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EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTER April 2017 Issue # 1

Emergency Preparedness
Week May 6 12, 2017
Are you and your family prepared? Statistics Canada reports that
less than half of Canadians have a home emergency supply kit.
Although, almost three-quarters of Canadians say they are confident
about their ability to manage in an emergency. In British Columbia,
Emergency planning is more prevalent, where 53% of individuals
reside in households that have engaged in a moderately high or high
number of emergency planning activities. The most common perceived
weather-related, natural and human-induced hazards in Canada are:
winter storms
extended power outages
outbreaks of serious or life-threatening disease
industrial or transportation accidents
heat waves
contamination or shortages of water or food
You can purchase a personal Earthquake Kit starting at
$60.00. Go to and enter NAVCANADA10
at the checkout stage to receive your discount.


Qualifications......................................2 Canadian Blood Service.................7
New People in our FIR..................2-3,11 Girls Fly 2.......................................7
Whos training in our FIR.....................3 Vancouver Sun Run........................7
Service Awards................................4-6 PNE................................................7
Welcome to the Team..........................6 Golf Tournament........................... 10
Babies..............................................8-9 Retirements.................................. 11
Victoria, BC: PrepAir.............................................. 12 Helijet Golf Ball Drop.................... 14
Jason Grist (UOS, YJ Tower) &
The Greening Management Team....................... 15
Jon Santos (East) receive their
of Styrofoam Mountain...................... 13 Hockey Pool
20 year service award from GM
John Reid, CEO Neil Wilson and An Update on to Benefit Hope Air....................... 15
Site Manager Darlene George. the New Gym in our ACC.................. 13
Pilot Survival Shakedown.................. 16

| 7421 -135 Street, Surrey, BC V3W 0M8 | N AVC AN AD A. C A

Congratulations New People in our FIR
to our New I am originally from Mexico City,
and I first came to Canada in 2008.

Ive moved a couple times between
the east and the west coast, spent
some time in Mexico and had a few
exciting trips. I consider myself a very
Jana Jones................................East Complex approachable person, so, if you run
into me dont hesitate to say hello, or
Travis Dueck..............................East Complex practice your Spanish with me. Some
of the things I enjoy are camping,
hiking, basketball, travelling, cooking
Dallas Chisholm ............................. TMU West
(especially Mexican food), cultural
Carlos Romero shock, biking, soccer (I am really bad
Jonathon Livingstone..... Prince George Tower at it) and hanging out with friends.
One of my goals for next year is to go
Hello everybody, my name is Carlos
Hayden Mecheilsen........ Boundary Bay Tower somewhere in South America, but so
Romero and I am the new EPD hire.
far I have been fortunate to see the
I recently moved from Moncton,
US, Cuba, Czech Republic, Germany,
Kristen Marasa.........................Langley Tower New Brunswick; but I used to live in
Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Canada,
Vancouver two years ago.
Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands, France
Sean MacDonald..... Vancouver Harbour Tower I graduated from the NBCCs (New and Belgium. All in all, Im extremely
Brunswick Community College) happy to work here with such great
Electrical Engineering Technology people. I look forward to meeting you
Sean McElroy............................Kamloops FIC Program. I am very excited to start my in person.
career with NAV CANADA, a company
Trevor LeDrew..........................Kamloops FSS Ive wanted to work for since being
introduced while at college.
Mike Bechtel................... Campbell River FSS
FIR based out of the ACC. I have
Trevor Miller.................... Campbell River FSS my B.Comm from UBC and last
year obtained an MBA from Queens
University. Ive worked for a number of
James McKinstrie....................Cranbrook FSS
companies in both Labour Relations
and Human Resources and prior to
Alex Veniot................................... Terrace FSS starting with NavCanada I was an HR
Manager with Grand & Toy working out
April Sjoblom.............................Nanaimo FSS of their branch office in Burnaby.
In my spare time I love to get outside
Inderjit Rai.........................Williams Lake FSS on my road bike and along with my
Lisa Nowostawski
husband and two boys aged 7 &4 we
enjoy taking vacations in warm weather
and going camping in the summer. Im
Hi! My name is Lisa Nowostawski so excited to have joined NavCan and
and Im the new Labour & Employee to be a part of the Vancouver FIR!
Relations Manager for the Vancouver

