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Gubaton, Michelle C.

April 21, 2017

ENG13 AY03 Friday

Technical Writing Academic Writing Creative Writing

Wholly written to inform To fulfill a requirement of a To entertain and educate
someone college or university the authors readers
Formal education is Writing is done during the Skills and talent are
needed to attain the writers education essential
capacity to write
Straightforward, easy to Analytical and organized
Uses imagination and
understand explanations pretends to be anything
and/or instructions dealing you want to help the
with a particular subject reader to do the same
Used in a variety of For publications read by Used to give entertainment
technical and occupationalprofessors and to readers
fields researchers or presented
at conferences
Used in communicating Any writing assignment Done in the will of the
professional in the given in an academic writer
organization setting
Policy manuals Book reports Poems
User manuals Research paper Short stories
Reports of analysis Academic journal Novels
Business letters Thesis Trilogies
Memoranda Feasibility Study Plays