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Faculty of Engineering
University of Moratuwa

MBA in Information Technology 2017


Lecturer in Charge: Mr. T. M. Jayasekera (

To provide learning opportunities for participants to be familiar with strategic management concepts
and frameworks being pervasive in the literature, to be confident in evaluating the existing
frameworks in the light of knowledge about the emerging trends in the business contexts and to be
competent in analyzing business cases related to strategy issues and debates.

2. Text and Readings

2.1 Core Text
Johnson, G., Scholes, K., & Whittington, R. Exploring Corporate Strategy: Text & Cases.:
Prentice Hall International (UK). 7th Edition ( any edition above 5th edition may be useful)

2.2 Supplementary Readings

David, Fred R. Strategic Management Concepts and Cases, 13th Ed., New Delhi: Prentice-
Hall of India, 2012

Ritson, Neil, Strategic Management Neil Ritson & Ventus Publishing ApS,
2011 (Downloadable at
Fred R. David 2011) Strategic Management, 13/E, Pearson Publication

Hanson, D.,Hitt M. A., Ireland R. D., &Hoskisson R. E. (2014). Strategic

management: Competitiveness and globalisation, 5th ed. South Melbourne, Victoria:
Cengage Learning Australia
Hubbard, G., Rice, J., & Beamish, P. (2008). Strategic Management: Thinking, Analysis,
Action, 3rd ed. NSW: Pearson Education Australia.

Hunger, J.D. & Wheelan, T.L (2009). Strategic Management, Addison-Wesley Longman Inc.

Mintzberg, H., Lampel, J., Quinn, J. B. & Ghoshal, S., (2003). The Strategy Process: Concepts,
Contexts, and Cases. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall.

Stacey, R. D. (2003). Strategic Management and Organizational Dynamics, 4th ed. Harlow:
Pearson Education.

Thomas and Strickland , Strategic Management, Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall

2.3 Other significant references and resources
2.3.1 Journals

There are a number of journals that are very relevant to this Unit, including:

Academy of Management Journal, published by Academy of Management

Academy of Management Review, published by Academy of Management

California Management Review, published by University of California at Berkeley


Emergence, published by Complexity Society (

Harvard Business Review, published by Harvard Business School (

Long Range Planning, published by Strategic Planning Society and of the European Strategic
Planning Federation (

Sloan Management Review, published by Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Strategic Management Journal, published by Strategic Management Society


*Please note that there are many other useful journals of strategic Management as well
which can be accessed through web.

2.3.2 Business Magazines

A number of magazines and most newspapers publish reports, commentaries and analyses of
local businesses that are useful. Most are available in the Library and electronically.

Examples are:

International- The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Financial Times, Business Week.

2.3.3 Web Based Resources

The library has a number of Texts and access to web based databases can be used to source
information. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo give access to useful sites, but require
discrimination in use. Material downloaded from these sites MUST include information to
demonstrate its credibility, such as author name, affiliation, etc.

3. Assessment
Continuous Assignment
1. Class Participation and Instant Quizzes 10%
2. In-class Case analysis and MCQs 10%
2: Group Presentations 15%
3. Written Analysis of a Case (WAC) 15%
Final Exam (3 hours) 50%
Total 100%
4. Requirements and Regulations

Students are required to attend classes regularly and meet the deadlines on assigned work. For
each day delayed, 10% of marks will be deducted for late assignment/work. Copying another
persons work or giving or receiving aid during any test or examination is cheating. Any student
caught cheating will receive a failing grade regardless of marks earned on other assessed work.
When including others work in your assignment answers and reports, credit should be given and
appropriate citation formats must be used. Plagiarism is absolutely not tolerated. Both intext and
end-text referencing should generally be adopted.
5. Course Contents

Topic Learning Outcomes Reference

Introduction to strategy, SM, teaching process, concepts and basic
theories and conceptual models.
Session 1 : Introduction N/A
to Strategic Management

Introducing Strategy, Conceptual Framework for Strategic

Session 2 : Chapter 1
Nature, scope, concepts and process of Strategic Management.
Overview of Strategic
The External Environment Analysis
Session 3 : Chapter 2
Strategy Formulation
The Internal Environment Analysis
Session 4 : Chapter 3
Strategy Formulation
Expectations and Purposes
Session 5 : Chapter 4
Strategy Formulation
Business Level Strategy
Session 6: Chapter 5
Strategy Formulation

Session 6: Corporate level strategy Chapter 6

Strategy Formulation
Directions and Methods of strategy development
Session 7: Chapter 7
Strategy in Practise
Implementing Strategies: Organizing for success
Session 8: Chapter 8
Strategy Implementation
Implementing Strategies: Enabling Success
Session 9: Chapter 9

Strategy Implementation
Managing Strategic Change
Session 10 : Chapter 10
Strategy Evaluation
Understanding Strategy development
Session 11 : Key Chapter 11
Strategic Management

Advances In strategy- Emergent Strategy, ,Narrative Strategy etc.

Session 12 : Key N/A
Strategic Management
Advances in Strategy-Blue Ocean Strategy, Open Strategy and
Transient Advantage etc
Session 13 : Key N/A
Strategic Management
Session 14 : N/A
Wrap Up Session