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Hi, we are Alice and Peter, we are students, we are from Canada, and Susan is Peters
sister, she works in a hospital, she is a nurse, she is single. We all have vacations and we
are going to Mexico to visit their uncle Bob, he has blonde hair and blue eyes and he has
a mustache. He lives in a small apartment, in this big city, there is a living room with a
sofa, but it doesnt have a TV, it has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and it has a
balcony. Peter says that we have to go to the Museums, they are very interesting, but
Susan and I want to go to the pyramids, this is a beautiful place with an interesting
culture. We are going to have a great time!

1. Identifica la idea general del texto:

a) Peter is going to see his uncle apartment.
b) Peter and Susan want to go to visit their uncle.
c) Alice wants to visit Susans uncle in Canada.
d) Alice, Peter and Susan travel like tourists.

2. Identifica el tiempo presente simple en las siguientes oraciones:

a) We are going to Mexico
b) He lives in a small apartment.
c) An interesting culture.
d) We are going to have a great time.

3. Interpreta la expresin Susan and I want to go to the pyramids :

a) Susan and Alice dont like museums.
b) Susan doesnt like museums.
c) Alice wants to go to the pyramids.
d) Peter doesnt like pyramids.

4. Identifica la expresin correcta de acuerdo al texto:

a) Bob has a big apartment.
b) The apartment has a bedroom, and kitchen.
c) Bob likes his apartment.
d) Bobs apartment doesnt have TV.
5. Identifica el concepto que corresponde a la respuesta correcta:
a) Bob is Alices uncle.
b) Does Peter have a profession?
c) Peter and Susan are friends.
d) Susan works as a nurse in a hospital.


My grandfather, Hanna Abdalah, was born in Iraq, but he lived in Lebanon. During the
First World War, Turkey invaded Lebanon. My grandfather didnt want to go to war, so he
emigrated. He went to Iran with one of his uncles. He came to Mexico after that, and
moved to Pochutla in Oaxaca. There he met a woman and they were married for two
years, but then the woman died. One day he was invited to the house of a Lebanese
family. There, he met my grandmother. They had eight children.

6. What country invaded Lebanon?

a) Iraq
b) Turkey
c) Mxico
d) Iran
7. What didnt Mr. Abdalah want to do?
a) He didn`t want to went to war
b) He didn`t want to go to war
c) He didn`t want to moved to other country
d) He didnt want to move to other

8. How many children did Mr. Abdalah have with his second wife?

a) They had eight children

b) He had eight children
c) They have eight children
d) He have eight children


The amount of sleep we need depends on our age, gender and genetics. As we develop,
our bodies get into a cycle called the circadian rhythm, which is our daily activity cycle.
When it gets dark, the brain releases a chemical called melatonin, which makes us
drowsy. For babies, there is no set amount of sleep, as they are neither nocturnal nor
diurnal (if you are diurnal, you function best in the day; if you function best at night, you
are nocturnal). Babies usually sleep for 3 to 4 hours and then wake up, regardless of
whether its day or night. As the child gets older, it becomes accustomed to sleeping at
night. The average adult usually sleeps for 7 to 8 hours, although some people only sleep
for 5 hours and other people sleep for 10. What is really important is that you get a good
nights sleep.

9. What three things does the amount of sleep we need depend on?
a) Activity, gender and age
b) Gender, genetics and customs
c) Age, gender and genetics
d) Genetics, age and hobbies

10. How long does the average adult sleep for?

a) 3 to 4 hours
b) 5 to 6 hours
c) 7 to 8 hours
d) 8 hours


Pollution the contamination of soil, air and water was accepted as a part of life until
the end
of World War II. Before that time, human and industrial waste was often deposited in
the nearest
river and pumped into the air, blackening the skies over major cities. Different
industrial incidents
around the world showed the dangers of pollution. In 1952, an air pollution event killed
more than
8,000 people in London. Over time, people began to realize that pollution destroys
and causes diseases in human beings. As technology advances, sources of pollution
to be identified and new innovations are used to make the world a cleaner, safer place.

11. How did most people feel about pollution before World War II?
a) It was a part of life.
b) It was dangerous.
c) It was bad for the environment.

12. What did people do with pollution before World War II?
a) They put it directly into the environment.
b) They destroyed it.
c) They used it as a weapon.

