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Course Skills for Success: Math Grade Level 6
Subject RTI Math Time Frame 50 mins
Title Number sense part II Developed by Mackenzie

Stage 1 Desired Results

Content Standard(s):

Enduring Understandings/Big Ideas: Essential Questions: (Lesson specific)

(from Harden: Lesson specific) - What does a single digit mean?
Students will understand that
- Numbers can be visualized in
multiple ways (More than just their
Knowledge objectives (specific Skill objectives (specific outcomes):
outcomes): Students will be able to . . .
Students will know - Begin to recognize the smaller numbers
- A single number can be that comprise larger numbers
represented in different ways - Recognize smaller prime numbers
- A single number means more than
just its symbol (I.e. 9 is equal to 9
but also 3X3 etc.)
- What a prime number is
Stage 2 Assessment Evidence (Lesson specific)
Performance Task(s):
- Mondrian Squares
- Visual Number Worksheey

Student Self-Assessments Other Evidence (assessments)

- Checking in with teacher
- Discussing with peers

Stage 3 Learning Plan

Learning Activity:
Learnin What the Student does . . . Materi
g Cycle What the Teacher does . . . Time
(Include differentiation instruction) als

Teacher continues to monitor

Students continue their work on the
the students progress. 20-
Explor squares they started in the previous
Checking for engagement, 30min
e class. Trying to achieve a low
asking questions, and ensuring s
Once students have worked on Hands out the number visual.
achieving a low score with the Asks students to label the
squares they will continue on to the numbers that each visual
next project Number Visuals respresent. Identify any
- Label each visual 15-
patterns that they start to see.
representation 20min
Color in the symbols in a way
- Colour them in a way that that makes sense to them.
personally makes sense Continues to check for
- For a challenge: Draw 29 engagement, ask questions,
and 30 and ensure an understanding.