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All group members would have to present.
Please forward the names of your group members to the course lecturer by Week 2.
Presentations will be start on Week 11.
Present the Oral Communication Rubrics to your lecturer before your presentation.
Presentations will be evaluated on an individual basis.
Dressing: Students are expected to be dressed suitably for a business presentation.
Time Limit: Each presentation is 30 minutes. There will be a Q & A session after each
presentation. Students are expected to participate during the Q & A session as this would
contribute toward your participation marks.
Creativity: Be as creative as possible with your presentations. Marks will be given for
creativity in your presentations.


You are required to actively participate in class discussions and activities. All students would have
to prepare 12 talking chips. At the end of the semester, your participation marks will be counted
based on the number of talking chips handed in to your instructor.


Plagiarism for written assignments:

Plagiarised assignments and term papers would receive a grade F.


- Each student needs to submit a report on answers to the case studies listed below.
- Each case study report carries 5%, a total of 15% for the completion of 3 case studies.
These three case studies will form your grade for Assessment 2.
- Students are expected to submit their report during class time on the submission dates
listed below.
- Failure to submit your case studies will affect your marks for Assessment 2. :

Submission Date Case Study

29/3/2017 Case Study 1:
12/4/2017 Case Study 2:
19/4/2017 Case Study 3:


(Due Date: Week 13 19 May 2017)

At a Glance
Assume that your team is a group of consultants in corporate social responsibility. A
multinational company has just hired your team as their consultants to advise them on how
to be more socially responsible and to design sustainable activities for their company.
Apply the knowledge that youve learn in MGM4137 to advise this company on how to
design a CSR program that is suitable for the company.

How to begin?
You are required to form a group of four members. Choose a multinational company of
from the list posted up in your lecturers noticeboard. The choice of companies is on a first-
come-first get basis. Recommend a Strategic CSR Programme RELEVANT to your
company based based on the information provided in the social reports and other sources of

You are required to:
1. obtain the companys latest annual/social reports and perform a content analysis
based on the reports. You can also obtain information by visiting the company.

2. examine the companys CSR mission and vision. If your company doesnt have one,
you are encouraged to create one suitable to your organization. Provide information
about your company.

3. look for key social reporting themes (marketplace, environment, workplace,

products etc) to identify the key social responsibilities of your company. Analyse
the existing sustainable activities engaged by the company according to these
themes. Has the company designed CSR activities that support its mission or
vision? Are the CSR activities in-line with its core business? Search for such social
information in the reports.

4. explain methods of stakeholder engagement by the company. Identify and discuss

ways in which the company conducts its stakeholder engagement. Does the
company engage with all its relevant stakeholders? If it doesnt, which stakeholder
group is missing? What can the firm do to increase its engagement with its

5. identify your firms strengths and weaknesses in terms of its CSR practices. Explain
this clearly with specific and firm-related examples. You can use articles from
newspapers, magazines and any other media to support your arguments.

6. After performing Step 6 above, recommend some practical and innovative CSR
programmes for your company. These recommendations should be linked to your
companys core products/business strategy/competitive advantage or the companys
CSR mission and vision. Your suggestion must include at least two strategic
philanthropy activities.

7. Based on all your recommendations, which one should be chosen? Why? Your
recommendations should be divided into: short-term recommendations and long-
term recommendations. Choose one from each group.

8. Describe how your company can carry out its recommendations (which department,
time-frame, target stakeholders, activities, resources needed).

9. Use journal articles when writing your project paper. Articles should be recent (year
2010 onwards).


1. Reference according to the APA format citation. Wrong citation formats will be
2. Use 12 font size Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing.
3. NOT exceed fifteen (15) pages with table of content. Identify which group member
has done which part of the assignment. Put the members name on each part/page.
4. Evaluation will be based on the Written Communication Rubrics and the
Critical Thinking Skills Rubrics. Include both these rubrics in your
assignment. 2 marks will be deducted for work submitted without rubrics.
5. Note that Wikipedia and Google are not academic references and will not be
accepted for this course. Only journal articles are accepted as your references.
6. Your write-up should have a minimum of 5 recent journal references from year
2011 and above. You must use journals that can be from the university library
website sources.