13. What initiated a change in attitudes about pollution?

a) an air pollution event
b) the blackening of skies over major cities
c) the use of nuclear weapons

14. The 1952 event in London was an example of .

a) a technological advance
b) the advantage of industrial development
c) a major accident

15. According to the text, what does pollution not do to environments?

a) cause accidents
b) destroy ecosystems
c) cause diseases

16. What does this text mainly discuss?
a) Atherosclerosis
b) Fats
c) Cholesterol
d) Heart damage

17. The author of this text describes atherosclerosis as

a) A reaction to polyunsaturated fatty acids
b) A disease causing heart damage
c) A blood disease
d) A heart attack

18. According to the text, the parts of the body more affected by cholesterol
buildup are
a) The brain cells
b) The major organs
c) The arteries
d) The muscles

19. The pronoun it in the line 12 refers to

a) Heart damage
b) The flow of blood
c) A blockage
d) A stroke

20. According to the text, Atherosclerosis may cause all of the following EXCEPT

a) A stroke
b) A heart attack
c) Blockage of the arteries
d) Cholesterol breakdown


Basketball started in 1891 in Springfield,
Massachusetts. James Naismith, a Physical Education
teacher, was asked to invent a new sport. The sport was
supposed to be played indoors during the winter when it was
cold outside. The many football and rugby players who
played their sport in autumn and spring had nothing to keep
them fit during the winter season. That's when he invented
The first game was played in December 1891.
They used a soccer ball for the basketball
because it was just the right size they were
looking for. The first baskets were empty peach
baskets! He hung them 3 meters above the floor
in the gymnasium.
After the first game Naismith wrote the 13
rules of the game and published them in the
school newspaper. The sport immediately became
popular. Soon after that, high school and college
teams were playing basketball.
Today there are very famous professional teams throughout the USA and all
around the world. You have certainly heard of fantastic teams as the New York
Knicks or Chicago Bulls. You have probably seen great basketball players as well,
like Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan. No matter who is playing, basketball is one
of the most popular games in the world. Millions of people like watching this fast
and very intense game.
(Adapted from Microsoft Encarta)

21. Who was James Naismith?

a) A basketball player
b) A physical education teacher
c) A famous professional player
d) An inventor

22. Why did Naismith invent basketball?

a) Because he was asked to do create a new sport for fun.
b) Because football and rugby were boring and it was a good idea.
c) Because they need a sport to keep the player fit during winter.
d) Because they used soccer ball and used it for basketball.

23. What happened after the first basketball game?

a) They used a soccer ball because it was the right size.
b) The basketball game became popular in the world.
c) The game was published in the newspaper and everywhere.
d) Naismith wrote the thirteen rules of the game.
24. How was the first game played?
a) The firs game was played in December 1891.
b) They used a 3 meters ball in the gymnasium
c) They used a soccer ball for the basketball
d) They were looking for some baskets.

25. Why is basketball considered one of the most popular games in the world?
a) Because it was played by Michael Jordan
b) Because Million of people like watching the game.
c) Because there are vey famous professional teams.
d) Because the Chicago Bull and the New York Nicks played.

1- El mundo de hoy sera muy difcil sin las computadoras: las personas que trabajan en oficinas,
escuelas y empresas en general estarn, en este momento trabajando, al menos, con los
componentes fsicos bsicos de la computadora siguientes
( ) Mouse pad, monitor, teclado y CPU.
( ) Monitor, Mouse, CPU y teclado.
( ) Bocinas, mouse, audfonos y teclado.
( ) CPU, monitor, teclado y bocinas.

2- Seagate Technology es un importante fabricante de discos duros, actualmente las unidad de medida
para indicar la capacidad de los discos duros se miden en
( ) Byte y Kilobyte
( ) Kilobyte y Megabyte
( ) Gigabyte y Terabyte
( ) Megabyte y Gigabyte

3- Este puerto fue diseado para estandarizar la conexin de perifricos como mouse, teclados,
impresora, etc.y su xito fue total.

( ) Puerto KB.
( ) Puerto madre.
( ) Puerto USB.
( ) Puerto Impresin.

4- Android se usa en telfonos inteligentes, ordenadores porttiles, netbooks, tabletas,relojes de pulsera y

otros dispositivos y se reconoce como

( ) Software y Hardware
( ) Smartphone
( ) Dispositivo de almacenamiento
( ) Sistema Operativo
5- Es una medida de seguridad para los equipos de cmputo.

( ) La corriente elctrica debe de ser confiable y estable.

( ) No se deben dejar discos dentro las unidades de disco
( ) No se deben dejar conectadas memorias USB
( ) No se debe apagar sin cerrar las aplicaciones.

6- El iPhone 5 es un smartphone de gama alta desarrollado por Apple Inc. Fue presentado
como la sexta generacin de iPhone el 12 de septiembre de 2012. Presenta un sistema
operativo IOS 6, cuya funcin principal es:

( ) Introducir informacin o comandos

( ) Gestionar los recursos del hardware
( ) Explorar los programas
( ) Poner disponibles las aplicaciones

7- Actualmente el CPU est compuesto por circuitos integrados, conocidos como microprocesadores
que se le suele llamar por analoga el ...

( ) Puerto de acceso
( ) Gestor de informacin
( ) Cerebro de la computadora
( ) Programa de aplicacin

8- Estos pequeos programas de computadora; puede causar efectos indeseables y hasta daos
irreparables al disco duro de la computadora y a los celulares, ya que una de cada seis aplicaciones
son afectadas.

( ) Cracks.
( ) Virus Informticos
( ) Hacker
( ) Parches.

9- Sus superficies contienen surcos microscpicos que cuentan con agujeros a travs de los cuales pasa
la luz lser, son muy populares y se complementan con otros tipos de distribucin digital y

( ) Disco duro.
( ) CD y DVD.
( ) Lector de discos
( ) USB

10- Es un diagrama o grfico que representa informacin relacionada entre s, como el organigrama
de una empresa y otros en seis tipos.

( ) SmartArt
( ) WordArt
( ) Symbol
( ) Hipervnculo

11- Los controles inalmbricos Xbox 360, te permiten, junto con tres amigos tomar
completamente el control sin desconectarte y pertenecen a los elementos llamados

( ) Perifricos

( ) Software

( ) Hardware

( ) Dispositivos

12- Este puerto es un estndar industrial desarrollado en los aos 1990 que define los cables,
conectores y protocolos usados para conectar, comunica y proveer de alimentacin
elctrica entre el CPU y perifricos y dispositivos electrnicos.

( ) Disco duro.
( ) CD y DVD.
( ) Lector de discos
( ) USB

13- La tendencia actual es que estos dispositivos reemplacen a los teclados y a los dispositivos
sealadores al emular la apariencia sobre alguna superficie.

( ) Pantalla LCD.
( ) Teclado multimedia.
( ) Teclado virtual.
( ) Proyector

14- Esta herramienta se utiliza para mostrar informacin de manera electrnica, ante una audiencia
de manera concisa, breve y dinmica.

( ) Microsoft Word

( ) Microsoft Excel

( ) Microsoft PowerPoint

( ) Microsoft Publisher

15. Es un tipo de cable que tiene entrada al puerto serial universal llamado USB.

( ) Cable Telefnico.
( ) Cable Universal.
( ) Cable IBM de datos.
( ) Cable USB

16. Esta tecla captura todo lo que hay en la pantalla

( ) PetSis
( ) ImprPant
( ) Insert
( ) AltGr

17. El ___________ es un dispositivo capaz de convertir una seal digital (compatible con la
computadora) en una seal analgica que puede ser transmitida telefnicamente.

( ) Network
( ) Fax
( ) Interfaz
( )mdem

18. Al actualizar el Software Antivirus, Qu es realmente lo que se est actualizando?

( ) Mis programas instalados p.e. Word, Power Point,

( ) El Sistema Operativo (Windows).
( ) La biblioteca de definiciones de virus.
( ) Los drivers ms actuales para mis dispositivos.

19. Una de las primeras Samsung TV tiene procesador de cuatro ncleos. Adems cuenta con una
aplicacin llamada ON-TV, que ofrece recomendaciones relevantes y ConnectShare Movie con una
programacin segn los hbitos de uso del usuario. Simplemete conecta a la entrada USB de tu televisin
y disfruta tus fotos, pelculas o msica al instante. Tambin cuenta con con Skype y un Navegador web.
Lo siguiente es hardware de la tv smart

( ) ON-TV
( ) ConnectShare Movie
( ) Entrada USB
( )Navegador web

20. Es la combinacin de Teclas para poner un texto en negritas.

( ) Ctrl +Z
( ) Ctrl +L
( ) Ctrl +N
( ) Ctrl +Y

21. Es la accin resultante tras utilizar Ctrl+P, en el editor de textos.

( ) Mandar a imprimir.
( ) Vista Previa.
( ) Paginar.
( ) Insertar nmero

22. Al presionar Ctrl +U obtengo el siguiente resultado:

( ) Cerrar documento
( ) Texto en maysculas.
( ) Texto en minsculas
( ) Documento nuevo

23. En qu aspectos impacta la era digital en la sociedad?

( ) En la cultura.
( ) En la educacin
( ) En la economa.
( ) Todas las anteriores.