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Analytical Chemistry c. 0.02564 M d. 0.

03846 M

1. Which of the following precipitate are hardest to 8. Brix scale is the hydrometer scale for:
filter? a. gasoline b. sugar solution
a. isomorphous b. gelatinous c. liquefied propane gas d. water
c. crystalline d. curdy precipitates
9. A 0.010 F weak acid is 4.17 ionized. What is the ionization
2.What is the color of methyl orange at ph = 8? constant?
a. red b. yellow a.1.74 x 10-5 b.3.6 x 10-5
c. colorless d. blue c. 1.2 x 10 d. 1.2 x 10-5

3. Which of the following conditions would induce 10. What is the most commonly used reagent in the
precipitation? standardization of acids?
a. high temperature b. dilute solns a. K2SO4 b. Borax
c. low ph d. all of the above c. BaCl2 d. Na2CO3

4. What is the density of 7.16M H2SO4 which is 50.11 11. What is the practical method of coagulation?
% (w/w)? a. increasing T b. agitating/stirring
a. 1.4 g/l b. 7.4 g/l c. digestion d. all of the above
c. 1.4 g/ml d. 7.14 x 10-4 g/l
12. A 0.0722 M acid has pH of 3.11, what is the Ka of the acid?
5. Which of the following has the highest purity? a. 4.2 x 10-6 b.8.35 x 10-6
a. primary Std. b. USP reagent c. 8.35 x 10 d. 4.2 x 10-7
c. ACS reagent d. CP reagent
13. What weight. in grams of KMnO4 needed to form a 250 ml
6. What is the color of litmus paper in acid? solution of 0.10 M?
a. blue b. red a. 47.5 b. 2.75
c. orange d. colorless c. 3.95 d. 89.5

7. Calculate the molar analytical concentration of solute

when 2.5 gram of KH (IO3)2 is dissolved and diluted to
500 ml. (MW KH (IO3)2 = 390 g/mol)
a. 0.00641 M b. 0.01282 M 14. In a redox reaction, you need:
a. a strong OA & WA
b. a strong RA & a weak OA 19. Which of the following types of precipitimetry is used as a
c. a strong OA & a strong RA direct method for halide determination?
d. a weak OA & weak RA a. Mohr method b. Volhard method
c. Fajans method d. none of the above
15. Sixteen grams of a mixture of sodium & potassium
is neutralized with 40 moles of H2SO4. How many 20. What is the titrant used in Mohr method?
grams of potassium is present in the mixture? a. AgNO3 b. KSCN
a. 5.01 g b. 2.93 g c. K4Fe ( CN)6 d. KCN
c.10.96 g d. 5.04 g
21. What is the indicator used in Fajans method of
16. Twenty milliliter of a 0.125 M HCl is mixed with precipitimetry?
25 mL of 0.120 M NH3. What is the resulting pH of the a. methylorange b. phenolputhalein
mixture? c. Bromcresol green d. Sodium fluoresclinate
a. 0.055 b. 1.26
c. 7.52 d. 8.50 22. A certain solution is known to contain a compatible
combination of two of the following substance: HCl, Na2HPO4,
17. What is the color of phenolphthalein at H3PO4, NaOH, Na3PO4. Titration of a sample with 0.510 N
pH = 10? HCl, using methyl orange, requires 28.1 mL of the acid. With
a. colorless b. blue the mass of the sample & phenolphthalein indicator, 17.1 mL of
c. red d. yellow the HCl is required. What components are present & how many
grams of each are in the sple taken?
18. What is the color of Bromcresol green at a. NaH2PO4 = 0.32 g, NaOH = 0.17 g
pH = 9? b. NaOH = 0.51 g, NaH2PO4 = 0.71 g
a. colorless b. yellow c. Na3PO4 = 0.921 g, NaOH = 0.12 g
c. red d. blue types d. HCl = 0.5 g, H3PO4 = 0.19 g