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Block Time: 60 South Carolina Standards

1-2.1 Explain the making and enforcing of laws as a basic function of government.
1-2.2 Summarize the concept of authority and give examples of people in authority, including school
officials, public safety officers, and government officials
1-2.4 Summarize the possible consequences of an absence of government.

Students will be able to understand how government makes and impose laws
Students will be able to comprehend the importance of authority and the results of their absence.
I will welcome each student into the classroom as they get settled in and talk quietly at their desk. I will get their
attention and explain the lesson for today. I will split the class into different groups based on previous skill levels. I
will ask if there is any question before heading to their stations. I will take role as they go into their groups. (10

Teacher Directed Collaborative Independent Digital

(Small Group) Content
I will explain to the students that Students will watch a mini video Students will watch a quick mini
three branches make up the summing up authority figures in video called Why People have
government. Then I will further the community. Afterwards, they laws. They will work
explain the role and who the will write down examples when independently to write a summary
branch is composed of. I will ask they came into contact with of the video. After knowing about
each student about the importance someone of authority and how the three branches, they will have
of rules in the classroom because I government could not function a matching game on the three
will be calling on the person beside without those important figures. branches. I will use this to see
them to discuss why do (10min) who is comprehending the
government enforce laws. I will material versus the students who
provide them feedback on how may remember a little. (15min)
accurate their responses are by
reading an article entitled How
Laws Are Made. Then I will ask if
anyone has question. (20min)

Closure: I will summarize the lesson and briefly explain that

authority figures make everything possible for us. I will assign
homework on the cons of not having authority figures. (5min)