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(With special reference to pollachi talluk)


1. Gender:
a) Male b) Female

2. Age:
a) Up to 25 b) 25-45 c) 45-55 d) Above 55

3. Marital status
a) Married b) Unmarried

4. Area of residence

a) Urban b) Semi-urban c) Rural

5. Type of family
a) Joint family b) Nuclear family

6. Number of dependents in your family?

a) One b) Two c) Three d) Above

7. Educational qualification
a) Under Graduate b) Post Graduate
c)Professiona d) Others (please specify)______________

8. Occupation

a) Professional b) Employed
c) Business d) Agriculture
e) Others (please specify)______________
9. Income
a) Below Rs.20,000 b) Rs.20001 to Rs.30,000
c) Rs.30001 to Rs.40,000 d) Above Rs.40,000


10. How did you know about just gold purchase?

a) Walked past the store
b) Word-of-mouth referral from family/friend
c) Online search (e.g., Just Golds Websites, Google,
Yahoo) d) Others (please

11. Is advertisement influence you to purchase gold jewels or ornaments?

a) Yes b) No

If yes, what form of advertising do you trust most when for a gold purchase?

a) Television b) Newespapers c) Word-of-mouth d) Others

(please specified)______

12. Who makes purchase decision in buying jewels?

a) Self b) Spouse c) Parents
d) Children e) Others (please specify)_________________

13. What is the time of purchasing jewels?

a) Occasionally b) Marriage c) On
festival times d) On Akshaya thiruthi

14. On average how frequently do you purchase jewels? (For yourself or as a gift)
a) Every 3-6 months b) Yearly c) Every few years d)

15.Mode of purchase a) Cash b) Credit c) Loan d) Through savings scheme

16. Which type of jewels do you prefer?

a) Man Made Jewels b) Machine-Made Jewels c) Both
17. Do you prefer Hallmark Jewels?
a) Yes b) No

18. Do you feel any difference between the Jewels with KDM markings and Jewels
without KDM marking ?
a) Yes b) No

19. Have you faced any problem with regard to the quality of jewels purchased?
a) Yes b) No

If yes, what type of problem regard to the quality of jewels purchased?

a) Design b) Manufacturing defect c) Weight d) All the above

20. Which form of gold would you like to purchase?

a) Gold coins b) Ornamental c) Both

21. State your preference towards the design of Jewels?

a) Plain Jewels b) Jewels with gems c) Jewels with stones
d) Others(Please Specify)_______________

22. Are you satisfied with the designs available in Pollachi?

a) Yes b) No

If No, What is the reason?

a) Less quality b) Not having enough design c) Design variation
d) Others (Please Specify)_______________

23. Which quality of gold do you prefer?

a) 9 Karat b)14 Karat c) 18 Karat d) 22

24. Do you have the habit of purchasing old jewels sold by the sellers or friends?
a) Yes b) No

25. Which type of jewels shop do you prefer?

a) Traditional shop with varied varieties b) New shops with varied
varieties c) Both
26. Do you agree whether the price is an important factor to purchase gold or jewels?
a) Yes b) No

27. What factor influenced you to purchase gold?

a) Model b) Price c) Savings d) Investment

28. Mention the factors that you use to consider while buying gold or jewels?
a) Brand name of the shop b) Investment c) Quality
d) Offeer and Discounts

29. State your preferred ornaments.

a) Earrings b) Necklace c) Bangles and Bracelet d) Others

30. Which type of investment do you prefer rather than gold?

a) Share markets b) Real-estate c) Bank deposite d) Finance

31. Which of the following categories best describes your last experience purchasing jewels?
Would you say that your experience was?

Features Very pleasant Pleasant Somewhat Unpleasant





32. State your overall experience at just gold purchase preference?

a) Very pleasant b) Pleasant c) Somewhat unpleasant d)

33. Your feedback is very important to help us you better. Any additional comments or feedback
will highly appreciate.