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Emily Thompson
RED 303
Setting Climate

1. Room I believe having an

Arrangem organized, clutter free room-seating-arrangements
ent room is very important.
If the classroom is to full
of things; that could m-setup.html
cause some students to
become overwhelmed
and overstimulated. In n.html
my future classroom, I
would try to have
limited posters on the m-table-arrangement/
wall, change up the
students setting every
so often, and have
material that I want my
student to use in a
particle easy to access
2. Managing Having a great
Student organization method for ging-papers/
Work managing student work
will keep any teacher
sane. I would have as-blog/bright-ideas-2/
individual work folders
for each of my student
to place their completed
work in. I also plan on
having a mailbox system
in my future classroom
because I have seen the
benefits of having one in
the class. Also, having
an organized filling
system would be a great
way to keep student
work from being lost. A
grading book is another
tool that I would use to
keep track of scores and
completed assignments.
Emily Thompson
RED 303
Setting Climate

3. Procedure Establishing procedures The First Six Weeks of School by Paula

s and and routines early in the Denton and Roxann Kriete
Routines year is very important.
Having those practiced
and perfected will allow 30-classroom-procedures-head-behavior-
the school year to go problems
smoothly and safely.

4. Rules and Having rules that are

Conseque logical and meaningful m-consequences/
nces will allow the students to
learn about
responsibility and classroom-rules.html
honesty, but it is also
important to go over the
logical consequences if creating-classroom-rules-together
those rules were to
become broken allowing
the student to learn that
their actions may end
with a positive or
negative reaction.