyze and clarify new terminology before we discuss the topic. Next, we will watch a short film to
get a better picture of what Ngay Gio looks like.
Assessment Plan:
Entry-Level: Formative: Summative:
Quick Write- What do you like the most KWL Chart- Students fill the whole work
Survey- what do you know about a about Vietnamese traditional family and sheet out about the Death Anniversary.
traditional family in Viet Nam? what do you like the least? Why Presentation- The importance of family
Discussion- form into a group of 2-3 to meals in Viet Nam. Record a short video
share about the big ideas of Buddhism. how to make a simple dish for family
Quiz- 5 questions regarding to the Death meal.
Anniversary and Family Meals.
Exit Cards- What you have learned today
in class. What would you like to know
more about traditional family in Viet

Lesson 1 (Teacher Lecture)

Student Learning Acceptable Evidence Lesson Activities:
Objective: (Assessments): First, students will work independently on the first column - What we know. After ten minutes, they
Students will be able to Students will brainstorm to will share individual answers in small discussion groups. As they share the information, I will walk
identify definition of a get a picture of a traditional around and work with them on the second column - What we want to find out. By doing so, I will help
"traditional family" at the Vietnamese family and students in generating questions they want answered as they read. Questions can be added to the W
end of the class. describe the necessity for column. As we read along, students should be able to find answers for the L portion of the worksheet.
Furthermore, they can that important day. After reading the article, we will discuss what they learned from the passage and they will write a
explain in detail and provide summary of the material. Students will be prepared to write their personal thoughts and reflection on
specific examples. their journals because writing is a powerful tool because the more students are in direct contact with
the content of the lesson, the more likely they learn the material.
Lesson 2 (Webercise/ iPad Lesson)
Student Learning Acceptable Evidence: Lesson Activities:
Objective: Students will read some Students are able to use laptops to access to useful resources provided on the
Students will discuss why articles online in order to whiteboards to collect information. Additional information from textbooks, videos
family meal is important also can be used during the lesson.
complete the worksheet.
and relate it to our current Those articles are related to
lives. Students will be able the Vietnamese family meal
to share opinions and and how it is important to
compare/contrast family Vietnamese people
meal now and in the past. especially to the elders.
Lesson 3 (Graphic Organizer)
Student Learning Acceptable Evidence: Lesson Activities:
Objective: Students will work with Students will form in a group with three people and look up the words
Students will analyze the other classmates to analyze Buddhism and "Ancestor Worship. Each student will create a post-it note on
significant materials that are and share opinions about one fact about Buddhism or Ancestor Worship. Together, they will summarize and
required on "Ngay Gio". Buddhism and Ancestor share with the whole class. Explain your response clearly. Students will explore
Students will learn about the Worship. Finally students the origin of Buddhism, the belief system and the relationship between Buddhism
belief system of Buddhism will make a presentation to & Ancestor Worship. I will provide many useful websites or you can simply browse
and the significance on the compare/contrast between on websites that relate to our topics. First, gather all of your information, review
Death Anniversary. Buddhism and Ancestor with your partner to ensure it is useful/correct information to share with the
5. Students will be able to Worship. whole class. Next, I would like to create your own graphic organizer.
understand and analyze new
terminology in the lesson
and interpret with their own
Unit Resources:

Digital Unit Plan Site:

Entry-Level Survey:
Concept Map:,,

Useful Websites:
These are some useful websites that help you to collect information in order to complete some assignments such as presentation, and
the video.