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Call for IPSF Pharmacy Student Internship with

International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)

Founded in 1912, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the global federation of national
associations of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists and is in official relations with the World Health
Organization (WHO). Through its global network of member organisations FIP represents and serves more
than three million practitioners and scientists around the world. FIP has its main headquarters in The Hague,
the Netherlands, with staff coordinating or conducting projects, the annual FIP congresses, publications and
marketing and communication activities.
You can learn more about the FIP at:

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) provides a unique opportunity for pharmacy and
pharmaceutical sciences students to perform an internship, which is compulsory and an integral part of the
curriculum at the University to become a pharmacist and/or a pharmaceutical scientist. The internship is
designed to help the Intern to gain knowledge and experiences of pharmacy at global level and its role in
public health. One or two successful applicants will be named as interns, and they will be supporting Ms.
Zuzana Kusynov, FIP Policy Advisor and Project Manager.

Scope of the internship

The main duties of the FIP intern will be:

To collect and summarise data on different activities run by pharmacists or pharmacists associations,
especially by FIP member organisations in a defined period of time;
To evaluate innovative practices used in each of the activities and their impact on the public health
and relevance for FIP;
To collect the information on specific public health related practices in different countries;
To support Ms. Zuzana Kusynov, FIP Policy Advisor and Project Manager, in her assignments at ad
hoc basis.
If need be, part of the internship can also be performed on distance basis via online means.

Learning objectives

At the end of the internship, the Intern will be able to:

Describe different public health services developed by pharmacists to improve the health of the
community in different countries;
Evaluate tools national associations of pharmacists are using to support pharmacists in improving the
health of the community in different countries;
Assess the impact of the pharmacists activities on the public health;
Design, lead and participate in the creation and development of programmes of any related topic of
interest to the patient, the pharmaceutical service, the authorities and the community;
Analyse health policies and standards related to the pharmaceutical practice.
Candidate Profile

The intern should have the following skills/attributes:

Excellent command of both written and spoken English language
Advanced level in MS Excel and MS Access
A hands-on approach and confidence to take on different projects at the same time
Creativity and problem-solving skills
A strategic communication skills with possession of insight and understanding towards the target
Attention to details and analytical thinking

Expected Time Frame

Minimum duration of internship: 3 months (flexible, longer duration is preferred)
Beginning of the internship: July 2017


FIP may accept applicants who meet all the following conditions as interns:

Applicant must be a pharmacy or a pharmaceutical sciences student at the time of the internship
Applicants who are fluent in English and preferably in other working languages of the office of
assignment e.g. French, German, or Spanish
Applicants who are not related to a staff member of FIP (e.g. son/daughter, brother/sister or
Applicants should not have previously participated in FIPs internship programme

Terms and Conditions of Internship

When accepting an internship, the intern agrees to:

Conduct themselves at all times in accordance with the standards of conduct expected of a person
working in an international environment in the context of FIP;
Refrain from any conduct that would adversely reflect on IPSF or FIP and not engage in any activity
that is incompatible with the aims and objectives of either organization;
Provide the receiving programme with a copy of all materials prepared during the internship. Interns
may not disclose or make use of any unpublished or confidential information that comes to their
knowledge in the course of their internship. The provisions relating to texts prepared for publication
apply also to interns;
Submit a written report at the end of the internship to be reviewed by the supervisor, IPSF, and other
interested parties;
Interns are expected to devote themselves full-time to the assignments of the receiving unit for the
period of the internship.
When offering an internship, FIP agrees to:

Ensure that an intern's assignment is related to his/her field of study, relevant for both the
programme and the intern, and at the appropriate level of complexity and variety.
Review progress regularly and provide adequate feedback and coaching/mentoring during the
internship. Provide office accommodation and related support facilities to enable the intern to
undertake the assignment.
At the end of the internship, prepare a written evaluation of the intern's performance and provide
the intern with feedback.
According to the Dutch law, FIP is unable to provide a salary to the intern, however, a compensation
will be provided to partly compensate travel, food and housing costs. Please consider your visa
requirements before applying.

Internship location
FIP Headquarters Address: Andries Bickerweg 5, 2517 JP The Hague, the Netherlands.

How to apply

All IPSF members are eligible to apply. FIP will be responsible for the final selection of applicant(s). Successful
applicant(s) undertaking an internship will not be financially remunerated by IPSF. However, FIP will provide
a small financial allowance for the duration of the internship. The applicant(s) will be responsible for their
own accommodation and travel expenses.

As part of the application, please submit:

A curriculum vitae (CV) in English (maximum 2 pages)
A cover letter in support of the application (maximum 1 page)
Confirmation of membership in IPSF (from your CP or from the Internal Chairperson if you are an
Individual Member)

Please submit electronic copies of your full application to Mr. Ang Yik Sheng, IPSF Internship Coordinator, at no later than 12 May 2017 23:59 GMT +0. Please use the subject line FIP Internship
2017. Only PDF format of all applications will be accepted.

IPSF will complete the 1st round selection process and FIP will make the final selection. The results of the
internship selection will be announced to all candidates by 31 May 2017 at the latest. If you have any
questions about the internship, please do not hesitate to contact IPSF Internship Coordinator at or IPSF Chairperson of Pharmacy Education on