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Attention Getter- Evan Ramsey, who killed his mother and then walked into his High School

with a 12-gauge shotgun, had a chaotic home life.Because his home was chaotic it destructed
his mind and he decided to shoot his mother and take it to school and shoot people. Schools need
to follow through against bullying. It is important to recognize that bullying is not just "a part of
growing up. " Rather, in extreme cases, it can prevent someone from growing up.

Credibility- Hello, my name is Khyre Grier and I have been showing interest in Violence in
Schools since my Junior year of High School. I see a lot of issues in my school so I thought to
myself find out more information and find out why violence takes place in schools or the

Audience Relevance- The urge to dig deeper and know why violence occurs in schools is
important for school officials to know. Why does it occur? Where does it start? How should it be
handled? How it can impact the image of a school or school system? If you were the principle of
a school would you want your school to be the one looked down at by parents or even other

Preview Point- Today I will focus on a couple ideas about violence in schools. First I will discuss
the possible origins of school violence, secondly I will discuss the Columbine Effect, lastly I will
explain how violence in schools can be prevented.

Transition to Point 1: Lets begin by discussing the origin of school violence.

Point 1: What are some origins of violence brought to schools

Subpoint 1: According to the CDC's Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 39 percent of

black male students said they carried a weapon, and of those more than half carried a
Subpoint 2: Educators and parents worry that the recordings are not only
encouraging fights, but are sometimes making them more brutal as students attempt to
gain notoriety on social media. In some areas of the country, pre-planned, off-campus
fights are even drawing a large number of spectators, with non-students sometimes taking
Subpoint 3: Experts also blame the violence behavior on a growing tolerance for
violence in a generation raised on gory TV shows and movies and a surprising inability
among adolescents to find nonviolent ways of dealing with one another. (Glazer, Violence
in Schools)

Transition to Point 2: Next, I will discuss the Columbine Effect

Point 2: The Columbine Effect

Subpoint 1: On April 20, 1999, two teenage boys fatally 13 people and injured 24
others at Columbine High School in Littleton, colorado. A mother Jones investigation
shows that the nations worst high school shooting has inspired at least 72 plots or attacks
in 30 states
Subpoint 2: Based on the columbian effect 53% of them involved guns, another
18% involved bombs or explosive devices, and 14% involved knives.
Subpoint 3: Average age is 17 years old, so most of the incidents were from teens;
older teens. 94% of people involved are males, and 4 out of 5 are white. There are no
national statistics indicating whether violence in schools nationwide is on the rise.
Transition to Point 3: Now that you know about the origin of school violence and understanding
of the stats from the columbine effect, I will talk about how violence in schools can be prevented

Point 3: How can violence in schools be prevented

Subpoint 1: Violence in Schools can be prevented if parents and school officials

step up and try to help the students that may be troubled
Subpoint 2: Most problems start at home, try to solve them before they become
problems at school.
Subpoint 3: If you use the Columbine effect, that can help a lot with the process
of preventing problems.

Transition to Conclusion: As I conclude I hope this presentation helps you understand the truth
about violence in schools and where it origins
Review main points: Weve discussed the possible origins of school violence, weve talked about
the Columbine Effect and its statistics, weve discussed how violence in schools can be

Conclusion: Now that youve been informed we can act on it. Parents should be the first to act
because they can control what their child is around growing up, whether its video games or gory
movies/tv shows. School administration dont have to be surprised anymore. My research has
informed the administration that there are things that go on outside of school, that causes
students to bring negative behaviors on campus and will be ready to act on it. Students that arent
involved can help too. How can they help? They can get involved in clubs or organizations that
create a positive environment around the school and the community. Getting involved can
change the atmosphere around our entire school.