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Meghann Bailey 22231934 Southern Cross University

A succinct and thoughtful annotation of why each document demonstrates achievement of the standards is a significant feature of evidence.
Each piece of supporting evidence must be annotated by the teacher to demonstrate achievement of one or more standard descriptors of the
Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the level of Graduate Teacher (BOSTES, 2015, p. 7).

Note the focus area and standard Note the type of Describe the artefact / document and Describe how the artefact /
descriptor/s the artefact / artefact / document indicate the possible impact or result on document
document reflects teaching and/ or student learning meet the standard descriptors you
have identified.

3.2 - Plan, structure and Excerpt from an This artefact is a full day of teaching This artefact demonstrates
sequence learning assignment- organised into the transitional day my ability to plan learning
programs Transitional Daybook book developed for assignment 1 for sequences covering a range
Plan lesson sequences using planner for the 7th of the unit TCH300002: Professional of key learning areas. It was
knowledge of student February 2017: Experience III. The sequence of the planned using the deep
learning, content and Literacy session, lessons has been determined by my understanding of student
effective teaching strategies Mathematics and mentor teacher and school. The knowledge and strategies
Creative arts. sequence consists of three sessions, that are effective for these
3.3 Use teaching English, Mathematics and Creative students. Prior observation,
strategies Arts. conferencing and
Include a range of teaching communicating with my
strategies. As a pre-service teacher, I am always mentor teacher and the
looking for new ways to engage students allowed for the
3.4 Select and use students as well as develop myself as development of
resources a teacher. This artefact supports my understanding of students
Demonstrate knowledge of a development as a teacher as it and an awareness of the
range of resources, including demonstrates that I am willing to use school routine (APST 3.2).
ICT, that engage students in many different innovative ways to
their learning. engage students such as the use of My mentor teacher wrote:
YouTube videos, interactive white Meghann confidently plans
board presentations and slide shows. sequenced series of lessons
Additional APST focus areas An innovative teacher is one that takes which motivate students.
that would be applicable to opportunities to challenge the old
this artefact: ways of presenting information, try A range of teaching
Meghann Bailey 22231934 Southern Cross University

1.5 Differentiate teaching new strategies for teaching that are strategies were used
to meet the specific stimulating as well as challenging, and throughout the day plan to
learning needs of students developing skills in students ways engage and challenge
across the full range of that will help them become students (APST 3.3).
abilities contributing members of the society of My mentor teacher wrote:
2.1 - Content and teaching the future (Education and Training, The use of the game bingo as
strategies of the teaching 2013, 2016; Ministerial Council on a warm up was great. Got the
area Education, Employment, Training and students focused. Use of the
2.2 - Content selection Youth Affairs, 2008). As a pre-service interactive game also
and organisation teacher, I strive to be innovative and motivated students.
will continue to work towards
2.5 - Literacy and
developing my skills and knowledge of I selected resources that
numeracy strategies
new ways of teaching and learning. supported the teaching of
2.6 Information and
content but also ones that
Communication Throughout the daybook planner, I would support and engage
Technology (ICT) have demonstrated my understanding student learning (APST 3.4).
of planning, teaching strategies and
selecting resources. My mentor teacher wrote:
The effective planning and I liked the way you used
implementation of teaching and music/sound as the intro to
learning positively impacts on the lesson. The use of the
students learning. Planning is an YouTube clip was good and
essential step for all teachers. the students were very
Planning ensures that openings to focused. The use of classical
lessons motivated and engage music during the drawing
students (Marsh, 2010). Using a range activity was terrific. Kept the
of teaching strategies and selecting kids focussed and also set a
resources as part of this planning mellow calm atmosphere in
ensures that students can easy the room.
connect prior learning, their interests
and support relationships with the
teacher (Marsh, 2010).
Meghann Bailey 22231934 Southern Cross University


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