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How I will Assess Student Learning

Shelby Hernandez

April 11, 2017

Salt Lake Community College

Dr. Miller
How I will Assess Student Learning 2

How I will Assess Student Learning

In my classroom, I will need a lot of assessments that provide knowledge, skills, and that
will focus on the individual learners. Grading my students will be hard because I want all of
them to succeed and pass the class. For me to do that, I will give formative and summative
assessments that is required and it will challenge the students to prepare for the next year. I will
also have formal and informal assessments because I know it will allow the students to be more
comfortable learning instead of stressing them out with tests and quizzes.
I plan to assess student learning by planning instructions carefully, preparing and
organizing the learning activities. Making sure that learning assessments are consistent in the
classroom. I would create problems that are most important and create clear learning objectives.
It is important because if the objectives are clear, then the teachers know what kind of
information the examples should contain and they can attempt to find or create them. (Kauchak
& Eggen, pg. 397)
When it comes to grading, I will grade fairly and allow students to retake if they do not
reach the average score. I know how hard it was for me testing at a young age and if I only had a
second chance I know I would have done a lot better. If I notice a student is working hard and
doing their best, I will help them with their grade letting them know how important it is for them
to keep working hard even if they feel like they are failing. As a teacher, you want all the
students to continue on to the next level, knowing they have learned and have a better
understanding of the subjects.
In my classroom I will give formative and summative assessments by having
standardized test that will help them prepare for exams. I will also allow the scores to be
compared with other students to know where everyone is based on my teaching and their intake
on learning. Based on their scores, I will know what more they need to know and how much
lessons I will need to prepare to score 80% or higher on their exams. I will let them know how
important it is to get ready for ACT and SAT if they want to go to a good college and if they
score well, they can get scholarships and more advancement to schools.
Most of the time in my classroom, I want the students to not stress over about test or
exams. For informal and formal assessments, I will observe the classroom when they are having
discussions of their own that involves the topic we are discussing and when other students have
good point of views I will allow them to discuss it with their peers. Some do not like to listen to
the teacher talk all the time, that is why it is important for the students to teach others because
they listen more. For one of my formative assessments, I will allow exit tickets because it will
make the students want to get out of the classroom faster if they finish their assignment. It will
also make them be more motivated to do their work.
Overall, I want my classroom to have fun when learning. I know I will need to allow test
and exams, but as long as I am prepared with the assignments that have real life adventures I
know it will be fine. For teachers, it is a lot of pressure to prepare assessments for the students
and I know it will be a challenge I will accept. I want all of my students to pass my class with a
decent grade. If they do not, I will do whatever it takes to make them pass and help them
improve their learning skills.
How I will Assess Student Learning 3


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