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Intrinsically safe valves for Hazardous

locations and hostile environments
Ex ia IIC T6
( standard and manual reset type )
General description
The solenoid valves listed in this bulletin are of 3-way, pilot controlled, piston operated balanced
construction, available with Brass / SS bodies.
These Intrinsically Safe valves are designed and approved for use in hazardous zones 0,1 and 2
and temperature class T6 and have a variety of applications such as :-
chemical Plants, offshore oil and gas industries, pharmaceutical houses, research laboratories,
handling volatiles, petrochemical refineries, distillation plants, ammonia plants, synthetic fuel
gasifier plants, paint spraying industries, distillers of volatiles etc.
Solenoid Operator
The Intrinsically safe solenoid operator confirms to IS 5780-1980, weather proof to IP65 and
is certified by CMRI India. The operator is capable to operate at a very low energy level, available
as a 3/2 pull type solenoid with top exhaust and Manual reset type with push button. The 3/2
operator is provided with an integral seat configuration (cartridge) and have a factory set core
stroke. The enclosure has an epoxy moulded embedded screw terminals coil contains moulded-in
solid state components for switch-off peak voltage suppression and independent polarity
Standard - Carbon steel enclosure, zinc plated, blue colour epoxy coated with
1/2 NPT threaded conduit. Prefix WPTIS
Optional - Stainless steel enclosure, blue colour epoxy coated with
1/2 NPT threaded conduit. Prefix WSTIS
The following are the operator identification number punched in the nameplate.
IM12 - 3 INDT - 3/2 Solenoid with top exhaust
IM12 - MR INDT - Manual reset solenoid operator
(I - Intrinsically safe, M12 - Type of coil, MR - operator function,
INDT- Type of cable entry and identification of origin of approval)
Voltage 24 V DC nominal Power consumption 0.3 watts nominal
Minimum Current required 25mA. Coil resistance 406 ohms 5% at 20C
Maximum coil resistance at 65C ambient temperature and continuous duty service is 510 ohms.
Voltage drop over the diode bridge is 1.4 volts (for calculation purposes a resistance of 50 ohms
for the diode bridge is acceptable)
Maximum ambient and fluid temperature 65 C
Body SS / Brass Core tube 305 SS
Core and plugnut 430 F SS Seat Buna-N
Coil Epoxy moulded (IP65) Springs 302 SS
All valves must be used in combination with an approved Intrinsically Safe barrier or interfacing
device. The solenoid operators must be mounted vertical and upright. Mounting brackets are
available as an option, use Suffix MB
Ordering information
Specify catalogue number, operating pressure, environmental conditions, ambient and fluid Example :- WPTIS B 307B5 MB
temperatures and surface temperature classification. For standard NPT (H-28) threaded pipe
connection use reference letter B (see table). For BSP Pl. (BS 21) threaded pipe connection Weatherproof with Mounting
use reference letter E. 1/2 NPT conduit bracket
thread and carbon (optional)
Operation steel enclosure.
Universal construction for normally closed or normally open Intrinsically safe
operation. (standard construction )
NPT thread Basic
Manual reset construction (reference letter) Number

Also suitable for selection of two pressures (pressure

applied at 2 and 3 and diversion of flow (pressure applied at 1).
Intrinsically safe solenoid valves
Series 307
Ope r ating pre s s u r e
differential ( ap) Catalogue Nu m b e r
Pipe Orifice Kv flow 2 Threaded Approx.
bar(10 kPa) Body
Size Size factor pipe w e ight Spare k it no.
3 air/gas Intrins ically Bas ic m ate r ial
(Inch) (mm) (m /h) (kg)
s afe prefix conne ction num b e r
m in m ax NPT
1/4" 9 0.68 0.7 10 WPTIS B 307B5 SS 2.3 FV-115-294
1/4" 9 0.68 0.7 10 WPTIS B 307B15 BR 2.3 FV-115-294
3/8" 9 0.68 0.7 10 WPTIS B 307B35 SS 2.3 FV-115-294
3/8" 9 0.68 0.7 10 WPTIS B 307B45 BR 2.3 FV-115-294
1/2" 9 0.68 0.7 10 WPTIS B 307B65 SS 2.6 FV-115-294
1/2" 9 0.68 0.7 10 WPTIS B 307B75 BR 2.6 FV-115-294


1/4" 9 0.68 0.7 10 WPTIS B 307B6 SS 3.2 FV-143-417
1/4" 9 0.68 0.7 10 WPTIS B 307B16 BR 3.2 FV-143-417
3/8" 9 0.68 0.7 10 WPTIS B 307B36 SS 3.2 FV-143-417
3/8" 9 0.68 0.7 10 WPTIS B 307B46 BR 3.2 FV-143-417
1/2" 9 0.68 0.7 10 WPTIS B 307B66 SS 3.6 FV-143-417
1/2" 9 0.68 0.7 10 WPTIS B 307B76 BR 3.6 FV-143-417

Additional information
l Viton construction also available. For Viton construction add suffix V
to catalogue number Example : WPTISB307B5V
l Mounting bracket - optional Part No. : 115-292-001 (SS)
l With the auxilliary port connected to the auxilliary air supply the valve
position is controlled independantly of the main line air and the valve
operates from 0 to 10 bar main line pressure. However, for applications
where an auxilliary air supply is not available the pilot operator may be
supplied from the main line. The operating pressure range in this case is
0.7 bar minimum to 10 bar maximum.
l For replacement coil consult ASCO.


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