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Digital Unit Plan Template

Unit Title: Introduction to words and Communication in Spanish Name: Sr. Ral
Content Area: Spanish Grade Level: 9-12
CA Content Standard(s)/Common Core Standard(s):

Stage I
1. 1.0 Students use formulaic language (learned words, signs [ASL], and phrases).
2. 1.1 Engage in oral, written, or signed (ASL) conversations.
3. 1.2 Interpret written, spoken, or signed (ASL) language.
4. 1.3 Present to an audience of listeners, readers, or ASL viewers.

Big Ideas/Unit Goals:

The main goal of the lesson is for students to be able to listen, read, write, and speak in full sentences. Formation of words that are used in our
daily lives and for them to communicate in the Spanish language when necessary.

Unit Summary:

This unit is designed to introduce students to the Spanish language, students will learn new Spanish vocabulary, writing forms and pronunciation
of words, engage in conversations using the new vocabulary and phrases, and overall basic understanding of the language.

Assessment Plan:
Entry-Level: Formative: Summative:

students will be given a word matching game. once the lesson has begun, the teacher will For the final assessment, students will be
It consists of seven Spanish words on one review, explain, and read aloud the new asked to go to a Spanish restaurant and/or
column and seven words in English on another. material (vocabulary and phrases in Spanish), store where they would place an order from
The students will have to match the words to and the students will have the opportunity to the menu/list of items. Students are only
the correct ones. This assessment will help the answer questions the teacher will be asking allowed to speak in Spanish to place the order.
teacher determine how much understanding of during the lesson. Students will be able to I will be looking for communication skills, use
the upcoming lesson they have and will also answer with signals, verbal, non-verbal forms of vocabulary, phrases, sentences
help activate their prior knowledge. or any method of their preference. construction, conjugation, understanding
abilities, and overall quality of the
conversation. This assignment will have to be
recorded in audio and/or video in order to
receive credit. Students are also allowed to
use other vocabulary and phrases that they
have learned on their own. Once completed,
please turn it in to me. This assignment
focuses on your conversation ability in

Lesson 1 (Teacher Lecture)

Student Learning Acceptable Evidence Lesson Activities:
Objective: (Assessments):
Students will be introduced to a new vocabulary in the classroom that can be used in the day to
Students to be able to Students should be able day life. Then, they will learn conjugation of words and be able to put them into sentences. We
communicate with other to demonstrate the will practice with the pronunciation, writing, and reading of the words and sentences by getting
individuals in Spanish. ability of having a into groups of four. They will review the material and practice with each other as if they were
traveling abroad or ordering something at a restaurant or store. Teacher will be walking around
conversation in basic
classroom providing support and clarification.
sentences in Spanish
within their groups.

Lesson 2 (Webercise/ iPad Lesson)

Student Learning Acceptable Evidence: Lesson Activities:
Students should be able In the classroom, teacher will review with students verb ir and other verbs from the previous
Students will learn new to use the teachers lesson. Once they have been introduced to the new material, students will get into groups of
words in Spanish website to demonstrate four to practice the new material with each other. Students will be asked to spell the words and
(Formulaic Language) that they have learned pronounce them within the group and in front of the class. Teacher will be walking around
classroom providing assistance and support. Students will be asked to grab the classroom
and their meanings. the new words
laptops and log into Duolingo to practice the new vocabulary in one of the lesson activities
(vocabulary) and phrases
provided by the website. Once done, students are to complete webercise located in my
by writing it. The should
teachers website as homework.
be able to prove that
they have learned the
material by passing the
completing the
Lesson 3 (Graphic Organizer)
Student Learning Acceptable Evidence: Lesson Activities:
Students will After students are introduced to new vocabulary, we will move on to sentences structuring.
Students will be able to demonstrate the ability They will learn the structure of Spanish sentences and how to conjugate the words in the
write full sentences and of creating sentences present tense. They will be able to demonstrate what they have learned by coming up to the
communicate them in and present them in from board and writing one sentence about something they like to do in their free time. We will
review the sentences written on the board and make any corrections if necessary. Then, they
front of an audience by of the classroom on a
will be asked to create a graphic organizer using Popplet or any other electronic graphic
using a graphic graphic organizer using
organizer pretending they are ordering something at a restaurant or store.
organizer. Popplet. This will allow
students to present
others their sentences
while learning how to use

Unit Resources:

Students can use website resources such as:

Also, students can also use the classroom textbook as another resource.

Useful Websites:

Popplet: http://www.popplet.coy to m