Im very proud and excited to join the

Williams Lake FSS and YVR FIR team.
It has been a smooth transition thanks
to my very knowledgeable OJIs Paul
Sagodi, Christopher Ford, and Neal
Matoga. I would also like to thank the
Peace River FSS crew for pouring their
knowledge and work ethic into me. I
certainly look forward to the upcoming
challenges and opportunities with NAV

Inderjit Rai

2 April 2017 | NAV CANADA

Whos training
before becoming the Training
Supervisor of the South Specialty at
in our FIR
the Montreal ACC. I then choose to
become an IPS in Montreal to get a IFR-OJT
better quality of life without shift work. DSC Brent Salter
YJ Terminal Mike Leslie
The reason I moved to Vancouver
VR TCU Jacinda Marks
is the Mountains. I am an avid skier
IFR-Specialty Specific
(Telemark) and Mountain biker. My VR TCU Richard Bowman
girlfriend and I took 2 months to get Jennifer Fredrikson
to Vancouver with our self-made Evan Peel
converted Sprinter Van through the US David McCahon
Francois Bergeron
and mountain bike every day. Since Steve Reid
we are here, we are going away every ACC - East Ashley Dhillon
week-end, living in the Van to ski or ACC - High Sameer Gupta
Bonjour, mountain bike. We love it around here, Curtis Johnston
so much to discover. Jason Lynch
My name is Francois Bergeron, I am
Do not hesitate to come and see me VFR-OJT
the new IPS (IFR Program Specialist)
Vancouver Tower Greg Thomson
at the Vancouver ACC. I started with in the IPS office or to chat and present
Donald Power
Transport/Nav as an FSS in 1990. I yourself in the building, I do not know
Vancouver Harbour Tower Paul Tziklas
have worked in Mont-Joli FSS, Iles-de- everybody yet. You can also have a
Abbotsford Tower Benjamin Hendrickson
la-Madeleine FSS, Kuujjuaq FSS and look at our Van either on Facebook
Aimee Rampersad
Montreal FIC (AWBS) before switching (Cedarvan) or Instagram (@Cedarvan). Boundary Bay Tower Russell Kanhai
to ATC in 2001. Merci Francois Marcelle Rutherford
I have worked in the South Specialty Victoria Tower Michael Chow
(High level) and Montreal Terminal Ryan Brantley
Kelowna Tower John Giese
Langley Tower Samuel Barrey
Pitt Meadows Tower Craig Thorpe
care: crisis management, stabilizing Prince George Tower Lucy Poirier
folks after they were diagnosed FSS-OJT
with mental illness/hospitalization, Campbell River FSS Andrew Luttrell
community reintegration, creating Castelgar FSS Robert McDonald
wellness plans and promoting positive Williams Lake FSS Robert McKay
peer relationships. My passion is Terrace FSS Julia Rimmer
supporting people in having work/life Kamloops FSS David Hay
balance; incorporating holistic wellness Charlene Price
strategies into daily life to bring more Nanaimo FSS Monique Hobson
joy and happiness to you and your FIC-OJT Joakim Adler
loved ones. A few fun facts about me: Cory Lee
youll hear very quickly about the music Erik Seifert
Tara Strachan Joakim Adler
man I have in my life. My boyfriend is
the lead singer and songwriter for the
folk rock band Echo Nebraska. Lots
I am so pleased to be the Vancouver
of my leisure time is spent watching
FIRs NAVCOH. A little about me,
live music; either watching my partner
traditionally NAVCOHs have all been
creating songs in our home studio, or
nurses, however I bring something
at local music venues throughout the
a little different to the table. My
lower mainland. I have 2 nieces and 1
background is in health promotion and
nephew that mean the world to me. Im
wellness. I hold a Bachelors Degree
a big fan of anything that makes me
in Therapeutic Recreation specializing
laugh and/or connect with people in
in mental health. I worked for many
meaningful ways. Im so grateful for the VFR1701 VR class that finished March 4, 2017
years with the Canadian Mental Health
warm welcome Ive received so far, and
Association in their BC Housing sites
I look forward to working with you all
facilitating various wellness programs
and learning more about the aviation
focusing on healthy relationship
industry and eventually learning
development, stress management and
to decode/understand the acronyms
communication skills. I spent 5 years
yall use.
working in a psychosocial rehabilitation
program called the ECHO Program. Tara
My services fell along a continuum of

FSS1701 VR class that finished March 8, 2017

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April 2017 | Employee Newsletter 3

Service Awards

Paul Evans (right), Controller, Boundary SURREY, BC: Dennis Nault (centre), KAMLOOPS, BC: Jeff Letkeman (right),
Bay Tower is congratulated on 15 years of Supervisor, Airports Specialty, is pleased to Kamloops, BC, proudly receives his 15
service by Greg Down (left), Site Manager, receive his 20 year service award from John year service award from Fred Gagnon
Boundary Bay Tower. Reid (left), General Manager, Vancouver FIR (left), Manager, Kamloops FIC/FSS.
and Greg Down (right), Manager, Airports
Specialty, Vancouver ACC

Dave Feser (left), Kamloops FSS is SMITHERS, BC: Robert Overgaard, FSS Mike Greenly (left), Controller, Victoria
congratulated on 15 years of service by Smithers (right) is congratulated on 10 Tower is congratulated on 15 years of
Fred Gagnon, Site Manager, Kamloops years of service by Elliot Morrison (left), service by Darlene George, Site Manager,
FIC/FSS. Site Manager. Victoria

Jim Knight (centre), Cranbrook FSS, is Port Hardy, BC: Charlene Price (right), Scott Greenwood (right), Kamloops FSS
congratulated on 25 years of service FSS, Port Hardy, proudly receives her 10 is congratulated on 15 years of service by
by John Reid (left), General Manager, year service award from Pascal Larochelle Fred Gagnon, Site Manager, Kamloops
Vancouver FIR and Paul England, Site (left), Site Manager, Port Hardy FSS FIC/FSS.
Manager, Cranbrook FSS.

4 April 2017 | NAV CANADA

SURREY BC: Josh Rogers (right), ATC KAMLOOPS, BC: Cory Lee (left), FSS SURREY, BC: David Fox (right), ATC with
Vancouver Terminal, proudly receives Kamloops, BC is happy to receive his 15 Air-ports Specialty proudly receives his 15
his 10 year service award from Greg year milestone award from Fred Gagnon year service award from Monty Cook (left),
Dansereau (left), MACCO. (right), Manager, Kamloops FIC/FSS Shift Manager, Vancouver ACC

SURREY, BC: Kyle Chura (right), Airports VANCOUVER ACC: Paul Lutman, SURREY, BC: Ken Smiley (centre),
Specialty, is congratulated on achieving 15 right, Vancouver ACC Shift Manager, is Supervisor, Vancouver Terminal, has
years of service by Greg Down (left), Shift congratulated on 25 years of service by reached his 35 year service milestone
Manager Greg Dansereau, MACCO. and is shown here with John Reid (left),
General Manager, Vancouver FIR and
Greg Dansereau (right), Manager, ACC

Lucky Benning (left), Shift Manager, SURREY, BC: It was a party in Victoria Kari Stevenson 20 years December 2016
Vancouver ACC is congratulated on 20 Terminal Specialty at the Vancouver ACC (OTS Supervisor at the time)
years of service by Greg Dansereau (right), as (from left to right) Aaron Barber, Kyleen
MACCO. Stanton and Aidan Kyne all celebrated their
10 year service milestones. They are shown
here, with their shift manager, Tej Dhaliwal
(far right).

