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Ref: Jacking oil P&I Diagram HY-TC-MPA1016-0103 (2-317-00-98563)


2X600 MW TPP


Before a turbine is started up the shaft journals are in contact with the white metal of the
bearings due to the weight of the rotor. The low pressure of the lubricating oil supply when the set is
stationary is insufficient to stop the metal to metal contact between journals and bearing shells. This
means that there is a frictional torque caused by the metal to metal contact to be overcome when
starting. This "break away torque" is so high especially in the case of highly loaded journal bearings
that the turning gear would have to be uneconomically large unless other measures were adopted.
Furthermore, starting and stopping in the presence of metal-to-metal contact would result in
increased wear of the white metal surface.

In order to prevent the metal to metal contact between journal and bearing shell during start
up and shutdown, which is damaging in the long term, an oil pocket machined into the bottom shell
of the journal bearing is supplied with oil under high pressure. This lifts the shafting system slightly
and it floats on a film of oil. The "break away torque" now depends simply on the shear stress in the
oil film, so the torque, which the turning gear must exert, is considerably less. Only a small volume of
oil is needed to perform the lifting of the shaft.


The supply of high-pressure oil to the bottom side of the individual shaft journals is provided
by a positive displacement pump unit, an oil pump unit (MTV 70 AP004) is provided. This pump is
driven by AC motor. The pump is provided with pressure relief valves (MTV70 AA311) in the
discharge line to protect the pump against excessive pressure build up. The set pressure of the safety
relief valve is 110 Kg/cm2(g). The supply of oil to the pump is taken from a tap-off after the duplex
filter. An alternative path is also provided for the jacking oil directly from the tank. When ever the
lube oil pumps fail, the oil is directly drawn from the tank through the valves MTV 45 AA 024 and
MTV 45 AA 025 refer Lube oil P&ID (HY-TC-MPA1016-0101) sheet 1 of 2.

From the pump the lifting oil passes to the various bearings. A pressure relief valve (MTV70
AA312) connected between gear pump (MTV70 AP004) and throttling valves (MTV80 AA079 &
MTV80 AA078) prevents excessive pressure shock being transmitted into the pipe work when the
jacking oil pump is started up. Surplus oil from this valve is returned to the oil drain header. The
pressure relief valve is set for 100 Kg/Cm2 (g).

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The lifting oil pressures required are set individually with the throttling valves at each bearing.
Pressure gauges provided downstream of these throttles shall be referred for setting the throttle

The check valves fitted between the throttling valves and the bearings prevent oil from the
bearings flowing back into the jacking oil system when the turbine is running and jacking oil system
has been shut down.

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