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Name: Marcos Giorgoudiou

Age: 10 years old
Name of school: Second Experimental Elementary School of 9 Classes of Rhodes
Country: Greece

- The problem of the

recycle bins in the island of Rhodes
H .

Rhodes is one of the most beautiful and biggest island in Greece. Every year a lot of
tourists from all over the world visit Rhodes for holidays and have a nice time on the
beach. Also they visit the exciting and very beautiful medieval castle in Rhodes.
To -The basic problem of the recycle

. .
The basic problem of these recycles bins is that there are near to places that tourists
visit like the castle and the beach in the centre of Rhodes. lso, there are only two
recycle bins for all the island of Rhodes. In neighbours of Rhodes there are only
recycle bins for glass bottles.
H - The solution for the problem



It would be good recycle bins to be carried to different places away from touristic sights and
beaches and we have to concern for a good operation of these. Also, it would be nice if
there are more recycle bins in neighbours all over the island of Rhodes and not only recycle
bins for bottles in some places in the city of Rhodes.

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