April 2017 | Employee Newsletter 5

Service Awards

Lucy is a VFR trainee who just completed her basic course and is on her way to Prince
David McCahon 10 Years October 2016 George Tower for OJT. She started as an Air Cadet and then volunteered at GF2.
(Vancouver Terminal Specialty Student)

Welcome to the Team

My passion for aviation and flying I first started volunteering with
started as a young girl visiting the the Girls Fly Too (
Abbotsford Airshow. I loved walking event when it came to the Langley
through the airplanes, watching the air Airport in 2013. I had the opportunity
demonstrations, and waiting for the day to coordinate the Cadet volunteers for
I would wear my own set of wings over the event and I spent that weekend
my heart. I was a dedicated member escorting women of all ages to planes
of the Royal Canadian Air Cadet and helicopters for their first flight in
program for six years with the goal of small aircraft. As the event grew and
becoming a pilot. After four years of moved to the Abbotsford airport, it
ground school, two summers of intense continued to attract bigger crowds
accelerated flight training and achieving every year. My favourite part of being
Isaak Skuce 15 Years October 2016 (OTS)
a glider and private pilot license, I still involved with Girls Fly Too is the
have a love for aviation that drives me networking; building a strong sense
to continue to set goals for a career in of community with the public and with
aviation. During my years as a cadet, I other volunteers across a wide range
received the opportunity to attend four of aviation and local industries. I was
summer scholarships. In addition to able to share my story and promote
flying, I studied airport operations and the Cadet Program with so many
aircraft maintenance which introduced women and young girls who didnt
me to various career opportunities in know such opportunities existed. The
the aviation field. These experiences week prior to the 2016 Girls Fly Too
were invaluable to me as I was able to event, I was invited by NavCanada to
connect with enthusiasts from across attend the entrance exam session for
the country, embrace mentors and learn the application process to become
from professionals trained in a wide a controller. That weekend at the
range of occupations. Throughout these Abbotsford airport, I was able to seek
years I had the chance to visit a number out the NavCanada display and spend
of towers across the country which some time talking to the controllers who
sparked my interest in NavCanada. had great advice and stories to share.
I considered air traffic controlling I was then accepted to the Employee
as my ambition was to work in an Referral Program and I have now just
environment that provided a challenge completed the Basic Airport Course.
Dan Rogers (right), Specialist at Penticton
and the opportunity to continue I am very grateful for the opportunities
FSS, receives his 30 year service
recognition award from Paul England, Site learning. In discerning this career path I have had to learn from incredible
Manager Kelowna & Penticton, Cranbrook I was able to reach out to NavCanada women and men in aviation that have
& Castlegar. employees in my community who have encouraged and supported my journey
introduced me to their jobs within this far to being a Woman in Aviation.
local towers and the Vancouver ACC.

6 April 2017 | NAV CANADA

Since 2014 our FIR has been a Partner for Life with the
Canadian Blood Services. Each year we set a goal to
contribute a certain amount of blood donations and each
year we have surpassed that goal!

Together we can
2014 we pledged 50units and contributed 66 units
help save the lives of 2015 we pledged 60 units and contributed 74 units
real people. 2016 we pledged 75 units and contributed 101 units

For 2017, our goal is 125 blood donations. Anyone in

our FIR can donate as well as friends and family. Just
remember, if you donate you must register so that your
donation count towards our goal.


Use our ID Number to register: NAVC370673
Once registered, all of your past and future donations will
automatically count towards our goal
Friends and family are welcome to donate on behalf of
NAV Canada

You can call 1 888 2 DONATE to make an appointment at

a clinic nearest you! Just 90 minute of your time can save
a life toady.

NAV CANADA is a proud sponsor of this event held

at the Abbotsford Airport March 11, & 12, 2017.
Inspiring women of all ages to learn about aviation
this year was set up like a military operation with
all partners in wall tents. We shared our tent with
PEP Air Search and Rescue and even with the rain
The PNE Group Sales Online Ticket
we were busy! The static display was impressive
which include our own RJ and flight crew and of
Program offers savings to events
course the famous B52. The helicopters were fly- happening both onsite at the PNE, and
ing both days giving hundreds of women their first throughout Vancouver. In previous years, ride in a helicopter...for free. savings for tickets to Playland, the Fair at
the PNE, Fright Nights at Playland, Disney
On Ice, Monster Jam, Harlem Globetrotters,
Cirque du Soleil, and many others were
included in the program.

How to Save on Tickets

Go to
Testing their ATC Skills Select the event of your choice
Enter your Online Ticket Program
Follow purchase instructions
Print tickets at you own computer,
or select to have them sent to your

Dawn Troth, Jana Jones, Kari Stevenson, ONLINE TICKET PROGRAM CODE:
NASA Astronaut and veteran US Navy Diver
Ashley Dhillon explains how the ATC console works Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper, Ariel Stevenson,
Aneesha Dhillon, Derek Wood, Ashley Dhillon

April 2017 | Employee Newsletter 7


Ryan Brantley and his Travis Quinn and his Henry Amaral and his
wife welcome their wife welcome their wife welcome daughter
daughter Mya Georgia son Kessler Blaine on Charlote Grace
June 20, 2016 weighing November 20, 2016 at December 2, 2016
5lbs 11oz. 13:20 weighing 7lbs 5oz. at 3:45 pm weighing 7lbs.

Bryan Bourdon and his Greg Sandhu and Aidan and his wife
wife welcome their son Daniella Hlynka welcome their third son
Braxton on September welcome their daughter Scot Aidan, September
26, 2016 at 3:58 pm Aveline November 20, 5, 2016 at 11:30 am
weighing 7lbs 13oz. 2016. weighing 8lbs 7oz.
8 April 2017 | NAV CANADA
Joshua Rogers and wife
welcome son Landon Tyler
February 12, 2016 weighing
7lbs 5oz.

James Legein and wife Brad and Ashley Mitchell Brent Salter and wife
welcome son Thomas welcome their daughter welcome son Avery
January 3, 2017 weighing Cadence Olivia Perrin Daniel August 19,
7lbs 13oz. November 29, 2016 at 2016 weighing 7lbs 13oz.
10:09 pm weighing
7lbs 7oz.

Dione Carter and Curt Fehr and wife Brian Cox and wife
husband welcome welcome daughter welcome daughter
their daughter, Kaitlyn Ruby Faith June 24, 2016 Callie Lilia February 14,
Elizabeth January 31, weighing 7lbs 10oz. 2017 weighing 7lbs 12oz.
2017 weighing 7lbs 90z.
April 2017 | Employee Newsletter 9


6857 168 ST, SURREY, BC V3S 3T6



B A N Q U E T , S WA G B A G
Register before July 15 th and be entered into the Earlybird Prize
Draw for a chance to win a ride with HeliJet to the
Golf Tournament.

HOPE AIR: Arranging free flights

for Canadians who are in financial need
and must travel to healthcare


10 April 2017 | NAV CANADA
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New People in our FIR Retirements

technologists and developed software
for different products.
In 2011 I started my new career as an
ATM COMM ANS-TEC at Nav Canada
at the Winnipeg Area Control Centre.
I was responsible for the maintenance
of all Communication systems (VSCS,
IIDS, SLI, SIMIDS, etc). I was part of
various groups, such as CISM (CISM
peer and TechOps CISM Coordinator)
Tanja Milicevic
and ATM Forum. I was also mentor to
the new hires.
Recently I took ATM Manager position
I graduated with a diploma in in Vancouver. I am in the process of
Electronics Engineering Technology moving with my family from Winnipeg.
from Red River College in Winnipeg. I am learning about new position and
After college I worked for Parker I enjoy working with a great Team.
Hannifin formerly Vansco electronics Outside of the work I enjoy bike riding
for ten years. I started as technologist and playing volleyball and basketball.
where I gained valuable experience An important aspect of my life is family.
in troubleshooting and preventive SURREY, BC: Mike Lavery (2nd from
maintains routine. Later I moved One chapter of my life is closing right) is very happy to receive retirement
to Engineering department where I while another one is opening, as my congratulations from John Reid (right), GM
supported all technologists, created family and I move towards our newest Vancouver FIR and Lucky Benning (far left),
test procedures, designed and build adventure in Vancouver. Shift Manager, Vancouver ACC.
test jigs, gave formal training to the Tanja Milicevic

wish to admit) in such varied industries

as internet software development,
pharmaceuticals, alcoholic beverages,
and post-secondary education. Wendy
originally hails from Ontario, and
she enjoys the fresh air and hiking
opportunities on the west coast. She
loves to travel, hike, play golf, and
do needlework. Wendy plays piano
and guitar, and is a classically trained
singer. She has appeared in numerous
musicals, operas, and operettas,
Wendy Maxwell and regularly performs with an easy
listening duo, a jazz ensemble, and a
class rock band. The biggest success
Wendy is thrilled to be working for
in her life is her 31 year marriage to
NAV CANADA. She has been a senior
her best friend, hiking companion,
administrator for her entire career (the
fellow musician, and musical duo
exact number of years she does not
partner Brian.
SURREY, BC: Andrew Turner (centre), TMU
West is honoured to receive congratulations
My name is Brittany Impey and I am on his retirement from John Reid (left), GM
the new Administrative Clerk. I have Vancouver FIR and Greg Dansereau (right),
a background in Oil and Gas and MACCO.
Precast Concrete including products
for bridges, stadiums, and underground Melanie CouplandVancouver Tower
utilities. I enjoy going to the beach,
Corrine MelmothPenticton FSS
spending time with friends and family
and planning trips. Chris HamlynBoundary Bay Tower
Bob CarrollCastlegar FSS
Im very excited to be part of the NAV
Canada team and I look forward to Al WallaceTMU West
working with everyone. Louis CapalboTech-ops
Brittany Impey

April 2017 | Employee Newsletter 11

Flight Service Station

Copyright NAV CANADA

PrepAIR was created in 2015 by atmosphere that will not only increase your to create a new way for users in local
Darlene George, manager of YYJ Tower knowledge, but leave us all with a greater aviation communities to come together
and YWH Flight Service Station, and sense that we are a part of broad and and communicate, and for each to have an
Simon Dennis, YYJ Tower air traffic inherently connected community. There equal voice.
controller. Representing NAV CANADA, are very few industries that are separated Building on the very positive
and wanting to do something in its name by such a satisfyingly minimal degree response we received from that years
to engage the local aviation community in of separation, and we capitalize on NAV event, PrepAIR grew in 2016 with another
a way that had never been done before, CANADAs role as a facilitator to further seminar at YYJ, presenting to a larger
they proudly used the support, resources this close connection. We believe in the audience with expanded material, a new
and reputation of their company to inspire value of connection, of the communication roundtable format, and Transport Canada
PrepAIRs creation. PrepAIR is created that can emerge from it, and from what we accreditation. In 2017, PrepAIR will see
as a both a brand that can continue to can each learn from each other. Whether further growth, with our original one-day
forge its own path, but will always have you are a student pilot, life-long aviator, seminar format expanding to three new
its foundation based and supported or anyone in between, we are confident locations throughout BC, and the creation
upon the strength of one of the worlds you will fly away from a PrepAIR event of a new roundtable discussion series
most respected air navigation services feeling indeed more prepared, and a more called OpenAIR. As always, every PrepAIR
providers. inclusive part of the aviation community. event will be free of charge, include a
We are motivated by the knowledge PrepAIR began with a one-day pilot variety of topics pertinent to all experience
that in aviation, every user is uniquely refresher seminar held at the Victoria levels, a diverse presenter group, and
connected and a part of the same International Airport in the spring of 2015. more discussion, participation and
picture, often more than we realize. From Our goal: to provide local pilots a free, inclusion from you than ever before.
controllers, to airport authorities, to pilots, applicable, and easily accessible forum Please take the time to explore
to everyone in between, opportunities to through which to ready themselves for our website (, learn all
interact with each other and understand the busier flying seasons. We wanted to about our upcoming seminar events and
the role we respectively play are limited at use the existing pilot refresher model, inaugural roundtable discussion, and
best. We seek to change that. PrepAIR is but to turn it on its head, so we set out discover how you can realize your part in
created for you, the local user and pilot, to make PrepAIR more professional, your local aviation conversation. A more
but it is much more than just a refresher more interactive, and more accessible connected aviation community is a more
of pilot information. It is a call to come than any refreshers that we knew of. We educated community, a more prepared
together, to provide you with new points wanted to create not only an event, but community, and ultimately a safer one.
of view, to meet and communicate with a brand. Something to become known, Thats PrepAIR.
those that you normally wouldnt have and something to last. Ultimately and
the chance to, conducted in a welcoming of utmost importance to us, we wanted

12 April 2017 | NAV CANADA

The Greening of Styrofoam An Update on
Mountain (and other recycling initiatives) the New Gym in
By Sandy Fox location in New Westminster. This is
foam that was accumulated from the
our ACC
holiday season and the first two months By Matt Strolz
of this year. Foam that otherwise would
have been taken to the landfill. We The new gym space is well underway
have applied for a sustainability grant adjacent to the controller lounge and
as storage space is in high demand entertainment room. If you have a chance,
and we hope to have a designated stop by and check it out. The first thing
area to keep our accumulations you will notice is the floor space has nearly
under control in the near future. doubled as well as a significant increase
to the ceiling height as compared to our
current space. Theres also an entire
Where we could use wall of windows which should ensure the
space is enjoyable year round. One of
your help: the other unique features will be the room
will have its own separate heating and
 lease make sure foam cooling system which should allow for
better control over the temperature when
is CLEAN-wash out exercising.
food, remove tape and The Gym Committee, comprised of Steve
cardboard Kobayashi, Ken Boganes, Don Boyd,
Jon Santos, Joel Bowman, Dawn Whyte,
-Please separate into Ming Chau, Louis Lang, Sean Langer,
Robert Van Poederooyn, Brent Dowding,
Styrofoam and plastic and Matt Strolz, have met a number of
foam. Basically times to ensure the space is what we
need considering how it is generally used.
Styrofoam will break The input from all members has been
A month worth of Foam ready to go. into pieces whereas very helpful and a number of good ideas
have been incorporated. Once the space
the plastic foam can be is completed we will move our current
bent and squished but is equipment in and begin looking to the
difficult to rip or break. future as to which items need replacement
and what equipment should be acquired.
A few months ago one of our staff
Thanks to Jake Peso and his team for
members came to us with a suggestion
working with us and crafting the space.
for a new waste reduction initiative for Free Geek update-all the
the ACC. He had done the research construction has forced many of the
and come up with the information on a groups in the building to clean out
place in New Westminster that accepts random storage areas and together
Styrofoam and processes it into plastic with generous contributions by our staff
destined for consumer products. members we created 7 pallets of goods
We did some research and found it to send off to Free Geek Vancouver.
was quite difficult to assess the amount Volunteers than need a sense of
of Styrofoam we produce as it depends purpose; community supporting;
on which projects facilities, tech ops, all three Rs of sustainability, this
IM and engineering are tasked with at program checks all the boxes and it
the time. As anyone who has purchased really is a great way to give where we
any consumer electronics knows, the live. Thanks for all your contributions.
packaging included in this type of
product does build into a mountain in
very short order. In the absence of any
predictable accumulation of foam it
makes little economic sense to rent
a dumpster and have it emptied on
a regular schedule, so for now we
New Gym
have decided to take our own when
warranted. We have so far taken two
panel van loads to the Foam Only

April 2017 | Employee Newsletter 13

Golf Ball Drop

TICKETS: $10 OR 3 FOR $25

Register before July 15 th and be entered into the Earlybird Prize Draw
for a chance to win a ride with HeliJet to the Golf Tournament. | 1.800.665.4354
Management Team
GMFIR John Reid
Executive Assistant Christina Schmidt
MACCO & Terminal Greg Dansereau
Shift Managers Reg Jones (MDA)
TMU Matt Strolz
East, PBN SM James Marasa
Victoria Terminal Tej Dhaliwal
Airports Monty Cook
High & On the Job Training Lucky Benning
ACC Operational Procedures and Proficiency Paul Lutman
MATCOR, ATOS, Campbell River & Port Hardy FSS Pascall Larochelle
MOT Blair Lewis
Manager of Engineering Doug Ramsden
MSO & MBS Luanne Boszak
Manager FIR Planning & Support Analyst Dawn Toth
Manager Labour and Employee Relations Lisa Nowostawski
Human Resources Advisor Sat Grewal
MTO Chris Orosz
ATM Manager Tanja Milicevic
CNS Manager Kevin Gooden
CRS Manager - Vancouver Tower Aldo Stefanon
Manager Facilities Maintenance Jake Peso

Site Managers
OCT 2017 TBD Darren Tonge (MDA)
Vancouver Tower & Nanaimo FSS Brent Bell
Langley, Abbotsford & Pitt Meadows Towers John Dicknoether
Boundary Bay & Vancouver Harbour Towers Greg Down
Smithers & Terrace FSS Kari Stevenson (MDA)
Airport Ops Operational Procedures, Proficiency and Schedul-
Elliott Morrison
ing Support
Prince George Tower & Williams Lake FSS Kelly Smith (MDA)
Kamloops FIC & FSS Fred Gagnon
Kelowna Tower, Cranbrook, Castlegar & Pentiction FSS Paul England
Victoria Tower & Victoria Harbour FSS Darlene George

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Pilot Survival Shakedown
In October 2016 the BC General Aviation The exercise staff made hourly rounds of the would be changing some of the contents of
Association with the help of the local participants to check on their well being and their survival kits based on the experience of
volunteer Search and Rescue Team, led 20 to give pointers on their shelters, fires etc. All actually having to use their kits.
of its pilot members into the woods near in all the participants did very well, they spent
The event in October was such a hit that it
the peak of Sumas Mountain in between a cold night outside in a shelter that they built
will be repeated in Kelowna in April, 2017
Abbotsford and Chilliwack. and maintained a fire throughout the night to
and we look forward to reporting back on the
stay warm.
The goal of the exercise was to survive for highlights of that exercise.
24 hours using nothing but the contents of In the morning the cold and weary group
One thing is for certain, emergency
their aircraft survival kits. Many pilots have made rounds of all the sites where each
preparation takes time and practice. We can
never even opened their aircraft survival kit participant presented their shelter and their
theorize and hypothesize all we want but until
let alone practiced using the contents. The camp explaining what they learned and what
we actually take the time to practice our skills
idea of this exercise was not to be extreme they might do differently. The response from
with the equipment that we have there is no
survivalists or to simulate the psychological this exercise was overwhelmingly positive.
knowing if we are truly prepared.
stress that isolation causes. The goal of this Many of the pilots expressed that they
exercise was to give pilots that may or not felt more prepared to care for themselves For more information on the BC General
be outdoorsy an opportunity to get some and their passengers in the event of a Aviation Association visit:
hands on experience with the contents of forced landing in the wilderness and many
their aircraft survival kits and to give them expressed that they felt that had they not
an opportunity to see what worked for them actually tried to use their kits in a controlled
and what didnt. What items they didnt really environment that they would not have been
need and what items they wish they had. as successful if faced with the real thing.
Several participants explained that they