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KLA: English Date: 24/10/2016 Time: 10:10 am Class: 6LC School: St Marys

APST FOCUS: 3.1 Establish challenging learning goals, 3.3 Use teaching strategies
Outcome / Standard:
- Discusses how language is used to achieve a widening range of purposes for a widening range of audiences and contexts (EN3-5B)
- composes, edits and presents well-structured and coherent texts (EN3-2A)

Consider and develop sustained arguments and discussions supported by evidence

- Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts, choosing and experimenting with text structures, language
features, images and digital resources appropriate to purpose and audience (ACELY1704, ACELY1714)

Objective / Learning Intention:

Learning intention: Complete an easy to use planner for writing an exposition about the Adler Shot gun in Australia.
Success Criteria:
My planner has
- 3 arguments
- Paragraph starters
- Started introduction
I have used my cheat sheet
3.1 & 3.2 Background / Cultural / Prior Knowledge:
Students have been creating persuasive letters in previous weeks.
3.3 Knowledge integration: HSIE ENGLISH MATHS PDHPE SCIENCE &

3.4 Inclusivity 1.1 Deep Knowledge 1.4 Higher order 2.1 Explicit quality 2.4 Social support
thinking criteria
3.5 Connectedness 1.2 Deep 1.5 Metalanguage 2.2 Engagement 2.5 Student self regulation
3.6 Narrative 1.3 Problematic 1.6 Substantive 2.3 High expectations 2.6 Student direction
knowledge communication
Timing Procedure Considerations Assessment Differentiation
students Strategies
Bring students in from morning assembly, mark the roll and prompting
do word of the day. questions
Revisit Mondays writing lesson questioning about how looking for prior
significant the 1996 shooting had on the People of Australia. knowledge
around gun
laws in
Australia and
recent news

Articulate to students and write on the board the learning
intention and success criteria.
Provide students with the Newspaper article about the recent AFL from the
events surrounding the Adler shotgun. coding key
Bring up the coding key on the whiteboard so as a class we Keep referring what are
can read through the article and highlight the relevant points. back to the students
Once the class have finished reading through the article they success criteria understanding
will complete summary points, I wonders, quiz questions and throughout the the article?
a visualisation on the article. lesson to make
Bring up NAPLAN sample writing and go through it with sure students
students and get them to compare the language used in the know what is AFL -
text to their cheat sheet. expected of them. observation are
Point out the structure of the text (PEEL) and introduce the students
scaffold sheet. understanding
content/uploads/2012/12/peel-graphic-organizer.pdf the peel Scaffolding - the PEEL
Demonstrate how to fill out the PEEL scaffold (1 dot point in structure? structure sheet,
each) modelled on the
Model an introduction on the whiteboard with help from the whiteboard.
Ensure that students have picked a side of the argument that If student need
they will be taking. additional assistance
provide an option to
BODY (E): work with me on the
Instruct students to fill out their PEEL structure. floor to fill out their
Using the summary points and what they can remember from scaffold and start their
the video on Monday students are to from their arguments introduction.
and start writing an introduction.
Refer back the learning intention and success criteria as a students
checklist to see if students have succeeded in what we aimed achieve all of
to do. the success
criteria? Why,
why not?
does teaching
need to be
changed for
next time?
Supervising teacher: Date:

Coding Key:
? = I dont understand ! = Wow information * = I already knew this O = This is new information to me

WEEK: 1 2 3 DAY:________________________ REFLECTION TEMPLATE

Reflection on student achievement against the outcome, indicator or objective based on Reflection on your delivery of the lesson, effectiveness of resources, strategies,
information / evidence provided by the assessment strategies within the lesson. questioning, inclusion of QT elements etc. May include a statement about future
modifications or action if required.
May also include anecdotal notes about individual student progress.



Supervising teacher: Date: