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I: Hotel Reservation through telephone call

Hotel Employee: Good morning, Sica Hotel

Room Reservation. This is (Mark) speaking. How may I help you?

Guest: Good morning. I would like to make a reservation


Hotel employee: Alright sir. Please excuse me for a moment. I will check if there are still
available rooms

Thank you for waiting. There are still available rooms. How many nights do you planned to

stay in sir?

Guest: I am going to stay for 4 nights.

Hotel employee: What kind of room would you like to stay in


Guest: May I know the kinds of room and your facilities?

Hotel employee: Certainly sir. We have three kinds of room,

the suite room, the executive room, and the deluxe room. Our suite room has a

balcony with the view of the ocean, a sofa set, a walk in bathroom with shower,

bathtub with hot and cold running water, Jacuzzi a king size bed and air

conditioner. It is P 35,000 per head. Our executive room is composed of single

size bed, a balcony with the view of the sea, two sofa sets, a walk in

closet, a bathroom with bathtub with hot and cold running water, Jacuzzi and

shower and air conditioner. It is P 50,000 per head and our deluxe room has a

double twin size bed with sofa set and two couches. It has a flat screen

television and air conditioned. It has a bathroom complete with a shower,

bathtub with hot and cold running water, Jacuzzi and a sink made of real shell.

It has a balcony with the view of the beach resort. It is P 40,300 per head. We

also offer free breakfast and dinner. Which one do you prefer sir?

Guest: I would prefer the deluxe room with free breakfast and


Hotel employee: Your preferred room and free breakfast. offer is noted.

How many people is the reservation for?

Guest: The reservation is for two.

Hotel employee: May I know the exact date and time of your


Guest: I will be arriving at Mar 27, 2017 at 11:30 a.m.

Hotel employee: Can you please state your full name?

Guest: I am Arjie Ang

Hotel employee: Ok Sir Ang. Can you please tell your

address and contact number?

Guest: My address is #19, Scout Tobias, Quezon City

City and my contact number is 335-6790.

Hotel employee: Alright sir, I repeat. Your address is

#19, Scout Tobias, Quezon City and your contact number is 335-6790.

Guest: Yes, thats it.

Hotel employee: Your address and contact number is noted. How

will you pay the bill sir, through credit card or cash?

Guest: Through cash.

Hotel employee: Alright sir, I will repeat all the

information I got from you. You are Arjie Ang. You are arriving here at March 27,2017 at

exactly 11:30 a.m. You will be staying in the deluxe room which costs P40,300 per head

with free breakfast and dinner and you will pay through cash.

Guest: Yes, you said it correctly.

Hotel employee: Ok sir. Your reservation is noted. Is

there anything else I can do for you?

Guest: That would be all. Thank you for assisting me Mr. Mark.

Hotel employee: Youre welcome sir. We look forward to

your visit and thank you for choosing Sica Hotels.

Guest: Goodbye.
II: Hotel reservation through Walk-in

Receptionist: Good morning. Welcome to Sica Hotel.

Guest: Hi, good morning. I'd like to make a reservation for the third weekend in April. Do
you have any vacancies?

R: Yes sir, we have several rooms available for that particular weekend. And what is the
exact date of your arrival?

G: The 24th.

R: How long will you be staying?

G: I'll be staying for two nights.

R: How many people is the reservation for?

G: There will be two of us.

R: And would you like a room with twin beds or a double bed?

G: A double bed, please.

R: Great. And would you prefer to have a room with a view of the ocean?

G: If that type of room is available, I would love to have an ocean view. What's the rate for
the room?

R: Your room is P35,000 per night. Now what name will the reservation be listed under?

G: Emmanuel De Leon.

R: Could you spell your last name for me, please?

G: Sure. D-E-L-E-O-N

R: And is there a phone number where you can be contacted?

G: Yes, my cell phone number is 555-26386.

R: Great. Now I'll need your credit card information to reserve the room for you. What
type of card is it?

G: Visa. The number is 987654321.

R: And what is the name of the cardholder?

G: Emmanuel De Leon.

R: Alright, Mr. De leon, your reservation has been made for the twenty-fourth of
September for a room with a double bed and view of the ocean. Check-in is at 2 o'clock. If
you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

G: Great, thank you so much.

R: My pleasure. We'll see you in April, Mr. De leon. Have a nice day.
III. Checking-in

Hotel: Good afternoon. Welcome to Sica Hotel. How may I help you?

Guest: I have a reservation for today. It's under the name of De leon.

Hotel: Can you please spell that for me, sir?

Guest: Sure. D-E-L-E-O-N.

Hotel: Yes, Mr. De leon , we've reserved a double room for you with a view of the ocean for
two nights. Is that correct?

Guest: Yes, it is.

Hotel: Excellent. We already have your credit card information on file. If you'll just sign
the receipt along the bottom, please.

Guest: Whoa! Five P 35,000 a night!

Hotel: Yes, sir. We are a five star hotel after all.

Guest: Well, fine. I'm here on business anyway, so at least I'm staying on the company's
dime. What's included in this cost anyway?

Hotel: A full Continental buffet every morning, free airport shuttle service, and use of the
hotel's safe are all included.

Guest: So what's not included in the price?

Hotel: Well, you will find a mini-bar in your room. Use of it will be charged to your
account. Also, the hotel provides room service, at an additional charge of course.

Guest: Hmm. Ok, so what room am I in?

Hotel: Room 487. Here is your key. To get to your room, take the elevator on the right up to
the fourth floor. Turn left once you exit the elevator and your room will be on the left hand
side. A bellboy will bring your bags up shortly.

Guest: Great. Thanks.

Hotel: Should you have any questions or requests, please dial 'O' from your room. Also,
there is internet available in the lobby 24 hours a day.

Guest: Ok, and what time is check-out?

Hotel: At midday, sir.

Guest: Ok, thanks.

Hotel: My pleasure, sir. Have a wonderful stay at the Sica Hotel.

IV: Check-out / Getting to the airport

Hotel: Did you enjoy your stay with us?

Guest: Yes, very much so. However, I now need to get to the airport. I have a flight that
leaves in about two hours, so what is the quickest way to get there?

Hotel: We do have a free airport shuttle service.

Guest: That sounds great, but will it get me to the airport on time?

Hotel: Yes, it should. The next shuttle leaves in 15 minutes, and it takes approximately 25
minutes to get to the airport.

Guest: Fantastic. I'll just wait in the lounge area. Will you please let me know when it will
be leaving?

Hotel: Of course, sir. Oh, before you go would you be able to settle the mini-bar bill?

Guest: Oh yes certainly. How much will that be?

Hotel: Let's see. The bill comes to P 5,000. How would you like to pay for that?

Guest: I'll pay with my Visa thanks, but I'll need a receipt so I can charge it to my

Hotel: Absolutely. Here we are sir. If you like you can leave your bags with the porter and
he can load them onto the shuttle for you when it arrives.

Guest: That would be great thank you.

Hotel: Would you like to sign the hotel guestbook too while you wait?

Guest: Sure, I had a really good stay here and I'll tell other people to come here.

Hotel: That's good to hear. Thank you again for staying at Sica Hotel.
V: Opening & Closing Procedures

-Opening Procedures-


~Manager and crew should arrive 30 minutes prior to opening to allow enough time to
prepare for the start of the day.

~If there is any tampering inside or outside the store, do not enter remain where you are
and call the police.

~Do not open the store alone. Two or more associates must be present before the door is
unlocked. Know the duress code for the alarm system.

~Relock the entry door. Station an employee at the front end to let arriving employees in
one at a time and relock the door after each entry. (NOTE: Leaving a door unlocked and
unmanned for the convenience of arriving employees is an open invitation to be robbed
or for a thief to enter the store and steal merchandise.)

~Do a visual check of doors, windows, and aisles to be sure nothing was disturbed.

Tasks 30 Minutes Prior To Opening

~Disable alarm.

~Turn on lights necessary for sales floor preparation.

~Walk the floor to inspect housekeeping and use store evaluation checklist.

~Open safe, remove cash register tills.

~Set up cash registers for opening cashiers.

-The only visible functions at the register should be placing tills in register. All money
counting should be done out of sight of the front door.

~Move shopping carts and products to the sidewalk or outside selling areas as needed.

-A designated manager should only unlock the doors for arriving associates or for
necessary traffic as mentioned above. All perimeter doors should remain secured except
when in use.

~Turn on computer and overhead music systems.

~Turn on air conditioning system.

-For manual switch on air conditioning systems, turn on one at a time with fifteen
minutes apart.

~Start creating a daily task list.

~Assign cleaning/restocking/merchandising duties.

~Prepare lunch and break schedules.

~Activate any working displays and turn on any televisions.

~Put up any sale signs needed for the start of a new sale.

~If a promotion ended the previous day, take down all related signs.

~Check e-mail and respond as needed.

~Ensure the tapes in the VHS VCR/Multiplayer are changed and the unit is recording.

~Make adjustments to the schedule if necessary.

~Get outfitted with supplies and radio.

~Daily Huddles

-Closing Procedures-

~Do not extinguish or dim any lights until all customers have left the building.

~Do not close the last register until after scheduled closing and all customers have exited
the store.

~Always answer the phone, even when it rings after closing.

~Always leave in pairs when closing the store.

~Never exit through the rear of a store.

~Ensure all parking lots and exits have adequate lighting and that all bulbs are lit and

Tasks 1 Hour Prior To Closing

~Restock and recovery.

~Assign closing and cleaning duties.

~Lock any non-essential perimeter doors.

~Clean and restock restrooms.

~Return all non-defective returned merchandise to stock.

-This should not be done by the cashier who processed the actual refund.

~Move all defective returned merchandise to the back room for processing.

~Clear the aisles of any merchandise, pallets, freight, carts, etc.

Tasks At Closing Time

~Walk the floor and restroom for any remaining customers.

~Retrieve all shopping carts from outside and inside the store and place in front of store

~Bring all products from sidewalks and outside selling areas into the store.

~Lock all perimeter doors, including main entrance and exit doors. The exit door should
remain locked, with a supervisor or other responsible employee remaining at the door and
letting customers out and relocking the door after each exit. Departing employees should
also be observed, ensuring that no unpaid merchandise is carried out.
~Dust the floors and mop when necessary.

~Close and count down all cash registers.

-Cash should be counted away from registers so that it will not be visible to customers
remaining in the store or who might be able to view the activity from outside the store
through windows.

~Settle all credit card machines (if applicable work with Head Office).

~Generate a detailed batch listing (if applicable work with Head Office).

~Settle the machine (transmit the batch if applicable work with Head Office).

~Place the detail tape, settlement report and tills in the safe.

-Place tills in a safe over night and leaving register draws open will better protect the
point of sale terminals in the event of a break in because burglars will invariably break into
a register.

-All tills should be balance, with paperwork, immediately following each cashiers shift so
that any discrepancies can be investigated promptly, with the days events fresh in the
cashiers mind. The countdown of money should be witnessed and formally acknowledged
by a manager. The cashier should not know how much money should be in the drawer. The
manager should obtain that data from the POS program for use in determining the amount
the cashier is over or short. If the over/ short is exceeds a designated threshold (no more
than $1.00), the cashier should be required to provide a written statement as to what
possibly could have caused the variance.

~Empty all trash receptacles and place the trash bags near the back door (or receiving
door) for removal to the dumpster the following morning. This will deter the theft of
product via the trash for later removal from the dumpster, and preclude the need to exit the
rear of the store during hours of darkness (a heightened risk of robbery is present at that

~Shut off overhead music.

~Shut down any working displays.

~Seasonal Items unplug any seasonal lights that could cause an electrical fire.

~Shut off any televisions.

~Ensure radios are turned off and placed in cradles.

~Leave closing notes for opening manager and include daily totals, merchandising info and
any employee updates.

~Double check all perimeter doors.

~Perform a security bag/coat check.

~Shut down all Eagle and computer programs.

~Properly shut down all computers.

~Go through the Non Negotiable Standards form and make sure everything is checked off
for the closing procedures.

~Turn off the air conditioning system.

~Turn off all lights.

~Activate burglar alarm system and know the duress code.

~Exit the front of the store and lock the doors. Ideally, all closing personnel should leave
together, but as a minimum or two people should leave together when the store is locked for
the night.

~Double check that the door is securely locked.

VI: Restaurant Dining Reservation

A: Cusi Restaurant.

B: Hi, I would like to make a dinner reservation.

A: Of course, what evening will you be joining us on?

B: We will need the reservation for Tuesday night.

A: What time would you like the reservation for?

B: We would prefer 7:00 or 7:30.

A: How many people will you need the reservation for?

B: There will be 4 of us.

A: Fine, I can seat you at 7:00 on Tuesday, if you would kindly give me your name.

B: Thank you. The last name is Nicasio.

A: See you at 7:00 this Tuesday, Mr. Nicasio.

B: Thank you so much. I appreciate your help.

VII: Taking Orders

Waiter: Good afternoon, how can I help you today?

Customer: I'd like a table for one, please.

Waiter: Right this way. Here you are.

Customer: Thank you. Can I have a menu?

Waiter: Here you are. My name's Arjie and I'm your waiter today. Would you like to hear
today's specials?

Customer: Certainly.

Waiter: Well, our today's starter is chowder soup and today's main course is salmon and

Customer: Salmon and chips? Is the fish fresh?

Waiter: Yes it is. It came straight from our own fishing vessels.

Customer:Alright, I'd like the Salmon and chips.

Waiter: Would you like to have the starter soup?

Customer: Actually, I would like to have something else.

Waiter: Why don't you try our salad? Most customers order our fresh green salad.

Customer:Okay, I want to have the fresh green salad.

Waiter: Very good. Would you like something to drink?

Customer: Oh, I'd like a pineapple juice, please.

Waiter: OK. So that's a green salad, Salmon and chips and pineapple juice.

Customer:Yes, that's right.

Waiter: Here is your food. Thank you and enjoy your lunch.

Customer:Thank you.

VIII: Conversation Reception about How to Handling Guest Check Out

Receptionist : Good afternoon, Sica Hotel . Sheina speaking May I assist you ?

Guest : Yes. I would like to check out now, could you call your bellboy to help me

bring my luggages.

Receptionist : Alright, sir. May I know your room number, please ?

Guest : My room number is 601

Receptionist : Please wait a moment, sir. I would like to call our bellboy to come to your


Guest : Thank you.

Receptionist : Youre welcome.

Receptionist is Checking that Guest Data

Receptionist Calls the Bell Boy

Receptionist : Excuse me, Mr Perez , please come to the room 601 to help pick up

Bellboy : Yes, I will go to the room 6011. Thank you for your information.

Receptionist : Thank you.

Receptionist inform Front Office Cashier

Receptionist : Excuse me, please you prepare the guest bill because guest room 601 will
check out.

F.O Cashier : Yes I will prepare the guest bill room 601.

Bell Boy Go to Guest Room

Bell Boy Arrive in Front Of Guest Room

Bell Boy : (Knock the door 3 times) Bell Boy please.

Guest : Please come in.

Bellboy : Excuse me, Mr. De leon. Would you like to check out now ?

Guest : Yes, youre right. Please help me. This is my luggages.

Bell Boy : All right Mr. De leon. have you finish to prepare all of your luggage?.

Guest : Yes, I have.

Bell Boy : May I help you to check again? Because I want to make sure that you did
not leave your stuff.

Guest : Of course, thank you.

Bell Boy : All right.sir. Your room is clear now, please come to the lobby with me.

Now, may I carry your luggage?

Guest : Sure, here is it.

Bell Boy : Well, please follow me to lobby and main your steps.
Guest : Okay.

On the Way to Go to Lobby

Bell Boy : Excuse me Mr. De leon, how about your stay in our Hotel ?

Guest : Its nice stay, Id love this hotel. The services are perfect.

Bell Boy : Have you try all of our facilities?

Guest : Not at all, I only use pool, spa, restaurant, and bar. Thats only.

Bell Boy : And how about our food and beverage in our Restaurant ?

Guest : Oh, thats all very delicious. Especially for Balinese foods.

Bell Boy : I hope you enjoy your stay and will stay in our hotel again.

Guest : Of course.

Arrive in the Lobby

Bell Boy : All right, De leon we have arrived in the lobby. Please you come to Front

Office Cashier.

Guest : Okay. Thank you.

Guest Goes to Front Office Cashier

F.O Cashier : Good afternoon, sir. How may I assist you?

Guest : Good afternoon, I would like to check out.

F.O Cashier : All right sir. May I know your room number, please ?

Guest : My room number is 601.

F.O Cashier : Your name is Mr. Emmanuel De leon and you have stayed with us from

March 27 is that correct ?

Guest : Yes, thats right.

F.O Cashier : Could you please wait a moment Mr. De leon ? because our Housekeeping

Staff still checking your room.

Guest : How long will I take?

F.O Cashier : It wont take long time, sir. Just few minutes.

Guest : Okay.

F.O Cashier : Excuse me, sir, while you staying in our hotel you have consumed

chocolate, choco chips, and also Cola-Cola, is that rights ?

Guest : Oh yes, thats right.

F.O Cashier : All right, sir, please wait in a moment. I would like to check your bills.

Guest : Yes please.

FO Cashier check the Guest Bill

FO Cashier : Excuse me, Sir. This is your bill.

Guest : Oh okay.

FO Cashier : Well Mr. De leon, may I know about your payment?

Guest : I will pay by credit card , may I know what kind of credit card do you

accept in your hotel?

FO Cashier : In our hotel accept 3 kind of credit card such as AMEX (American

Express), Bank AMER, and DC (Diner Club). May I know what kind of

credit card will you use to pay?

Guest : I will pay by AMEX (American Express).

F.O Cashier : All right Mr. De leon , may I borrow your credit card to complete your
payment ?

Guest : Here it is.

F.O Cashier : All right, sir. your bill is P85,000 is thats right ?

Guest : Yes, thats right

FO Cashier : Please enter your pin number, sir.

Guest : Okay.

A few minutes later

FO Cashier : Excuse me Sir, please you sign here.

Guest : Okay.

FO Cashier : All right Mr. De leon this is your credit card, credit card slip, guest bill

and your other pads.

Guest : Thank you.

F.O Cashier : Well, thank you for your coming Mr. De leon. I hope you have a nice next
trip and will stay at our hotel next time on your holiday.

Guest : Okay, your welcome.

FO Cashier : Now, please you come to reception desk to bring back your room key

Guest : All right.

Receptionist : Good afternoon, sir. How may I assist you ?

Guest : Good afternoon. I would like to check out and I have done to process my
payment at the front office cashier. This is my room key.

Receptionist : Thank you, sir. Would you like to have taxi to pick you up ?

Guest : Oh, yes.

Bellboy comes to the reception desk

Bell boy : Excuse me, Mr. De leon. Your taxi is coming.

Guest : All right. Thank you.

Bellboy brings guests luggages into the taxi

Receptionist : All right, Mr. De leon. Thank you for your coming. I hope you have a nice
next trip and will stay at our hotel next time on your holiday.

Guest : Oh yes, sure.

Bell boy : This is your taxi, sir. Thank you for your coming. I hope you have a nice

next trip and will stay at our hotel next time on your holiday. Good bye.

Guest : Yes, sure. Good bye.

Applying MIS
Hospitality Industry

Nicasio, Mark Daniel C.

De leon, Emmanuel
Ang, Arjie
Sanggacala, Sahara
Panaga, Sheila Sheina


S Melvin