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Goal: To utilize my top Gallup Strengths of Positivity, Futuristic, Restorative, Woo, and
Input when put into a leadership position. In doing so, I hope to practice and further
strengthen these abilities so that I will be more prepared to use them in the future. I hope
to identify and utilize these Strengths in an organizational/interpersonal setting that aligns
with the mission, vision, values and sponsored programs and activities of URIs Center
for Student Leadership Development.

Activity: For my Learning Contract, I participated in the Multicultural Overnight

Program (MOP) as a day host. The MOP is a program for prospective high school
students from ethnically diverse backgrounds. The purpose is to encourage diversity and
inclusiveness on the URI campus. I did this on March 31 and April 7.

As a day host, I showed up to the program whenever I was not in class. The activities that
I was able participated in were Speed Dating and the Campus Scavenger Hunt.

Evidence: My evidence is a photograph that was taken during the Campus Scavenger
Hunt. A group of URI students aided in giving a group of the prospective high schoolers a
tour of the campus through a scavenger hunt. The photo is taken in the Center for
Biotechnology and Life Sciences building where we found the staircase that looks like a
DNA double helix.

Annotation: Throughout this program, I was able to put my Strengths into action. The
first activity that we did was called Speed Dating. On the first weekend, this entailed a
long line of chairs facing each other. On one side, current URI students sat and on the
other side, the prospective students sat. The purpose of this activity was for the students
to get any questions that they had answered. This activity proved to be beneficial as all of
the prospective students were very interested in our first-hand experience here at URI. We
were able to get them excited for college and be more comfortable in the college

The Speed Dating portion of the next weekend consisted of a group of prospective
students at a table with 2-3 URI students. The purpose of this was again to get their
questions answered. The new group setting aided in the students getting to meet each
other as well as get questions answered that they may not have thought of.

The next activity was the Scavenger Hunt. There was a list of about 70 items that were
designed for the prospective students to get a feel for the campus. The items ranged in
various locations on camps; from CBLS to the Ryan Center to the Emporium. This was
also done in a group environment that promoted the students to socialize and ask
questions about campus.

I used my Positivity and Woo strengths throughout the day. These strengths aided in the
students feeling more comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. I used my Woo to
ensure them that they could trust me as a resource and feel comfortable asking me
questions. I first practiced this during the Speed Dating so by the time that we were doing
the Scavenger Hunt, they had a general idea that I was open and accepting of their
questions and concerns. I used my positivity through the entirety of the program to make
them excited for college (URI in particular). Positivity promotes a happier environment
which allowed them to enjoy their time here at URI despite that fact that it was extremely
unfamiliar to them.

I used my Input strength when asking them questions about themselves. I asked them
these questions to promote familiarity between us and get to know who they are and
where they are from. My interest in gathering this information made them know that I
was genuinely interested in what they were saying and it aided in me remembering who
they are.

My Restorative strength aided when any problems arose. In the Scavenger Hunt, there
was one task that we were stumped on: Take a picture at a building named after a bird.
I was stuck on the fact that I did not know much about birds so I thought it was extremely
difficult. However, I used my resources and pulled up a campus map. After seeing Swan
Hall, I realized how much I had over thought the question considering that I have had two
classes in there. Despite my overthinking, I did successfully overcome the problem
through using my resources.

My Futuristic strength aided me when the students asked me various questions about
URI. They asked me what my major was and how I planned on using it. They also asked
me about how future classes work knowing that general education requirements are often
fulfilled primarily in the first two years. Considering I am constantly thinking about the
future, I told them what kind of classes I would be taking. I explained that the classes will
eventually become more and more tailored to my major.

Through putting my Strengths into action, I feel that I am more confident in who I am as
a leader. I feel more comfortable with my strengths and being able to utilize them when I
need to.