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NURS152Article Analysis Assignment


1. Review, summarize, and compare/contrast two (2) pharmacological focused peer-

reviewed articles.
2. Discuss the findings of the article review and the implications to nursing practice.

Assignment Requirements

1. Due date: Week 7

2. Format: Essay following APA guidelines
3. Length: A maximum of four (4) pages (this excludes the title and reference page)
4. References: A minimum of two (2) peer reviewed articles
5. Value: This assignment is worth 15%

Steps in Completing the Article Review

Search for peer reviewed articles using the Humber Library

Read the two selected articles
Articles must be based on the topics related to medication
safety/ethical/legal/documentation concepts within this course
Determine the point of view the author(s) have reached
Compare and contrast the findings from the articles
When reviewing each article, consider: How does the information in the articles
improve nursing practice?

Structure of the Assignment

Title Page
Follow current APA format; including a running head and page numbers

Introduction (Level 1 heading)

Provide a brief 1 paragraph introduction of your topic for the reader
Provide a clear direction to the paper

First Article Summary (Level 2 heading)

Briefly summarize the article in 1-2 paragraphs

Second Article Summary (Level 2 heading)

Briefly summarize the article in 1-2 paragraphs
Comparative Theme (Level 2 heading)
Discuss one theme/idea/finding that was similar within the articles
1-2 paragraphs in length

Contrast Theme (Level 2 heading)

Discuss one theme/idea/finding that was different between the articles
1-2 paragraphs in length

Significance of Article Selection (Level 1 heading)

Discuss why you chose these articles; reflection
1 paragraph

Implications & Conclusions (Level 1 heading)

Discuss how these articles will inform your future nursing practice (2 examples)
2-3 paragraphs in length

References (Level 1 heading)

Include all references in APA format

Note: Limit the use of direct quotes; ideas from the articles should be paraphrased

Format for Submitting Assignment

1. Students must adhere to APA current edition.

2. Assignments must be submitted to Assignments will not be
graded without Turnitin documentation.
3. The penalty for late submission of assignments is a deduction of 20% per day of the
original assignment value (weekends count as two (2) days). Assignments submitted
five (5) days after the due date will not be marked. Assignments must be submitted
in- class or as instructed by the professor. Assignments submitted after the
due date and time (without prior discussion with the professor, and without an
official Humber indicated date and time stamp) will be considered late.
Assignments submitted on Fridays after 1600 hours, will not be considered received
until 0800 hours Monday with a two (2)-day penalty for the weekend.

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