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Rubric for Brochure

Task Description: Your Stress management brochure will incorporate current research on stress and
ways of managing stress. This assignment will demonstrate your ability to compile
information, cite sources and use technology to produce a visually appealing
It must be in a 3-column brochure format, using only 1 sheet of paper (can use front and back).
Sources must be cited on your brochure in MLA.
Hard copy of your brochure is due by Friday April 28th at 9:45 am.

Criteria Professional Adequate Needs Work Unsatisfactory

Demonstrates in Demonstrates Demonstrates little Lacks understanding

depth understanding understanding of the understanding of of topic
of topic topic topic Reports only the
Content Accurately Employs research Employs research most basic parts of
utilizes researched information with an information with a fair the information
information in the adequate degree of degree of accuracy
brochure accuracy
Well organized Content is organized Content lacks Unorganized content
content Format is adequate organization Hard to follow
Attractive and well Message is sufficiently Format is difficult to Message difficult to
Written designed format understood follow and poorly understand; tendency
Presentati Clear and easily Computer generated organized to wander or ramble
on understood message with acceptable eye Message not clearly Handwritten or
Computer generated appeal understood computer generated
with strong visual Computer generated with little organization
appeal but poorly designed or skill
3 sources used 2 sources used 1 source used Unclear whether
Use of reliable Sources have some Questionable sources were used
Research sources reliability reliability of sources Little reliability of
Quality Accurate analysis of Adequate analysis of Basic information sources
research research with questionable Inaccurate
accuracy information
Visual Imaginative; original Creativity is Little creativity used No originality
Appeal Use of graphics make acceptable Poor selection of Graphics do not tie in
the message come Use of graphics graphics with the message
alive adequate to present

Assignment Score ______________